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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 24, 2017 11:00am-11:31am GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: rescuers are searching for 150 missing people after a tropical storm in the philippines left 200 dead. emergency services have yet to reach some of the affected areas. 70,000 people have been displaced from their homes. two people have been killed and four injured following a multiple vehicle crash on the mao in oxfordshire. the motorway has now reopened. north korean state tv describes as an act of war new sanctions imposed by the un. pyongyang vows to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. also, britain's political leaders use their annual christmas messages to praise those who help others. theresa may thanks the armed forces and emergency services. jeremy corbyn urges those that think of the lonely and those in conflict zones. ——jeremy lonely and those in conflict zones.
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—— jeremy corbyn urges those to think of the lonely and those incompetents. —— in conflict zones. good morning and welcome to bbc news. the un secretary general, antonio guterres, says he is saddened by the loss of life in the southern philippines, after 200 died in flash floods and landslides. tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the conditions, which were triggered by tropical storm tembin. president rodrigo duterte will visit some of the communities affected later on sunday. the island of mindanao is the worst hit area so—far and the storm is now battering the island of palawan. sarah corker has the latest. in the raging floodwaters, rescue efforts are frantic and dangerous. ropes are all these villagers have to pull each other to safety. storm tembin tore through mindanao, the philippines' second largest island and home to 20 million people. flash floods and landslides have cut
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off entire communities and washed away homes. and with more than 100 people missing, the death toll may rise. the remote village of dalama has been buried. 0fficial help has been slow to arrive and volunteers use their bare hands to search for bodies. translation: there used to be 103 houses here, but when the flash flood happened, everything was washed out. all their homes and livelihoods gone. tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. blocked roads and power cuts are hampering the rescue effort. the authorities say too many people ignored warnings to leave. the call for people to evacuate in good time, before the storm, actually did not have an effect. the storm passed over some of the absolute poorest areas
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in the whole philippines and people live in hard to reach areas. these areas are not really suitable for housing, like close to rivers or streams, or on steep terrain, and that is why we see so many people have been killed by boulders or landslides. the philippines regularly suffers from deadly storms or typhoons but mindanao in the south is rarely hit. this disaster comes just a week after another tropical storm hit the central philippines. the resources of this disaster—prone nation are under strain. the un says it is ready to step in and help. sarah corker, bbc news. two men have died following a collision on the mao in 0xfordshire. five vehicles were involved in a crash on the northbound carriageway near banburyjust before midnight, which shut the motorway in both directions for about three hours. four other people were injured, one with serious leg injuries. let's cross tojo kent at the mao in 0xfordshire.
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ican i can see the traffic is flowing freely, but the police worked for a large part of the night to get it clear. yes, that is right. traffic flowing freely now and no trace of the terrible accident that occurred here last night but that accident happened at around 11:40pm last night, five vehicles involved, all of the emergency services raced to the scene, police, five ambulance crews, specialist doctors and medics. we now know two men died in the crash, one man was dead at the scene. they were 60—year—old man from 0xfordshire and 29—year—old man from 0xfordshire and 29—year—old man from warwickshire. we know another man has suffered very serious leg injuries and a further three people had to be treated for minor injuries and all of the people hurt were
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treated at hospitals in and oxford. the police have said the families of the two men who have died have been informed and they are being supported and their thoughts are with the families at the very difficult time. they have appealed for anyone who witnessed the crash who has not already spoken to them to get in touch so that they can piece together how it came to happen. thank you. new guidance on how local authorities combat anti—social behaviour has been issued by the government, following concerns that some councils are misusing the measures. critics say so—called public spaces protection 0rders have been used inapproriately to target groups such as rough sleepers and dog—owners. andy moore reports. some charities working with the homeless say the new powers can be used indiscriminately against rough sleepers. others say so—called public spaces protection 0rders, which can cover large areas, are being used to target groups like buskers or dog walkers.
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but councils argue they are working with their communities to crack down on serious problems. the manifesto group campaigns against what they call the over—regulation of ordinary life. it says hundreds of these orders have been issued, making a wide range of activities a criminal offence. the group claims, for example, that as part of a crackdown on begging, blackpool wanted to ban loitering around cash machines and shop entrances. doncaster wanted to ban groups of three or more people causing nuisance or annoyance to people in the town centre. brighton wanted to stop anyone sleeping in a car, caravan or tent in the town. fines of up to £100 can be issued for any breaches of these orders. the local government association says it will work constructively with the government to introduce the new guidelines. public spaces protection 0rders are used for the really serious end of anti—social behaviour and councils don't choose to do this on their own. residents will come to us,
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businesses will come to us, and say, there might be some aggressive begging, daytime drinking or even street racing. that is the sort of things that these orders are used for. the revised guidelines say councils must focus on specific problems rather than blanket bans of behaviour that are not in themselves anti—social. and they must make sure they consult the public before the regulations are introduced. andy moore, bbc news. north korea has described the latest un sanctions imposed on the country as an "act of war". on friday, the united nations voted for measures that include limiting the country's petrol imports by up to 90%. the sanctions were in response to pyongyang's ballistic missile tests. earlier our correspondent in seoul, the capital of south korea, sophie long, explained the impact of the new un sanctions on north korea. well, analysts are split as to just how deeply north korea will feel these sanctions — they are the toughest
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yet and they cap nearly 90% of petrol imports to the country. there are also sanctions regarding exports of certain materials and north korean workers abroad have to be repatriated within 2a months. so some analyists say that particularly the oil part, the caps on oil, could cripple the country's haulage industry and will also have an impact on people, or state—run enterprises that are reliant on generators. 0thers though say the full impact of these sanctions could take years to be felt and that is significant of course, because when you look at the advances in their weapons and missile programmes, that's now being measured in months rather than years. so this reaction from north korea today, we had the first from them, saying they completely reject this resolution. they called it an act of war that was a grave infringement on their sovereignty. that wasn't entirely unexpected, but when you consider that the whole point of these sanctions is to get
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them to freeze their weapons and missile programme and get them to a negotiating table, that certainly doesn't seem to have the effect so far. in a statement today released, it was carried by the north korean state news agency, it also said that, "we will continue to consolidate our defensive nuclear deterrents aimed at fundamentally eradicating the us nuclear threats, blackmail and hostile moves by establishing a practical balance of force." so at this stage, it is only the first reaction of course, but it doesn't seem to have had the impact that many people, particularly the united states, would have liked. counter terrorism policing north east has been granted more time to question three terrorism suspects. it follows arrests of three men on tuesday in sheffield and chesterfield. they were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. britain's political leaders have
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used their annual christmas messages to pay tribute to those who help others and support those in need over the festive season. eleanor garnier has more. wishing everyone a happy christmas, the prime minister thanked those who help others in the festive period like volunteers that faith projects and international aid workers, and theresa may highlighted the courage and dedication of the emergency services who went to the g re nfell tower emergency services who went to the grenfell tower tragedy and terrorist attacks in manchester and london. she thanked the country's armed forces. this christmas, as people across the uk celebrate this special time of year with their families and friends, we will do so secure in the knowledge that the valiant hearts of oui’ knowledge that the valiant hearts of our servicemen and women, many far away from their own loved ones at this special time of year, they are working to keep us safe. in his
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second christmas message as labour leader, jeremy corbyn called britain a compassionate nation, urging people to think of those who may be lonely at this time. many older citizens to whom we owe so much, they are spending what should be a time ofjoy alone. we think of others, such as carers looking after loved ones, people with disabilities or dementia, and abroad, those living in nations such as yemen, syria, libya, in fear of bombs and bullets, and death. the snp first minister nicola sturgeon paid tribute to people working over the holidays and visited a community cafe in glasgow to thank volunteers. this cafe and the volunteers here are among thousands of organisations and individuals throughout scotland who do so much for our local communities, not just at who do so much for our local communities, notjust at christmas, but through the year. the lib dem leader vince cable used his
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christmas message to highlight the issue of homelessness. community has always been at the heart of liberalism and this is a time of year to make that commitment real. that is why i'm asking you to take some this christmas to help with a local charity near you. the party leaders festive messages were shared on social media to wish voters are merrily —— in merry christmas and also topped ask them to spare a thought for those in need. some of the other stories making the news... more children from vulnerable backgrounds in england will get the chance to attend top boarding schools. local authorities will work with children's charities to put forward pupils for bursaries and scholarships. london zoo has reopened this morning after a fire left a number of animals dead and
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several members of staff needing medical attention. a nine—year—old aardvark died in the blaze and four meerkats also believe to have been killed. an investigation has been opened. plans to slap gully change —— a leaked internal document suggested the slogan was regarded as stated and elitist. the mod says mr williamson believes the army to be the best of the best and he has put the best of the best and he has put the proposals on hold. more now on news that rescuers searching for victims of a tropical storm manuel southern philippines which has killed at least 200 people. howard johnsonjoins us live killed at least 200 people. howard johnson joins us live from manila. there are great difficulties getting to some of these people because the roads are blocked. yeah, that is the
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case. we earlier heard from a spokesperson for unicef in a city in the north of the silent, mindanao, on the south of the philippines —— the north of this island. roads are blocked, he said, water supply has been affected, the water table has risen up because of the storm waters. we have seen 60,000 people moved into sheltered areas, for the night, and lots of people are coming forward offering support in the communities, as is always the way in the philippines. tell us a little bit about mindanao, who lives there, what are the conditions like normally? this is a very populated ireland in the south of the philippines —— a very populated island. it has had a tempestuous relationship with manila, it feels like it does not get as much support
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from the north as it would like as far as infrastructure and the rights of the people here, in the last year, we have seen an of the people here, in the last year, we have seen an islamic inspired insurgency in the city and we have seen a lot of logging and mining going on and that has caused potentially some of these hillsides where we have seen landslides in the last 48 hours, coming crashing down on villages. maybe days have been built without due care of villagers who live underneath the mines. and the tropical storm washi it is still alive and the wind speeds are starting to quicken up —— and this tropical storm. it passed up of the philippines now, it passed palawan last night, popular tourist island, and now it is moving towards vietnam where evacuation measures are taking place at the moment. more than
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500,000 people are being evacuated from the southern part of vietnam and the winds have strengthened up toa and the winds have strengthened up to a typhoon speed and people are saying it is around 160—170 kilometres an hour, the gusts of wind coming from the typhoon. howard johnson in manila, thank you very much indeed. the headlines on bbc news... rescuers are searching for 150 missing people —— after a tropical storm in the philippines left another 200 dead. two people have been killed and four injured following multiple vehicle crash on the m40 in 0xfordshire. the motorway has now reopened. north korean state tv describes as an act of war new economic sanctions imposed by the united nations. pyongyang has vowed to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. sheffield wednesday and middlesbrough are both looking
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for new managers after the two teams met at hillsbrough yesterday. head coach carlos carvalhal has left sheffield wednesday by mutual consent. the portuguese arrived at hillsborough in the summer of 2015 and steered the owls to the championship play—off final at the end of the 2015—16 season. the club will be making no further comment at this time. championship side middlesbrough parted company with manager garry monk hours after a 2—1win at sheffield wednesday. middlesbrough are ninth in the league and have won ten of their 23 games. a challenge from southampton's charlie austin in the one—all draw against huddersfield has seen him being charged this morning with violent conduct by the football association. the challenge on the huddersfield goalkeeper, jonas lossl, left him with a suspected broken nose. the incident wasn't seen by the match officials but was caught on video. austin could now face a three—match ban. manchester city are 13 points clear
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at the top of the premier league after their 17th win in a row. city beat bournemouth 4—0 which took them over the 100 goal mark for 2017, making them the first english side to do that in since 1982. two goals from sergio aguero and one each from sterling and danilo saw the blues win comfortably at the etihad stadium. pep guardiola said his striker had earned the right to determine his own future, following speculation this week about sergio aguero's future at the club. city's nearest rivals, manchester united, suffered a serious dent to their title challenge as they could only draw 2—2 against ten—man leicester at the kingpower stadium. jamie vardy gave the home side the early lead, butjuan mata struck back, scoring twice to give united a 2—1 advantage. leicester never gave up though, with harry maguire scoring this 94th—minute equaliser to snatch a draw — a serious dent
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to united's title challenge. extraordinary, if the game finished five or 6—1 for us which is what should happen since the moment we scored the second goal. since the moment we scored the second goal, we had an accumulation of chances, easy chances and we didn't score. and after that, we had moments of easy possession to control the game, which we also lost, with childish decisions and missing the ball quite easily and giving to a team that was that, giving them the chance to put some balls in the box, some throw ins and long balls, and then the goal arrived to punish the team that should win easily but to punish the team that accumulated mistakes. tottenham's harry kane equalled alan shearer‘s record for the most premier league goals scored in a calendar year, with a hat—trick in a 3—0 win at burnley. the england striker‘s third made it 36 in 2017. kane is also the joint top scorer in the premier league with 15 so far in the current campaign and he was asked if he can beat all of shearer‘s records. let me see, a long way to go yet. it is good, good to get the hat—trick,
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to draw level, one game left, we will see what happens on tuesday. long—term, 2018 hopefully even better than this year. england and australia will both have key players missing on boxing day in melbourne. craig 0verton has a broken rib, one of the australian fast bowlers, mitchell starc, has healed injury, not that the aussies will be too concerned, they have an unassailable 3—0 lead which david warner says has quietened the tourist town. it is test cricket, hard—fought, sometimes tourist town. it is test cricket, hard —fought, sometimes you tourist town. it is test cricket, hard—fought, sometimes you go in your shell like a turtle, the sometimes you have a go at people. we have probably shut them up a bit at the moment. hopefully this will get them up and going. i love when we are in a contest. ifeel like they were quite flat in wa, that was for sure. let us hope so. that is
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all for now. more in the next hour. rail passengers are being warned they could face disruption as network rail carries out its biggest ever christmas engineering programme. there will be numerous station closures over the festive period and many of the mainline routes will also be shot or running reduced services over the coming days. it's reported that the british—iranian woman held in prison for spying in tehran is to face new charges. following a visit by the foreign secretary borisjohnson to iran earlier this month, there where hopes improvements would be made in her case. earlier this week, her family said that her case had been marked as "eligible for early release". nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is currently serving a five—year sentence for spying, which she denies. in the last hour, i caught up with richard ratcliffe who gave me the latest news on his wife's situation. we're sort of going around telling the world that it felt like it was almost over and then the following day, one of people stood up and said, no, there could be more charges.
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so we have been watching very closely events in iran and yesterday, nothing happened, today, nothing's happened. so i spoke to her this morning, no sign of that second court case. in fact her lawyer went into prison yesterday and said, don't worry, it's still marked the same on the computer, this is just being politics, ignore what happens in the iranian media and i promise you still in the next ten days to two weeks, it could be over. there is going to be a judicial press conference later on today in iran. we'rejust watching everything now and trying not to up and down and try to keep level headed. which is of course difficult at this time of year. the last time we spoke, you said that there are these competing high powered elements in iran and each of them has a different take seemingly on the case. that's right, just as we have become, we're on the news quite a lot, we're a political issue in the uk and iran and different people have different aspirations for making friends with the uk or preventing that and she has become a political football. the fact that she was on holiday is irrelevant, the fact is she is still being used
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in these ways. so it is not clear if this sort of comments from friday are just a political sounding, or if there is going to be some substance to it. so far, there has not been any substance. 0bviously, she is not going to be home for christmas eve, but you know, christmas day possible, boxing day and could be that we are in for a much longer haul. i'm not yet gearing up to escalate and do more. i'm still hoping and fingers crossed. so just to be clear, the news that we got from the lawyer and said on the computer system marked for early release is still there? yes. that is still on the file. yes. this has come from an element almost within thejudiciary. yes, and not an insignificant element as well. so he is convinced that the process is still moving forwards and there is some powerfulfactions saying, no, it's not. of course we had a second court case
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that was mooted before then the foreign secretary went over to iran and then it fell away. 0nly last week, the court case disappeared and was cancelled formally by the court and then it has been revived again. so it's really hard to know what's going on and it's hard not to get too up or down, but certainly, as i say, i spoke to her this morning and she wasn't in the best of moods. he does an incrediblejob, we will keep ourfingers he does an incrediblejob, we will keep our fingers crossed. russians will go to the polls next march with vladimir putin seeking a fourth term in office, he has dominated russian politics since the beginning of the century. taking on challenges of a different kind in red square, russian president vladimir putin was given a clear play at goal in the ice rink, but in the election next march, the competition might not be so march, the competition might not be so friendly. among those standing in his way, a surprise candidate for
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the russian communist party. the party which does back putin dropped a veteran leader in favour of the new face in what many believe is an attempt to avoid voter appeal. -- to widen voter appeal. 0ur victory may be stolen. we have seen such things multiple times, but we know for sure we are on the bright side and victory will be ours. in another corner, calling herself an alternative to mainstream politics, russian tv personality. the daughter ofa russian tv personality. the daughter of a former mayor st petersburg with connections to putin, she named detection of civil rights among her priorities while presenting her programme. if sacred processions and opposition rally should also be allowed as well as the atheist rallies, carnivals and gay pride. putin does not mind a contest and
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that was certainly the message to attendees at the 17th congress of the united russia party. we should respect are capable and responsible opposition, it means not only having a desire to argue with authorities or accuse them of sins. russia goes to the polls on march 18. georgina smyth, bbc news. the need to create snow for demand for tv and film is an expanding business, but it has not always been as healthy as it should be, but now gloucestershire company is leading the way in the development of environment friendly biodegradable fa ke environment friendly biodegradable fake snow, as our weather presenter reports. inside the frozen depths, but what looks frost and snow macro and eyes, it is fake. this has been working with the university of bristol to make these artificial
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winter wonderland is greener —— snow and ice. we are developing materials like this which is a glitter made from cellulose. within a couple of weeks, it will biodegrade. normal glitter which is being planned in cosmetic use by the government would just wash out down the drain and go to see and be eaten by plankton and fish and then by us again. what did they use back in the first days? patented cornfla kes, quite effective. by the wizard of oz, white asbestos, would you believe! that is really bad. they did not know at the time what we know now. transforming an ordinary scene into a winter wonderland like this on demand is surprisingly big business and this company has grown to become the world's leading supplier of winter weather effects. 0ne the world's leading supplier of winter weather effects. one of their latest fa ke winter weather effects. one of their latest fake snow projects involves recreating the 1963 big freeze for the christmas special of call the
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midwife. across multiple industries, more people want snow on demand. everything from snowflakes to stick on the window at home to enormous film sets to major international sporting events, there seems to be no limit. we got a special mention by the department of trade for exports exporting snow to siberia. by exports exporting snow to siberia. by developing environment friendly material, the future is notjust looking white, it is greener too. much more of that, as well as an insight into the fake snow industry this afternoon at 3:30pm on the bbc news channel. it is not white out there, it is getting colder. let us hear all about the weather. a rather grey but mild scenario, the
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odd spot of drizzle for england and wales, rain in northern ireland, into north—west england out of the scottish borders, double digits across the board, a mild afternoon for all. we will start to see the rain pepping up, more wet weather, as we move out of christmas eve, eventually into western fringes. christmas day, dry, windy and wet in the west. colder conditions behind it, the showers turning increasingly to sleet and snow on higher ground in the north. the rain rattles throughout quite a place christmas day night into boxing day and it marks a change. boxing day will be predominantly dry, heavy rain in the south—west, but colder for all, noticeably so in the far north, meaning showers will turn wintry. this is bbc news — our latest headlines:
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