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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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showings for their work and exposing themselves in very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as own skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus and receive messages on the scene that we all heroes i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. the bleak warnings about the corona virus spread in latin america and predictions of a 5 fold increase looming in brazil. columcille rommany watching all just their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up questioning the president's story twitter put a fact check warning on messages from u.s. president donald trump. also for minneapolis police officers are fired over the
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death of a black man after a bystander's video brings outrage. russia tells libya warlord peter hafter that moscow backs an immediate cease fire and talks. welcome to the program the world health organization is warning of tough days ahead for latin america with the corona virus still accelerating across the region more daily infections in our being reported there than in the u.s. or even across europe brazil registering nearly $17000.00 new cases in the last 24 hour period well in a few hours a u.s. ban will come into place on foreign travelers coming from brazil where infection numbers and deaths continue to search the white house is hoping to ramp up testing in the united states with plans to buy one who. 1000000 swabs and vials by the end
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of the year and russia's president vladimir putin has declared that the country has passed the peak of the epidemic despite reporting its highest daily death tolls well truth begins our coverage with challenges facing the hardest hit country in latin america. away from the sandy beaches of rio we rational gun that are trying to locate covert patients in they've 1115. they have just recovered from 1000 themselves and are now working on their day off to help those in need. of spittles of full most cases were not serious so this way we could help them to going to people where to go with visiting people and also to see their problems in their homes small houses with not a lot of airflow we give an overall guidance on care and cleaning. as the amount of cases of coal with 1000 continues to rise in brazil these doctors believe that
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early detection is crucial to saving lives. that's why they have turned this somber school into a temporary office story coming to film these people have been historically abandoned by society and politicians they have no access to public health care a cannot afford medicines that is why we are here. people like that the end of the sources say they have been abandoned by the government damn you it makes you scared very scared there are a lot of people who believe the virus is a lie from the politicians but it's not a lie we know what we're talking about my neighbor had it and recovered i have other friends infected a friend died it's very sad. the demographic density that have a last increases the chances of catching covert 19. in the past few days human rights activists have to announce a change in the body removal protocols what once was a public service now depends on the relatives of the deceased. well you reach such
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you are after 27 hours a body was removed from this house it is absurd what the state is doing with people who do not even have a chance to bury their dead. it's all happening as brazil is caught in a political crisis that has polarized the country between those who believe the way out is by imposing a lockdown and those like precedent. who want to open up the economy the fight has forced governors to clash with more tonight. on tuesday the police raided the residence of rio's governor wilson beat cell who is being investigated for corruption in the handling of covert 1000 vets has said on twitter but also not all is using the federal police to attack him. caught in the middle of the dispute are the victims of brazil's political system which is failing to protect those who are in need of help the most. the brazilian state of san paolo
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has the highest number of cases nationwide on the capital's hospitals near full capacity but speaking to my colleague. the state governor a complete lockdown is not necessary lockdown is a very hard position and we cannot use lockdown for this some polish state we have the protocol the protocol is ready but we are concerning and taking care of that but not to her now as at this moment we are still asking the people in some polish state and in this city of some all of the capital of the state to stay at home and use masks is not necessary at this moment. to have a lockdown in your state alone this week has registered more than 80000 cases confirmed and you've had more than 6000 deaths out paulo is one of the worst hit regions in brazil why do you think that is. well but we saved it until
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now 50000 lives using this so show. is all a shot here in some states we decide what the medicine what this science to recommend to us not my decision is not a political decision is the science decision to science this is saying to us right now is not the moment to have a lockdown but to have the quarantine we are inviting taina does want we will have a new current in in 5 days a hat for. more. a global conference to support millions of venezuelans fleeing their country has raised more than $650000000.00 most of those who left the country because of the economic crisis stranded in latin america and as they see in new reports from santiago the pandemic is making the situation far worse. john kind of
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shows us where he's been camped for weeks with his wife in sydney in the little daughter outside of the colombian consulate in santiago along with dozens of other families they pass the time and the cold as best they can waiting for help from their government settlement that will break. this is precarious the way our politicians count on us for votes we need now to count on them to bring us home. but not far away peruvian migrants testart temperature before allowing us in to see their open air camp outside proves consulate they too want help to return home because the pandemic has less than jobless and destitute which is real it's freezing there are no bathrooms and we sleep on cold cement but by far the largest number of foreigners who've lost their livelihoods are the venezuelans who make of chile's newest and largest migrant community. for 2 months hundreds of men women
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and children have been living like this outside of the consulate. when the pandemic started president nicolas maduro sent airplanes to repatriate those who wanted to leak but now the doors of the consulate are shocked right. we have nothing left anymore we're living from charity and getting desperate and not a peep from our government we are undocumented and we can't ask chile for help. the u.n. special representative for the news whale in migrants and refugees system of government is laying out conditions for people to return one is a quarantine period at the border and the other is more of a long low lying. more intelligence of investigation of who east coming back and what would be the true motivations for that richard that you believe is slowing down the number of people that they are allowing back in yes but yes. every day more people arrive at the camp trying to find comfort in numbers
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around the corner the venezuelans are beginning to be tested now for coronavirus either way a group of them we understand will be placed in quarantine so that they will be ready if and when venezuela's government sends an airplane to get them but the real question is what will happen to them once they get how. they tell us they know to be economic insanity situation in venezuela is worse than in chile but they argue that if they have to die of coronavirus or hunger they'd rather be in their country of birth close to their families in not in a far away stranger that. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. the u.s. president donald trump ours run into trouble with his favored form of communication twitter has labeled 2 tweets all his official account as misleading for the 1st time it refers users to a fact check page and comes amid controversy over another series of tweets about
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the death nearly 20 years ago let's cross over to mike hanna who has the very latest and it seems that the president is reacting to well at least the 1st of the truth of the tweets. well indeed president trump has tweeted within the last few minutes that twitter is now interfering in the 2020 election he says in a follow up tweet he adds that twitter is eroding your silly saying that his claims about mail in voting are incorrect and he says style that it is stifling free speech and he continues and as president. i will not allow that so certainly a very strong attack on twitter which earlier in the day had put fact checking labels on 2 of his tweets dealing with mail in voting twitter described these as incorrect and put a lead in a reference to news reports on mail in voting pointing out that it is not as the
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president claims fraudulent so certainly this spat between president trump and the forum of twitter is continuing to rage on indeed of course sort of continues in the propagation of a murder conspiracy theory that seems to have no basis in fact at all and that's getting him in hot water again with the with the family of the deceased. well indeed yes the stills with a woman called laura died some 1000 years ago after the medical examiner found that she had an undiagnosed heart condition that she fell over and hit her head now she was an employee at the time of joe scarborough he was then a florida congressman he is now a talk show host who has been very critical of president trump in recent months now president trump lashed out at joe scarborough implying that he was guilty of murder
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now. as husband timothy has written a letter to the head of twitter the c.e.o. asking that these tweets dealing with his wife's death than a coup seeing scarborough of being responsible for them be taken down twitter has responded saying it can't do so at this stage but is examining ways in which this could happen but this just goes to highlight president trump's insistence on using any ammunition against any of his critics and certainly the letter from her husband has raised many questions here in d.c. and around the united states about the impropriety of president trump's attacks on a television critic using the body that dead body of a woman from 1000 years before for the update thanks mike hanna of our correspondent in washington d.c. well still ahead here on al-jazeera the u.s. city where spy planes are being used in
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a controversial crime fighting strategy. and with many calls deserted we look good also called troubled bubbles could help extraordinary industry get back on its feet do stay with us here on out as a. hello the weather set fire across a good part of china we still have some showers into the far south of the country. and i think a little further south it's only a minute front so we'll still see some showers there for a home calling as we go on through wednesday but as we push on. should be a little dry temperatures around 29 celsius so to drive into japan and wednesday does look a little northern parts of the country but the showers will clear through by thursday temperatures in tokyo getting up to 26 degrees celsius sunshine as we
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speak to cross southeast asia. coming in heat of the day small the west sunshine then showers but if you do catch it indonesia over the next day they could well be on the heavy sighs and showers there too into borneo and also pushing right up into thailand joining up with was that we have just around the andaman sea 1st signs of the rains pushing through here the monsoon rains have now started just around the nicobar islands the admin islands say showers there just pushing up into myanmar still squeezing the last few drops of heavy downpours out so for what was tropical side but the central parts of india this hot dry and sunny. story of blackmail. and. you'll have
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i have strangled. the story of carnage i want him to feel real. passion. and. just. the roof. or. the on. of the back you're watching all just there will be several rama remind us of our top stories as infections and continue to mount in brazil a study is warning that the number of coronavirus deaths there could increase 5 fold by august and twitter has flocked to tweet spy us president donald trump about
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fraudulent mail in ballots as misleading the social media platform has marked the tweet with a link to another page where fact checkers of debunked the claim. for police officers in the u.s. city of minneapolis have been sacked after the death of a black man a video posted on social media shows an officer kneeling on george's floyd's neck before you eventually stop breathing it's the latest example of police brutality against african-americans john hendren has more from chicago. and it is happened again in america a black man in police custody pleads for help as he struggles to bree what he wants to. live. on in minneapolis st the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. now i. know.
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you remember. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody stomach when they get. there. bystanders plead with the officer how. he later dies in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation. between a white police officer and a black man captured on video on you tube. a police spokesman describes the death in sterile language family get the suspect in back here. and realize that the suspect was suffering in medical distress the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence for survive minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of
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a black man for 5 minutes the scene bears an eerie resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the u.s. police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from police in toward the alleged victim officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonnell. now protesters have printed new signs with the same familiar words i can't breed john hendren al jazeera chicago. charles wilson joins me now live from scott via
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skype from providence in rhode island he's a retired police determined to national chairman of the national association of black law enforcement officers could talking with us live on al-jazeera so it seems the system never seems to learn and now another tragic death at the hands of the police we do have to be careful about what we say while an investigation continues but was your initial reaction to what millions of people have seen go viral or would people have to understand and accept is that one institution of policing is inherently biased against the color low income and it was designed to be that way my counterparts must begin to accept that as their foundation secondly when when you consider this particular situation. once
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you've got a person under restraint there's no need for any further use of force and by and no me should you. are be in a situation where you're raining on bare neck but over 5 minutes mr wilson can i then ask them is is a need in the neck approved police restraining procedure in any state in the united states not that i'm aware of and are outraged that i've been in law enforcement for 45 years i've never seen that as an approved. method. taking the breakdown the suspect was asking for help he was asking to bring . this suspect was asking to breathe we heard that very clearly on the video what i
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found i think what millions of others found very disturbing but there were police officers around that situation that didn't advise their colleague to let up to give the the the member of the public. the chance to actually breathe are you surprised that the he took no notice of his colleagues after you know i'm not sure. that why all 4 our producers were fired i have no doubts about that what lessons have been left through who saw him down and the other 3 who get nothing what lessons have been learned. since you might say the death of for example steven clark who was who was shot with a phone in his hand mistaken for
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a gun that we had alton sterling shot for selling c.d.'s in baton rouge and 2016 and most recently. in georgia shot for jogging it seems that this is a going reoccurrence and lessons are not being learned. i think that. i think that it's going to end up being an issue. better policy better training better higher reading procedures if you're hiring people who. have no concern for the general welfare of the people that you're going to be meeting you've got the wrong people on the job.
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yet not check to find out are these people rages or not you have the wrong people on the job. over see what does happen in the coming days charles wilson from the national association of black enforcement officers thanks very much for joining us from rhode island so. a controversial method of surveillance that was 1st developed for use by african american soldiers in iraq is being deployed on u.s. soil the city of baltimore has long struggled with crime and its murder rate in particular now playing solitaire into the skies in a trial which could change crime fighting across the country as particle hail reports. when many people think of the u.s. city of baltimore a picture this block after block of rundown homes litter crime. this is the
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city with the 2nd highest murder rate in the country just last year 340 people were murdered on the streets good afternoon everybody community activist joyce jones is talking to a local radio station to sell people what she sees as a possible solution. one that takes a very different view of baltimore from above 3 planes flying 12 hours a day over most of the city filled with cameras tracing everyone's movements the pictures stored for $45.00 days and if there's a violent crime police can go back and retrace the steps of everyone nearby people are free to speak out. the community with support program will ill be v 8 bills. witnesses that are free to speak because the cameras speak for themselves activist dave on love disagrees you know we've seen recently the past 3 years
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a. police officer. at that level. that's. one possibly a safety because of the war on the black male the baltimore police do have a troubled history black lives matter because i killed them black people the suspicious death of freddy gray in police custody sparked widespread riots in the city in 2015 not long after the police started the aerial surveillance program in secret when it was discovered activists sued to stop it but a judge recently ordered the flights could resume their appealing the decision still the baltimore police commissioner believes it will be held up in the courts the city already uses cameras on street corners and microphones to pick up the sound of gunshots there is no expectation of privacy in public on a public street on a sidewalk and so it can't film inside of private places or beyond walls the cost
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of the program will be more than $3.00 and a half $1000000.00 over 6 months it has been paid for by a texas billionaire and if it's deemed a success it's likely it could spread to other u.s. cities a program designed to protect american soldiers at war overseas turned it on its citizens at home patty calling al-jazeera. to north africa where russia backs the media ceasefire and talks to form a united governing body in libya after the u.s. accused russia of deploying more fighter jets to help ward cleaver hafter his forces have been trying to seize the capital tripoli from the un recognized government but the russian mercenaries have already withdrawn from southern tripoli libya's government says its forces found large amounts of ammunition left behind in the area one would argue wired that is in tripoli and says it appears russia is still fueling the conflict. on the libyan side if the speaker of the parliament that's there have to the parliament is calling for
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a political solution on the ground there are waging a battle against the internationally recognized government and you know that the death toll is huge including civilians women and children so for 15 months of heavy fighting in southern tripoli on the russian level it's also contradictory there is some kind of irony in the end there in that i share situation as you know on the political situation it backs a political solution and as sergey lavrov told our get us on the speaker of the libyan parliament today that there is no military solution to the libyan crisis but meanwhile russia is fueling the conflict on the ground according to the africa the u.s. africa command russia has recently introduced advanced a 4th generation fighter jets to be fighting in favor of the warlord the for have
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her against the internationally recognized government. well with the current virus still on the rise in other parts of the world some countries in the asia pacific region are looking to travel restrictions as well but broad reports the hope is to kickstart economies which have been suffering for months. incheon international airport south korea's gateway to the world practically deserted the aviation industry here is decimated as it is globally with predictions of a slow recovery. earlier we thought the industry would recover 80 to 90 percent by the end of the year but now we expect 50 to 60 percent and even next year the global market still won't be fully recovered parts of the world emerging 1st from the virus are likely to see their airline businesses pick up quickest a number of countries in asia pacific south korea among them have won international
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praise for the way they've tackled the pandemic they've had to pay a high economic price for tough travel restrictions but the fact they're now being eased is widely seen as a reward for that effort so-called travel bubbles allowing free a movement between neighboring states that have the virus under control will help the process new zealand and australia are considering establishing one so we stand to benefit from getting travel up and running again hong kong the cow in mainland china could follow while a fast track system for business travelers has been established between south korea and china so they can bypass quarantine. in accordance with the agreement they're issued a with a quarantine waiver if they get tested at the airport and go under active. one of south korea's most prominent business people the samsung j.y. li recently visited one of his company's plants in china easier travel is seen as
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important for economic recovery. with 90. percent of international flights grounded we understand the government is in talks with other countries to enhance cooperation the country and its airlines hoping for the day the departure board won't look so empty robert bride al jazeera incheon south korea of course we follow all of the stories we're covering here are there by logging on to our website or our desire dot com of course our top story that brazil's grim news that it's a rapidly reaching the same level of deaths as the united states. and you're watching al-jazeera with me as a whole raman a reminder of our top stories as infections on deaths continue to mount in brazil a study is warning that the number of coronavirus deaths there could increase 5
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fold by august the u.s. is due to begin a ban on foreign travelers coming from brazil and there's a warning that the collapse of the health care system in venezuela could make the pandemic worse across latin america public health experts say if people are forced to seek treatment in other countries it could increase the spread of the virus a junior that u.k. government minister has quit over the controversy surrounding top advisor dominic cummings is cross country trip during the coronavirus lockdown prime minister barak johnson has defended cummings who's defied calls to quit or apologized he traveled with his family from london to northeastern england in march while his wife had covert 900 symptoms twitter to tweets by u.s. president donald trump about fraudulent mail in ballots as misleading the social media platform has marked the tweet with a link to another page where fact checkers have debunked the claim mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . now twitter has put up
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a label on these tweets basically checking it referring viewers or readers to news reports concerning these claims which twitter says are completely fraudulent so this is the 1st time there has been some kind of response to twitter for what many critics have continually labeled as stream of false swords being done by the president on this particular forum. for police officers in the u.s. city of minneapolis have been sacked after the death of a black man a video posted on social media showed an officer kneeling on george floyd's neck before he eventually stopped breathing is the latest example of police brutality against african-americans. russia says it backs the media ceasefire and talks to former united governing body in libya after the u.s. accused russia of deploying more fighter jets to help libya war khalifa haftar and his attempt to topple the un recognized government in tripoli those are the headlines more news in half an hour inside stories next with bernard to stay with
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us through. 2 major powers one the disputed himalayan border india and china blaming each other for confrontations over the past month but why is this happening now and could the tension trigger a military conflict this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm bernard smith trouble is brewing on the roof of the
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world india and china both claim territory along the himalayas.


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