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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2021 11:00am-11:31am +03

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region of wonder boy tragedy. violence but it doesn't you have to be in the can relate to the human condition. you. know i think it's a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why. 'd we cannot have presidents inciting and mobilizing mob violence against our government the u.s. senate votes to proceed with donald trump's impeachment trial rejecting defense arguments the process is unconstitutional. and come out santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera preliminary results have just been released about the cause of the indonesian airline crash that killed 62 people on board with
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a live report on bass also demonstrators back on the streets of for a 5th day protesting against last week's military coup. and china blocks the popular social media at clubhouse a site used for uncensored discussions on political and human rights issues. the u.s. senate has voted to proceed with the 2nd opinion trial of donald trump and rejected the defense argument that it's unconstitutional to try a former president has an official on capitol hill looking back at the 1st day and what to expect in the next few. in a place that has seen a lot of it this truly was an historic day the 2nd impeachment trial of donald trump before the senate can even begin to question whether or not he was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors whether he sent a crowd towards capitol hill for
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a violent insurrection aimed at overturning the results of a democratic election there is the question of whether or not it was constitutional to put him on trial the democrats said absolutely he had to be held responsible for what he did in those final days in office his defense team argued that he's no longer in office and so it's too late our case is based on coal hard facts people died that day officers ended up with head damage and brain damage people's eyes were galloped off for a heart attack or lost 3 fingers that day 2 officers have taken their own lives senators this cannot be our future this
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cannot be the future of america we cannot have presidents inciting and mobilizing mob violence against our government and our institutions because they refused to accept the will of the people under the constitution of the united states was also an unforgivable betrayal of the oath of office of president trump the oath he swore . an oath that he sullied and dishonored to advance his own personal interests long terms defense team said that what happened on capitol hill on january the 6th was horrendous but also putting him on trial was unconstitutional this the argued was simply the democrats carrying out a partisan political hit job on a man they didn't want to see run for office again forgetting that 10 republicans had also voted for the impeachment of donald trump you will not hear any member of the team representing former president drum they anything but in the strongest possible way denounce the violence of the
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rioters and those that breach the capitol of the very citadel of our democracy we can't possibly be suggesting that we punish people for political speech in this country with this trial you will open up new and bigger wounds across the nation for a great many americans see this process for exactly what it is. a chance by a group of partisan politicians seeking to eliminate donald trump from the american political scene the senate has no voted to push ahead with the hearing it will begin on wednesday one republican senator was asked why he voted to make sure that the hearing would go ahead he said that the house team led by jamie raskin was much more focused and answered the questions that were in front of them whereas donald trump's team was much more unfocused almost as if they were trying to avoid the central question of whether or not he was responsible for the violence that was
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seen here on capitol hill what is clear is that donald trump's team will have to be a lot more focused as they move in to the important part of the impeachment proceedings will donald trump be convicted it's still a long shot but his legal team will have to perform much better than they did on day one. meanwhile the white house says president joe biden's focused on the economy and what is spending much time watching his predecessor's impeachment trial by chief executives from several large firms including wal-mart and j.p. morgan to discuss his proposed 1.9 trillion dollars relief package the president is trying to boost support for the package which faces tough opposition from republicans. on to other news indonesian investigators say a plane crash last month in which 62 people were killed may have been caused by technical problems. air flight 102 crashed shortly after takeoff from jakarta into the java say this is on january 9th one of the victims' relatives is now suing the
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engines manufacturer boeing. let's talk to jessica washington in jakarta for us today jessica what more can you tell us about what this investigation has found. welcome oh the briefing by the investigators is still under way but let me just give you a sense of what we heard just a few minutes ago they have confirmed that the last communication that the air traffic control control center in jakarta had with flight s j 102 with the pilots about it was just 3 minutes off to takeoff as you mentioned they are looking into some potential technical anomalies but they say at this stage of the investigation it is too early to say whether there was a specific technical issue which would have been the sole cause of this particular crash but we've just heard moments ago is that they are looking into potential issues with the automatic throttle system off this aircraft in particular on the
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left side of the plane they also investigating whether there were any issues with the ground proximity warning system off this aircraft which was a 26 year old boeing 737500 plane now with regards to the ultra auto throttle system what we know based on maintenance logs from sri would. is that pilots who flew with this specific plane noted that there were issues with this system but according to these maintenance logs they sure would says that these issues were rectified on june january 5th just 4 days before this plane crashed into the java sea at this stage they say it is too early to determine what the specific cause all this crash was we've been able to speak with some aviation experts here in indonesia who say that none of these technical anomalies should be the sole cause off this plane crash and what we really need to get a clearer anyway and one of the only why is the cockpit voice recorder which
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investigators are still trying to retrieve. from the java sea just quickly jessica you've said a complex times there at this stage of the investigation does that mean we've still got a long process to go. well that's right these investigations can be a long process we know based on previous experience and sadly indonesia is no stranger to these aviation disasters the lion air investigation took around a year and in this instance without the cockpit voice recorder it is difficult to get a sense of exactly the troubles that the pilots were facing on board and how they tried to rectify these with regards to the company voice recorder the search is still underway in the java sea but there are a few issues that are hampering that search effort namely weather conditions now there has this is the monsoon season there have been heavy rains and flooding around job which means that a part of the plane debris is now covered in heavy mud in addition to the divers
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did retrieve the casing off the cockpit voice recorder as well as now that they have that casing what that means is that the the right orange case which would normally assist in the search effort is no longer able to assist these divers in the means not in the search area but staying intensely months in the investigation we don't we don't expect that it will be a short process tomorrow jessica washington's in jakarta with news on that indonesian airline crash report thank you. will stay in the region protesters returning to the streets of me in mar a day after violence broke out at rallies when security forces arrived this is the 5th day of demonstrations against last week's military coup i mean miles military rules have imposed a curfew in the 2 biggest cities young gone and mandalay and have banned large gatherings water cannon and rubber bullets were used against the protesters on tuesday scott hide in bangkok following this one so there are curfews and there are bans on large gatherings and clearly they are being ignored.
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absolutely and those 2 largest cities that you were just talking about come all in mandalay and yang gone they are out again in the thousands what's interesting and we've been speaking to some people at some of these venues in yangon the largest city and it sounds as though the security presence security forces presence is not what we saw yesterday and obviously as you mentioned that's when there was the beginning of the 1st real crackdown by security forces against protesters on the streets across mandalay today it seems to be a little bit more calm for now a little bit more peaceful for now we know that within yangon there are a couple of destinations that the protesters were kind of in procession going to has they have done in yangon over the last 5 days one of the locations was the japanese embassy the united nations building that's to elevate their cause there. protest movement civil disobedience movement to the international community and one
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it was interesting there was a gathering at a park and then another one that was a prayer vigil for a woman who sustained a gunshot wound in those protests yesterday she's in critical condition yesterday being tuesday she's in critical condition so they're going to hold a vigil for her we know in mandalay they're also out on the streets on motorbikes and marching and again really no reports yet of any kind of violence but again you know after yesterday that would that turned bloody there still coming out come all right so all this information that you'll getting scott i'm just wondering about how good the communication into me is because there was definite throttling of the internet in the days after the just interested to know how you're getting your information. that particular over the weekend there was pretty much a shutdown on saturday and then part on sunday and then earlier in the week just after the coup it was it was spotty both the data connection mobile data connection
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and the internet service to the country and then we know that certain social media platforms were told to shut down operations entirely and were being blocked. now most of the time the way i'm able to talk to people is through messaging applications the data mobile data systems or in areas where there is wife i connected to obviously a hard line internet connection so it's funny how it goes it's radek throughout the day if there's a large protest in you know obviously that can be a couple of issues of volume that many people they're trying to text a call to shoot video to send video to stream live or is that some of the security forces on the ground trying to jam the signal as well so there's a combination of issues most likely but the best way to describe it is inconsistent best in the mornings before the protests really kind of kick in for the day it seems to have been fine we have a check in every morning with some people there and that seems to go pretty well even have data voice calls and then we kind of communicate by texting throughout
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the day but again i guess the best way to describe it is erratic ok thank you for that that scott had the keeping an eye on the situation in myanmar from bangkok at least 4 people have been killed and 5 others injured in 3 separate bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul one happens near the ministry of labor in the city center of the 2 explosions targeted police vehicles. the rest of the day's news is coming up as rescuers use drones and search for workers trapped inside a flooded tunnel in india and chile moves to expel undocumented migrants thousands of colombian and venezuelan families being separated before being sent back. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored plan qatar airways
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it was the coldest night for a decade last night in highland scotland almost certainly it was in the netherlands as well when the snow on the ground had there's a persistent wind from the east which is the color direction in northern europe you get the lowest temperatures you're likely to get at any time and these are daytime temperatures they come up to minus 6 in berlin minus 6 in prague this is northern europe southern europe completely different story we're into the teens the most part it's rain rather than snow except for the mountains and a lot of division is this one so this is a usually warm and for example hungary but where the temperatures change so dramatically in a short space of time you tend to get the weather and that cold weather is heading south reside grab the code is not staying where it is it is invading hungry invading the balkans it will take the snow with it and has that tucks in so eventually it'll go right into turkey leaving behind much cold weather for those who've had it mild recently zagreb just being one example in istanbul we're down to 4 on friday morning quite
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a shock given the teens of thursday and then saturday's about 2 degrees generally speaking then this is a wintry scene for friday not much snow in the yet still a bit of a breeze but not as strong as it was there if you're in southern france or italy where these mild and wet. sponsible qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are and where be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. with
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al jazeera these are the top stories this hour the u.s. senate voting to move forward with the 2nd impeachment trial of former president donald trump. managers rejected the defense argument that it's unconstitutional to prosecute a president after leaving office. indonesian investigators say a plane crash last month in which 62 people died may have been caused by technical problems. flight 102. after takeoff from jakarta in the java sea and people return to the streets of me in march a protest against the military coup a day after rallies were violently broken up by security forces a curfew has been imposed in the 2 biggest cities and large gatherings have been banned. while rescuers in are using drones to search inside
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a tunnel where 35 workmen a believed to be trapped this is in the indian state of. the tunnel and much of the surrounding area was flooded on sunday when a glassie a collapse. power plants roads were all destroyed and at least 30 people killed with more than 200 still missing rescuers have spent days removing enough debris to allow teams to even enter the tunnel. so this report is from elizabeth purana. rescue is say that time is the most crucial factor here that the stir 72 hours are the most important after such a disaster and it has been nearly 72 hours since the flood hit rescuers continue to work throughout the night there are hundreds here they are clearing the sludge from the tunnel what they're trying to do is get to 180 meters inside the tunnel because they say that if the members still alive the best chance of finding them is in
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pockets of air that are 180 meters from the entrance where they were able to reach 110 meters yesterday but this morning it's only 120 meters the biggest challenge remains the amount of sludge that keeps pulling and from the inside because it has been so long since the flood had rescuers say that a really big concern of the men are alive is that they'll be suffering from severe hypothermia with temperatures drop into below 0 degrees at night alex halves of the people inside the tunnel making their way as they have over the last few days to watch the rescue efforts and wait for news of their loved ones a team of experts investigating the origins of covert 19 in china has dismissed speculation that it leaked from a lab world health organization research have traveled to will to find out just how the virus spread to humans the team plans to expand its inquiry to other parts of the country as well the full report now from sarah clarke it's an investigation that's been plagued by delays and concerns over axis but after
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a month long mission to woo her and considered by many to be the place where covert 19 originated the world health organization says it is not the only city of interest we can. agreed that we have. found evidence of why the us your coalition of the virus in in december it was not just only a cluster outbreak in the one market but the virus was optional circulated. outside of the markets. the team visited k. sites and were hand where the infection was detected in december 29th teen bats and pangolin have long been suspected as the origin of corona virus but other species including cats and monks will now be investigated but since what one is not a city or in environments close to. these but environments
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a direct jump from bats to the disease you're well use is not very likely and therefore we have tried to find what modern human species were introduced and moving in and out of the city that could have potentially introduced a contributes to introduce the virus. in in particular in the $100.00 markets the visit by the w.h.o. led team was subject to intense scrutiny and political pressure both within china and internationally claims that the state run virus laboratory we're had was the origin of the outbreak formed part of the mission but the team says a leak from this lab is extremely unlikely and that imported frozen animal products and those from within china itself may be a potential host the china representative however says there's no evidence of only a cases of the disease in 2019 women to use there's no indication of the sars kovi
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2 in the population before december 29000 so there's not enough evidence to determine whether there was a spread and move on before december 29th team and the former president of the united states donald trump accused china of failing to reveal the extent of the outbreak and share scientific data the chinese government has always rejected that climb. china will as always uphold an open transparent and responsible attitude continued to cooperate with the w h. one year on china still has in place strict quarantine controls and continues to enforce community lock downs but it could be years more before the source of the pandemic which is now killed more than $2000000.00 people worldwide is identified sarah clarke al-jazeera. iran's began its mass coronavirus vaccination program using the russian developed sputnik vaccine from on health care workers are among
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the 1st to receive the job in what is the worst affected country in the middle east iran's had nearly 60000 coronavirus deaths it also reports from teheran. was. a shot of hope after nearly a year of despair iran is now officially on the path to vaccinating millions of people against cope with 19. the 1st shipment of 10000 doses of the russian me sputnik vaccine arrived in the country on thursday and on tuesday about 1000 health care workers were inoculated parson and mikey the health minister son was the 1st person to get the job. considering all the efforts by medical personnel enough to sing what my father and gone through and how much pressure he was under i decided it was my duty to do this and the smallest contribution i could make to our fight against the spiers. 430000 frontline workers across the country will also receive
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the shot iran has purchased 2000000 doses of sputnik back scene and the rest we delivered by the end of the month. despite severe economic sanctions imposed by the us on iran's banking sector iran has so far purchased another 16800000 vaccines from other countries including china and india will more to my own bush and i get a box anybody that people should know that when we import a vaccine officials trust it and it will be beneficial for everyone this vaccine and other domestic vaccines will help us keep people safe we hope to enter a new phase from this moment in the fight against covert 19. in december officials began human trials of the khobar cat vaccine the country's 1st domestically developed shot 56 volunteers are waiting to get their 2nd dose a 2nd homemade vaccine is due to be tested on people with iran is the worst affected country in the middle east with nearly 60000 covered 19 deaths and almost
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1500000 people infected much like the rest of the world people here are tired of all the restrictions and economic hardships that this pandemic has brought with it but many say that if they see officials getting the vaccine they imported or do the best ones there are much more likely to trust them and join the mass vaccination program and officials say they hope to end that program by early next year. dosage of mari al-jazeera. we got some good news for you about europe's oldest person a blind nun who turns a 117 on thursday and she's beaten coronavirus the seal around them who took the name sandra when she joined the charitable order back in 1944 was diagnosed with copd 19 last month she was isolated from other residents in the retirement home in southern france but didn't show any symptoms and has now been cleared to celebrate her birthday with her friends. more the i'm happy
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to be with you but i wish to be somewhere else joining my big brother and my grandfather and my grandmother was. nice. to share right now with the interior minister has warned that undocumented migrants who've been entering the country will be deported more than 6000 venezuelans have come in through a remote desert passage in just the last 6 weeks a latin america editor and soon human reports from culture. the chile bolivia border in the at the time of desert excruciating the heart by day and freezing by night. than a distant nation for the news whalen's seeking a better life in chile and coffee at the me of i have 7 grandchildren here they are they're the reason i come here to help feed them because in venezuela they conservation here thousands of undocumented venezuelans have barely made it here
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crossing at night through illegal entry points into the isolated town of call chani . drives suffering from hypothermia altitude sickness and hunger at least 3 have died including a baby it's becoming more and more windy and pretty soon it's going to be dark but the temperature will drop to below 0 absolutely freezing conditions which is why these people have already spent one night outdoors trying to build a makeshift shelter so that they could have a place to sleep. 17 year old. her toddler and husband were among the lucky few who were allocated a tent by the local police get them laughing coming night them i thought i would freeze to death getting here my little boy's hands and feet turned purple and he screamed with pain i was terrified my husband couldn't breathe it was pitch dark and he couldn't carry up belongings anymore this is all i have. their stomachs ours
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and as their pockets went through doesn't arrive the children get priority adults tell us they're willing to bear any hardships not knowing the chinese government has just decided to send them back to venezuela. and if you keep it in a city anyone who enters legally will not be allowed to apply for residency and will be expelled administered to. chile's government has started bussing the women and children into the city of the gift 1st 240 kilometers away to be quarantined for 2 week. as for covert 19 separating them from fathers and husbands but no one knows how long. the plan is to fly them back to venezuela once the quarantine period is over. is shocked. police to send us back they'll kill us if we return that's what the government does to people like us and if not we'll starve to death please chile help us
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a desperate plea the choice to be repeated by thousands of more venezuelans as this humanitarian crisis worsens you see in human al-jazeera cold. turkey says it may be willing to limit its use of a russian air defense system a ball less than 2 years ago so his purchase of the russian s for hundreds strained relations with the united states and led to american sanctions against ankara the u.s. has demanded the russian missiles be decommissioned in an interview published by the hoary it daily the turkish defense minister who said he was open to a compromise. china has blocked the social media clubhouse after a growing number of people joined uncensored discussions on political and human rights issues the american audience allows invited users to interact in chat rooms and so it's become increasingly popular in china as it provides a platform to discuss sensitive topics rarely debated online and include the persecution of week is taiwan's independence and the pro-democracy protests in hong
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kong. what china's defended its decision to block the app describing it as an interference by external forces the. first while china's internet is open the chinese government manages the internet in accordance with law and regulations 2nd china's position on the relevant issues has always been consistent and clear cut china has an even determination to defend its national sovereignty security and development interests as well as to oppose interference by external forces russ feingold's and asia political risk analyst who says it's no surprise chinese you news uses are again a step ahead of the internet regulates clubhouse became popular very rapidly to the point where i had chinese friends sending me text messages asking me for help to get on to clubhouse within the past few weeks it was very sudden phenomenon but just as quickly the chinese internet regulators obviously they've caught up with it
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and now made efforts to block it look chinese internet users routinely jump over the firewall to access internet websites and social media around the world it's not unusual that they would have tried something new that became popular there heard about it the technology and the capabilities and frankly the intelligence of internet users always going to be several steps ahead of regulators whether in the west or in china. when it gets onto the agenda of the chinese authorities and it always comes after it was popular with netizens and this is just another example of that but it also shows once again that the tolerance level for this kind of conversation within china is very limited and it can only take place within the confines that authorities in china are comfortable what.


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