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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 21, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hi there, thanks for joining
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me. i'm alex marquardt in today for fredricka whitfield. we begin with a important overseas trip for president biden as crises persist back home and around the world. president biden holding a bilateral meeting today with south korea president, the two leaders highlighting this strength of their partnership and alliance in the face of ongoing and nuclear missile threats from north korea. but it comes as american families struggle to feed their infant children. a crippling shortage has store shelves barren. the white house trying to respond to the white house. this weekend the first shipment of baby formula from europe is scheduled to arrive. and that effort is being spearheaded by the american military. let's start with just some of the consequences of this crippling form shortage. medical university of south carolina is reporting at least four babies were recently hospitalized for complications related to this baby formula
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shortage. three hadd -- had intolerance because they couldn't find the usual products and one was sickened by millennial mineral imbalances for those that had to mix their own formula. polo sandoval joins me from new york. you've been talking to parents what are some of the trugles that they're facing as they wait for new asupplyize. >> the hospitalizations, they do underscore the risks for many parents out there. because this is really hit new parents all over the country. but it is been particularly hard for the parents of children with dietary restrictions. i spoke to one couple, it is not that they don't want to consider alternatives, they can't. come play time, it is easy for adrianne and just in to get lost in the joys of raising a baby. but come feeding time --
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>> you know the drill. >> reporter: the new york couple is reminds of the uncertainty of finding nourishment for their 4-month-old baby amid the shortage. you wouldn't know it about little cooper suffers from digestive issues and a allergy. not only does he rely on powder baby formula for nutrition, but he could only hold down a prescription powder that is not only hypoallergenic and almost impossible to find these days. >> it is the easiest thing for him to digest because unlike other formulas on the market, them sim ilk and there is still trace amounts of dairy so in this there is no dairy and very limited soy. >> and she's hand to expand to the rest the country. >> i have family in georgia and in florida, california, north carolina, i had everyone helping me right now.
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my in-laws, my dad, i have co-workers. when i mean in this moment why i feel so blessed and where it comes in where it takes a village, i have had more people helping me than i have in months. >> reporter: a network of social media has been a source of formula and a way to help fellow parents. >> i joined everything in a group called one parent to another. >> reporter: so far she's managed to secure two weeks worth of formula with the food and drug administration estimating it could be a few weeks before shelves are stocked fully again. her worries about long-term nutritional needs and those of other children. >> i don't want to sit here and say that my son has a greater need because i believe every baby has a need. every baby needs to be fed. but it is scary when there is a medical need. and even past my son, because there are kids with greater health issues.
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how do they eat? >> reporter: on friday, a dose of reassuring news for them, makers of cooper's prescription and the nation's largest infant formula manufacturer announced that it increased production by 35% since its competitor abbott nutrition recall the many of the products in february. officials added they are using unlimited overtime for employees and filing government paperwork to import pharm from singapore and mexico to ratchet up supplies here in the u.s. >> i don't think right now there is a magic wand that could fix it. i think it is a wait and see. because when it starts happening and it starts getting back on the shelves, i think that is when people will feel atese. >> i remain skeptical but hopeful that the response will be felt on empty shelves across the country with cooper as bottles full for now, they could focus on keeping a smile on their baby's face. along with the promising news, a bit of a reality check from the company saying at this point it
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is too difficult to predict when parents could expect to see the shelves back to normal again. especially after the significant increase in the manufacturing. the company is saying a lot of that will be dependent partly on how soon abbott nutrition could get that shuttered lab in michigan back up and running and then those -- those support that we've seen from overseas. but at the end of the day, the key to this story is that there were so many parents out there, it is not just about finding any formula, it is finding the formula and that is what is fuelling their concerns and what keeps them up at night. >> yeah. so hard to listen to the desperation in their voices. they're just trying to feed their children as you point out in that terrific report. it is -- it can be often very, very complicated. polo sandoval in new york. thank you very much for that report. >> thank. and now to the first u.s. military flight carrying over 1 million bottles to the united
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states. it is sipped to head to indianapolis. that is where lelizabeth cohen has been reporting from. >> look at this baby norm sent to the united states tomorrow. it is 1.5 million bottles each bottle eight-ounces. 1.5 million bottles of baby formula sent by a european company to the united states. the department of defense is doing the shipping. let's take a look at what they're sending. if you look at this, it says nestle, that is a swiss company. it is a formula that is hypoallergenic because parents are having trouble finding formula, those children have particular medical conditions or they have allergies and they're looking for a particular kind of formula like a hypoallergenic formula. so there is a lot of home that
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this could help families in the u.s. but we do want to be clear-eyed about this. this is 1.5 million bottles. but that is a lot. but there are millions of children under the age of 1 in the united states. so will this help? sure. but parents shouldn't expect that all of a sudden things will turn around. this is one of many things being done to try to alleviate this infant formula shortage but none of them will turn things around in the next couple daves. things might get better in the next couple of days hopefully but likely it will take many weeks possibly many, many weeks until parents see a real difference on supermarket shelves. alex. >> thanks to elizabeth cohen for that report. at ramstein air base. joining us to talk about all of this is california congresswoman barbara lee, a member of the house appropriations committee. which -- and this congresswoman spoke with the fda chief about this issue earlier this week. congresswoman, thank you so much for taking time to speak with us
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today. >> thank you very much, happy to be with you. >> i want to start with that scene that we just saw our correspondent elizabeth cohen at ramstein air base. what does it tell us about how badly this crisis has been managed, do you think, that not only do we need to import european baby formula from switzerland, but the u.s. military now needs to be involved? >> yeah. so this crisis is really and it is really a shame and disgrace that families are struggling and afraid and don't know what to do. i'm glad that the president and invoke the the defense production act. but let me tell you, this is a example of how when 90%, four companies own 90% of the manufacturing operations for baby formula. and in february, remember abbott had to shut down because of the contamination, two babies passed away, four total were sick.
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and so, that had to stop the manufacturing of this. and you know, there is very little that the other companies could do when in fact abbott owns the largest share of the manufacturing. and so we have to do everything that we could do. we did pass the appropriation supplemental $28 million to go to the fda to expedite all of this and we passed johanna hayes's bill to make sure that wic is available and we to make sure that what is being imported into the united states is safe and that this becomes an issue that also we have to expedite. so you know, we've got to investigate the fda and that is what we've been doing now. in terms of making sure that they get on board and get this done, completed. because it is outrageous that these kids are not having access
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to the nutrition that they need. these are babies. so the president has moved very quickly on it but we have to move quicker and hold these companies accountable for what they have done. >> i want to highlight something you just said. so much of this production is done by just a handful of companies. one of the biggest ones is abbott. as we know, there was a whistleblower complaint about the sturgis facility, abbott's sturgis facility that dated back to last year but the fda didn't recall that formula until february which you just mentioned. why did that take so long? i mean this is a major company producing something that is so critical. why did this take so long? >> we don't know the answers. and th and the appropriations committee, we have the commissioner to talk about this and he didn't have the answer either. and that is why we've called for a full investigation. this could not happen. i mean, the public relied on the fda. we have to have some checks and
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balances and some accountability. and so we don't know yet. but believe you me, we're working very hard to get these answers and answers quickly. but if the meantime, we have to do everything that we could do to get this formula on the shelves and so one of the ways we're doing this is of course with using commercial airplanes to bring the formula in but we have to make sure it is safe for children with allergies and that we are comfortable with getting it on the shelves. but i'll tell you one thing, this is a shame and disgrace in the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, we don't have access to baby formula. horrible this situation is for families. but, again, we're working, at least democrats are. we have these two bills and let me just mention that we passed last week, do you know republicans have been asking and demanding that something be done and criticize the biden administration, yet when we do something, the whip steve scalise ask the republicans not to vote for these measures. and said it was reckless
10:13 am
spending. so i hope the public understands -- >> right. >> -- that we're working to try to get this formula on the shelf. >> but steve scalise said this wasn't the way of solving things and throwing $28 million at the fda when they didn't have a plan wasn't the way to do it. do you believe that the fda has a plan? >> yes, i do. and i think that there is a -- there are accountability measures there. we're exercising our oversight responsibility and the white house is also. so we've got to put the resources there. i don't know what the majority of whip scalise is talking about. whether they say it is reckless spending, what do they want us to do? nothing. and that is what republicans are doing. democrats are doing everything we can do to solve this problem and to get to the bottom of it. and it is an emergency and i'm really disappointed that they didn't see this in the way that would help solve the problem
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instead of being obstructionist. >> it is absolutely an emergency. thank you, so much for taking the time today to walk us through that and for the efforts tha that you are undertaking to fix the situation. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you. >> thank you. now a crucial trip overseas. president joe biden is in asia on an alliance-boosting mission. meeting with allies that are critical to helping the u.s. foreign policy goals. we'll be live in south korea next. plus nationwide consumers are dealing with soaring prices of it seems like everything. the impact on small businesses trying to make ends meet. that is coming up. the highest level of safetety u can earn? subaru. when it comes to longevity, who has the highest percenentage of its vehiclcles still on the rod after ten years? subaru. and when it comes to brand loyalty, who does jd power rank number one in the automotive industry for three consecutive years? subaru.
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and my eyes...feel amazing. new clear eyes allergy. your eyes deserve the best™. now to the latest developments on a piv to the overseas trip for joe biden. today in seoul, the south korean and american presidents signaled a desire to restart military drills in response to north
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korea's growing nuclear threat. during his visit, biden left the door open to meeting with north korea's dictator kim jong-un. jeremy diamond is in seoul with the president. you also covered former president trump. so when it comes to this news about renewed military drills between south korea and the united states, which of course north korea will not be happy to see. how much of a reversal of positions is this for the united states? >> reporter: yeah, it is a very significant reversal of position. look, those drills did happen in 2021. but now president biden is indicating that these drills could be expanded in this joint statement with the south korean president. both of the leaders indicating their desire to expand these drills, also expand them in the space of cybersecurity as well. former president trump, he had moved to scrap these exercises altogether. he down sized them during his time in office. so very significant change of position. and it really is about more
10:20 am
broadly the u.s.'s approach to north korea in general. the glitzy summits are out and back in are shows of strength between the u.s. and south korea and the reaffirming of the key alliance between these two coun countries. president biden was asked whether he would meet with the north korean leader. let me show you his answer. >> with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, that would depend on whether he was sincere and whether he was serious. >> reporter: and now i could tell you in speaking with senior administration officials there is to indication that the north korean leader is serious or sincere about engaging in diplomacy for the united states and that is not for lack of trying, one official said that the u.s. has made attempts engage the north koreans over the last year and a half of biden's presidency but have got
10:21 am
no response and there is flo working level between the u.s. and south korea. even as president biden is attempting this more calculate add poach to diplomacy with north korea, an incremental approach, so far it is still very much being tested because again there has been no engagement with the north koreans and instead we've seen a ramping up of the pace of the ballistic missile tests from north korea and the possibility of a big icbm test while president biden is in the region. >> essential it is been crickets in terms of response from the north koreans while they carry out all of the missile tests. jeremy diamond, thank you so much. now president biden's focus is also turning to ukraine. during this trip ina asia, the president signed a package in seoul to provide humanitarian as they fend off russian forces. russia is declaring that it destroyed a large batch of
10:22 am
weapons west of the capital of kyiv. russian air strikes have targeted eastern an southern ukraine. melissa bell is live in kyiv. ukraine needs the weapons they've been getting from western countries. what are you learning about this strike? >> this is a strike that hit a town in the region of the west of kyiv. a couple of hours from here. it was at a train station that the cruise missile hit overnight destroying infrastructure but more specifically you're quite right, the weapons coming in from those countries that have been supporting ukraine in its efforts to push back on that russian offensive that has now been going on for three months. we don't know precisely what weapons were destroyed but there was significant damage done to that railway station. one of the main routes through which they are coming through and proved to make a difference to the balance of power on the
10:23 am
ground. meanwhile we've been seeing more strikes, more fighting over in the east of course an north of donetsk and west of luhansk, where they are trying to meet up and coordinate themselves in order that they could claim that part of the land and that is the focus of the fighting over the course of the last few days. a front line in particular around donetsk, that has been the scene of a great deal of violence. and of course it isn't just the fighting between the two forces. as they meet one another, russians trying to press ahead with their offensive, ukrainians trying to prevent them from doing so. but of course the civilians that find themselves caught in the middle. that town of donetsk that we've been talking about so much the last few days, 12 civilians were killed there on thursday. we know that there were some 15,000 still in the basements of that town. meanwhile, in those parts of kharkiv for instance, where the ukrainian counter offensive has been successful the last few weeks, in pushing russian forces
10:24 am
eastwards, there is also the opportunity now to count some of that damage and it gives you an idea of what follows after these retreats have taken place. the town of kharkiv, we've been remembering that it was a scene of that siege that lasted for two months. the dreadful relentless daily shelling of civilians areas, we've been hearing from the mayor of the city speaking about the damage there. more than 30% of the city's high-rise residential complexes, destroyed. 100 schools destroyed. these are parts country beginning to count the cost even as they start to imagine what rebuilding the future will look like. >> as you out, civilians caught in the middle. millions of ukrainians displace and people fleeing the fighting. what are you hearing about people who are fleeing some of the fighting in the south, particularly around the city of kherson, which has been captured by the russians, what are the
10:25 am
russian -- what kind of pressure are the russians putting on residents there? >> reporter: well i think one of the points that is important to make and you've been here covering this as well, is that we have access to the partiparts of the country that are controlled of russian forces. and you've had a lot of them trying to flee the city of kherson. if you look at a map, down in the south of the country, it is been now in russian hands since -- for many weeks since the beginning of war. it is at the center of a huge humanitarian crisis. now what russian forces we understand have been giving the residents of cherson the opportunity to do is to head in crimea. the ones that we're hearing from now are able to make it out. rear hearing harrowing details of their escape, they're coming under fire and shelling and what they tell and i think this is most important and troubling
10:26 am
port of the story, are the stories of what is happening inside of cities like kherson that are still within russian control that have not as i mentioned a moment ago, the case of kharkiv, been the siege -- the scenes of sieges and are now counting cost. but about where residents are still inside, those tales, disapp disappearances and trouble getting to food and water and it gives you an account of those areas under russian control and it is difficult to listen to, i think, alex. >> some really horrifying reports about the russians as they came in and invaded these places and then subsequently occupied them, what they're doog to the populations there. melissa bell in the capital of kyiv, thank you very much. now everyone is feeling the burden of rising prices. the cost of fuel is skyrocketing. but of course it doesn't stop there. as the price of transporting go goods rises, so does the cost of many everyday needs.
10:27 am
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now to the economy and the rising cost of fuel. particularly diesel. which means that anything that is transported by truck, train or ship, is going to cost you more. cnn's paul joins us from california where gas prices have topped $6 a gallon. you've been speaking with small business owners. what are they telling you? >> reporter: well i've here at a farmer's market and they're telling me they're getting pounded by the high gas price and other inflation. let's talk about gas first. a record here in the greater los
10:32 am
angeles area, it is $6.10 just under a gallon. so think about what that does to for example here, mommy helen's bakery. this is a family run operation, they come all the way from san bernardino. it is a 134 mile round trip. and among other signature dishes for example, would be a peach cobbler. well that peach cobbler requires peaches and cans have gone from $5.20 to well over $8.30 and i want to bring in bobby, one of the owners here, you've been doing this for 30 years with the gas prices, the prices of all of the ingredients, what is this going to your business. >> it is hurting the bottom line. you know, it is kind of like the prices that went up at least 25%, 30%. >> and i'd like to ask your daughter, you don't want to pass the costs on but you have to and a lot of your customers in this
10:33 am
neighborhood do not have a lot of disposable income. >> yes, very true. but with the rising cost of sugar and butter which are the staples of our products, we have no choice but to survive. >> and let's look at one of the products. this is a rose berry cobbler and we understand oprah likes this but for something like that, how much is the rose berry cobbler right now? >> right now they are $13. >> and they used to be. >> they used to be about $9. >> reporter: thank you so much. they were telling me here that when you talk about the price of sugar alone, it is now for you about $50 -- for a 50 pound bag. >> for a 50 pound bag is ranges between $31 to $36. and it used to be about $25. >> thank you so much for taking time to explain to us. so at this farmer's market you could get an idea of how inflation is hitting them hard.
10:34 am
people here telling us they want to buy this good, fresh food but it impacted their bottom line. when they look at the costs over a course of a month. so here at farmer's market in the crenshaw district, a lot of stories people suffering because of the inflation led by those gas prices as you pointed out, alex. >> trickling very quickly into the goods and the food that we buy every single day. paul, thank you very much for that report. and toz though the people for for speaking with you. now we're just daying away from a major primary in georgia hitting donald trump's candidate against mike pence's candidate. a live report onon where that critical race stands. that i is coming up next. 're rea. then we deliver to your new home - across town or acrossss the country. pods, your personal moving and s storage team. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-pl. ill got it.
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so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. this coming tuesday, primary voters in a number of states will be heading to the polls and all eyes will be on georgia. the governor there, brian kemp is facing a primary challenge from the trump backed former senate david perdue. then secretary of state brad raffensberger is up against jody hice. evena mckent is in atlanta. a lot of the names very familiar. georgia a focus after the 2020 election. trump asked the secretary of state to find thousands of votes. now as we're saying , trump has come out against kemp and brad raffensberger. is that having an effect? >> reporter: well, polling suggests that incumbent governor brian kemp is well positioned going into tuesday.
10:40 am
even though david perdue, the former senator, was not only endorsed by trump, but really coaxed into running by trump. something that undoubtedly holds currency in this republican party. perdue zont seem to be gaining the voters he needs by centering the election lie. it doesn't seem to be doing enough. governor kemp has the corporation of the republican state legislature and has been able to deliver on a number of conservative wins. meanwhile, on the democratic side, stacey abrams, the democratic candidate for governor is running uncontested but democratic voters say they are still paying attention. >> my ballot went completely democrat. i want to see raphael warnock back in office and stacey abrams, ready to start that political path, on wards and
10:41 am
upwards. >> reporter: now there is the also closely watched race for secretary of state. where you mentioned secretary of state brad raffensberger. he has a formidable challenger in jody hice. in many ways the election lie is on the ballot as well. we'll have to see if that does more for hice than it seems to be doing for perdue. alex. >> the election lie is on the ballot. absolutely. eva mckent in atlanta, thank you very much. now to the republican senate, dr. mehmet oz is leading dave mccormick by just over 1,000 votes. cnn estimates there are fewer than 10,000 votes left to be counted. most of those are absentee. david mccormick believes that the final ballots will tip in his favor. melanie zanona joins me now. how likely is a recount to happen in this race given how
10:42 am
close it is? >> reporter: this is almost certainly headed to a recount. we should know next week which there will be a recount if it is within half a percentage point. but there is already a feeling behind the scenes among both campaigns that this is headed for a bruising drawn-out recount process. in fact both teams have already started adding lawyers and experts who have experience in recounts and have experience in contesting elections. and mccormick's campaign is signaling they're prepared to fight to every undated ballot counted in the senate primary race. this comes after a federal appeals court ruled last night in philadelphia that every ballot that was submitted without a d on it must be counted in a local election from last november. now it is unclear whether that ruling will indeed apply to senate primary race from tuesday. it is also unclear how many undated ballots were submitted
10:43 am
in this recent election. they will oppose the effort from the legal team who wants to ask for a hearing if the ballots are not counted. let me read you part of the statement. quote, unfortunately the mccormick legal team is following the democrat's playbook. a tactic that could have long-term harmful consequences for the elections in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. so just a snapshot of the type of fight that could come as both sides are gearing up for a potentially long battle here in pennsylvania. >> all right, that republican senate race in pennsylvania, neck-and-neck. thank you so much. now still ahead, we will be live at the pga championship where all eyes are on tiger woods after he rebounded and made the cut. but first, this week's taking care of business. ♪
10:44 am
my name is chris alexander. >> and i'm alicia ferguson. >> and we're the owners of a wellness inspired coffee shop. >> and a block women's opened body positive studio in brooklyn. >> and what inspired us was just realizing there was a lack of representation in the area, inclusion is at the center of this business. we have heard that people do come to our classes because of the diversity. people of all backgrounds, all ages, all abilities and not incomes feel like they could be their full self-. we're not preaching it. we're seeing it. there is say sense of belonging and a sense of community. at the original location, we would have space to have tea and coffee and people would stay for like an hour or more after class. and so it just made sense to
10:45 am
combine yoga with the coffee. >> revenue wise, we're up 50%. our attendance during covid was at like a 20% occupancy rate. and so right now we're like maxing out of classes. >> the possibilities are endless and we're just going to keep going. >> takining care of business, brought to you by principal. helping you plan, , protect and invest and retire.e. build it a . wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employ who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watcng your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws
10:49 am
on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
10:50 am
cnn has learned that rudy giuliani met with the january 6th committee for more than nine hours on friday. guiliani was of course central in former president trump's failed bid to overturn the 2020 election. he had been subpoenaed by the committee back in january. he backed out of his original deposition but then finally sat down for a virtual interview this week. the doj says it is intending to appeal a federal judge's blocking of the end of a controversial public health authority called title 42. yesterday a federal judge in louisiana blocked the biden administration from ending the pandemic restriction that came from the trump era. it was just days before it was set to expire. in early april the cdc announced
10:51 am
plans to terminate the order, stating that it was no longer necessary. title 42 allows officials to turn migrants away from the u.s./mexico border to stop the spread of coronavirus. according to the cdc, under title 42 authorities expelled migrants at the border more than 1.9 million times in just over two years. now switching to sports, one of golf's major tournaments is now in its home stretch with tiger woods, one of the sport's biggest stars, making the weekend cut. now, this comes one year after he survived a major car crash that many feared would end his career. tiger woods has defied the odds by not only returning to golf but he's playing so well that he made it into weekend rounds in back to back major tournaments. cnn world sport host don riddell is in tulsa for the 104th pga championship. don, good to see you.
10:52 am
how surprising is tiger woods making the cut? >> it was pretty surprising, alex, given the way he had played on thursday, which is very, very disappointing. he was much improved on friday. remember, he arrived here in tulsa saying he thought he could win this tournament, definitely was how he put it. and it is a huge achievement that he's made it to the weekend especially when you consider the likes of scotty shelfler, the world number one, did not. however, that's where the good news ends. right now he's approaching the end of his third round and is having an absolute nightmare, flirting with one of the worst scores he's shot in a major championship. his ball has been in the water, he's been all over the place. he had a triple bogey at one point, had five consecutive bogeys at one point. he didn't make a birdie until the 15th hole where he was kind of smirking about it, obviously realizing that things weren't going quite according to plan. and for a man of his stature and everything that he's achieved, he really can't be having much
10:53 am
fun. we know how much pain he plays through just to be able to compete. we know how much time and effort he has to spend getting his body warm and ready to play. it's a three-hour process. temperatures here have dropped dramatically over the last couple of days. whether it was heat stroke, and i saw fans arriving with blankets this morning, that's how cold and wet and rainy it is now. not an ideal situation for tiger needs to be playing in. clearly the stamina to compete over four rounds is not something that has returned to him. again, he's done very well given the fact that he could have died or even lost his leg in that car crash, to be competing in the weekend. but you have a sense he just wants this over with now. we've heard in the last few minutes he's reducing his media commitments after the round, i think he just wants to get out of here as soon as possible. >> i don't know how much comfort he takes in just being there, but it is incredibly remarkable that he is there so soon after
10:54 am
that really tough car crash. don riddell in tulsa, thank you so much. ford is recalling thousands of cars because of concerns they could spontaneously catch fire while they're parked and turned off. we'll have the details coming up. a new episode of "nomad with carlton mccoy", he heads to guinea to explore a country and a region that is experiencing a real renaissance. >> we're in a casual lunch spot, or chop house, found all over ghana. there are two specialties at this chop house. first up, palm nut soup. the fruit of the palm is boiled and crushed with turkey berry and smoked tilapia is added to finish the stew. the second is ground nut soup. beef braised in palm oil, cooked
10:55 am
down in a broth infused with peanuts. this is beautiful, nutty but not like a peanut, almost like a brazil nut, sort of mild and starchy and oily, it's like that. >> we have a lot of different starches. this is fou-fou. >> boiled cassava root and plantains are pounded over and over until a silky smooth dough with a surprisingly familiar texture. >> that looks incredible. catch the new episode 10:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night right here on cnn. we'll be right back. [sfx: : fighter jet flying] [tom cruise] tower this is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost ririder, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪
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hi there, thanks for joining me. i'm alex marquardt in this saturday for fredericka whitfield. we begin with efforts to ease the baby formula shortage in the united states with some help from the pentagon. a u.s. military cargo plane is getting ready to take off, leaving from germany with more than 1 million bottles of baby formula from europe. cnn's polo sandoval has been following all of these developments. polo, what more do we know about this flight and its precious cargo? >> reporter: alex, well over three months into this shortage, this is exactly what so many parents wanted to see, at least those supplies coming into the united states, at least they're not being mass produced in the


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