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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2020 10:00am-10:31am +03

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the spell of the day is over. as al-jazeera correspondents will be strong to do the top administration says it will pull more troops out of iraq and afghanistan, slashing levels to the lowest in almost 2 decades. about this and this is all just live from doha also coming up shortly after that u.s. announcement about cutting troop numbers. rockets are fired into baghdad, secure green zone produce. whereas in its 3rd president, within a week after days of protests forced his predecessor to resign, cleaning up after how to going to the storm weakens after causing major devastation
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in parts of central america. the u.s. says it's pulling out additional troops from afghanistan and iraq by mid january. that'll leave around 2 and a half 1000 soldiers in each country just before president the office. but senior figures in the military and the trunks, republican party, say it's a mistake and a risky move. al-jazeera has an official reports from the white house. donald trump campaigned in 2016 on ending america's wars abroad. in the final days of his presidency, he's acting to cut numbers in both iraq and afghanistan. from 4500 in afghanistan, the number will drop to $2500.00. it will be the same number in iraq, but it will come clean more than $3000.00 times. so now this is consistent with our established plans and strategic objectives supported by the american people and
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does not equate to a change in u.s. policy or objectives. in the stern is the us is longest war. it's lasted 1000 years, more than $2300.00 soldiers have died. it's cost more than $193000000000.00. earlier this year, the u.s. with the help of qatar, negotiated a deal with the afghan taliban to bring a permanent cease fire and remove all foreign forces out of the country by mean next year. in october, donald trump tweeted he wanted all u.s. service personnel home by christmas, december 21st, when he's leaving biden is something that again, in the long run is probably where we would have ended up with eventually anyway. but the timing is seen as very rash and dangerous. donald trump has a nice troop withdrawals in the past. famously tweeting in 2018 that he wanted all u.s. service personnel out of syria. that announcement led in part to the resignation of
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then defense secretary jim mattis. the military slow roll of that idea then, but it's clear that donald trump wants the troops out. and on the timetable, he's unknowns. but the decision has brought criticism, even from his own side. president barack obama pull troops out of iraq just before the end of his time in office, ordering an agreement and a deadline set by his republican predecessor. but republicans claim that move led to the growth of eisel, a risk one senator says, trump is taking no other to extremely important here in the next couple of months. not to have any earth shaking changes with regard to defense and foreign policy. think up or ship it is. draw down a new there. afghanistan or iraq would be a mistake, that the head of need to has warned of a quick, uncoordinated withdrawal. seeing it risks lives. but it's clear donald trump wants
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to leave office, claiming another campaign promise has been delivered. alan fischer al jazeera at the white house. well, for more on this, let's go live to some of the full team who's in the baghdad for us. if i remember correctly back in january, the iraqi parliament said the government should demand that all foreign troops should be leaving the country. what's the reaction to this latest news? well, the office of the prime minister here in iraq published a statement saying that the prime minister spoke to secretary of state mike pompei o over the phone and that the 2 sides continued to cooperate in the future. but that the troops were being reduced in light of the growing capabilities of iraqi security forces to address terrorism in the country. and of course, eisel was officially declared defeated in 2017. but the coalition has still been engaged in fighting an insurgency and trying to contain sleeper cells that remain
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operational in the country. but of course, it's much more complicated than that. if we go back to earlier this year, there was this parliament vote that you mentioned to oust all foreign troops. and that vote came in response to the u.s. killing of iranian general custom, silly money and other iraqi officials here in baghdad. and we've also seen a surge in rocket attacks on u.s. interests, and it was in that context that the 2 sides renegotiated of u.s. military presence, beginning the drawdown from 1st $5000.00 troops earlier this year to $3000.00 troops as of september. so this additional drawdown is not that significant in light of the reductions that have already taken place. but what remains to be seen is the impact on the u.s. led coalition here because the u.s. it provides the logistical backbone. it provides the force protection to other coalition countries and it may lead other coalition members, for example, from european countries to reconsider their presence here in country. and it also
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may prompt a further transfer of responsibilities to the nato mission here, which has already taken on some institutional capability building. if it seems, the removal of u.s. troops and foreign troops generally is welcomed within iraq or generally welcomed with the new right. why was that a rocket attack so soon after the well, i wouldn't say it's generally welcomed. it certainly welcomed by the pro iranian political parties and armed groups, but others in iraq see the u.s. presence here as an important counterbalance to iran's influence in the country. now, the rocket attack that took place interestingly, it took back, took place just a few minutes after the announcement. it was the 1st rocket attack in weeks after some iranian backed armed groups. at the cleared a unilateral cease fire allowing the united states to announce a complete troop withdrawal. now of course that did not happen last night,
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and that rocket attack is presumably every action to voice their disapproval off that decision because they were expecting or demanding a full troop withdrawal. now that rocket attack, unfortunately, ended up killing one child and wounding 5 civilians. that is the 2nd time in 2 months that civilians were killed in these rocket attacks. and in just the once again highlights that many times civilians end up being caught in the middle as the u.s. and iranian backed groups settle their scores on iraqi soil and similar folding reporting for us from baghdad. similar, thank you very much indeed for donald trump as far as his chief of cyber security, just days after he rejected the president's claims of electoral fraud, chris krebs and his agency are responsible for election security. he said the poll was the most secure in american history. trump accused him of making inaccurate statements. trumps a legal challenge to the election results and suffered
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a setback. pennsylvania's supreme court has rejected his campaign's arguments. the republican party observers did not get close it of access joining vote, counting president elect joe biden is projected to have won the states. but trump is contesting the result there and in other battleground states. to has more from wilmington, delaware, and 52 decision. the judges there ruled that the trump campaign's claim had no merit. the complaint had been that republican poll watchers had been kept out of these rooms where ballots are being counted, while the judges ruled that simply wasn't the case. and the fact that the local election board of the city of philadelphia treated poll watchers of republican party of the democratic party in exactly the same way and was in fact in compliance with state law. now almost simultaneously, as this isn't came down, the trump campaign was making the very same argument in a different venue in
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a federal court. also in pennsylvania alleging the same complaint. and in fact, the person making, the argument in that instance was president own attorney rudy giuliani. and he told the federal judge in that case that the pennsylvania vote quote, stole the election. now that we have this ruling that is against the trump campaign from the state court, most certainly that doesn't give much confidence to this federal case going any further though it does remain pending through this new interim president has called for calm after he was sworn in francisco's is the country's 3rd leader just over a week. the former official of the world bank will serve until national elections are held in april. been in turmoil since congress voted presidents martin discolor out of office last week. over unproven corruption allegations that led to widespread protests as more from lima on the challenges of his discourse. augusta
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faces, he's only going to take the government through these a last few months into elections on a, on april next year and turning the government over to a newly elected government in july. but he has many challenges ahead for these past few. for the, for the next few days of it for the next few months, i think the most important is to bring back stability in the country. that has been in turmoil for the past week. he understands this very well 24 hours before having been sworn in. he already spoke in congress saying that these protests have been a call, a serious call of attention to legislators and politicians from the people. and he also understood that he had to get close to the people. he went out. he walked out and waved at protesters outside of congress,
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and then last night he went to hospital to visit those wounded in the protest. one very important thing he needs to tackle the pandemic prove, had one of the worst outbreaks in the world. and he needs to tackle the economy because of the pandemic. millions of jobs have been lost. so he has a lot on his, on the agenda now. and he has said, it's going to be brief and it's going to be hard. but they are going to be very focused, as he said, are going to, has weakened to a tropical storm, as it pushes across central america to hit nicaragua as a category 4, withholding winds and massive force and tens of thousands of people in their homes . this is what you have. hurricane looked like from the sky, but on the ground it brought more devastation to central america. already battered by
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a major hurricane 2 weeks ago. unleashed flooding in winds up 250 kilometers an hour before reaching one duras on tuesday, left a trail of destruction. as the military struggled to bring people to safety. 40000 were evacuated from their homes. in the 80000 we have nowhere to go. we can only hope that god will have mercy on us landfall just 25 kilometers from where hurricane hedo hit 2 weeks ago, killing more than 120 people. this time, the death toll might be considerably lower. after that was downgraded to a tropical storm. the preliminary report we were given deals with toppled trees, light posts, and electrical lines. also roofs of destroyed homes and businesses are 1st
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pushed over to colombian, islands of sand, and simply monday. it is the strongest storm to hit colombian territory on record. i spoke with the mayor of providencia, he gave me information about the damage, which we were able to see from the flight up to 99 percent of our infrastructure has been damaged. there's been an unprecedented number of storms and hurricanes this season. it is turned out to be even west and we thought it started earlier and is going to end even late. for example. continuing flooding in countries like in nicaragua is going to affect the incoming harvest. and this will really strain subsistence farmers and already, whilst it's still early days, it is quite, it is quite clear that this will extend even into, into the, into 2021. but for now,
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the attention remains on the still heavy rains that could bring more flooding and deadly landslides, in the region's already saturated soil. so had a knowledge of the u.s. drops drug charges against mexico's former defense minister. could the move heal the rift between the 2 nations sharing the economic pie? will argentina's richest citizens help it manage its financial problems? but the weather is looking pretty cautious. a good parts of europe at the moment because we have a nice big area of high pressure across spain and portugal and a good parts of france pushing over towards the house that so we're going to chinese now a round aria of high pressure, which dragging in a warm amal southwesterly wind. as we go on through the next couple of days will
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see these temperatures come crashing down, say, 15 celsius for london in paris as we go through. why the state blustery conditions? fred, that's the payoff you get wet and windy weather when it turns mild like this. the cloud in the right now to stream its way towards scandinavia, some snow there over the high ground when she makes to into that eastern side. if you have just minus one celsius there from moscow to centralise, as you can see, it is generally settled and sunny. although we got some rather lively, shall still rumbling away around that eastern side of the med, over towards the great collins in particular push on into thursday. that was the weather slides its way over towards cypress western parts of turkey. the cloud on the right that's tumbling in across the hot if you notice attempts just behind just 10 celsius in london, a 12 there for power, some snow there coming in over the alps. some of the weather we have across central parts of the met that will leak its way into the far north of africa. so there's rain there for northern libya and for a good part of tunisia. for
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me out here in london through power can tax income that they can stay. the american state dept been unprompted uninterrupted. all of these, these divisions of the working class and working people, they keep us from realizing our collective, our whole need to make then if you obey them all to you, you begin to believe it has power over you. a lot. judy, a great date on al-jazeera, a virtually 0 who
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what you want to see a reminder of our top stories this hour, the u.s. has confirmed it will reduce the number of troops in afghanistan and iraq by mid january. this will leave both countries with around 2500 soldiers, senior military figures and members of tanks, republican party have expressed concern over the plan. it's peru's new interim president francisco suggested he has been sworn in as the country's 3rd leader in just over a week and have been widespread protests over ever since. former president, announcing the skull, was removed. i can, the author has weakened to a tropical storm as it pushes across central america. it nicaragua, as a category 4 with winds of up to 250 kilometers an hour. bringing terentia funds and forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. people in south australia are being urged to be patient as the state begins a 6 day lockdown to combat a corona virus outbreak. 22 new cases of what's being described as a highly contagious strain of covert. 19 have been detected there. schools and
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non-essential. businesses must close and residents are restricted to their homes. the state's premier is described it as a circuit breaker locked down to control community infections. this is about south australia pausing, so that we stay ahead of the virus. our concern is that if we don't have the circuit breaker that we will not stay ahead of this, there is no 2nd chance to stop a 2nd wife. we are at a critical point, but we will get through this. we may be physically distanced, but south australians have never been more united. south korea's tightening social distancing measures after it saw its highest daily rise in corona virus cases. it had been praised for its handling of the pandemic, but as winter approaches and worries about a possible new wave. the latest restrictions, due to start from thursday, rob the bride has more south korea has been keeping the number of new infections down to around 100 per day for the past few weeks. but in recent days,
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it's seen the number stay stubbornly above 200 per day and it's now topped 300, hence these new measures. now these numbers might not seem large compared to the spikes that we're seeing in the rest of the world. but south korea like its east asian neighbors, is determined to keep on top of this pandemic because we get into these colder winter months of the northern hemisphere until we can reach that all important vaccine. south korea has a 5 here, social distancing system, and this raises the level from one to $1.00. it will mean slightly tighter restrictions on things like nonessential gatherings or run the numbers of people allowed into restaurants and bars. and it affects the soul metropolitan area which is home to around half the country's population, but significantly, it avoids the kinds of lockdowns that we are seeing elsewhere. throughout this pandemic, south korea has been determined to keep its economy moving. and it believes it has
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in place, the kind of accurate and efficient test and trace system that with a few adjustments here and there will allow it to stay on top of any new clusters or outbreaks. certainly that could still be dark days ahead, but certainly not as dark as in other parts of the world. 3, former pro-democracy politicians have been arrested in hong kong, but it's a questioning $1020.00 in any chew and way chan, they're suspected of destructing, a legislative meeting held in june to discuss a law which criminalizes any insults to the chinese national anthem. if the o.p.'s government says to graham forces are destroying bridges in an attempt to stop the military said vance to their main city on tuesday, promise of the lands to what he called a final offensive to end. the conflict in the region mohali is the main base for the theory, people's liberation front or t p l f. 2 grand fighters have refused to comply with government demands to put down their weapons. both sides are going nor in calls for
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mediation from the un and foreign leaders. and as the conflict goes on, more civilians fleeing around 27000, people across the border into sudan. refugees who are now arriving. and the piece of 4000 per day are coming out of if you release killed of raid or with the stories saying that they have been fleeing heavy fighting. and that there is not sign of the fighting to stop right now. of course, of the fear is, as the fighting continues, we could see more refugees arriving the number of 27000 or more than that is what we have read just or it could reach 30000 and beyond. our visitors have a morgan's been speaking with some of those refugees at a camp and got out if you know the sudan,
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if the opium border. we're here at limerick ober refugee camp, a camp that is about 85 kilometers away from the nearest sudan. its g.o.p. a border, know the camp started receiving refugees less than a week ago, but it already hosts nearly 3000 its european refugees. most of them arrived at the border reception areas in the states of casella and a lot of where we are right now. they're received by sudanese authorities and the sudanese commission for refugees who registered them with some of them on buses and brought them here to this camp. now this camp itself is not new. it was 1st established in the year in $1805.00. or is europeans fleeing famine from their region back home, who came to sudan seeking basic services? it was then shot down in the year 2000. now, 20 years later, it's once again open. once again receiving its european refugees. this time refugees who are fleeing conflict in the northern to grow region. most of those we've spoken to say they've witnessed atrocities that forced them to flee their homes. they say they witnessed family members being slaughtered, that they witnessed aerial bombardment that made them fear that their homes would
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be the next target. therefore, they had to leave their properties behind and come here seeking refuge. but this camp was not prepared to receive refugees. now most of them are still out in the open. they say they still lack proper food, proper water and proper sanitation. and that they're worried. there will be a health crisis. so these authorities say more than $25000.00 have crossed into its borders over the past 2 weeks. but they expect that number to go up to 250000 in the coming weeks and have been urging international organizations to help them to respond to what they say is a growing refugee crisis. that they alone could not manage and need help from international partners and international organizations. to be able to provide basic necessities to those refugees. the refugees themselves say they're not sure how long they will be here. but until it's safe to go back home, they will continue seeking refuge, even if there is a shortage in basic commodities, because they say they'd rather be here, rather than face danger. back home. the u.s. has agreed to drop drug charges against mexico's former defense minister salvador soon for august,
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was arrested in the sunshine is last month's. it's now up to mexico to investigate and possibly prosecutor john homa reports from mexico city. 2 it was a bombshell precedented when the former head of the mets k'naan forces, general salvador see him for a girls was arrested by u.s. authorities in los angeles airport. again as that's all they're saying. but now there's been a bigger shock in extremely unusual u. turn. the u.s. has decided not to prosecute him and to send him back to his homeland. see him for a girls was accused of trafficking drugs to the u.s. and protecting a cartel from mexican and u.s. law enforcement. prosecutors said one of his nicknames was the reno the godfather. the mets can, foreign minister must sell or are brought. welcome the move to return him. it's a decision that we look at kindly and we think is positive. we don't see this as part of the road to impunity,
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but as an act of respect towards mexico and its armed forces. he said to see him for eagles will now be investigated in mexico, incorporating the u.s. evidence. but he didn't say he'd be put on trial. my yesterday for president under his manual opens up the door. this is a question of sovereignty. he sees dealing with c.m. for eagles, as his administration's perogue a tive the decision to get their former chief, but will also help strengthen the president's relationship with the military who has come to rely on for policing and infrastructure projects. the move was announced in a joint statement from the us mexican attorney generals that talked about the strong lauren foresman partnership between the countries and the united front. those words mean suv an important bilateral relationship, but they raise questions to if there is such trust in the relationship, why didn't the u.s. authorities tell the mets come once about the investigation in the 14 months that
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they were conducting it? and what's going to happen now when the general returns to a country with rampant impunity? john homan, al-jazeera mexico city. 6 months after suspending all contact with israel, the palestinian authority now says it will resume coordination. the decision comes ahead of us secretary of state mike pompei, those visit to an israeli settlement in the occupied west bank on wednesday. the p.a. suspended ties back in may in response to israeli plans to an expired. so the occupied west bank. we will raise your contacts with the israelis on financial issues on health issues on what are you going to issues on anything that you smile is ready for. the most important thing is that now israel is saying that they are ready to commit themselves to the side agreements. what does this really mean? it means that a gloria will be done. it means health. it means financial. it means all other
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issues. argentino wants its super rich to help support families who've been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. congress has begun debating a bill, seeking to raise billions of dollars to buy health equipment fund welfare subsidies and loans for small businesses to help boost the economy. there is a bold reports what it said is argentina's tax by and how it should be sliced and made. an economic crisis has become food for lively discussion when a site is and now for the 1st time deputies are set to debate imposing a wealth tax on arjun times who have over $2000000.00 in assets. on tuesday, thousands took to the streets outside congress to show support for the new tax and the government of the farm. and this we are seeing a very delicate situation in argentina with people struggling to find food,
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people who have lost their jobs. so opposing a tax on wealth is necessary from the tax under discussion would amount to 2 percent for individuals with assets worth more than $2500000.00 and scale up to us much as $525.00 for all trial wealthy citizens holding their fortunes outside the country. argentina is desperate for funds as a coronavirus than democrats had a devastated impact in the economy. poverty rates are close to 50 percent, but commercial chambres in the country warning that a wealth tax in this context could have an impact on potential investors who already see the country as a negative for business. several multinationals are fleeing the south american nation, claiming that doing business in argentina is complicated and unprofitable. volatile politics, price and currency controls and state interventionism are part of doing business. here. the law is being debated as argentina begins discussing with the i.m.f.
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has to pay over $40000000000.00 in debt on those where the latter says the opposition will vote against, along with the people this kind of taxes per recession. it's not a tax that will promote investment. on the contrary, the problem is how this tax is being discussed and the public protests by the government that generates a climate against business. there was no discussion. the only intention is to show that they are champions of the poor when they are getting into the austerity measures demanded by the i.m.f. . last, but president of the for member said the new tax is meant to aid public coffers to cope with a pandemic. we are living in terms of where solidarity years to be the role in congress. we see the debate on world what is being debated is whether those who have more can express in terms of him agency in solidarity with the rest of the country. these are difficult times for argentina,
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years of recession and inflation, and the impact of the pandemic have left millions in need finding balance between providing aid and stabilizing the economy is seen as crucial to help the country leave its economic troubles behind. that is how this is all just 0, these are the top stories. the u.s. has confirmed. it will reduce the number of troops in afghanistan and iraq by mid january. so leave both countries with around 2500 soldiers there. but senior u.s. military and political figures are expressing concern over the plans. similar 14 has reaction from baghdad. the office of the prime minister here in iraq published a statement saying that the prime minister spoke to secretary of state.


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