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with global newsmaker, i'm talk about the store restock matter on i'll just see this one's feared war lord, during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted their help. eccentric b as protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah. few as president signs off on a $40000000000.00 aid package to ukraine to help fight the russian assault.
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ah, hello them, norah kyle, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up tonight, the astrology and people have voted for change. anthony albany, he wins the australian general election ending almost a decade of conservative rule. down under empty shelves, fulls, drastic action. the u. s. military flies in tons of baby formula from germany. plus i'm charlie on to the cannes film festival reference is treatment of its former colony is being laid back on the big screen. yes, president has approved a $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the bill was flown to south korea for
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biden's signature, where he's on tour of asia, the latest financial packages on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. u. s. government has already pledged to ukraine. it'd be hulk. it has more from washington d. c. when the money that the united states applied to ukraine began to run out and it is nearly exhausted in terms of military support. the u. s. president asked for $33000000000.00. well, the u. s. congress which controls the purse strings in turn approved $40000000000.00, and that is what the president signed into law. in other words, the congress wanted to send the signal, look at, we are not only going to prove this money, we're where to send more than what you ask for, which is something that rarely happens. and that is the reason why it was to send vladimir putin a message that there is overwhelming support in the united states for ukraine and pushed back against russia. and in terms of what this money is for,
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it's not only to kind of back fill the money in the equipment that has already been sent. but in addition, there is also going to be new military equipment in the form of stingers and, and javelins, but also training and logistics support. and also there's going to be 5000000000 that's also going to be allocated for really addressing one of the growing needs. and that is a global food insecurity. the cranium president vladimir lansky says the situation em dom bath is extremely difficult, as russia is offensive, and soviet cancer varied on that continues. he's also thank us present, joe biden, for the latest support package. young, i am grateful to president biden for immediately signing the $40000000000.00 support package for ukraine approved by congress. yeah, this is a historic contribution to the protection of the freedom in europe. oh, with its focus now on eastern ukraine. russia's military is pushing to advance on
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several fronts. a st. bank reports from buck heave car. the calm before the storm. an eerie, quiet in buck mort as russian forces concentrate their fire power of the town of solar dark. yeah, movement is the mostly new book. i don't silly. how are we living bad? no, in a piece. what else is there to say? i will stay here to the last moment. i don't want to leave. i'm not young anymore. i have a cat. can you imagine that much leaving with a cat? his food, cat tray, a lot of stuff and the cat is heavy. others hair already escaped russian held territory. now they have to move again. yet i'm here for what did we waiting for money and then we'll go with the road is not close 1st we will go to the ne pro and then further west. here it's constant shooting on afraid for my children. i don't want to talk about the russian occupation. i lost my father and
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uncle their worst thing to remember. he was only 60, only one of my son saw him. the com is deceiving. the russians are closing in on 2 different front, down the street. the florists are still open to young, but the nick via their people need flowers just a few minutes before a man bought flowers. now i'm chatting with a girl who wants to buy some flowers. it's scary during strikes, but generally i'm not scared children left, but i'm here. i have my own home and don't want to leave it with you. enabling's love the answer. some are evacuating others, 248. the administration here say they're concerned about people returning to the town or not, or hyster overflowing a thanks door army. the city is still standing. you can hear permanent artillery, fire, and very close to us is heavy fighting. periodically, russian rockets hid the town jets are shooting to as we speak with him, he gets
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a call to sound the air raid siren. we make our way downstairs where, where we are in the tans administration building a prime target for the russians. iraq lorissa, me personally, i'm exhausted. i sleep on the floor because of the rule of 2 walls in my family to them. they are not in a city. they are living in a school, but the main thing they are and will be living. it's easier for me to worry only about myself than to worry about my family. and still, the war rages. smoke rises up from the artillery battle, taking place behind me, a critical battle for solid ice place. and if the russians managed to take that camp along with the hills surrounding it, coupled with the advances and making fun of the fronts, thought that all this area was for them to rush and hans, including the town. i said bake, i'll dedira, but he
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o michael nissan is a professor of law and political science at vanderbilt university. he things west and help with weapons can make a big difference, but only if it's efficiently delivered. the challenge, of course, is getting it in through the chunk point from the west of the western ukraine and from to the cave region, but getting it to the fighters hands where it really needs to be. and i think that will be one of the critical things to watch over the next week to 2 weeks of 10 days. if, if in fact the ukrainians can keep up pressure on ration supply lines. it will bode well. the russians, on the other hand, are attempting the mass forces and surround ukrainian forces any east. and the great problem here is if you did generate into stagnant warfare, stagnant in the east, which is you, we, we've seen that in the past in that region. the russians want to break that cycle. now, the bigger thing domain right now is the impact on world hunger world we'd exports
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the entire world will suffer as a result of cutting off those exports. any intentional destruction of russian grains door. as he mentioned before us, the president joe biden is in asia, it's his 1st trip to the region since he took off his last g. m. bottom was in soul for meetings with his south korean counterparts unit. so, you know, he said he would be willing to meet kim jong and if the north korean leader is sincere answer is about walks a to said the open to expanding joint motor exercise. it's deter north korea's nuclear threat for louis reports from soul on the ground. in south korea, a mixed response to us president jo biden's visit. these demonstrators welcomed him, seeing this as an opportunity to present a united front against north korea. that follows reports leader kim jong would, may be about to conduct a 7th nuclear weapon test. but here,
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activists concerned about an arms race, a calling for peace. when the 2 precedents met at a summit on saturday, security was high on the agenda. i a hurry, hurry. oh, where are you? they discussed enhancing sanctions and expanding the scope of combined to military exercises. biden also said he's not opposed to meeting him, john good. if he sincere both precedent june and president biden also said they were ready to help north korea deal with an outbreak of cope at 19 o, leaving an era where the economy, security, and security is there gonna me disruption in the supply chain caused by changes in
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the international security order is directory related to the lives of our people. but analysts say that may not be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. kim's, our resume appears to be determined to develop our military, our capability to make sure that north korea will be armed to have a sufficient capability to hold you. as for susan civilian populations in south korea and in japan as hostages, although countering china's dominance in the region was not explicitly mentioned, the biden administration has made no secret of the fact it views china as the strategic challenge in tokyo on monday, president biden will unveil the indo pacific economic framework, its members will include south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after former president donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific partnership trade pact. however,
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china sees that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region. instead of creating divisions, florence lee al jazeera song. a conservative coalition in australia has been voted out of government for the 1st time in almost a decade. outgoing prime. and cisco morrison took responsibility for the losses suffered by the liberal party and announced he stepping down as policy leader. australian votes as have backed the labor party instead. and now full as to anthony albanese to form a new government, but has yet to secure a parliamentary majority to not the astrology and april had boucher board shine. ah, i am humbled by this victory. i know i'm honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of extra
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o correspondence our o'clock joins us now live from sydney's or was the latest on the count. can labor form a majority? government will the lightest count, which i'm just saying indicates that they have won a majority government. they say $77.00 seats, which means that labor will be clear to a govern on its own. we had over the last count was it only had 72 seats. i needed 4 to win that majority, but the latest candidates it up in the electoral commission indicates that labor will have a majority, a government, which is good news for the labor party at the independence, had indicated that they may be willing to negotiate some form of deal on the cross bench, his work with the labor party to form a government, but the latest because as i just said, indicate that they've got 77 states. so at the albany, he is the 31st prime minister in australia. he's hitting the ground running. he's already indicated that they will be swooning. he will be sworn in on monday. he as
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well as will alongside for if he's very senior members of he's his team and he's already said that he will board a flight on monday to head to tokyo for his 1st official international meeting. as prime minister, i don't waste any time as would've been some other key changes versus failure seen in this election. what is really been a seismic shift in the political landscape and the estrada and parliament that the greens have had a phenomenal election. one of the best elections there, $13.00 states so far in the lower house, they could also win an additional seat and that they previously cipher liberal sate . i'll brisbin the liberal party has swathes of a blue ribbon hot lab. we've seen that very hot, playful, former treasure, joshua fraud and big. he was in the state of too young. he was a popular member, a popular deputy later he has lost his seat, and these are all the liberal party seeks being lost to the what we called the teal
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. c, these, these are the high profile, a female independent candidates, hooping temp pining on climate change. and that was at one of the key policies or the key issues that paperwork. voting on, gender equity, integrity and climate change that you mentioned earlier. scott morrison. he will stand down as legal potty leda. he's also said he takes responsibility, but the recriminations, they will be deep and the liberal party members have said that they will be doing a lot of soul searching to see where they went wrong. but as i said, slides of, of previous a very safe key, libra potty seats have now gone to not just labor, but they've also gone to the grains. okay. sarah, top rains the latest that from australia where that policy is just one clamp majority. thanks. sarah cilla has hair on al jazeera. ah, a funeral is held for a teenage and killed during the native israeli rate in the occupied west bank. and scientists and bangladesh revive a lost art of fabric making from
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a bygone age. ah, how i would say more of those violent spring storms moving across the northern plains of the west towards the great lake seek the sea. this mass supplier caught him angry, looking line of cloud hair, all tucked him with his sir co front, making his way through a call there. diving out of canada. warm are being pulled in from the gulf of mexico. see the big contrast there. and that led to where at least one tornado being reported just around michigan at wetter, whether the vital weather will make its way further aces. but look of a hate 34 celsius in dc on sunday line of showers. they are running up from a deep south pushing up the appalachians, which was at northeast corner into eastern parts of canada, generally dry behind. so cool enough. 14 in chicago said 34 there for
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d. c. we'll see things just coming together somewhat as we go one a 3 monday, but plenty of showers pretty a storms down towards the south. these big storms as well. southern plains run across the great plains. we are likely to see some violent weather coming. 3 large house, strong winds, pushing through. meanwhile, far as continues further west. it stays dry. that dry weather, that rolls down across a good part of mexico. you companies that we'll see, want to shower central america, think showers driven him easily when largely drive by the race, but showers with greater antilles. ah. on counting all the recent meltdown in crystal currency, worries investors can it make it come back? why did app or lose the most valuable company ground to saudi oil for a romco? and how will trade protectionism affect global full security and 5? counting the cost on al jazeera,
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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, like the ah, i knew what challenges there at his reminder of our stories, that's our u. s. president joe biden has signed a new $40000000000.00 military and humanitarian aid package for ukraine. and h s. financial packages on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. joe biden says he's open to meeting kim jong and if the north korean leader is the answer it about talks president installed on
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his 1st trip to asia since taking office and anthony albany, they will form a new government in australia after winning a majority in parliament. with $77.00 states, a conservative coalition has been voted out of government for the 1st time and almost a decade. while the 32 tons of baby formula is being brought into the us from a military base and germany, a critical shortage is due to a products re cool by the countries leading manufacturer, as well as supply chain issues. i've 0 hydro, castro has more. these us soldiers are loading precious cargo onto a military plane in germany. 32 tons of baby formula, enough to fill one and a half 1000000 bottles for hungry children. back in the us. we're getting to help american citizens who are in need of help and you can always depend on us when you need a president,
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joe biden announced the campaign dubbed operation fly formula. this week. several flights will take formula manufactured in europe to america. after the us food drug administration lifted some import restriction bite and also invoked the defense production act, allowing the government to more quickly restore formula to store shelves. and i've directed my team to do everything possible to insure there's an up safe baby formula. and then as quickly reaching families needed the most. this is one of my top priorities. biden has come under increasing pressure to resolve the countries baby formula shortage down about 40 percent from normal supply levels. the problem began with pandemic supply chain issues and grew worse in february when a major formula factory closed due to contamination issues. the f. d. a says abbot nutrition plant in michigan is now safe and will resume production soon, but it could be months before its product returns to shelves. it's been impossible
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to find kim unnatural, is on the last can of formula she has saved for her 5 months old daughter. like other parents. she's had to turn to in perfect solutions to keep her baby fed. she's giving her daughter more solid foods that was earlier than what the pediatrician had recommended. a friend pretty difficult for us to navigate now that were literally in our last can. the baby formula flights are just a stop gap and it remains to be seen how quickly the which hungry little mouth, heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian shot dead by israeli forces in jennine and the occupied westbank is increase tensions as this is where algebra sri and black with killed only last week. him on con reports. the moon is berry, i'm jeff plaid. and promised to take revenge for his killing islamic you had
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claimed 17 year old is one of its members are and he was killed by israeli forces in jeanine refugee camp. in the early hours of saturday. our desert serina block lay was also killed near the camp who's on assignment and wearing a helmet and best clearly marking her as a journalist. but israel is refusing to launch a criminal investigation. 57 american politicians of signed a letter demanding the f. b, i to investigate republican congressman andre colson, tweeted the killing of out as a reporter and fellow american sharina walkley was not a new tragedy. it was a front to press freedom and to all americans, adding, we need answers and accountability from these really government. agnes calamari of amnesty international tweeted, it's an additional violation of sharon's right to life and a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many,
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she goes on to say this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter. hashtag apartheid oh, on the day of a funeral israeli forces storm, the procession has started beating mourners. yet causing pall bearers to almost drop a casket. ah, that in stop. thousands of palestinians were marching through the bodies through slim to take part in her funeral. and beryl israel has tremendous support within the us, and that's the reason why they've been able to so far resist pressure on opening an investigation into sharina blacklist deaf, but more evidence is emerging about her killing this video. so sharin was taking cover after her colleague ali also moody was shot showing she was deliberately targeted by the person who shot her, her brother, and with every piece of evidence, the calls were transparent. investigation into deaf will only grow louder. what's the name on con, our desert?
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occupied east, rosy. well that being confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians in the shake jar our neighbourhood to an occupied east jerusalem as wave officers were seen pushing and beating some palestinians. tear gas and stung grenades were also used to disperse the crowd. dozens of families and shaped era being treat threatened with displacement from their homes and coordinated efforts by the israeli government and jewish settler groups. switzerland has become the latest nation to confirm a case of monkey pokes at least 90. 2 infections have been reported in 12 countries . the virus is found in animals such as rodents and primates, and occasionally, and facts. humans. the disease in is endemic and central and west africa. infections spread through close contact causing body sause and fever. parts of spain are experiencing their hottest may ever with temperatures exceeding uh, 40 degrees celsius. and lucille and madrid are amongst the worst affected regions.
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the government has now activated this national plan for extreme temperatures. heat warnings have been issued and 10 regions across the country. storms across western germany have killed at least one person. an injured 40 others. a tornado swept through several towns, looking down trees and damaging cars. which are all just say the extreme weather was caused by hot air coming from africa meeting relatively cooler air, moving down from northern europe. around 2000000 people are stranded in north eastern bangladesh after the worst flooding to hit the region in decades. and these 10 people have died so far. the officials say the flooding is driven by heavy rain . a major embankment on the barrett river has also been reached, affecting at least a 100 villages. of seen a huge flood in 2004. but this time it's even bigger, more serious. but although the one year of i knew over how to flood water broke my home stood, it's now everywhere. all my poultry and cattle were washed away by the somehow
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managed to take my family to a relative's house. you got a young cloth spinners and scientists, m bangladesh had been working together to revive a special fabric dagger. muslim was made for royalty, but the technique for making it was all but lost for more than a century. now, after a painstaking search for a rare cotton plant, it's been produced again. tanveer child re reports from marian garge. this rare cotton plant is native to bangladesh and for more than a century was believed to be extinct. but now it has been grown on france to revive trade in the fine cotton. ha shave who digger bus. this is footy copies from which muslim fabric is made. and we know from history that the footy cap is causing plant was cultivated on the banks of the city locker magna and brom a put her rivets in this region of god. the poor n kappa's here. as scientists who lead the search for the plant says it has features not found in other spaces. looking cc,
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it took us around 5 years to find the genetic match for this cotton plant. we collected 39 valence of cotton plant samples from different parts of bangladesh. eventually we found a dna match of the footy corpus cotton from the co pays the region near dhaka. anybody. now near generations of weavers are re learning this one's forgotten craft, but it's not been easy for from i'm going to let them listen to initially i was skeptical of my ability, but eventually, after many months of study training and encouragement, we managed to learn and create the 1st muscle of, sorry, after 5 months of hard work and presented it to the prime minister, it was a proud moment for us. the fabric is so light and find that plights have described it as will been the air over there. and there you can see how or find this fabric is a 5 meter long and 95 centimeter width this full length. sorry,
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weighing 146 grams can easily slide through the small ring. you can even slide to muslim, sorry through this rang spinners using traditional odin whales on hand drawn loan have to work for longer to produce muslims than other hand made fabrics wanting to close could take 8 hours by 2 people to make the crying at least 6 to 7 months, to make a full and sorry, the work is highly demanding. because extreme concentration and attention to detail, many and bung with this blame its former british colonial rulers for killing of the muslim living industry by the late 1900 century, to make way for their own textile trade. but they're excited. it's returning value, like we're very proud to be part of this great endeavor as the world will now get to know about our centuries old fame and heritage. since we're reviving this craft again in this day and age and issues,
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many hope the revival of muslin will be welcomed by the world high freshman industry. that one's house turned again, just delta into one of the most prosperous parts of the globe. turned with child re, jazeera 9 guns and che hundreds of indigenous women honoring that tradition by weaving. what could be the world's longest fabric? $500.00 different we've as christ and individual your panel, which will then fits together to make a patchwork, a kilometer long. well than a ton of sheep's wool has been used in the effort, france has been confronted with colonial pass at the cannes film festival. to film delve into the treatment of africans conscripted into the french army as a subject, often avoided in france. a trolley angela reports from cam. frances, colonial, paul, one of the big themes on the screen a can this year generating discussion and introspection. i
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saw the soldiers set in, well, one is the story of a young senegalese man, forced to serve in the french army. his father than enlist to watch over him, shot on a handheld camera. it shows the horror of war for the thousands of cynic lease torn from that countries to fight for france. it does now see of the netflix theories lisa, he says we have the same story but not the same memories. cultural commentators say, depictions of this aspect of frantic colonial history, a very rare phone. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen a film of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including all massey who's a, make a saw here in france and abroad. so it is a very big deal to see, feel like this and see the screen. it can either all of the to another story is aki follows a few of the $200000.00 difference, recruited into the french army to fight against that countryman. and it depicts how most are he abandoned, how many killed. when algeria gained, independence,
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director phillips will call, says generation later, children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma that new truck. it's a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through the war, but also the generations that followed. and there are more stories it to be told. you know, jerry, the key are still considered traitors and act him a 100 more fuck it meant his family were wary of him taking the road. why my dear my father. ok. so many questions. why was it being feeling morocco? why is it being directed by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play a hockey? but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go. what a menu on that call. government has acknowledge mistakes made and i'll jerry and west africa. details of these events are not widely known in from both direct to say it's vital. these stories are.


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