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tv   How To Sell A Massacre P1  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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but it's unclear what kind of practical effects currently have because they're barring him from running an institution the opposition controlled national assembly that the government nicolas maduro already consider is illegitimate so it's difficult to understand exactly what it takes this could have short of course of trying to arrest him but do you think it can in any way. that we're seeing currently in venezuela and have been seen for a couple of weeks. probably probably not and you actually took them with this broad we've been a long. one and. we've seen these challenges continuing challenges against the government and equalise my dude it's difficult to see how this could be affected and why don't already responded to this announcement there saying how can i be wired pretty much along
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the same line how can i be barred by somebody who i do not recognize as the country general controller who has been put in this position by any institution the very squarely on constitutional assembly which i also don't recognize so the stalemate remains in place it's at a time increasing tensions in that country giving the black outs of giving the worsening humanitarian crisis there many people don't have running water and it comes just a few days before both the opposition and the president equalize my thought have called for more protests more demonstrations on this street. venezuela. north in colombia. well still to come in this war relics of a former iraq crane why the issue of corruption will not go away in the run up to sunday's presidential election and a woman with
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a gene mutation which means. impervious to even childbirth. however the loss of five inch fry weather across much of europe at the moment i say much because down into the mediterranean it's been quite so pretty and down here central and eastern parts of the middle loss of cloud around some lively storms as well some wet sand on some windy weather rolling through here beneath this area of low pressure further west that's where our area of high pressure is and it's settled dry once the sunny early morning mist and fog for some but for the most part it's looking settle seventeen celsius there for london and paris eighty there in madrid plenty of sunshine for friday as our wet weather the windy weather and at
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times wintry weather over the city over the turkish mountains you can see down is that southeastern corner we go on into saturday and the storms will actually push a little further east was cyprus sayings in very heavy rain by this stage in that instance other than that decidedly unsettled further west it's thirty five and dry paris could touch ninety degrees by saturday afternoon is to well up into the teens for london or nineteen for madrid as well lots of dry weather there stretching down across southwestern corner of europe into the northwest of africa then a bit of cloud still scraping the northern coast of libya and also egypt but it will gradually turn dry and bright. time off change and discovery. and there. you see a time to forge an identity not seeing anything tangible to baby tell me your whole
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life plans to free me nine hundred ninety nine south africa up to revisit the children of apartheid seven east as they grow and develop their countries fourteen up south africa part two on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia after spending ten months in prison at least one thousand people have died in a huge fire in a twenty two story building in bangladesh capital dhaka and is claiming responsibility for a got car bomb outside
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a crowded restaurant in the somali capital mogadishu which killed at least eighteen people. hundreds of protesters have been back on the streets of algeria demanding changes to the political system as well as the resignation of president hu to free up some leaders of the protest movement which has staged five weeks of peaceful demonstrations are rejecting the army's transition plan earlier this week the army chief suggested a constitutional measure to remove the eighty two year old president on medical grounds but the constitutional council has not yet held any meeting to decide who to ficus fate. yes we are asking for changes we want to change this regime and this government. article one hundred two says personal insurance will be rejected we demand the incrementation about six and seven people are the source of constitutional power people are the ones who do song. and if you are anal jiri end
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attending a protest or if you'd like to share a video comment to get in touch with us via whatsapp or telegram the number on your screens and now it's plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. the u.k. parliament will hold another vote on friday on the withdrawal agreement for britain's exit from the european union the problem in speaker john bercow had previously prevented prime minister to resign me putting her to go to parliament for a third time unless it changed significantly because of its two previous defeats and the amended motion allows the u.k. to vote on whether britain will leave the e.u. with or without a deal and speak to paul brennan who is outside the british parliament for a say for what is to reason may's strategy at this point. strategy appears to be if just first you don't succeed try try and try again and the been characterized
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frankly it as either brilliantly ingenious or desperately cynical this what she's done effectively is separate the two elements of her bricks it deal the first part of it was the withdrawal agreements which is the terms of britain's departure from the european union on the second part was the political declaration which talks about the future relationship between britain and the e.u. and what she's done is separate the two and tomorrow is votes on friday will be just about the withdrawal agreement part now that gets it past john bercow the speaker's objection to the same vote being brought back and again and again this time it's different because it's divided but there is a question mark firstly about the legality of this it's not clear whether or not this meets the requirements of the terms of the european e.u. withdraw act they will have to be had debates as to whether they go back and amend that act and i don't want to get into too many legal ease here the second part of it is whether it will succeed in the first place at all because the numbers the
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arithmetic of the number of m.p.'s prepared to support it are simply very too too tied to call. teresa mayes in charge of a minority government the d u p is the small party which props her up they say that they won't vote for the deal labor is angry about this i mean chris bryant has issued a statement saying that this is appalling behavior by the government and the democratic sleight of hand he's described it this separation of the two sides so labor won't vote for the deal there will be some rebels it is going to be very very tight it really is almost the last throw of the dice had to resign make to get this deal across the line before the end of friday which is the deadline the e.u. sets in order to make sure that britain can leave by the new extended the deadline of may twenty second so you know time is running out from what you're saying it doesn't look likely that her deal will pass so what happens if she fails if it doesn't go through. then what we're looking at is essentially a no deal outcome by the earlier dates of april the twelfth now there are
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a couple of possibilities how that can be avoided one of course is britain you know last really revokes article fifty and decides to back away from existing the european union how likely is that i would say rather unlikely the other possibility is that britain goes back to the european union and says look we haven't been able to come up with an alternative plan by april twelfth the date you set give us a longer extension in return we will take part in the european elections in june that again is highly unlikely it really crosses some of the prime minister's red lines so we're really in again a day have today where it is uncharted territory don't forget though that on monday of next week there's also the attempt by m.p.'s to take back control from the executive and look again it indicative votes of what might find a majority in the house that's still an ongoing process so there may be some hope there but we are really in the last chance saloon as to try to find some way of
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squaring the circle of the disagreements that there are here in the u.k. of exactly how to separate from the european union pretty unbelievable situation all around paul brennan outside the houses of parliament thank you. british and specter say they found significant security problems with software supplied by the chinese telecom giant while away their report identifies the fakes which they say could be exploited by hackers but it stops short of calling for an outright ban on the firm's equipment the united states is pushing european nations to bad while away from next generation mobile networks to be introduced in the coming years well john biggs is every portal for tech crunch that's an online publication on the tech industry he says the u.k. government's problem is with what way are nothing new. what they've described here is a an active refusal to fix problems that were announced it sounded like even five or six years ago and also a information that there are some open holes here they call the zero days these
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call they call these these exploits holes that could be used by hackers down the line ideally all these are patched up before these things go into production but in this very specific case looks like while he hasn't patched those up the concern there is that if you have these switches and they're really fair they're giant machines the things that we don't even expect to see anymore but these massive switches are fairly complicated because they have to route all our calls. in the past the you had nokia you had siemens you had a number of companies doing this and now it looks like wall weighs the number one and whatever your number one you people are going to start taking potshots at you. do they deserve it potentially that they're undercutting competitors in the each one of these countries and that's a problem but if there are actual holes here that we're dealing with and that's a very big deal so they should be able to fix that and they should fix that as quickly as possible when ukraine's president petro poroshenko came to power five
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years ago he vowed to tackle corruption now with an election looming on sunday that promise could come back to haunt him corruption is still widespread and he's trailing in the polls from kiev here's john the home this is the house that viktor yanukovych built on the sprawling estate costing an estimated four hundred million dollars all stolen from the taxpayer it's now a museum of corruption on a colossal scale. but five years since ukraine's former president was forced to flee into exile in russia corruption remains an evil the country can't seem to shake off. reform where all there. is a state all the institutions are corrupt it's another day in court for vitale shaaban in a prominent activist who's made plenty of enemies investigating corruption among officials a chemical substance thrown at him last year did no lasting damage but it could
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have been worse another anti corruption activist catarina truck was the victim of an acid attack that killed her slowly after three agonizing months in hospital you're willing to die. but of course i'm looking today but for the job but you accept that that is a risk inherent in what you do in this country of course it's a risk the classic car collection of the young cop which is state is a testament to boundless greed and try as they did the protesters on kiev's my down square in two thousand and fourteen weren't able to wipe away the stain of corruption all together. people are coming here to say that they cannot tolerate corruption in ukraine corruption clears the future alexander downer look who was ukraine's finance minister until last summer when he was fired for refusing to be part of a government scheme to buy the votes of m.p.'s in parliament clearly i wasn't prepared to play the game actually i was prepared and i was playing against this
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game's dirty games of making money of stealing taxpayers' money corruption cannot stop in the middle. otherwise it's not the corruption it always goes up otherwise it's unsustainable the claim that corruption goes all the way to the top is nothing new in ukraine which. animals in your new car which is private zoo bear witness to that. there are allegations directed at all close to the three leading candidates in this weekend's presidential election and a new law aimed at criminalizing the illegal enrichment of officials has been held up in the constitutional court the man who built all this former president viktor younger coverage now lives a life of obscurity in russia but despite efforts to reform it there are still traces of the system he left behind people who feel that a position in parliament a position in government are certain routes to easy riches and possibly in
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ukraine there always will be jonah hold al-jazeera kiev the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has reiterated her demand for the attorney general to release robert mueller is full report into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election so far william barr is only put out a summary of the three hundred page report which said the special counsel did not find the downtimes campaign conspired with russia. i have to say again i know thank you for mr general we cannot need your interpretation show us what the report and can for our complete trust we don't need you intervene for us it was condescending it was arrogant and it wasn't the right thing to do. well u.s. president says he will order a federal review of the just see small it case says the f.b.i.
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and the justice department will examine that the situation by chicago prosecutors to drop disorderly conduct charges against the actor just a small it was accused of orchestrating a fake racially motivated attack against himself in january it's not clear whether federal authorities of any jurisdiction over the case now scientists in the u.k. say that they found the genetic mutation in a seventy one year old woman who feels virtually no pain or stress joe cameron has never needed pain relief despite experiencing broken limbs burns cuts and childbirth that they hope to discovery could help in the future treatment of people who suffer chronic pain charlie angela reports. imagine a life with no pain this is being joe cameron's existence here she's eating hot chili cheese with her husband dr not batting an eyelid. can see.
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that yes there's been broken limbs burns childbirth surgeries but no need for pain relief i put my arm on something and only realized it's burning when i can smell fresh burning so it's not comes in the no reaction issue you cut yourself or burn yourself once maybe twice then you avoid that because your brain says don't do that or my brain just trade. and that's not good that's not good at all if i hadn't i haven't got the normal the normal sort of safeguards in a normal body specialized nerves respond to tissue damage and send signals to the brain it's important in terms of self preservation but roughly seven percent of the population have ongoing chronic pain so finding mutations that lead to painlessness could help scientists develop new painkilling drugs for them when easy recovery from hip surgery puzzle doctors she was referred to a pain geneticist at university college london there they found she had two notable new taishan one in a previously unidentified gene as we understand it her body is awash with fatty
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acids through various receptors through her pain sense sensation so that's the difference and this is a consequence of losing the activity. so she's unique the discovery has caused joe cameron to reflect it explains why cuts and bruises always healed quickly for her and why she's had memory lapses throughout her life and also why she's always been happy her mutation means she's never felt much stress or anxiety scientists say the implications of these findings are immense. out there london. well at least there's one person in the u.k. not feeling the pain of breck's it more on that and everything else on the web site . a reminder of the top stories making the news on al-jazeera three female activists
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in saudi arabia have been granted temporary released after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing their money eleven women arrested in may last year for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there are reports the others will be released on sunday at least one thousand people have died in a large fire in a twenty two story building in bangladesh capital dhaka firefighters are receiving help from the navy and their force more than one hundred people have so far been rescued using ladders and helicopters rescuers say more people may be trapped inside at least eighteen people have been killed in somalia after a car bomb exploded in the capital mogadishu reports suggest the large blast occurred outside a crowded restaurant the group which is linked to al qaida are claiming responsibility. for the explosion happened in between restaurants some people were
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having lunch at the restaurant all the victims were civilians there was no government official or soldiers with the explosion happened eighteen bodies and twelve injured people being carried from the. as the number of deaths from the ebola virus rises in the democratic republic of congo a study has found that many people do not believe that the virus even exists or than six hundred people have died from the bolus since august but researchers found the one in four people interviewed in the east of the country don't think that ebola is real. mozambique will start color of vaccinations on monday in areas that are stated by cycling need hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of water borne diseases two weeks after the storm tore into the port city of beta and police in malta are questioning five men after taking control of a ship that was hijacked by migrants off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the blue one which had one hundred five people on board after being told
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that they would not be taken to europe those are the headlines coming up next the stream examines the challenges for single people with disabilities. hi i'm femi oke a hour enjoying the stream we are live on al-jazeera at each new today to change the way society looks at people with disabilities where look at a viral hash tag that's challenging misconceptions of disability dating and body image. and i'm aware of
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the. creator of the disabled. body positive hashtags like disabled people i hope ad hoc person will share a brain shared on social media to highlight and aspects of people with disabilities that isn't represented in popular culture disabled and sexy this is what disability awareness consultant andrew gaza who you just saw had to say about the hash tag he created. this exam twitter and i just didn't get it will be really hard and i got the notification that this has never been in before and i thought wow there's something i can do with this i ran with it i did a really quick tweet saying if you have if you're disabled and you have a picture of yourself that makes you feel good sexy happy. that you're proud of the simple reason post here using the hash tag and i didn't think anything of it. you
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know to rigby's of the ignorant things are always are also put out there didn't take any of it in and i went to bed an hour later the next morning which was blowing up with mentions would catch like. i think that disabled people just wanted another outlet to justin's out they think all of this stuff was happening before my hash tag in my hash and certainly not the creation of legs taken silly of course not but it gave us an elder lead to do that to give us permission to say yeah i did actually today i do feel sensual today i do feel really good about myself today as a disabled person and i'm going to put your back and i think it's amazing to me that it's gone so far all over the world around people they were harmed as they were going the other is we did tare story plea to disabled people or. to be considered in time we consider like shogun to be controlled non-sexual or a sexual. and we're afraid that by making them sexualized
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they are too much like the ones who are really us who are afraid to admit that somebody who is who has a badly difference or who has distillery could be considered sexy that scared us as a society because one day disability is going to affect all of us and that and that really will tear vassal to think something that was considered wrong is that. has talked more about these issues on set lawrence carter long director of communications for the disability rights education and defense fund he's based in berkeley california in essex in the u.k. i am a fool a strike she is a power limping will chair racer and disability rights activist and in monterrey mexico money and held gas the us a disability and diversity activist she's also the founder of the nonprofit mexican women with disabilities i guess it is so good to have you here so much to talk
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about let me start here with mommy got off a mommy got says this hash tag is really fun made me smile i think it does raise the issue in a non-contentious way the issuance is what well i think the issue for really what this illustrates what ender's story illustrates is that disabled people are asking for anybody's permission anymore we're the owners were claiming or we're putting it out there into the world you know for most of human history disability was just the diagnosis that's all you got yeah what andrew's story and i think what the popularity of these hashtags street is that if you asked disabled people what the word means to them you're going to get a variety of responses we're going to get history you're going to get community you're going to get constituency you're going to get identity and you're going to get sexy and i think that really shows how far we've come and how far were coming in society and how those changes are being made and that people are claiming it for themselves and that. you know access to top post we have to identify that
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actually disability is not a problem it's not a shortcoming. and the point disability i just saw tired of being put in a box and global and you know our disability people don't have feelings disability people don't do this and that and i think we've reached a time where we want to come out of that box you know out of the out of the cool and sort of just be ourselves express who we are and also let me say let me in you say that i think it goes just be hard beyond the hash tag. or it doesn't end there because we're not just about the hash tag we're more than that but the hashtag has created a very good conversation actually accepted the challenge oh ok oh let me just see what other auto i have here we have a very good looking bunch of guests here the only time i will ever say to stream guess i guess you look hot so let me just see what i have here this is a beautiful picture and. tell us about this page and what was behind it.
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but you know when you when you look at this picture what do you see do you just see and rest in chair i look at that body look at my muscles look at my hair not eat you see a presentation of someone who loves a self and that's that's who i am i love myself after never actually let my disability hold me back or prevent me from enjoying life doing the things that any other woman would like to do i'm just thinking about what you deny and hell which is help people who have disabilities you take pictures of them you make them feel powerful why do you do that how does that help if you think. are on the warre or want. or what we are i don't think we are going again. by now. but a very important part of. when. people feel.
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what. any other really you can be really proud of your disability and the only other way you could be hurting and not happy with having a disability one thing that i do think is important that we all want to do want we want to well on to feel that we we can be others and we wanted this. ng a picture where you are and labeling yourself. you cannot be tagged as any other and that if you want to be anything we want. at the same yourself that you are and you have and i are. in need that you go through the lives of whatever and actually. are with and i really like what marianne you're saying because it's not just about the outsides you know or the outward appearance the outward look is you know empowerment must
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come from within so when you're feeling good about your sash from the inside you has sought to express it on the outside and you know you look at your satchel look at your reflection in the mirror and you look at this beautiful gorgeous pass on and it's not just the outward you know it's comes from inside and to need that is empowerment the most important part of this i think is one people get to when they see the pictures and they see the hashtag disabled people are hard one they can be see themselves in that picture somewhere they can start to think of themselves a little differently in a way that they've never had the opportunity to do before i'll be fifty two years old is here i did not get involved the disability community until i was about thirty five other people shouldn't have to wait that long what we're starting to see with people claiming it themselves putting it out there for themselves is you know the sentence is nothing about us without us the as a building community as kind of adopted other social justice movements abusive what we're starting to see now. is an updated version of that which basically says
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nothing without us period right so it could be jobs it could be employment it could be education we're also saying we're quite normal it's in our stake to be a part of everything that you folks non-disabled folks take for granted and i think that's the real power of these campaigns i'm going to show you saw i got another comment and how tough a moment i have to show everybody the way that i call to know you and switches as a doll yes i did say to us adults right xplain as we look at your young hot south here so just not all young so. there was a price i had more hair that it will harm the heart and well people you dislike thinking disability in the word heart don't go together they didn't think disability in the word dance go together either and it's so little over a decade ago i was involved with a project with a choreographer in new york city high lasky we called the show because we knew that i walked a little differently we know people do disability know who they are and what their
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their situations are this was a troop of people who are disabled and disabled we toured the world we opened the dublin dance festival we went to katmandu we did lincoln nebraska we were a legal challenge people's perceptions of that was a whole who are. disabled can't and don't well there's a swan motion right that says well anybody can dance well that's true anybody can dance in the living room anybody can sing in the shower not everybody there is going to be an on stage performer that everybody is going to have people paid to see that performance so we had to be better than good at all these assumptions about all that's so nice that since we know that's what we're looking for a sense is right and another thing you've got to bring that intent to it themselves and that intensity itself right that passion that power that's something to say will people know we hang out we talk to each other we sort of bring that every day this is something this is a glimpse of our world that the non-disabled community haven't seen before and they're just starting to get them i have to. introduce guest tom shakes me into
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this conversation there is a very famous professor of disability research he wants the bust a few misconceptions that non-disabled people have about disabled people here yes biggest myth that disabled people face is the myth that they sexuality it's thought in the media and in just ordinary life that we're not instant sex that we don't need sex education that we don't have babies that we don't have side effects it's a myth it's not true the evidence shows that in britain and around the world people with disabilities have sex so bury the myth that they sexuality place i guess a smiling we were approached this carefully mother of one. how yes how do you respond to what thomas saying let me just tell you something you know i really like what he's saying i remember when when i was pregnant you know i was once you know sort
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of like willing myself in the street and i saw these women looking at me with some really weird eyes and one of them whispered to the other who is that horrible man who did this to this woman and you know i looked at them and i was like oh i you talking about my in off my bomb you know and i was like not actually for someone to have a baby you have sex and i mean sex is between a man and a woman but if you are having to conceive a baby and it was in the natural way and this just shows that actually when we talk about sexuality and attractiveness and beauty these are these are three different things because. you know when you can be attracted to people in a different way you don't get attracted to someone just because they're disabled or because they're just a size zero or because they're blonde or what i think is more that makes someone attractive and in my case i think for me to really go ahead and. and find
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a man and with a man and have a baby that was a miracle to some people but i look at it and i'm like no i am a woman and it happens because disability does not take that away or is it about as natural as anything can that right you can't get much more natural than that i mean you just had time shakespeare and one of his compatriots penny pepper in the u.k. talks about it if you can imagine people with disabilities and asians i've worked every having sex being sexy that says more about your lack of imagination than it says about people with disabilities and i'm thinking the penny pepper writes fiction erotica ironically writes erotica are a disability for disability and it's right this is this is interesting what is the porn and inspiration porn if you want to consider now if that were the end there are. clashing here you know let me also just say that actually attraction is between two people and it could be between two people who are you know who both have a disability it could be between someone with
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a disability and someone without and it's abilities so we need to kill or these misconceptions are disabled people don't have sex or disabled people only attracted to other disabled people you know we need to clear on that let me ask you one very personal question if i may your happy. disabled or non disabled. the father of my child is not is not disabled it doesn't have a disability and you know actually you know that they are and will receive this funny story that when i was growing up enough and being a woman with a disability i was a third class citizen you know double jeopardy i'm not just a woman you know but woman with a disability all my good. just me that was so about who would want to get married to a disabled woman i couldn't go to the rebbe am i couldn't look after my husband i couldn't bear cubes that is what it was you just yet you were written off as a camel with with disabilities you had no future i was completely written off and i
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tell you what the one men who are attracted to me and as soon as they would sort of let's try to get a little bit serious their families will discourage them why because this was just something that it didn't stand how can you bring a man with a disability in our home or into our family. let me show where this to my own hell this is from holly greta on twitter she said it is unbelievable that in twenty nineteen we still believe that disability is the end of the world that we as disabled people are not worthy of basic human emotions and needs we are still believed to be so different an able person which is untrue and i'm going to just click on a picture of you with your man looking very happy. yeah then how does it out there with you here go ahead i mean it almost feels like today where stating the obvious but it's not obvious for many people why and how so how would you ever extrapolate a little bit more for us. i just think that the green tweet by the way i just think
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that what we're talking about visibility and i think the main like to live in the enemy issue about it is that the first one are the narrative about this is valid and the way we think about visibility it mostly comes from e.d.m. pop culture if we don't have the education or the concept of positive conflict about our identities being in in what will they or the way we live or the experiences that we have then we absorb everything from media and culture so to me it helped me in that apply that an acceptable body look why not disable or you me up tell me that we're always the psychic you never the leading lady in the movie and we cannot fall in love and in mexico telling a lie about a fellow that you know the bad guy at the end of having a belly like that kind of hurt so that that's the first narrative that we have in our mind when even. you know that the person who has the ability to believe that
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and i've read when i when i was young actually leaving when the fifteen that i was never who have been recalled want to be with a girl who could not dance well in a wheelchair and this narrative that we believe. and i have because i know my life relationships and i have a relationship and i do think it's something that doesn't it hurt people but it. mostly comes from able. and the second by our idea that. that we get. people that matter and for that people it would be a woman and a woman or a man and a man and different ways that we have that like a different way to people. about which way to hold everybody has different way of doing that it's not like.
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that and sometimes i don't believe that so if we think that it's only men or able people look at it and you start of the position that obviously you're going to think you have as many as you're going to think that you're not going to be able and that it's not and i would have met you but that is one of the things. because we exist in a world and in different cultures that don't we weren't built with us in mind disabled people are masters of innovation we're really good it improv our daily lives are like jazz we have to just add it out as we go along and so you know if you're playing some coltrane some magic is going to happen that's what goes down and the same is true when it comes to our intimate relationships i think part of the the lesson here if we're speaking particularly to non-disabled people and disabled people i could maybe have never been introduced to it before is you've got
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to release those expectations right you've got to liberate yourself from those close minded notions you've got to expand the possibilities of what your life and what those opportunities can be another two different ways to do that right one you're a disabled person get to know other disabled people they can show you the ropes they've been there longer they've been doing it that's very important like i said i was thirty five before i did that i've had cerebral palsy my entire life the other thing is be there for somebody else right if you got a foot in the door if you've got an opportunity if you got away and open the door invite other people have right be that mentor be that. port for somebody else the thing people need to understand and this is everybody robotically non-disabled people knighted states eighty percent of those who are disabled become disabled later in life not everybody is lucky as i am to be born with a disability and so what we've got to do is find ways in for those people now don't wait til it directly affect you right till your son is born with autism or
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a daughter born with down syndrome or till your cousin comes back from iraq or afghanistan missing away i'm laura i have to show you this because it just looks exactly the point you're making craig haynes is watching right now and you i can't wait to watch this story i've been in a chair for eleven years i woke up one day power lies from the chest down i have t.v.'s. so not entire life of disability but at one point then you became part of the fifteen percent there's three percent in the when and if you're working i know it was a buzz age in the disability right at some point the hearings that as good as they used to be start to go all the hips are a little wonky so what that forces you to do is get creative right so you can stand up to now you know do you know what yes i do know what i say disability does not come with a manual it doesn't come with a manual and lawrence you say we are so innovative when i disability not when you acquire disability when they are born with it on their ten light just have to go on with life i want to say to people that sometimes you eva see him all right you know
4:42 am
but also let us not forget about all those distant what people who are not actually consenting to sex but they're being abused or they're being taken as a whole new angle yes i mean we need to share that and we we need to show for that and i think that is something that's really really am and has me you know this is this is a group of that is what people have been forgotten we are here we can't speak for ourselves because we know what to do we you know you can sort of have an and a fan our you know like you can go out and what it is you know and robert culp. is watching you right now and he says i knew two people without disability often tell us with disabilities how to do things instead of listening to us first we had best how to cope with that individual situation that goes not just for this personal intimate conversation we're having but in the way that you actually run your entire life there's something. i've just done if i may i just need it in from the university of sheffield have
4:43 am
a listen to christy lydia out because she's part of that force is trying to change people's hearts and minds have a listen i'm now working on a project called living life to the fullest with disabled young people who have gradually took the ninety's about sexuality and inclusion having went back to sex education and they want space to go back into the same sex and love and support to do so they don't want to shame around sexuality that are often made to feel you they don't want to be defined by how the media representation is that position the same people as largely i sexual on desire to own to really know just want support and acknowledgement of the sexuality is from others under those around the why and how your getting to change the way people see they've all disabilities how do we do the whole. i do think it's a very important thing that we have to understand is that there is not a single disability story. i have something that we have to get into our minds
4:44 am
because actually saying that even though i'm a mexican woman would have that ability with a minority to. have everything i'm more exposed to to being the victim of sexual abuse in life i still have privilege because i have the opportunity to be here if i had a college like if there is a difference we have to understand that we all have different visions or the beliefs of different story and if we have that in mind it's easier for us to understand why it isn't so important to tell our story i tell my what only other know what i will almost at the end of the one show marianne how something else you just tell us that that story in forty seconds of. i get. into ren one of the village a girl and kid i would rather they were talking about that and talking about how is it for me that i can actually move my arms but i haven't heard that he n and i was
4:45 am
like you have to tell the story you have to talk about it to get to know how to do that and there was another particular added to the being hot it was the thing that it made people belong like everybody and they could be launched and all their story that was in religion that so do you think that's what we need they're doing telling our story that we need more me and betty what is your presentation of our story then and making a community through that it's just going back to social just from moment but to reach a pal such a great campaign and yes they are hot complement to the guests we are never going to say how to get center again derek. hough results i'm blushing a little bit today i don't see why disabled people wouldn't be attractive people are people it seems like you are resonating with that audience in a sentence lawrence reckless off we're all better off when we have a diverse group of people together in the same room in the same world in the same community sharing their experiences and learning from each other the bottom line i
4:46 am
got to go back to it once again it's not nothing when about us without us it's nothing without us period if you're not involving disabled people you're missing out. what adhoc my own health thank you so much for bringing your hotness to the store today we appreciate it and so watching everybody.
4:47 am
three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i believe it is meeting god it really. revealed secret so you were. sitting out there that we have people
4:48 am
our age internet. connection some don't want to expose many in legacy media. mass shooting. documents with night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there before it happens and we don't leave. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera three female activists in saudi arabia have been granted temporary release after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested in may last year for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats
4:49 am
there are reports the others will be released on sunday that women say they've been sexually harassed given the electric shocks and flogged by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies that the women have been mistreated wellin maloof is research director for the middle east that amnesty international she's welcome to the situation to release the women. we have been calling for this we've been looking for him this is all our thoughts of course are with the three women who have been released they will be able to finally be in their homes in a safe space with their loved ones and this is all that we've been calling for that we've been wanting and we do hope that the rest of the who are still being detained in an arbitrary fashion will be released this is one of the cases that has really tested. narrative of the crown prince's reforms visions of before him in social liberalization and all of the steps to encourage economic investors and
4:50 am
where and this means in the country this is been one case along with the merger of zuma as. has completely. gone against if you ones. that the narrative of reforms a united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist shuggie to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial execution agnes callen of says the closed door hearings that have been taking place in saudi arabia fall short of international standards she also called on the saudis to release the names of the defendants ashaji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a twenty two story building in validations capital dhaka the navy and their force were drafted in to help firefighters tackle the blaze more than one hundred people
4:51 am
were rescued using ladders and helicopters some managed to jump from the roof to a neighboring building now this comes just over a month after seventy one people were killed in a fire in another part of the city. at least eighteen people have been killed in somalia after a car bomb exploded in the capital mogadishu it went off outside a crowded restaurant in the what very strict armed group which is linked to al qaeda is claiming responsibility has been fighting the government for more than a decade and regularly launches attacks in the capital. of the explosion happened in between restaurants some people were having lunch at the restaurant all the victims were civilians there was no government official or soldiers with the explosion happened eighteen bodies and twelve injured people being carried from the scene of. mozambique will start color of vaccinations on monday in areas devastated by cycling need hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of water borne diseases
4:52 am
two weeks after the storm tore into the port city of bayda so far more than seven hundred people are known to have died across mozambique zimbabwe and malawi but some areas are still cut off so we have nine hundred thousand doses of vaccine coming in we're talking nine hundred thousand people sort of one per person which means that will determine three months of protection. some time. but it means we will probably have to do it for the vaccination to be discussed and we have to see how this goes as the number of deaths from the ebola virus rises in the democratic republic of congo a study has found that many people there do not actually believe the virus even exists well then six hundred people have died from the bald essence of all this but researchers found that one in four people interviewed in the east of the country don't think it is real well the were the headlines i'll have more news for you in
4:53 am
half an hour forty nine up south africa is next talking about race relationships fear and guilt. south africa nine hundred ninety nine traveling across the country to meet fourteen year old son about their lives. in one thousand nine hundred two he visited them alone when they were seven hours. partake was in its death throes and it was virtual civil war in the run up to the
4:54 am
first free elections. found. in one thousand nine hundred billion lived in the north and transfer all part of a very conservative community. stoss watkins new school on any that you know sister. ms clinton but it. school and and school they don't just oppose it so does not use the bozos on next who. do it so. much in a school east. well it was only for lenny the mocking was coco notice he would meet
4:55 am
sydney and the brothers wanted to go going to his first on. a concert. a little care and stuck with stupid good me. got a little. dividend is quite as good as i'd like to lose by her means i could be nice to give it me shove it about me. the strength of my fingers and that lack of a minimalist quality my son is still fine dive a lost boy to inmates who did not does love my aneta balcony opprobrium muslim school as a new look under software that all. we have adequate stand up be a program. oh yeah. there are all of us again and my older dog who. said i was valley. by fin off and i should go by after all be . taught the moroccan spill the whole family.
4:56 am
i got to suffer drawn i draw it's been a nice only hunted but beautiful twins who any as i have it going to change or not stop a tree. by the field with the bill to be a month off to come and so i kiss and you go with the troop to be i'm there let's see it is silent. in the ghetto. yeah. and the law is known but anthony lund. i'm ok with i don't just have. a good gift and let's get this over has what i do need and oxted money into cash to . hunt and click next year's duncan malcolm say it's a good deal of sony sure. well i was quickly finished and so.
4:57 am
was the summa cum. laude oh miss a few sneak around to al gadhafi for about stormy's would do it skewed toward me to say monte visit offical disfarmer grounded on vent quickly did not appear to have it me. when we met long grade seven he lived in devon and went to a school which had formerly been for whites only and he was one of just a few back children and. the. thing. you see if you are black and you are married to a white person he'll call on. you lead you lost girl wish roots.
4:58 am
or she has a wife she would like to live with like people you see. but why doesn't she do what you want to do. if i did that. i wonder where a black challenge like you and me and the stand alone which i speak when i meet home that's. so do you think that i think she was she would be the one. who tells you wish i was as cool as i know english that's so you think you end up marrying a white person who may you be. but you know. that that. that was big enough thanks. dr would. be a bit. of a slim chance. but
4:59 am
we will be watching sinlessness no steven spielberg's example and we saw what terms of normalizing our society and the fact that we have a legacy of white privilege how do we get around the. left and it's time to take its course some of the black people in parliament police trying to push push the system a too far. on the process lose it that's me like i said among the black people and the right beside in this one which i think is wrong. i think they should play for national team if the goodness of their lot in this thing from the. neck on the. force they step in because they'll do that in the mess it up you know start to live making l.b. getting nobody. i think is just a little girl and it happened. when we met resistance at age seven they were both at
5:00 am
a school for black children on. the test on the air. about c.s.s. a second mission you're a spun card sheet he actually knew that so much nine more when you shot with longest long says slack a single doctor said. me and nothing in the next sentence a lot of this is really i mean. who could buy any funds for this. if might actually from bob novak now. look leave me. a little slug gloucestershire on cheer. this is a young football practice you keep missing on syria will he see actually it for us government goals over there is my board of pizzey by the.


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