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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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are going to be averaging from michelle and from chad. critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of today's global headlines inside story on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was short and total all alive, setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path, international filmmakers. and will class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera. ah the you as president signs off on $40000000000.00 worth of
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a to ukraine to help fight the russian assault. ah, kind of them are kyle, this is al serra live from dough. also coming up to know the astrology and paypal, had them voted for chinese. and the album easy winds, the astronomy and general election ending almost a decade of conservative roll, empty shelves, fulls, drastic action. the u. s. military flies in tons of baby formula from germany. plus, i'm charlie on said the cannes film festival references treatment of its former colonies being laid back on the big screen. yes, president has approved a $40000000000.00 aid package for ukraine. the bill was flown to south korea, but biden's signature where he's on
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a tour of asia and his financial package as on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. the u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. kimberly hawk, it has more from washington dc when the money that the united states applied to ukraine began to run out and it is nearly exhausted in terms of military support. the u. s. president asked for $33000000000.00. well, the u. s. congress which controls the purse strings in turn approved $40000000000.00, and that is what the president signed into law. in other words, the congress wanted to send the signal, look at, we are not only going to prove this money, we're where to send more than what you ask for, which is something that rarely happens. and that is the reason why it was to send vladimir putin or message that there is overwhelming support in the united states for ukraine and pushed back against russia. and in terms of what this money is for,
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it's not only to kind of back fill the money in the equipment that has already been sent. but in addition, there is also going to be new military equipment in the form of stingers, and that javelins, but also training ad logistic support. and also there's going to be 5000000000 that's also going to be allocated for really addressing one of the growing needs. and that is global food insecurity. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says the situation and don boss is extremely difficult as russia's offensive and savvy answers and the verizon that continues. he thanked you as president joe biden for the latest support package, young lady, but i am grateful to president biden for immediately signing of $40000000000.00 support package for ukraine approved by congress. this is a historical contribution to the protection of freedom in europe liberal dimension just now year was present. joe biden is in asia as his 1st trip to the region since
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he took office last year. biden was in soul for meetings with his south grand counterpart unit. soak yo the 2 said they are open to expanding joint military exercises to deter north korea's nuclear threat. biden said he's open to meeting cam john earn if the north korean leader is sincere and serious about talks on st. louis reports from soul on the ground in south korea, a mixed response to u. s. president jo biden's visit. these demonstrators welcomed him, seen this as an opportunity to present a united front against north korea that follows reports leader kim jong and maybe about to conduct a 7th nuclear weapons test. but here, activists concerned about an arms race, a calling for peace. when the 2 precedents met at a summit on saturday, security was high on the agenda. i. i heard
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cory. oh, i they discussed enhancing sanctions and expanding the scope of combined to military exercises. biden also said he's not opposed to meeting him, john. if he sincere both president june and president biden also said they were ready to help north korea deal with an outbreak of coated 19 o, leaving an era where the economy, security, and security is their economy. disruption in the supply chain caused by changes in the international security order is directly related to the lives of our people. but analysts say that may not be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. kim's, our resume appears to be determined to develop our, the military,
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our capability to make sure that north korea will be armed, to have a sufficient capability to hold you. as for susan civilian populations in south korea and in japan as hostages, although countering china's dominance in the region was not explicitly mentioned, the biden administration has made no secret of the fact it views china as the strategic challenge in tokyo on monday, president biden will unveil the indo pacific economic framework, its members will include south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after former president donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific pond, the ship trade packed. however, china sees that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. the chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region. instead of creating divisions, florence lee al jazeera song. shaw molly as
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a professor of international studies at dong seo university and joins us live from both on the in south korea. how do you think north chris, likely to react to biden's garrison's dick approaches offer of talks on one hand and expanded security with south korea on the other? well, 1st off, thank you for having me on the show. laura. i think that north korea is not going to have a response for us anytime soon. or of course, dealing with a cold at 19 o. make right now, that's a very serious crisis for them. and they haven't really reached out to the bind administration as of yet. so i think they're waiting to gauge what is going on with the new president of south korea president units like y'all. and they already know a lot about buying from his ass dealings in the u. s. senate and his vice president . so i think they're just going to sort of buy their time and see what cooperative
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efforts may be in the future. okay, thank security is one big issue that's been addressed in south korea economy, economy and, and trade corporation is another. and that's going to be quite a focus moving forward, isn't it? yeah, this is where we're seeing sort of a split. we've got as president biden joins for president, june, always seen them discuss traditional security issues. that of course, the alliance has been facing for many decades. and now the new economic security initiatives that both presidents are very keen to address and both design or greater cooperation. so as they move forward, i think we're going to continue to see this, the sort of 2 pronged approach and dealing with 2 very different styles of security cooperation. both that are very necessary for south korea and for the united states as a regional partner. i next up a full biden is japan. how much of an opportunity is this for south korea and japan
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to improve their bilateral relations? think of quite a, a rookie history. i wish i could say it's a great opportunity. unfortunately, president, you will not be attending meetings in tokyo as president of buying a prime minister proceeded to discuss the quad with the leaders of australia, india as well. apparently present, you will join your video conference. and so that provides at least a virtual meeting for them to speak a little bit. but hopefully of both governments can see their way towards a greater cooperation. they have done a little more dialogue over the past week and a half since president unit came into office. and hopefully they can build some momentum off of this. and it has not been explicitly states in the fall. but a lot of this visit is that towards countering china's arise in the region.
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what's paintings? response so far? what they're unhappy, they have been a little worried. i think over the course of the south korean election for the past many months about what kind of president present you will be a he is a political deal fight. but he does seem to have a very clear vision of what he wants, as far as a strategic vision for south korea. and that has to align much more closely with united states and what he has called the a global comprehensive strategic alliance. and of course, these are things that china is not going to do to favorably. they would like south korea to act much more independently of the united states. and therefore they're going to keep, i think, voicing their displeasure and diplomatic terms towards the new unit administration . showing them on a great to get your views. thanks very much for joining us here on out to sarah. really well as sean just mentioned, north korea is
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a bad thing. it's 1st official wave of coven 19, and it's confirmed 186000 cases of people with fever symptoms. 67 people have died so far that according to the official and numbers previously leader kim jong and told a meeting of the ruling party that progress is being made to slow. those infections . grown young is still refusing offers of outside help, and the population is unvaccinated. there's been a radical shift in australian politics for the 1st time. in nearly a decade. the centre left labor party will be in power after unceasing the conservative coalition, in saturday's vote. outgoing prime minister scott morrison has announced his stepping down as his party's leader and 3 albany z as projected to have secured a narrow majority in parliament. tonight,
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the astrology and people have voted for chinese ah, i am humbled by this victory. and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of sir clark reports. now from sidney, they say $77.00 seats, which means that label will be clear to a govern on it. so we had over the last, how was it only had $72.00 seats. i needed full to win that majority, but the lightest kind of this it up in the electoral commission indicates that labor will have a majority, a government, which is good news for the labor party at the independence, had indicated that they might be willing to negotiate a some form of deal on the cross bench is work with of the labor party to form a government. but the latest figures, as i just said, indicate that they've got 77 seats. so at the albany, he eased the 31st prime minister in australia. he's hitting the ground running, he's already indicated that they will be swooning,
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or he will be swooning. on monday, he as well as will alongside for if he's very senior mendez op, he's tame and he's already said that he will board a flight on monday out to head to tokyo for his 1st official i international meeting as prime minister. well, there's really been a seismic shift in the political landscape and the estrella and parliament at the greens of had a phenomenal election. one of the best elections, the other $13.00 states, so far in the lower half, they could also win an additional seat. and that's the previously cipher liberal seat. i'll brisbin the liberal party has lots swathes of blue ribbon hot lab. we've seen that very hot, playful, a former treasure, joshua fraud and berg. he was in the state of 2 young. he was a popular member, a popular deputy leda. he has lost his seat, and these are all the liberal party seeks being lost to the what we call the teal. see these, these are the high profile of female independent candidates, hooping campaigning on climate change. cilla has hair on out as air parts of india
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and bangladesh are under water after severe floods before the rainy season. ah, and at ham demik come back on his celebrate mexican cultural heritage and its diversity for music. ah, hallow. we've got more of that dusty wind blowing across sir, the middle east there, but so large you dry, clear sky. so we are going to see that wind continuing right along the gulf. others shemelle wind, of course, 42 celsius here in doha, lots of dust and sand pushing down across that eastern side of saudi arabia. hot enough further north, 43 celsius, therefore baghdad, while the more comfortable mid high twenty's across the levant,
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maybe one or 2 showers just coming across central eastern part of her turkey as we go on 3 monday chucks. this is a little bit of wet weather, western disturbance making its way towards pakistan was north west india. how can the heat to just eat off here? so he will eat a touch here in doha $39.00 celsius, the whims, also wheezing. so shall we say less unpleasant with that lifted dust and sand. some of that listed toughness. and of course, across this har, a down to was as a hell near northern parts of nigeria. but meeting up with the showers that we have around the gulf of guinea and some of the showers even getting up into marley, now some making good progress on those seasonal rains. the rain stretch across so central parts of africa still a little disappointing to the east of the riff valley there, there. bit slow setting in, but no shortage of rain across at east side or south africa. wet weather, also pushing into mozambique. ah oh, for over a century,
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american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, full blown investigates mastiffs campbell, that the united states scoutmaster part one on i was just 0. lou. ah again you watching out, is there a reminder of our top story? is this our yes present, joe biden has signed a new $40000000000.00 military asking monetary in
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a package for ukraine. the latest financial package is on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. the u. s. government has pledged to provide and says he's open to meeting kim jong on if the north korean, nita is sincere and serious about tools. he has president is in sole and his 1st trip to asia since taking office and anthony albany, the as projected to have secured a narrow majority in australian parliament. after saturday's election. i'll be sworn in as prime minister on monday. consumptive coalition has been voted out of government for the 1st time in nearly a decade. more than 32 tons of baby formula is being brought into the u. s. from a military base in germany. a critical shortage is due to a product we call by the country leading manufacturer as well a supply chain issues observe hydro castro has more. these us soldiers are loading precious cargo onto
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a military plane in germany. 32 tons of baby formula, enough to fill one and a half 1000000 bottles for hungry children back in the us. we're getting to help american citizens who are in need of help and you can always depend on us when you need a president. joe biden announced the campaign dubbed operation fly formula this week . several flights will take formula manufactured in europe to america. after the us food and drug administration lifted some import restriction bite and also invoked the defense production act, allowing the government to more quickly restore formula to store shelf. and i've directed my team to do everything possible to ensure there's enough safe baby formula. and then as quickly reaching families and needed the most, this is one of my top priorities. biden has come under increasing pressure to resolve the countries baby formula shortage down about 40 percent from normal supply levels. the problem began with pandemic supply chain issues and grew worse
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in february when a major formula factory closed due to contamination issues. the f. d. a says abbot nutrition plant in michigan is now safe and will resume production soon. but it could be months before its product returns to shelves. it's been impossible to find him. a natural is on the last can a formula she has saved for her 5 month old daughter. like other parents. she's had to turn to in perfect solutions to keep her baby fed. she's giving her daughter more solid foods, though it's earlier than what the pediatrician had recommended. a friend really difficult for us to navigate now that we're literally in our last can. the baby formula flights are just a stop gap, and it remains to be seen how quickly the which hungry little mouth. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington dough to oscar atlanta as an epidemiologist and public
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health ex. but he thinks the crisis could have been prevented. we know that in the u. s. there are roughly about 4 companies that account for about over 90 percent of the manufacturer formula. so the issue was essentially one of those companies and manufacturers who accounted for about a 5th of the all the infant formulas in the u. s. a centrally what put one of its major plants down by virtue having some concern around actually, but she which the regulatory agency found and made a declaration. so the shut down essentially led to a cask and best by virtue of stockpiles or inventory is basically flying off the shelf and really getting us into this particular shortage which was somewhat unseen but could very much been prevented. it's important to know that the u. s. heavily regulates it's for formula, so their nutritional standards that are sometimes
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a bit higher in the u. s. than other particular places. so it's not as easy to say, let's use a forward market. our formula. what has been done centrally looking at ways for the, the regulatory agency to permit other foreign markets to supply me. instead of a quick example of the u. s. requires there to be nutritional standards that are rocks from 0 to 12, whereas in europe there may be other, you know, variations to that. a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian shot dead by israeli forces in jeanine in the occupied west bank. it's increased tensions as this is where ours are showing up. i was killed only last week. and one con reports. oh moon is berry, i'm jeff lad. and promised to take revenge for his killing islamic to her claims.
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17 year old is one of its members. wow, he was killed by his really courses and jeanine refugee camp in the early hours of saturday. oh, desert, sorry, in a black lay was also killed near the camp. she was on assignment and wearing a helmet and best clearly marking her was the germans. but israel is refusing to launch a criminal investigation. 57 american politicians have signed a letter demanding the api i to investigate. republican congressman andre carson tweeted the killing of arches, a reporter and fellow american sri now work lee was not any tragedy. it was a front to press freedom and to all americans, adding, we need answers and accountability from these really government agnes calamari of amnesty international tweeted, it's an additional violation of sharon's right to life and a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she goes on to say, this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter
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. hashtag apartheid oh, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barest, almost drop. a casket that in stop, thousands of palestinians were marching through of the body, strew slow to take part in her funeral. and beryl israel has tremendous support within the u. s. and that's the reason why they've been able to so far resist pressure on opening an investigation into sharina, blacklist death. but more evidence is emerging about her killing. this video show sharina was taking cover after her colleague ali also moody was shot showing she was deliberately targeted by the person who shot her. and with every piece of evidence, the called for a transparent investigation into deaf will only grow louder. what's the name on con, our desert? occupied east jerusalem. more heavy rains plants and lance lines have destroyed
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parts of north east and india and some states at least 14 people have died of and 700000 are effected. pathname natal reports from nag, our district in north east india. normally abdur, rashid width to water several times a day to get essentials. his home has been flooded for days. he says he's tried getting help, but shelter as a fool and his family is still waiting for government aid. it will put us in a hurry, a bullet put it on her. we are facing many difficulties. you can see for yourself. there's so much water. we have no way to get out. there's barely enough food. we had some rice at home, but now that's all to over hundreds of thousands of other people have been displaced by floods caused by heavy rains. in a psalm state in india, northeast nego district is the hardest hit. more than 300000 people have been
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affected. the water here comes from a nearby river that's overflowed and it's brought fish that some villagers are catching to eat. despite the rising water levels, many people are choosing to stay back, waiting for the time to time, so they can stop rebuilding. many people are being evacuated rafts like these have been crossing flooded roads and fields to rescue people stranded for days. what's any problem here? we are facing many problem. some people in my family are not keeping well. i asked them to come with me, but they didn't want to leave. they wanted to stay at home and i said the military is using aircraft and boats to help distribute aid. last blood wasn't dog and for the c v one actually, after that, the people just talk about that blood as it a highest one or the severity of the flood is, has, are mazda flood also now the danger level of the will here is $59.00, is it all army does, but it is the cross gardenia level it,
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which is now the 60.39 meters. although water levels are slowly receding, people already the monsoon season will begin in a few weeks, and the rains are usually heavy and caused flooding. pardon him at the outer cedar nego district in northeast india. to films at the cannes film festival delve into the treatment of africans conscripted into the french army. this is a subject was often avoided in france as charlie angela reports from cam frances colonial past. one of the big themes on the screen at can this year generating discussion and introspection. my father and so just set in. well, one is the story of a young senegalese man, forced to serve in the french army his father than enlist to watch over him. shot on a handheld camera. it shows a horror of war for the thousands of senegalese, torn from their countries to fight for france. it does now see of the netflix
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theory lupa. he says we have the same story but not the same memories. cultural commentators say depictions of this aspect of frantic colonial history, a very rare phone. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen a film of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including all massey who's a make a saw here in france. and abroad, so it is a very big deal to see. feel like this and see the screen. it can either allow you to another story is aki followed a few of the $200000.00 difference, recruited into the french army to fight against that countryman. and it depicts how most are he abandoned many kill when algeria again, independence. direct to phillips for coal, says generations later, children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma. junior. it's a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through
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the war, but also the generations that followed. there are more stories yet to be told. you know, jerry, the ok, he has still considered traitors, act and mohammed mo, fuck admits his family. were wary of him taking their oath the song walker that acquired medea my father asked so many questions. why was it being human morocco? why is it being directed by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play your hockey? it but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go a up her. while emmanuel that caused government has acknowledged mistakes, made an algerian west africa. details of these events, not widely known in france, both direct to say it's like all these stories a told and we can is a launching pad. hope that films will generate discussion about these painful periods of history. tale on to the out is there can editions and mexico have revived a festival pools for 2 years by the pandemic, and draws artists from all corners of the country and represents more than 30 john
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runs of fight music. manion propeller reports from mexico city. ah, a weekend of traditional music in the mexican capital the event is soon, but a meal, a cultural festival that highlights the great diversity of mexican folk music. and perhaps more importantly, a perfect excuse to bust, to move it. we feel a tremendous pride because this music style is from our region and mexico. we enjoyed dancing to it because we like to represent our state wherever we go. soon, but i me, lo, began as a way for orders to honor beloved mexican choreographer. it emilio, rural. huh. and i going who passed away in 2002 to day the festival has grown into one of the cities most important annual cultural events. one that encourages visitors of all ages to hit the dance floor this year. the song, but i mean, cultural festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary. the occasion has drawn and
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so many different musical names and performances representing every corner of mexico. one of the most attractive aspects of the festival is watching visitors proudly dawning traditional attire. ah, after being shut down for 2 years, due to coven 19 restrictions, the festival has made a big comeback, giving visitors and introspective look at cultural heritage through more than 30 genres of mexican folk music, or mammals, as if went up in november, presented what of communities all around the world turned to look at their own traditions. the cultural wealth of latin american countries is immense. but we're often forced to listen to just one type of music like bragton, which is horrible. event organizers say they hope the festival will continue to grow and attract more international visitors who are curious about the great many customs and traditions that make up mexican culture.


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