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al jazeera dot com slash teeth, and that will take you straight to a page which has individual reports, link setting, tie episodes for you to catch up. and that is 6 for this edition of counting the cost for you back to bowl from the whole team here in doha. thank you for joining us. the news on our job here is next. ah, this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political ups equals, we'd try to balance these stories, the good, the bad, the i, b, and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity and humanity. ask you tell this story. ah, you as president signs off on a $40000000000.00 worth of aids to ukraine to help fight the russian assault?
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ah, i'm nora kyle, this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up tonight, the astrology and paypal had voted for change. anthony albert easy winds be a strategy and general election ending almost a decade of conservative rule. down under empty shells pools, drastic action, the u. s. military flies and tons of baby formula from germany. plus i'm charlie on to the cannes film festival references treatment of its former colonies is being laid back on the big screen. the u. s. president has approved a $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the bill was flown to south career for
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biden's signature when he's on a tour of asia, the latest financial packages on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. kimberly hallett as more from washington d. c. when the money that the united states applied to ukraine began to run out, and it is nearly exhausted in terms of military support. the u. s. president asked for $33000000000.00. well, the u. s. congress which controls the purse strings in turn approved $40000000000.00, and that is what the president signed into law. in other words, the congress wanted to send the signal, look at, we are not only going to prove this money, we're going to send more than what you ask for, which is something that rarely happens. and that is the reason why it was to send vladimir putin a message that there is overwhelming support in the united states for ukraine and pushed back against russia. and in terms of what this money is for,
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it's not only to kind of back fill the money in the equipment that has already been sent. but in addition, there is also going to be new military equipment in the form of stingers and, and javelins, but also training and logistics support. and also there's going to be 5000000000 that is also going to be allocated for really addressing one of the growing needs. and that is global food insecurity. ukrainian president brought him in the landscape, says the situation and don bath is extremely difficult as russia's offensive and sloppy on scans very on, as continues. he finds us present joe biden, for the latest support package. young. i am grateful to president biden for immediately signing the $40000000000.00 support package for ukraine approved by congress. yeah, this is a historic contribution to the protection of freedom in europe. my go, newton is
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a professor of lauren political science and vanderbilt university. he thinks west and help with weapons can make a big difference, but only if it's efficiently delivered. the challenge, of course, is getting it in through the chunk point from the west of the western ukraine and from to the cave region. but getting it to the, to the fighters hands where it really needs to be. and i think that will be one of the critical things to watch over the next week to 2 weeks a 10 days if, if in fact the ukrainians can keep up pressure on ration supply lines. it will bode well. the russians, on the other hand, are attempting the mass forces and surround ukrainian forces in the east. and the great problem here is if you did generate into stagnant warfare, stagnant. so in the east, which is you, we, we've seen that in the past in that region. the russians want to break that cycle. now, the bigger thing domain right now is the impact on world hunger world we'd exports
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the entire world will suffer as a result of cutting off those exports. any intentional destruction of russian grains door was rent. and just now you as president joe biden is in asia as his 1st trip to the region since he took office last year 5. and have been in soul for meetings with his south korean counterpart unit. so kill the 2, said they are open to expanding joint military exercises to deter north korea's nuclear threat. biden said he's open to meeting kim jong and if the north korean leader is sincere and serious about talks, phones, louis reports from sol on the ground in south korea. a mixed response to u. s. president jo biden's visit. these demonstrators welcomed him. seeing this as an opportunity to present a united front against north korea that follows reports leader kim jong. i may be about to conduct a 7th nuclear weapons test. but here, activists concerned about an arms race,
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a calling for peace. when the 2 precedents met at a summit on saturday, security was high on the agenda, j. i a hurry, hurry, hurry, i mean, they discussed enhancing sanctions and expanding the scope of combined to military exercises. biden also said he's not opposed to meeting him, john. good. if he sincere you both president june and president biden also said they were ready to help north korea deal with an outbreak of cove at 19 o. leaving an era where the economy, security, and security is there gonna me disruption in the supply chain caused by changes in the international security order is directory related to the lives of our people.
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but analysts say that may not be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. kim's, our resume appears to be determined to develop ah, the military ah. capability to make sure that no square will be armed, to have a sufficient capability to hold you. as for suzanne civilian populations in south korea and in japan as hostages, although countering china's dominance in the region was not explicitly mentioned, the biden administration has made no secret of the site. it used china as a strategic challenge in tokyo on monday, president biden will unveil the indoor pacific economic framework. its members will include south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after former president donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific partnership trade pact. however, china sees that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. a chinese foreign
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ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region instead of creating divisions. let's talk her florence now for us. she's in that sole own florence was on vines agenda today. well, this sunday is the last day of his 3 day visit to south korea. and after this he flies off to tokyo. and you know his itinerary on the last a really in a way, myra's, what the biden administration is hoping to accomplish on present biden's visit to south korea. now. earlier in the morning he visited or he, he met with hyundai motor group chairman. now this company has invested billions to build an electric vehicle facility in the u. s. and on this day itself, the chairman has just announced that he's increasing that investment. 2 days before this president biden visited a samsung chip making plant. again,
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the company has also invested in opening a facility in the u. s. so it's about bringing jobs to america, and showing supply chain resilience, maintaining and maintaining an edge in emerging technologies. this is meant for the consumption of an american audience back home. now in terms of security, while his last stop on his visit to south korea is just as symbolic. he's going to be at the korean air and space operation center. he's meeting the south korean president there. this is a key command, post for air and space operations. and i think the message that the allies want to set send is that they are united in facing any nuclear and missile threats from north korea. and of course, this comes just a day after the 2 leaders had agreed that they will possibly expand military combined military exercises. and they're looking at possibly deploying more nuclear weapons, cape american weapons, the capable in the region. okay, florence many,
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thanks for that update. okay, because i own biden's ongoing visit. north korea, meanwhile, have confirmed 186000 more cases of people with fever, symptoms of finances, 1st official wave of code. 1967 people have died so far. that's according to the official numbers. previously, the kim jong until the meeting of the ruling party, the progress is being made to slow and factions. so young is still refusing offers of outside help and as population is on vaccinated, there's been a radical shift in australian politics of the 1st time. and nearly a decade. the centre left labor party will be in power of the unceasing, the conservative coalition. in saturday's vote, and the album easy is protected has secured a narrow majority in parliament going private scott morrison is enough. he's stepping down as his policies leader. tonight, the strategy and paypal had voted for change.
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yeah. i am humbled by this victory. i know i'm honored to be given the opportunity to service the 31st prime minister of a correspondence or a clock report now from sydney this site, $77.00 seats, which means that label will be clear to a govern on it. so we had, or the last count was it only had 72 seats. i needed full to win that majority. but the latest canada said up in the electoral commission indicates that labor will have a majority, a government, which is good news for the life of party at the independence had indicated that they might be willing to negotiate a some form of deal and the cross bench has worked with the labor party to form a government, but the latest figures, as i just said, indicate that they've got 77 states. so anthony albany is he eased the 31st prime minister in australia. he's hitting the ground running. he's already indicated that they will be sworn, you know, he will be swooning on monday. he as well as will alongside for if he's very senior
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mendez all he's tame and he's already said that he will board a flight on monday to head to tokyo for his 1st official, a international meeting as prime minister. what is really been a seismic shift in the political landscape and the estrella and parliament at the greens of had a phenomenal election. one of the best elections, the $13.00 states so far in the lower half, they could also win an additional seat. and that's the previously cipher liberal seat. i'll brisbin the liberal party has swathes of a blue ribbon hot lad with st. very hot, playful, a former treasure, joshua fraud and berg. he was in the state of 2 young. he was a popular member, a popular deputy leda. he has lost his seat, and these old, the liberal party seeks being lost to the what we call the teal. see the, these are the high profile of female independent candidates who been campaigning on climate change. millions of bangkok vases we'll elect a new governor on sunday at the 1st such election in the ty capital in 9 years as
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a packed field of record. 31 candidates opinion posted yes, independent and opposition. kansas are leading the hail affect the support of 1st time voters is likely to be a key factor. to lead hair on al jazeera wimbledon organizers stand their ground despite the tennis or strength of ranking points. ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. hello. we've got more that dusty wind blowing across sir, the middle east, starboard lottie, dry clear sky. so we are going to see that wind continuing right along the gulf as the shemelle wind, of course, 42 celsius here in though her lots of dust and sand pushing down across that
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eastern side of saudi arabia. hot enough, further north, 43 celsius. therefore baghdad, while the more comfortable mid high twenty's across the levant, maybe one or 2 showers just coming across central eastern parts of her turkey as we go on 3 monday chassis a little bit of wet weather, western disturbance making its way towards pakistan was northwest india helping the heat to just eat off here, but he will eat a touch here in doha, 13 i celsius, the winds also wheezing. so shall we say less unpleasant with that lifted dust and sand, some of that listed toughness. and of course, across this har, a down to was as a hell near northern parts of nigeria, meeting up with the showers that we have around the gulf of guinea and some of the showers even getting up into marley now. so making good progress on those seasonal rains, the rain stretch across so central parts of africa still a little disappointing to the east of the rift valley there, there bit slow setting in, but no shortage of rain across the societal south africa. wet weather, also pushing into mozambique,
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official outline of the journey. join the debate. there is no job bad. you know, if anyone here talks about women that i took courses, dustin, this bill seemed have been says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. a comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera. ah, the me again, you know what y'all's is there a has reminder of our top stories that our joe biden says he's open to meeting kim
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jong. and if the north korean leader is sincere and serious about talks, president is insole on his 1st trip to asia taking office. i'm pretty albany easy as projected to have secured a narrow majority in australia in parliament after election. the conservative coalition been voted out of government the 1st time in almost a decade. outgoing 5 minutes. the thought morrison has announced stepping down of his party's leader. andrew as president turbine signed a new $40000000000.00 military and humanitarian aid package. please trained the latest financial packages on top of the already one of $13600000.00 worth of funding. u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. but with his focus now on the eastern, that ukraine, russia's military is pushing to advance on several fronts. ukrainian president brought him. it's lensky, says russia is telling the don bass region into hell. i've had big reports from
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bach, uva, the calm before the storm. an easy quiet in buck more. as russian forces concentrate their fire power of the town of solid dark. yeah, this is the mostly new book. i don't silly. how are we living bad? no. in a peace. what else is there to say? i will stay here to the last moment. i don't want to leave. i'm not young any more . i have a cat. can you imagine that much leaving with a cat, his food, cat tray, a lot of stuff and a cat is heavy. others hair, all ready escaped russian held territory. now, we have to move again. yet i'm here for what you know, we waiting for money and then we'll go with the road is not close. first we will go to the ne pro and then further west here it's constant shooting. i'm afraid for my children. you don't want to talk about the russian occupation. i lost my father and
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uncle. there was worse thing to remember. he was only 60, only one of my sons saw him. the com is deceiving, the russians are closing in on 2 different front, down the street. the florists are still open to young, but the nick ve there. people need flowers from just a few minutes before a man bought flowers. now i'm chatting with a girl who wants to buy some flowers. it's scary during strikes, but generally i'm not scared children left, but i'm here. i have my own home and don't want to leave it in neighboring slough. he asked some are evacuating others. 248. the administration here say they're concerned about people returning to the town or not. i can certainly willing a thanks store army. the city is still standing. you can hear permanent artillery, fire and very close to us is heavy fighting. periodically, russian rockets hid the town jets are shooting to as we speak with him, he gets
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a call to sound the air raid siren. we make our way downstairs where the, where we are in the tans administration building a prime target for the russians. here is a summary sir. me personally, i'm exhausted. i sleep on the floor because of the rule of 2 walls in my family too . they are not in a city. they are living in a school, but the main think they are and will be living. it's easier for me to worry only about myself than to worry about my family. and still, the war rages, smoke rises up from the artillery battle, taking place behind me and critical battle for solid dies taking place. and if the russians managed to take that can, along with the hills surrounding it, coupled with advances and making fun of the fronts, thought that all this area will fall into russian hands. including the town. i said, bake, i'll jazeera or he. wimbledon is facing off against global tennis,
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all thirties over the war in ukraine. the organizer said they went back down despite the prestigious tennis tournament, being stripped of ranking points and reduced to an exhibition event. tennis governing bodies made the session after wimbledon band compasses from russia and valor is due to the warn ukraine and in bother reports. it's a standoff between the world's most prestigious tennis tournament and the sports global governing bodies. both the atp and w. t. a tours have stripped wimbleton of ranking points, meaning players won't be able to earn any here this year because the tournament band plays from russia and belarus would and says it had no option, but to exclude them on the u. k. government guidance following russia's invasion of ukraine in a statement put out by the club on friday, a court. the decision not to ward points disproportionate in the context of the exceptional and extreme circumstances. going on to say that it was damaging to all players who compete on the tour. the atp and
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w t. i have allowed players from russia and belarus to compete as neutrals, including at the paris open starting on sunday. the 18th is put out a statement explaining why it was effectively turning wimbleton into an exhibition tournaments. it says the ability for players of any nationality to end to tournaments based on merit and without discrimination is fundamental to our tour. wimbledon ban ruled out top players including men's world. number 2, daniel midbury from russia and last year's women semi finalists arena several inca from belarus. sophia's know that joke of it is one of several plays to have criticized the bad. now he set to lose his world number one, status as he can't get the 2000 points here and by winning a last year. but experts don't predict to boycott. it's really an interesting sort of way of power and we'll see sort of who has the strength of a leverage here. but i think woman feels as though they are the most prestigious
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van. you'll notice that no players are boycotting. it's not as though the players who they might be, i agree, but they're not angry enough to stay home. the all england lawn tennis club says it's considering its options and is in discussions with its grand slam colleagues. but the reverberations from its decision a likely to be felt for some time to come. nadine baba al jazeera london, more than 32 tons of baby formula is being brought into the u. s. for military base and germany. a critical shortage is due to a product re cool by the country leading manufacturer, as well as supply chain issues out there is hydro, castro has more these us soldiers are loading precious cargo onto a military plane in germany. 32 tons of baby formula. enough to fill one and a half 1000000 bottles for hungry children back in the us. we're getting to help american citizens who are in need of help and you can always depend on us when you need a president joe biden announced the campaign dubbed operation fly formula. this week,
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several flights will take formula manufactured in europe to america. after the us food and drug administration lifted, some important restriction. biden also invoked the defense production act, allowing the government to more quickly restore formula to store shelves. and i've directed my team, do everything possible to ensure there's enough safe baby formula. and then as quickly reaching families, it needed the most. this one of my top priorities biden has come under increasing pressure to resolve the countries baby formula shortage down about 40 percent from normal supply levels. the problem began with pandemic supply chain issues and grew worse in february when a major formula factory closed due to contamination issues. the f. d. a says abbot nutrition plant in michigan is now safe and will resume production soon. but it could be months before its product returns to shelves. it's been impossible to find
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kim, a natara is on the last can of formula she has saved for her 5 month old daughter. like other parents. she's had to turn to imperfect solutions to keep her baby fed. she's giving her daughter more solid foods, though it's earlier than what the pediatrician had recommended. it's been pretty difficult for us to navigate now that were literally on our last can. the baby formula flights are just a stop gap and it remains to be seen how quickly they'll reach hungry little mouth . heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. a funeral has been held for a 17 year old, palestinian shot dead by israeli forces, and janine and the occupied westbank is increased tension as this is where al jazeera is. sharina blackwell was killed only last week. and one con reports, ah, moon is berry. i'm gently ed and promised to take revenge for his killing islamic
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jihad claims. 17 year old is one of his members. wow. he was killed by israeli forces and jeanine refugee camp in the early hours of saturday. oh, desert serino. blacklight was also killed near the camp. wow. she was on assignment and wearing a helmet and best clearly mocking her as a journalist. but israel is refusing to launch a criminal investigation. 57 american politicians of sorry to letter demanding the f b. i to investigate. republican congressman andre carson tweeted the killing of out as a reporter and fellow american sri now work lee was not on your tragedy. it was a front to press freedom and to all americans. adding, we need answers and accountability from these really government. agnes color mode of amnesty international tweeted, it's an additional violation of sharon's right to life and a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she goes on to say this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives
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simply don't matter. hashtag apartheid oh, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barrows to almost drop a casket that in stop, thousands of palestinians were marching through upper bodies through slim to take part in her funeral. and beryl israel has tremendous support within the u. s. and that's the reason why they've been able to so far resist pressure on opening an investigation into serene blacklist death. but more evidence is emerging about her killing this video. so sharin was taken cover after her colleague ali also moody was shot showing she was deliberately targeted by the person who shot her, her and with every piece of evidence, the called for a transparent investigation into deaf will only grow louder. what's the name on con, our desert? occupied east jerusalem?
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well, i've been confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians in the shake jar a neighbourhood. an occupied east to return is where the officers were seen pushing and beating some palestinians. tear gas and stun grenades also used to disperse the crowd. dozens of families and shake gera, being threatened with displacement from their homes, in coordinated efforts by the israeli government, and jewish settlers, groups around 2000000 people, stranded and north eastern bangladesh, off to the west flooding to hit the region. in decades, at least 10 people have died. so far, officials say the flooding is being driven by heavy rain and a rush of water from over the border. an indian state of a major embankment on the barrack river has also been breached, affecting at least a 100 villages. i've seen a huge flood in 2004, but this time it's even bigger. more serious though, the one year of i knew about how my flood water broke my homestead. it's now everywhere. all my poetry and cattle. where washed away. i somehow managed to take
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my family to a relative's house of spain are experiencing their hottest may ever, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius. and lucy and madrid are amongst the worst effected regions. the government has now activated its national plan for extreme temperatures. heat warnings have been issued in 10 regions across the country. france has been confronted about his colonial past that the cannes film festival 2 films delve into the treatment of africans conscripted into the french army. if a subject often avoided in france. surely angela reports from cam. frances, colonial past, one of the big themes on screen a can this year? generating discussion and introspection. i saw that and soldiers set in well, one is the story of a young senegalese man forced to serve in the french army. his father than enlist
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to watch over him, shot on a handheld camera. it shows the horror of war for the thousands of senegalese, torn from that countries to fight for france. it does now see of the netflix theory lisa. he says we have the same story, but not the same memories. cultural commentators say depictions of this aspect of francis colonial history, a very rare phone. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen a film of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including all massey who's a, make a saw here in france and abroad. so it is a very big deal to see. feel like this and seed screen. it can either be another story is aki follows a few of the $200000.00 difference, recruited into the french army to fight against that countryman. and it depicts how most are he abandoned, how many killed. when algeria gained, independence, director phillips will call, says generation later, children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma that new truck. it's
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a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through the war, but also the generations that followed. and there are more stories yet to be told. you know, jerry, the key are still considered traitors and act him a 100 move fact meant his family were wary of him taking the road. that's why my dear my father. so many questions. why was it being feeling morocco? why did being directed by a frenchman, you said, why do you have to play a hockey? but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go. what a menu on that call government has acknowledge mistakes made in algeria in west africa. details of these events are not widely known and from both direct to say it's vital. these stories are told and we've can is a launching pad. hope that films will generate discussion about these painful periods of history. charlie on to the out there can.


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