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state had little tolerance with from the al jazeera london, broke arthur intact to people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitations. this dick, it is a most consequential decade in events, is far too many companies that are doing bad things in the front. in part 2 of human rights activists, q me 19 and environmental if we known and the teeth, the systems that are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio b and spectate on al jazeera, i have told stories of orphan we don't grab both and soldiers. it is there where privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. ah . but yes, president signs off on another injection of military aid to ukraine,
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bringing the total now to $54000000000.00 to help fight the russian assault. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up and uneasy . com hangs of a parts of dumbass as russian force is either region as part of their renewed offensive to take control of the south and east of ukraine. australians vote for change ending almost a decade worth of conservative rule down under hand after a 2 year height, us due to code 19 a festival, celebrated mexican foot music finally returned to the capital. ah, but you as president does approved an additional $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the bill was flown to south korea for biden's signature,
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where he's on tour of asia, the latest financial packages on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. the u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. kimberly how kit has more now from washington dc when the money that the united states supplied to ukraine began to run out and it is nearly exhausted in terms of military support. the u. s. president asked for $33000000000.00. well, the u. s. congress which controls the purse strings in turn approved for heat $1000000000.00, and that is what the president signed into law. in other words, the congress wanted to send the signal a look at we are not only going to prove this money, we're going to send more than what you ask for, which is something that rarely happens. and that is the reason why it was to sell vladimir putin a message that there is overwhelming support in the united states for ukraine and pushed back against russia. and in terms of, oh, what this money is for. it's not only to kind of back fill the money in the
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equipment that has already been sent. but in addition, there is also going to be new military equipment in the form of stingers and, and javelins, but also training ad logistic support. and also there's going to be 5000000000 that's also going to be allocated for really addressing one of the growing needs, and that is global food insecurity. meanwhile, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says the situation and don bass is extremely difficult as russia's offensive inst, labianca considered an ex continues. he's also thanked you as president joe biden for the later support package. yesterday. i am grateful to president biden for immediately signing of $40000000000.00 support package for ukraine approved by congress. this is a historical contribution to the protection of freedom in europe. well, that incoming military and financial assistance will be sorely needed after russia says it's destroyed
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a large batch of weapons and military equipment delivered to ukraine by western allies. the ministry of defense says it carried out a missiles strike near a railway station. in z, tamir, west of a capital cave. russian forces say they also struck fuel storage facilities near odessa, in the south or rural. if you were to give to the rope for the armed forces of the russian federation continued the special military operation in ukraine. high precision, long range, sea based missiles near the moline railway station, and jotted me region, have destroyed a large batch of weapons and military equipment delivered from the u. s. and european countries for a grouping of ukrainian troops and don bass. now the russian air based missiles near odessa, at the odessa port plants would have destroyed fuel storage is intended for ukrainian nationalists armored vehicles. yoga well with a focus turn now to easton ukraine. russia's military is intensifying its operations, attempting to advance on several fronts. ukrainian, president zalinski says russia as turning the don best region into hell as
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a beg reports. the calm before the storm. an e. quiet in baltimore, as russian forces concentrate their fire power of the town of solid dod. yeah, moody is the bus lead new book. i don't silly. how are we living bad? no. in a piece. what else is there to say? i will stay here to the last moment. i don't want to leave. i'm not young anymore. i have a cat. got, can you imagine that much leaving the cat, his food, cat tray, a lot of stuff and the cat is heavy. other hair all ready escaped russian held territory. now we have to move again. yet we have for what did we waiting for money and then we'll go with the road is not close 1st we will go to denise pro and then further west here it's constant shooting. i'm afraid for my children. you don't want to talk about the russian ocoee nation. i lost my father an uncle. the worst thing to remember. he was only 60,
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only one of my sons saw him. the com is deceiving, the russians are closing in on 2 different front, down the street. the florists are still open to young, but the nick ve there people need flowers just a few minutes before a man bought flowers. now i'm chatting with a girl who wants to buy some flowers. it's scary during strikes, but generally i'm not scared children left, but i'm here. i have my own home and don't want to leave it in neighboring slide. the answer, some are evacuating others. 248. the administration here say they're concerned about people returning to the town or not or who served? luna, thanks to our army. the city is still standing. you can hear permanent artillery fire and very close to us is heavy fighting. periodically. russian rockets here, the town jets are shooting to as we speak with him, he gets a call to sound the air raid siren. we make our way downstairs,
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while aware we are in the tans administration building a prime target for the russians. iraq, the summer usa, me personally, i'm exhausted. i sleep on the floor because of the rule of 2 walls in my family to they are not in a city. they are living in a school, but the main think they are and will be living. it's easier for me to worry only about myself than to worry about my family. and still, the war rages. smoke rises up from the artillery battle, taking place behind me, a critical battle for solid dotted place. if the russians munched, take that time along with the hills surrounding it, coupled with the advances that making fun of the front, so that all this area was full into russian hands, including the town. i said make algebra, but he thought well, joining me now from nashville, tennessee, as michael newton, he's a professor of law and political science at vanderbilt university. michael,
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good, happy with her. so we're now seeing russia reenergize, it's military offensive in the dumbass, but, but does russia have enough military assets in the right places to maintain dis momentum in these given the, the poor, logistical support and low morale. it's plagued its invasion so far. well, we'll see. i mean, the reality is that they're able to shift some forces away from area bowl, but by the same token, ukrainian defenders are able ship forces away from my desk and away from area poll . the east around the need are a will be the real fight in this war, i believe. yeah, and you as president joe biden has just signed another $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine, that's on top of the $13600000000.00 already given the question is mike what, what, what difference is all this western military aid making on the ground? if any was making significant differences today. the challenge, of course, is getting it in through the chunk point from the west of the western ukraine and
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from to the cave region. but getting it to the fighters hands where it really needs to be. and i think that will be one of the critical things to watch over the next week for 2 weeks for 10 days. if, if in fact the ukrainians can keep up pressure on russian supply lines, it will bode well. the russians, on the other hand, are attending the mass forces and surround ukrainian forces in the east. and the great problem here is if you did generate into stagnant warfare, stagnant in the east, which is you, we, we've seen that in the past in that region. the russians want to break that cycle now. yeah, and up michael, you mentioned mary paul, just the in the last few days we've seen ukrainian forces surrender in matter you poll. so what does this mean strategically for ukraine? if russia cuts off its access to the sea of, as of, and potentially further south the black sea. well, the bigger thing to me right now is the impact on world hunger world. we exports
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the entire world will suffer as a result of cutting off those exports. any intentional destruction of russian grains doors. setting that aside just in pure military terms, it gives the russians a deep water port which makes them closer and more able to project combat power and resupply the ocean routes. but, but by the same token, and they all have to leave significant forces in marion poll because of all war and the law of occupation requires them to maintain public order and safety. and that's going to be the challenge for them. i believe going forward. they've secured it in the short term, but that's very different than the long term. and i do think you'll see what, what few civilians are there. you'll still see a recurring resistance there. that was slow down, rush in efforts, as well as other parts of eastern ukraine. michael newton, really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking to 0.
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thank you. thank you. darren. when he was present, joe biden says he's willing to meet north korea's can june for talks on security biden's in sol, for meetings with his south korean count about units of yo, it's biden's 1st trip to asia. since he took off his last year, flawlessly reports on the south green capital on the ground in south korea. a mixed response to u. s. president jo biden's visit. these demonstrate is welcomed him. seeing this as an opportunity to present a united front against north korea. that follows reports leader kim jong and maybe about to conduct a 7th nuclear weapons test. but here, activists concerned about an arms race, a calling for peace. when the 2 precedents met at a summit on saturday, security was high on the agenda. j. i a hurry,
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hurry, hurry, i wish they discussed enhancing sanctions and expanding the scope of combined to military exercises. biden also said he's not opposed to meeting him, john, good. if he sincere you both president june and president biden also said they were ready to help north korea deal with an outbreak of cope at 19 o, leaving a narrower the economy, security and security. is there gonna me disruption in the supply chain caused by changes in the international security order is directory related to the lives of our people. but analysts say that may not be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. kim's, our resume appears to be determined to develop the military are capability
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to make sure that north gray will be armed to have a also shine capability to hold you. as for susan civilian populations in south korea and in japan as hostages, although countering china's dominance in the region was not explicitly mentioned, the biden administration has made no secret of the fact it views china as the strategic challenge in tokyo on monday, president biden will unveil the indoor pacific economic framework, its members will include south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after former president donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific partnership trade pact. however, china sees that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region. instead of creating divisions, florence lee al jazeera sole voters in australia have ended nearly
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a decade of rule by the conservative coalition. the labor party will now form the next government and its leader, anthony alban easy will be prime minister. but his yet to secure a parliamentary majority, sarah clark reports him sidney election day in australia. voters turned up to cast their vote. i think we need a little bit of disruption here in australia. in fact, i think we need a lot of disruption. we need people who can stand up and, and have opinions and thoughts not based on part. you know, there's been a few things i was in the last 3 years, especially during the pandemic. that there is the government as has got wrong. after 6 weeks on the campaign trail, the prime minister scott morrison returned to his sydney electorate flanked by his wife and 2 daughters. the coalition leader made a last minute pitch to vote. who's on the 1st prime minister in a very long time that's been able to go through a term and fight the people on a 2nd time. and i'm seeking that support because i know this country is facing some strong and difficult and challenging taunt ah,
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the labor party was ahead in pre election polls that sentiment played out at the ballot box with anthony albanese asking the coalition government ending 9 years of conservative rule to night, the astrology and paypal had voted for chinese ah, i am humbled by this victory. and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of right back to the liberal national party last safe blue ribbon seats to a group of high profile female independence, who campaigned on climate change, gender equality and integrity. scott morrison took responsibility for the party's loss. thank to strengthens and declared. he will step down as leader of the liberal party. it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. i've always believed in australians and their judgment,
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and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate anthony avenues in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best my labor has won the most seats in the selection counting continues. and what we don't know is whether or not anthony albanese has a clear majority of australia faces the prospect of hung parliament and the labor party needs to do a deal with the minor parties and the independence to govern. sarah clark out 0 sydney was more so to come here at al jazeera, including empty shelves, force drastic action, u. s. military flies and tons of baby formula to fill a critical shortage. plus, i'm charlie on said the can own festival references. treatment of its former colonies being laid back on the big screen. ah,
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how i would say more of those violent spring storms moving across the northern plains of the west, towards the great lake seek the sea. this massive cloud caught, i'm angry, looking line of cloud hair all tucked him with his sir co front, making his way through the cold air. diving out of canada. warm are being pulled in from the gulf of mexico. see the big contrast there. and that led to where at least one tornado being reported just around michigan at wet weather the vital weather will make its way further aces. but look of a hate. 34 celsius in d. c. on sunday. line of showers. they are running up from the deep south pushing up the appalachians, which was at northeast corner in eastern parts of canada, generally dry behind. don't cool enough. 14 in chicago said 34 there for dc. we'll see things just coming together somewhat as we go on a 3 night. plenty of showers study storms down towards the se big storms as well.
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southern plains run across the great plains. we are likely to see some bad weather come. it's a large house. strong winds, pushing through main wild fires continues farther west. it stays dry. that dry weather that rolls down across a good part of mexico. the companies that we'll see want to shower central america, think showers driven them easily when la sheet life i the race, both showers with great antilles. ah oh, short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short puzzles, stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, ah, al jazeera selects lou
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ah, welcome back. a quick remind about top stories here. this our u. s. president joe biden has approved an additional $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the latest financial packages on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. the u. s. government has pledged country joe biden says he'd be willing to meet him, joan if the north korean leader wants to talk about security in the region. the u. s. president is in sol as 1st trip to asia since he took office on the conservative coalition in australia has been voted out of government for the 1st time, but almost a decade. australian vote is that the labor party instead. it now falls to anthony
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alban easy to form a new government, but he's yet to secure a parliamentary majority. more than 32 tons of baby formulas, heading to the us from a military ad base in germany is a critical shortage because of a product. recall by the countries leading manufacturer, as well as supply chain issues. this week, regulator said they would temporarily allow imports of formula to help ease the situation. about 40 percent of formula products are currently out of stock nationwide. wearing many families. how does your castro join us live now from washington dc. heidi said germany sending 32 tons of formula u. s. regulators temporarily allowing some imports. how much help will these flights bring do we think darren, this is according to the white house, one and a half 1000000 baby bottles worth of help that will become a and on board these flights. this is a flight the 1st one supposed to land in indianapolis, indiana sometime tomorrow morning,
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here in the us. they are coming from european manufacturers, nestle, and gerber. and they are may possible because president biden had the f. d, a wave. some of these importation requirements to help address this baby formula shortage crisis in the us earlier this week bite and also enacted the defense production act, which allows the government to compel suppliers to make these ingredients available for manufacturers more easily. now this help can't come soon enough for the parents who have been desperately looking for baby formula as they run out of the shelves more than 40 percent, less of it in stock than in normal conditions. and as families have had to take some desperate measures traveling many, many, many kilometers or having to ration food for their young ones, this particularly hitting medically medically vulnerable children,
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the hardest. those young ones who are unable to digest cow's milk, for instance. and that's why the white house that it's taking is extraordinary measure with the flights, because this is a critical medical purpose that it's serving. yeah. how do you just for a briefing as you say, biden coming on, the mounting pressure over this baby formative crisis? what's the long term fix them? that's right, so this is because of the pandemic says the white house. and it's also because of that one plant that has been shuttered since february in michigan. belonging to abbot nutrition due to contamination concerns. while the update says it is cleared to resume operations, but it still will take about 2 months as abbot before that formula is back on the shelves. so this, these flights are a stop gap measure darren and parents. here are definitely hoping that production will resume to its normal capacity at the earliest how deep thank you. no al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid,
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independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and occupied westbank. sharina berkeley was shot in the head by his ready forces while she was on assignment and jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession of started beaten mona's, causing pul barrows to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation obliquely was without a 0 of 25 years. covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. a finance been held for a 17 year old palestinian shot dead by so many forces in jeanine in the occupied west bank increase tensions as this is where al jazeera shooting over ugly was killed only last week. and when car reports mourners berry, i'm gently ad and promised to take revenge for his killing islamic to had claimed
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17 year old is one of his members. wow. he was killed by israeli forces and jeanine refugee camp in the early hours of saturday. oh desert serina barclay was also killed near the camp. oh, susan assignment and wearing a helmet and best clearly marking her as a journalist. but israel is refusing to launch a criminal investigation. 57 american politicians observing the letter demanding the f. b. i to investigate republican congressman andre colson. tweeted the killing of our does a reporter and fellow american sharina walkley was not any tragedy. it was our front to press freedom and to all americans. adding, we need answers and accountability from these really government agnes calamari of amnesty international tweeted, it's an additional violation of sharon's right to life and a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she goes on to say,
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this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter . hashtag apartheid oh, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barrows to almost drop a casket. that in stop, thousands of palestinians were marching through of the bodies through slim to take part in her funeral. and beryl israel has tremendous support within the u. s. and that's the reason why they've been able to so far, resist pressure on opening an investigation into sharina blacklist deaf, but more evidence is emerging about her killing. this video sharin was taking cover after her colleague ali elsa moody was shot, showing she was deliberately targeted by the person who shot her. and with every piece of evidence, the calls were transparent. investigation into deaf will only grow louder. what's the name on con, our desert? occupied east jerusalem, now, one of the world's most active volcanoes,
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mount etna put on a spectacular display in italy young friday, sending massive plumes of smoke and hot lob or into the sky. eruptions like these happen several times a year, but rarely cause any damage to the surrounding town. musicians and mexico have revived a festival, paused for 2 years by the pandemic, a draws artist from all corners of the country, and represents more than 30 shores of folk music by the rapid reports now from mexico city. ah, a weekend of traditional music in the mexican capital the event is soon, but a meal, a cultural festival that highlights the great diversity of mexican folk music. and perhaps more importantly, a perfect excuse to bus to move. what does that mean? what we feel a tremendous pride because this music style is from our region in mexico. we enjoyed dancing to it because we like to represent our state wherever we go. soon,
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but amelia began as a way for artists to honor beloved mexican choreographer. at amelia rojas and i gone who passed away in 2002 to day the festival has grown into one of the city's most important annual cultural events. one that encourages visitors of all ages to hit the dance floor. this year the son bought a meal cultural festival, the celebrating its 20th anniversary. the occasion has drawn in some 80 different musical names and performances representing nearly every corner of mexico. one of the most attractive aspects of the festival is watching visitors proudly dawning traditional attire. ah, after being shut down for 2 years, due to coven 19 restrictions, the festival has made a big comeback, giving visitors and introspective look at cultural heritage through more than 30 genres of mexican folk music. her mammals, if went up in november rosellan, what of communities all around the world turned look at their own traditions. the
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cultural wealth of latin american countries is immense. but we're often forced to listen to just one type of music, like reagan, which is horrible. event organizers say they hope the festival will continue to grow and attract more international visitors who are curious about the great many customs and traditions that make up mexican culture. ah, monumental, apollo al jazeera, mexico city. now france has been confronted about his colonial, paused at the cannes film festival 2 films, belden to the treatment of africans conscripted into the french army. it's a subject often avoided in france, australians, the reports now from cash. frances colonial, past. one of the big themes on screening a can this year generating discussion and introspection. i saw that and soldiers set in, well, one is the story of a young cynically man,
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forced to serve in the french army. his father then enlists to watch over him, shout on a handheld camera. it shows the horror of war for the thousands of syndic lease, torn from that countries to fight for france. it does. oh, now see of the netflix series lupa who says we have the same story but not the same memories. cultural commentators say depictions of this aspect to france is colonial history. a very rare sit upon fall venica. yeah. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen of them of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including o massey, who's a megastar here in france and abroad. so it is a very big deal to see a film like this and seed screen again. although lazoodo another story is aki, i thought a few of the $200000.00 doubt jerin secreted into the french army to fight against that countryman. and it depicts how most are he abandoned many killed. when algeria gained independence. director phillips will call says generations later,
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children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma that new truck. it's a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through the war, but also the generations that followed. and there are more stories. it to be told. you know, during the ocoee are still considered traitors. act in mohammed, my fuck had met his family, wary of him, taking the road. that's why my dear my father, so many questions. why was it being fuel in morocco? why is it being directed by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play a hockey? but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go a while menu on that call. government has acknowledge mistakes made and now jerry and west africa. details of these events are not widely known and from both direct to say it's vital. these stories are told and we've can is a launching pad hope that films will generate discussion about these painful periods.


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