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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  May 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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live in the cnn "newsroom" i'm jim acosta in washington. american service members jump into action as the baby formula shortage grows more urgent by the hour. tomorrow the first military flight carrying baby formula is set to fly from germany to indianapolis using military aircraft in a situation like this is unusual and speaks to the nature of the crisis. a staff sergeant telling his crew, quote, this is important we are literally saving babies. desperate families looking at empty store shelves. and some turning to hospitals
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when they can't feed their babies. in some cases hording is a problem. one massachusetts mother confronted another shopper whose cart was overflowing with baby formula. >> look at this. look at all this. look at the shelves. you don't think i need it for my baby, too. >> this is the whole reason there's a formula shortage. you take all the formula off the shelf and buy it once. >> you come after me, get this one. >> i'm saying this is the reason there's a shortage. you come and buy all the formula at once and there's kids who need formula today who won't be able to get it because you just bought it to stock up. >> we all have to work together on this folks. elizabeth cohen joins me from ram stein air base in germany where the formula flights will depart. elizabeth, tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: i've been watching service members at ramstein service base put together these
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pal lots. 1.5 million bottles of formula headed to indiana arriving tomorrow. talking to the service members they're touched by the work they're doing. they say they ship things to people all the time, that's what they do. but they say this feels different. they're sending infant formula back to babies in their home country, back to the united states and they said this feels very different. they feel like they're helping babies back in their own country. let's look at the product being shipped back. you can see it says nestle here. this is a hypoallergenic formula because a lot of children who have been having allergies have trouble getting the formula they need. nestle is a swiss company. it's sweet these service members are able to do this and the formula is on the way to american families, but the bitter part is how did we get in this situation? how did we get in the situation where europe needs to be helping
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america feed its own babies. there will be many, many questions about this in the days and weeks and months to come. 1.5 million bottles is a lot but there are millions of babies in the united states. this will not turn things around when it arrives in indiana. it's one of many steps being taken but parents aren't going to see full shelves tomorrow or the next day or the next day. this shortage could go on for a while. hopefully it'll get better soon but won't be turned around for many weeks to come. >> we have to get those flights into warp speed here. thank you very much. today there was also a flight with an urgent delivery from washington to seoul. it was carrying the bill that congress just passed for more ukrainian aide so the president could sign it. it allocates another $40 billion in humanitarian and military support. it comes at a time that russia
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has unleashed another horrific attack and has claimed victory in mariupol. jeremy diamond is in south korea. jeremy, biden's first trip to asia is huge. but much of the world is still focused on ukraine and there was an urgent delivery for the president that sums things up. what are you hearing from the president today? >> reporter: that's right, jim. much of the world has been focused on the war in ukraine and so has the president's attention over the last several months. that's why on this trip president biden has sought to show allies in the region he is just as committed to this region, just as complmitted to completing the pivot to asia with foreign policy. we've heard president biden outline his approach to north korean denuclearization. talking about these alliances with south korea, japan.
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he announced he intends to step up and scale up military exercises with south korea. that's a big change from former president trump. we know that president biden is still addressing the conflict in ukraine and addressed it in a couple of ways. he talked about it on his first day here in the context of supply chain disruptions and again on friday. listen. >> putin's war against ukraine isn't just a matter for europe. it's an attack on democracy and the core international principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. and the republic of korea and the united states are standing together, part of a global response with our allies and partners around the world, to condemn russia's flagrant violations of international law and hold russia accountable and to support the people of ukraine. >> reporter: and as you said, jim, while president biden was
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here in south korea, that bill passed congress overwhelming, bipartisan majorities in the house and senate with just 11 republicans voting against that $40 billion of aid. that bill was actually flown over here to south korea by a government official who was already scheduled to fly to the region. president biden signing that piece of legislation because he doesn't want that aid to have any stops as it continues to flow to ukraine. jim? >> jeremy diamond. melissa, let me turn to you, major developments on the ground in ukraine. including an apparent surrender at the mariupol steel plant after keeping an eye on that. and new russian missile strikes on a cultural center. tell us the latest, what's going on. >> reporter: those pictures coming out of a town south of kharkiv where the cultural center was bombed, quiet devastateingly impressive.
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and something that president zelenskyy has spoken to saying it was an act of stupidity. taking on a culture center but that part of the country is where so much of the fighting has been concentrated as russian forces push their advances, where they're trying to consolidate one part of the territory. and the ukrainians are giving the stiff resistance. we're seeing, further to the south, the tails coming out from the refugees fleeing. one of the problems we have here is that we can cover what's happening on the ukrainian side of the line. it's harder to get a picture of what's happening in those parts of ukraine that are in russian hands. it's those tales of forced disappearances, detection, food in short supply, lack of medical supply, coming from the mouths of the refugees coming from that border, often being shelled as they try to do so. a missile strike to the west of
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kyiv here, it was a railway station that was targeted. that is where the arm shipments come through. even as president biden was signing the bill in south korea there was a missile strike overnight on one of those railway stations through which the weapons come, the ones being provided by the west, by the united states and other nato allies. and i think it's an important reminder of just how important those weapons have been to ukraine's successful attempts so far to try to push back the russian invasion as far as they can, jim. >> jeremy diamond and melissa bell. interest when it comes to how the world is paying attention to ukraine, it may ebb and flow on a daily basis but looking at the video you were showing us a few moments ago of the cultural center being struck, it's just -- there it is again just to show our viewers. it's just devastating.
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the destruction being unleashed on this country day in and day out. melissa and jeremy, thank you very much. joining me is ian bremmer, author of the new book "the power of crisis," thank you so much for joining us. you put this book to press four days after russia invaded ukraine. but you believe that this increasingly looks like what you call a goldilocks crisis. explain that for us. you know, when you look at the video we were just showing a few minutes ago, the cultural center being bombed, it's just unimaginable what the ukrainians are going through on a daily basis. but we're so grateful to have you on to talk about this book, ian, and all of these crises that are shaping what we're seeing on the world stage today. what do you mean by that, a goldilocks crisis? >> it's not a goldilocks crisis for the ukrainians in mariupol, the city that's been destroyed.
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it's not a goldilocks crisis for the 6 million ukrainians that are now forcible refugees living across europe. but what's clear is that nato had been eroding. it was a drift, it was missionless. the united states believed that, the french president believed that. this is europe post brexit. the most important thing is that putin believed it. he thought, like in 2008, like in 2014, if he upped the ante again and rolled into kyiv, and removed zelenskyy from government that there would be no effective response from the west. he was wrong. this is the worst misjudgment by a major leader on the global stage since the soviet union collapsed. and frankly, that has provided an enormous opportunity. not only for the ukrainians to fight and show that they can and should be a part of the european union but also has allowed nato to get stronger to focus on
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defense in a way the europeans have refused to for decades. have allowed finland and sweden to join and they will at the end of the month it'll be approved at the madrid summit. and i think most people agree they hate putin more than the united states. when i was watch the nancy pelosi and then the mitch mcconnell convoys to kyiv, the message was identical. this is a threat to democracy, the rule of law, and the allies around the world, and allies in asia are not going to stand for it. i call that a goldilocks crisis. >> it is certainly a silver lining in this, we're seeing nato come together in ways we would not have imagined a year ago. look at what's happening now. finland and sweden talking about joining the alliance. it is remarkable.
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you're right about that. let's talk about, you know, whether or not, you know, there is cause to be had, concern to be had about whether or not vladimir putin is going to stand for sweden and finland to do something like this, to join nato. is that something that the united states should be worried about? that this is a provocation, and, of course, obviously we want to play into -- don't want to play into putin's hands here by saying sweden and finland can't do this. i have to imagine it's interpreted as a provocation and there is a risk involved in all of that. >> let's be clear that the provocation was 190,000 russian troops that rolled into ukraine, an independent sovereign country, and putin lied directly to the united states, the heads of state in europe, saying it was a training exercise, they were not going to invade. it's a provocation that's not coming from nato.
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i take your point. and, of course, western leaders need to understand that these things will be perceived as escalations by putin. let's understand when sweden and finland first talked about interest in joining nato two plus months ago what you heard from russia was there was going to be consequences we're going to raise on higher alert. it was truly this bluster and escalation. yet the last couple weeks we've heard from the kremlin moving the goal post, it's no big deal, they're small country. we mean if there's nato infrastructure and bases put on their territory, which the finish government said they have no intention of doing. what this looks like is the russian's bluff being called. and it kind of makes you wish that the invasions of 2008 into georgia and 2014 into ukraine
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were seen as sufficient crises that the west would have responded to the russians then and the precise fact is it wasn't. it was too small we couldn't be bothered, we had other things on our plate. so putin thought he could get away with more and more and more. >> let's talk about the global economy because that has the potential to destabilize things as well in ways we can't imagine at this point. while americans pay more for gas, food, rent, the stock market is flashing warning science we haven't seen in a while, the dow is on the longest losing streak in nearly a century. the s&p 500 is falling into bear market territory. not a lot of good news on that front. and this is having an effect on joe biden's standing as president. a new poll shows his approval rating at 40%. democrats worry the economy is going to sink them come the midterms in november. is there anything that you think that joe biden has, the
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president has in his utility belt to head that off? >> well, he's got roe v. wade, which, of course, the republicans had a much easier time running against than they're going to have taking accountability for it. i think that makes the senate closer in the in terms of. but i mean, in a generic congressional poll, the democrats are running some three points behind the republicans right now. looks like a wave election. and you're right, biden has been consistently less confident than someone that trump. and that is a bad piece of news. when i say this is a goldilocks crisis, let's be clear. it's a crisis. the fact is the inflation that was already running hot on the back of the pandemic and the sudden whiplash in massive destruction and then massive expansion of consumer demand on top of all the supply chain
12:16 pm
challenges and then on top of that we have zero covid in china that is not working, shutting down ports, shanghai, the biggest city. and now you have russia versus ukraine, and it's not the disruptions caused from the bombing in ukraine which is a major grain and vfertilizer producer. it's also the mining by the ukrainians of the black sea and the blockade of odesa by ships. there's an effort to negotiate between the two sides that they're trying to get the food and fertilizer out. but it's going to take months at a minimum and until then, who's going to pay the cost? consumers all over the world. we don't have good news in terms of inflation and supply chain in the foreseeable future, jim. >> and so many of these problems are interconnected. it's going to take a lot more than, you know, the time that we have to sort all of this out. ian bremmer, thank you so much
12:17 pm
for joining us. appreciate it. author of the book "power of crisis" be sure to check it out. hope to have you back soon. appreciate it. >> they're still counting voteds in pennsylvania. the latest on a primary race that could have huge implications on the balance of power here in wawashington. whene isn't enough... ...add finish jet dry 3 in 1 1. to dry, prevent spots, and protect glglasses against cloudiness. the dishes aren't done without finish j jet dry 3 in 1. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. so her son can get set up there setting an appointment here, and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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what do you think healthier looks like? cvs can help you support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy ...even skin. so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. pennsylvania's senate gop primary is still too close to call unless you're donald trump. he wants his candidate me met oz to take a page out of his playbook and declare victory. although the race will go to a recount with oz just barely leading mccormick. trump jumping at making new fraud fantasies. while his old fantasies are alive in georgia. he has two candidates running on the big lie ticket, incumbents
12:22 pm
who refused to back the big lie. kemp is ahead of purdue. . joining us is host of the white flag podcast, joe walsh and former congressman from pennsylvania charlie dent. thank you for coming on, gentlemen. this is going to be a great discussion here. let me start with you congressman walsh. for the talk will the trump-backed candidate win? shouldn't the bigger story be that republican candidates are actively running as election deni deniers. trump may have had a shaky week depending on which horse he had in which race. but trumpism did just fine. it feels like the horse race is a distraction. >> completely jim. great point. i get so frustrated with every
12:23 pm
primary night this year, did trump do well or not do well? what does that mean for trump's hold on the party? that's all a bunch of bull. none of that matters. look, here's what matters, jim. every republican that's won a primary this year and every republican that will win a primary this year, is a huge bow down in front of prostrate yourself in front of donald trump kind of republican. it doesn't matter who he endorses, they all -- all the candidates love and support him. i think the media gets so -- and i understand, jim, there are so many republicans who want trump's hold on the party to disappear. but they're too cowardly to publically stand against him and make trump's hold on the party disappear. but no, trump so far has had a great primary season and it will continue throughout.
12:24 pm
>> and congressman dent, the republican for pennsylvania, to me the story of the week is doug mas t mastriano, a known election steal backer. he's talked about how he plans to handle the 2024 election. let's watch. >> as governor, i get to appointment the secretary of state, and i have a voting reform minded individual who's been traveling the nation in those voting reform extremely well. that individual has agreed to be my secretary of state. i'm going to have a team around that individual that's really good on voting reform. as governor i get to decertify any or all machines in the states. i have my eyes on several counties that have machines i believe are compromised. >> you're from pennsylvania,
12:25 pm
they're going to have a boat load of votes up for grabs in 2024. help us understand what's at stake here. how wild is it to you that doug mastriano is the going to be the gop candidate given everything he's done and said up to this point? >> well doug mastriano's nomination is a complete catastrophe for republicans in pennsylvania, they know it. your audience may not know this, he's a state senator, he was thrown out of the senate gop caucus last year. he's not welcome in there. he -- this man is extreme. what you pointed out about his election denial and he will have -- should he become governor, i don't believe he will. should he become governor, he will have the ability to appoint the secretary of state who can do all terrible things and talking about abortions, no exceptions in any circumstances
12:26 pm
i believe. this man is extreme. josh shapiro ran ads in the primary pumping up mastriano, do we want somebody like this? he did it to help mastriano but i think that mastriano will not become the governor, i hope he will not. there will be massive reactions in the republican party in pennsylvania. i think the whole committee in pennsylvania has to take stock. this is the outcome none of them wanted. they did nothing to condition this field until five days before the election, trying to get over 10 republican candidates running trying to get some of them out to have one alternative instead of seven or eight. this is a catastrophe. that's the bad news. the good news, i don't think he'll ever become governor. >> joe, let me ask you this. i have to get your reaction. i can see you shaking your head about mastriano. i'll let you chime in on this. >> i love and respect my friend
12:27 pm
and former colleague charlie dent. but look, among republicans, mastriano is not extreme at all. if you call him extreme, you've got to call donald trump extreme. trump is an insurrectionist, the leader of the republican party is an insurrectionist, mastriano is also an insurrection ist. but jim, sadly for people like charlie dent and myself, they're not extreme. because the republican party base has been radicalized and they're with people like mastriano and trump. >> joe, let me get your reaction to what happened at c pac this week, not here in washington but in hungary. yes, in hungary. where they heard from anti-immigrant leader victor orbon. it was entitled western under
12:28 pm
attack. and during his speech he said what america needs more of is tucker carlson. let's listen. >> translator: of course the grand old party has associates in the media. associated media. but they do not compete for the dominance of the liberal press. only my friend tucker carlson places himself on the line with the waivering. his new program is the most watched. what does it mean? it means that programs like his should run day and night, as you say, 24/7. >> so he is plugging tucker carlson at this dictator palooza in hungary. >> outside of donald trump, nobody channels the republican party voter better than tucker carlson right now. again, this is sad because it is
12:29 pm
a party that has given up on democracy. they no longer believe in this it and they want an authoritarian. they want a putin, they want an orban, they want a trump or desantis here who acts like an authoritarian. this is exactly where today's republican party is, and it should scare the hell out of every american. >> this is weird, isn't it? to have c pac holding a conference in hungary where there's an authoritarian leader talking about tucker -- i mean, the -- what world are we in? this is the twilight zone. >> i think -- let's be honest, jim. some of the conventions in recent years have become freak shows, clown shows. the fact they're going to hungary to celebrate this leader, if you want to call him that, is really quite shameful. one of the great challenges from my view is that we have lost this international flare that we have had for years.
12:30 pm
we were the party that stood up to autocrats and we believed strongly in the transatlantic relationship and nato. and we believed in things about -- at least on foreign policy. and the fact that we are celebrating people like orban and tucker carlson, who celebrate vladimir putin, at least up until the invasion, runs counter to everything i was brought up as as not only an american but also a republican. going to hungary to celebrate orban. almost in the twilight zone. it makes no sense. we should be celebrating leaders who embrace direct values and principles, free press, independent judiciary, free elections. not these folks that are backsliding. and joe is correct, where there was those who favor that type of failed leadership in the republican party. we have a lot of work to do to
12:31 pm
reconstruct the republican party right now. two former republican congressmen here talking about these important subjects and what's happening in the gop. it's remarkable to see what's happening. charlie dent, joe walsh, thanks to both of you. we appreciate the time. coming up, house speaker nancy pelosi's hometown archbishop denying her holy communion because of her position on abortion. the top of kilimanjaro. a portrait of the artist. jojo. a million custom framed pieces and counting. you can framebridge just abobout anything.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
12:35 pm
as if the issue of abortion could not get any more politically charged the
12:36 pm
conservative archbishop of san francisco said he is refusing nancy pelosi holy communion quoting from his letter to her, quote you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and relieve absolution of this grave sin. no comment from speaker pelosi's office. last year the vatican warned against a move to deny communion to president biden, primaope frs saying i have never denied anyone. oklahoma is about to have one of the strictest abortion bans in the country. the governor is expected to sign the bill that prohibits abortion from the moment of fertilization. lucy cavanaugh has the story. >> we believe life begins at conception. >> reporter: republican governor kevin stitt not mincing words
12:37 pm
making good on his promise to make oklahoma the most antiabortion state in the country. oklahoma lawmakers passing a bill on thursday that would ban abortions at feralization. making it one of the most far reaching prohibitions. adding to a growing number of republican leaning states advancing in anticipation of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. >> this bill does not preclude any other programs seeking to help women and children in difficult times. what this bill does is protect life. >> reporter: the bill sparked immediate push back from state democrats. >> people will die, women will die because they cannot access a procedure they need to save their own life and it will be on our conscious. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris calling it the latest of attacks on women by legislatures. while on thursday offering a grim preview of post-roe america. >> it represents a threat not
12:38 pm
just to women but to all americans. at its core this is about our future as a nation. about whether we live in a country where the government can interfere in personal decisions. >> reporter: oklahoma's bill would ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy. unless it was due to rape, sexual assault or incest but only if those crimes were reported to law enforcement. it prohibits almost all abortions in the state. it relies on private individuals to enforce it, allowing them to sue anyone who aids or abets in an abortion. >> this law was designed to encourage people to bring frivolous and harassing lawsuits. it's basically all access pass to the courthouse to bring a lawsuit against somebody for something that you think may be taking place. >> reporter: the bill now heads to the governor's desk who
12:39 pm
promised to sign any legislation that limits abortion. last month he signed a bill after a texas legislation that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks before many women know they're pregnant. it does allow for exceptions in medical emergencies. >> other states can do things differently we're going to stand for life in oklahoma. >> here in rural oklahoma women are limited to access to abortions there are just four clinics in the entire state. two of them stopped providing abortions. once the governor signed the ban into law it goes into effect immediately and that's when the other two clinics will cease providing abortions leaving women with no options in the state. now to a homecoming more than two years in the making. tomorrow cnn will air an exclusive interview with trevor reed, the former marine freed last month after being locked up in russia for almost three years. here's a preview of his
12:40 pm
interview with our jake tapper. >> have you been able to fully grasp you're free? >> a cnn exclusive. >> you went to a party in august of 2019. >> the next morning i woke up in a police station. >> former u.s. marine trevor reed talks with edujake taper at his days in russian hands. >> they have no value for life. >> how it came to an end. >> they never would have broken me. maybe i would have died but they never would have broken me. >> finally home the trevor reed interview tomorrow at 8:00. (elevator dingng) ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ (camera shutters) be ready for any arena in the all-new lx 600. ♪ ♪ wealth is breaking gund on your biggest project yet.
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at least two people are dead and 44 others are injured after a powerful tornado touched down in northern michigan. we just learned that a tornado was rated an ef 3 with maximum winds of 140 miles per hour based on the preliminary data coming in so far. the storm tore through homes, businesses and an rv park in gaylord leaving debris and devastation in the wake. look at this video here. it's just extraordinary. this was taken by a resident who said he heard the tornado warning and went outside to see the tornado barrelling toward his home. michigan governor gretchen whitmer has declared a state of emergency. we're one week from the unofficial start of summer but some americans are feeling the heat already. over 35 million people across the east are feeling the heat
12:46 pm
this weekend we're wafeeling itn washington right now. record high temperatures from delaware to new hampshire and half of the u.s. will see temperatures at or above 90 degrees. allison chinchar joins me now. it's early for it to be this hot. we're here in washington and my goodness, it's above 90 degrees this time of year? it's wild. >> it feels more like -- >> what can you tell us? >> it feels more like it should be july rather than the end of may. that's the thing you have to keep in mind it's about accli acclimation. early like this people don't have time to adjust, which is why you see people suffer from heat stroke and other illnesses now because they haven't had time to adapt. it's a lot of states we're talking about here you have potential records from texas up to new hampshire, whether that's today or even tomorrow. a total of 60 locations looking at record-breaking highs. you have heat advisories in effect starting from northern
12:47 pm
delaware up into new hampshire. the thing here, it's not just the temperature. it's also mixed in with the humidity as well. so washington d.c. temperature right now is 91 but it feels more like it's 95 when you factor in the humidity. same with philadelphia, 93 is the temp but it feels like it's 97. again, taking into account both. i wish i could say i had better news of what the summer was yet to come. unfortunately when you look at the long term outlook by noa, which is what we're looking at the northeast likely to continue the trend as we go throughout the summer. this is the outlook, june, july, august, so the vast majority of the entire lower 48 is expecting warmer than average conditions. looking out west, you're combining that heat with dryer conditions and that's a big concern when you talk about the areas dealing with not only drought but the wildfires out west. those are two components you don't want to mix together
12:48 pm
trying to combat those fires. >> no question. i know the kids are at home right now saying the pool is not open yet, the neighborhood pool is not open yet. when it's this hot, that is not fair. a lot of very concerning weather out west to keep our eyes on, you're right. thank you so much. the comeback continues. tiger woods makes the cut to play in another major tournament and he just finished a historic performance but maybe it's not the kind of history he was hoping for. th a simple text. like what you see e abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks oror less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. wet dishes? spots? cloudy glasses?
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12:52 pm
he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. this is beautiful, huh?
12:53 pm
>> love your tats. love, love, love. >> i want to leave a very old, fully tattooed corpse. i'm bald so i've got more territory. >> i've been invited to a weekly gathering of friends. >> this looks incredible. >> i follow it seems very basic, but i love fried calamari. >> helping to shape the future of their city and country, doing their part to build a better ghana. >> the thing i've always appreciated about gan ma is the fact that so many intelligence stays here. why do you think that is. >> it's a beautiful place. i think family and friends. we have the strong ghana sol dare they. >> a brand new nomad tomorrow night on cnn. today is proving to be a
12:54 pm
rough one for tiger woods. he had his west-ever score at the tournament with a 9 over par 79 in today's third round. an up-and-down weekend. woods did well friday making the cut for the tournament's second round after he struggled in round one on thursday where he shot 4 over par and appeared in pain at various times. he's still recovering from the serious leg injuries he suffered from a car accident last year. hang in there, tiger. this week's cnn hero is passing on the joy of do it yourself to her entire community. >> we're going to talk about putting the sheeting on the roof today. >> our students learn a little bit of everything. basics like safety, tools and materials, construction math. and then we go into hands-on stuff, carpentry, length cal, plumbing. >> 126 3/4. >> our program is solving two
12:55 pm
problems at once, training women for living wage paying jobs in the construction trades. >> this is where it gets fun. >> we're also helping older adults age in place. that's really a win-win, where you get to watch something come together that you built. >> that look like that's going to work for you? >> yes. this is awesome. >> such a feeling of accomplishment. if we don't see women out there doing this, other women, they'll never see this as an opportunity. if you can't see it, you can't be it. >> to see nora's team in action and get the full story go to nominate someone you know to be a cncnn hero. (vo) when it comes to safety, who has s more iihs top safety pick plus awards— the highest level of safety you can earn? subaru.
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you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. president biden in the middle of his first presidential visit to asia. even there the ukraine crisis is a top try or the. today in seoul, he signed a $40 billion aid package from ukraine. the bill was flown in from washington showing how time sensitive every bit of military support is for ukraine. this next round of assistance comes after russia claims it destroyed a stockpile of weapons provided by europe and the u.s. near kyiv. russia has also unleashed a fresh round of air strikes. you're seeing some of what we're talking about right there, includin


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