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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  May 21, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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still down power lines. it's a will the of danger out there. the whole block, ta neighborhood got wiped out. >> more than 25 million americans are under heat advisories today. >> you have records become brokenen from texas to new hampshire.
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>> today we have been watching put together these pal ettepale. this is 1.5 million eight ounce bol bottles of infant formula. >> i'm pamela brown. you're in the cnn newsroom. we're following several major stories. extreme weather across america. a town in michigan sifting through the wreckage of a deadly tornado while more than half the country bakes in record heat. two u.s. military planes are set to fly supplies from germany to the u.s. tonight to help ease america's baby formula shortage. also tonight, fbi is sounding the alarm on so calmed
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sex sex-tortion scams. suze orman tells you how to protect your money. baking and battering much of the country. moments that must have felt like an ternty. a tornado reduces a small town neighborhood into a debris field. two people are dead and 44 injured. today heat advisories cover 35 million people from philadelphia to new york to boston. in new mexico, the largest wildfire in the state history is now burning into its 6th week. more than 300,000 acres burned and only 40% contained. the national weather service says the tornado that ripped through gaylord, michigan was an
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ef-3. that means the winds were blasting at 140 miles an hour when these rvs were hammered like bowling pins. look at this. michigan's governor has declared state of emergency for that area. the hardest hit area is the notingham forest mobile home park where two people died. they were each in their 70s. 95% of the homes were destroyed. >> that whole neighborhood got wiped out. he was back in the house with our dogs. i was like get your stuff, get ready. it touched on and ripped through before i could blink. i called him and made sure he was all right.
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the whole neighborhood was already gone. people being pulled out of rubble. >> the town's mayor says people have set aside their own losses to help the community. anyone with a chain saw or rake has helped clear roads or assist neighbors. let's get back to that stifling heat we've and the rest of the extreme weather rocking the u.s. you have no shortage of things to monitor, do you? >> exactly right. forget what the calendar dez, we have everything from heat storms to snow. we'll start with the heat because records have been tied in these places. georgetown, delaware, dulles airport in virginia. seeing temperatures close to or tieing records from 94 to 88 degrees. we're still going to get a few more records coming in over the next couple of hours when the stations report. right now feels like tit's 96 i philly.
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they will run the preakness in about an hour. heat advisories have been extended into tomorrow because temperatures will feel like 95 to 100 again. the reason why, big line of storms stretches way from northern new england back down toward texas. on the back end of the system, there's been snow. that's what it looks like on the radar but nothing says it like a live picture. the flakes still flying. maybe that might make you feel better than the 90 degree heat. temperatures will drop between 20 and 30 for northern minnesota back down toward den ner. what a wild weather ride today. >> those are some wild swings across country. thank you.
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we're going to turn to the committee where buyers and sellers are feeling the pain. in california gas is hovering around $6 a gallon. local business owners are struggling the keep up with higher costs. it left many with a difficult choice. pass the pain onto their customers or close up shop. we have latest from a los angeles area farmers market. >> reporter: most people are up upbeat, the talk is inflation and gas prices. just under $6.10 in los angeles. we have the vendors who are coming throughout the region here. sochl them telling us they used to pay about $80 round trip to bring the fruits and vegetables here and now they are spending $200. the basics, the staples are causing all the prices to be driven up. the consumers are struggling with them. this is mommy helen's bakery. very popular here. famous for naurm of items.
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they raise their prices and they have to try to accommodate the consumers who are telling us they are now making choices. things like entertain m and all sorts of other things for disposable income. that trip the to the nail salon, they are no longer going. the people are choosing to go to the bakery or get their fresh fruits and vegetables but they are having to make serious choices as they navigate these horrific gas prices here in california. i want to bring in now suze orman. the well known financial expert and the host of the women and money podcast. so great to have you on the show. it's so timely because of what's happening right now in the economy. the market is tumbling. the dow is on its longest weekly
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losing streak since 1923. how panicked should we be in. >> well, panicking isn't going to help anybody, truthl truthfu. what's going to help is to understand this is here to state for quite a while, if you cask me. you have to start spend less and save more. it's really, i want to say just that simple because inflation may be here for the rest of this year, possibly could continue up. we don't know. you have to really watch every penny you spend at this point in time. that's hard because everybody is feeling free and they want to go out and travel and they want to go out to eat. you really have to start to cut back and conserve, conserve. >> why do you think this is going to be the situation for a while? >> for a number of reasons. first of all, inflation started because shipping and everything
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contracted during, what, the pandemic, with covid. we haven't really solved that problem. we have china that's totally shut down practically speaking and when they open up again, then all this material will be going back on the market but then we'll have a shipping problem again because it's going to get stalled because of how much is being shipped over. because we became so dependent on globalization and other people manufacturing for us, we don't have the product. i don't expect it will change any time soon. i just don't see with the feds raising rates how that is going to stop this inflation for quite
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a while because it's just not. you can see it all over the place. >> i think it's really important what you're doing now and that's setting realistic expectations for every one. it's like buckle up. this will be the situation for a while. this is the new reality in america. i'm curious what you think about what's going on in the stock market. the s&p 500 fell into bear market territory on friday before climbing out of it just before close. tell us a bit about what that signifies and what those of us who have money in the stock market should do right now. >> if at this point you're invested in the stock market and you're invested in good kaquali stocks. stocks that make things, pay dividends, have earnings and they have been hit because everything has been hit, you have to just stay there. recently warren buffet said the best thing you can do right now is don't look. just don't look. all of you have to know what
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you're invested in and does it make sense. this is not the time, anymore, where these high flying stocks are what's going to give you your return. it's very possible that you might see the markets go up for a week or two here but long run, and i hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's what i believe is that maybe it goads up a week or two but then it starts to down trend again. i would not be surprised to see the nasdaq go down at 14%. the standard and poors go down another 10%. if you're in it for the long run, if you don't need your money for five years, ten years, 15 years or longer, you just have to wait. what you should be doing is continue to dollar cost average. if you're in a 401(k) plan or a retirement account, don't stop now. this is not the time to be taking out loans from your 401(k) because if you take out
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the money, you're taking it while markets are low. there are things you can do with your money that make total sense at this point in time. if you're not purchasing series i bonds right here and right now, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. >> i had someone on recently talk about that. tell me about series i bonsd, why that is so important. >> they are issued by the government. you get them at they are paying 9.62% on an annualized yield. the i stands for inflation. what you have to know about them is once you invest in them and you can invest anywhere from $25 all the way up to $10,000.
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there are other ways for you to get up to $30,000 if you want in them. you cannot touch them for the first year. years two through five there's a three month interest penalty but even with that, you're so far ahead. the rate resets every may and november 1st. truthfully, if you want to learn everything you could know about series i bonds, on the women and money podcast, the april 17th date, i did a master class on it and it will teach every single one of you why you have to do it. how it works and how to know,000 put more in than just 10,000 a year. most people think that's the max you can put in but it's not. >> okay. i'm so listening to that after my show tonight. i cannot wait to listen to that. can't let you go until we talk about crypto currency. you know the value has cratered in last couple of weeks. what do you think about crypto
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currency. is it something you're investing in? what do you advise? >> it's a broad field. let's boil it down to bit coin which is what most people know about. bitcoin did not act as an inflation hedge which we all thought it was going to. bitcoin can go either way now. bitcoin has a support level of 27,200. if it go through it, and it could, the next support level is what, 20,000. from there it's 14,000. if the nasdaq continues up because it's been acting like it's the nasdaq, you could see it at 42,000. what's the bottom line you should do on bit coin? it's something you should not invest a lot of money in.
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it's there for the long run. it's not just to be traded back and forth. this is all such stage advice as we try to-and-a-half gatnate th uncertain time. thank you. would love to have you back. >> any time. take care. >> you're in the cnn newsroom. relief for desperate parents. two military loads of baby formula will be on the way to the u.s. from europe. cnn is traveling with president biden as he considers
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just hours from now the first shipment of baby formula will begin their journey from overseas to desperate families here in the u.s. this is the scene at the air base in germany. one american military flight carrying 132 pal lets will take off from there. another flight will take off around 4:00 a.m. eastern. the biden administration made a deal to bring in up to a million and a half bolttles of formula from abroad.
3:21 pm
it may not be enough to fill shelves like these back home quickly. the tension among desperate families is heating up. listen to this confrontation at a target store in massachusetts after one shopper accused another of hoarding. >> look at this. look at all this. >> i need it for my baby. >> you don't need i need it for my baby too. >> this is the whole reason why there's a formula shortage. you take it all off the shelf and buy it once. >> you come after me. you get this one. >> this is the reason there's a formula shortage. you buy all the formula at once. there's kids who need formula today who won't be able to get it because you bought it to stock up. >> in south korea, president biden signed a bill to improve access formula for families in need. a new possibility after
3:22 pm
president biden's trip to asia. could me really meet with kim jong-un. here is what he said earlier. >> with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, that would depend on whether he was serious. >> president biden's first trip to asia as u.s. leader is take place with the possibility that north korea could stage a missile or nuclear test while in the region. mj, how surprising were president biden's remarks? >> pam, i don't know how surprising it was that president biden said that. what he was essentially saying was if kim jong-un is serious and sincere about exploring then he would be open to having a conversation. that sort of the biden administration's overarching policy when it comes to diplomacy that they always keep the door to diplomacy open
3:23 pm
regardless of who the person is that they are talking about. we have no idea if kim jong-un has any interest in having that kind of conversation with president biden right now. he has launched the missile tests a number of times. as you said there's been there threat of a potential long range missile test or a nuclear test during president biden's visit here to the region. i have to say, another wild card is this issue of covid because we know there is this widespread outbreak in north korea. this is a population that is not vaccinated and what president biden said last night here in seoul is that there's been an extension, an offer of vaccines to the country but he said he hasn't back if north korea.
3:24 pm
the big news last night was two leaders saying they are going to consider expanding these joint military exercises. that would be a shift in the policy from what we saw from former u.s. president donald trump. tlm there are 80 confirmed cases of monkey pox around the world and another 50 cases under investigation. how concerned should we be. stay with us. ay® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi- (elevator ding) ♪ (energetic c music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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hi there. taking a look at a live picture right now of the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. it's 6:28 p.m. eastern time and a hot and muggy day here in washington as we are seeing record temperatures across the country today. here is a question for you. are you still wearing a mask in public indoor spaces? this cdc says many of us should be across the nation new covid cases are up 55%. look at this map right now. 31 states, have seen cases go up at least 50% in the last two weeks. overall, the u.s. is topping 100,000 new cases per day. cdc experts overwhelmingly recommended a pfizer booster
3:30 pm
dose for kids ages 5 to 11. infection rates are up too. joining me now with more on this, former adviser to the biden administration covid response team. good to see you. it's been a while. would love to hear your perspective of what's going on now. why dwro you think we're seeing cases in hopizspitalizations ri now? >> good to see you. what's happening is really a reflection of what's been happening around the world which is that we have new waves of omi omicron. new versions of omicron around the world and beginning here with some frequency. these are different versions of omicron. these are generating new cases, particularly in the northeast. this is a pretty significant number of cases. the good news is that there are much fewer hospitalizations and so far much fewer deaths.
3:31 pm
>> right . you you're talking about the northeast. look at this map. it's showing how bad it is there. it makes me wonder, for you, andy, are you regularly masking indoors or if you're in one of these areas where we're seeing it bright red, would you suggest masking indoors? >> if you don't want to get covid-19, you should mask indoors. if you don't want to pass it onto others, you may want to consider masking indoors when around other people. you should consider being well ventilated spaces. if you are in different to getting covid-19, if you don't think this is something won't worry you, they're not wearing masks. koe covid-19 is prevalent. my wife and i wear masks when we
3:32 pm
go out indoors. >> you do. i was flying and i noticed a lot of people weren't wearing masks. i think you're right. we are at a stage now where people are just making decisions for themselves what their risk tolerance is. what their own medical risk is if they get covid. i want to ask you about this new york times report that caught my attention. it suggests there could be multiple mini out breaks of covid-19 each year and people could be reinfected multiple times because of the variants and sub variants. is that a concern for you? >> first of all, i don't think we know yet. what is telling at this point in time is i think we have this expectation that maybe we end up with something like a seasonal flu. it comes once a year. it's more severe but if you're vaccinated, you're protected. that's not what's happening so
3:33 pm
far. so far is we're seeing waves every four to six months. that would be two to three times a year. that's more like a common cold. much manufacture dangerous than a common cold. it's unkwleer whether that's going to last. >> the u.s. doesn't have enough money to buy more vaccines, treatment and manufacture covid tests for the fall. congress has yet to pass president biden's request for 22.5 billion dollar of covid funding. could free vaccines become a thing of the past?
3:34 pm
>> this is really interesting. we just gave $40 billion to ukraine to win the war against russia. this is what leaders do. we fund things that will be critical for the globe. this 22 billion dollar is also incredibly essential. we have to do both. we can't look at this and say we have -- we can only focus on one problem at a time. as you rightly point out, if we end up in a situation where only some people in the country can afford to get vaccinated and other can't, what does that mean when you have an infectious disease? it means you're just spreading the disease in areas around the country that can't afford to get vaccinated. that's not only unfair but blows the lids off the virus. i believe we'll see a new type of vaccine this fall. it's essential.
3:35 pm
it's essential congress puts funds out for all americans to get it . how concerned are you about the situation? >> there's some things that should assure us and make us curious. i wouldn't say worry but curious. what should assure us is this is not a novel virus. it's from the pox family. it's been around for decades. it spreads much more slowly than covid-19. historically not asymptommatically. we have abundant vaccines and therapies. it typically requires prolonged exposure, contact with either a person or in an area or bed
3:36 pm
sheets or something where lotiolo lesions may have existed. it should make us more assured. we are seeing some unusual behavior with monkey pox this time around. it seems a bit different. we're seeing outbreaks as you po point out in multiple countries. if it's spreading through different meeans, we don't know. is there a variant version, we don't know. these are all questions we shouldn't jump to con cclusion ons. we should get them answered. rather than put out misinformation, we should be curious and learn. we'll learn these things pretty quickly. >> all right. we have to take a quick break. stay with us. we have much more to discussion including the baby formula shortage. we'll be right back. [ tires squeal, crash ] whwhen owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ]
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succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app. we're back with former adviser to the biden administration covid response team. let's talk about the baby formula crisis. the fda heard there might be trouble at the abbott plant last september and didn't investigate until four months later. do you think the crisis should have been avoided given how long the add ministration had the ac? >> i'm as curious as anybody else. what we do know is we need know billize. taking significant action with
3:42 pm
the deal you described to purchase more from nestle but to support wic. we have a bill that's been signed and sent to be president's desk and a bill to support the fda and only eight republicans. 200 republicans voted against the bill to help the fda ease the shortage. people are playing politics with there. it's serious. it's not time the play politics. >> the republicans who voted against it said it would not fix the problem. it would just be increasing salaries of fda workers who had been to blame for this crisis. that's what the republicans say. the ceo of formula maker abbott is apologizing for their role in the shortage. he lays out steps they are taking including reopening the closed formula facility and setting audiotape 5 million dollar fund for families.
3:43 pm
robert ford says the steps won't up the struggles of family today. some will take weeks, others will take longer. i will not rest. i want every one to trust us to do what is right. i know that must be earned back. do you think these companies are doing enough? >> it sounds like it was put together by a high quality pr agency. it's what you'd expect people toll do. the fact we're in this situation means we're running too thin on supplies that are essential for people to live. these are structural problems. the fact that abbott is in the situation right now clearly needs to be investigated to how and why we got here. hard to take a lot of solace from an op-ed and $5 million. we need to mobilize much more
3:44 pm
resources. i see the president doing that. i think that's encouraging. >> we're seeing that with the shipments from overseas coming in, these military flight that is will help fill the shelves. we talked about republicans going against the bill. the gop is slamming democrats. >> it's an election year. what really should happen is we need foix the problem and investigate what happened and what went wrong. we need foint the finger and hold people accountable. at this point, i think we have people in congress making irresponsible statements as if they know what happened and if
3:45 pm
they know who is to blame, voting against bills. let us fix the problem, let us all work together to fix problem. this is a time when the country doesn't want to see people pointing fingers at one another. there should be a time after this where we see this is what the -- when we look at what happened here, is what went wrong. i don't think we're at that point. >> okay. there's lots of questions about if this happened again will there be a supply to fill the shelves in case there's another shortage and what more the government can do to make sure to avert a crisis like this in the future. thank you so much. >> thank you. president trump has georgia on his mind this weekend. he's backing several candidates ahead of tuesday's primary but are his endorsements going the way he hopes? harry joins me next to run the numbers. were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck.k. timber...
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: voters in georgia are days away from casting ballots in high stakes places. despite attacks from purdue and the former president for not joining efforts to over turn the 2020 election results. >> he's di vided our party. he's allowed them to steal our election. he's suppressing evidence.
3:51 pm
>> i've done what i told people i would do. they are not worried about people from around the country that's been criticizing us. they've been doing that for two years. >> another trump endorsed candidate is the clear favorite to win for senate. he will face democratic senator rafael warnock in the general election. >> president trump really threw his weight behind david purdue. how is that working out for him? >> he's about to get embarrassed on tuesday. that's really the word. i keep using it because if you look at the data, what does it show? a fox news poll out this past week and we see, get this, a 32 point advantage for bryan kemp. he's well above the 50% threshold in order to ensure he will not have a run off. it's more than that. perdue has been going after
3:52 pm
everyone for last few months. what's been the result? the result is the lead has risen. it's gone from 11 points to 32 points and there's a reason why the local paper said that perdue is hiding and why donald trump really is not going all out for david perdue because he knows he will get embarrassed on that primary on tuesday. >> if that is the case, that's also with lying to people saying the election was stolen as part of his campaign which is just not true. there's verifiable evidence that it's not true. tell us how trump's endorsement played a factor at all for perdue. did it help him in what is your take on that? >> i mean, if you look at the numbers, it means kind of, sort of. look, the question was did trump's endorsement of perdue make your more supportive of perdue. 37% of voters said yes.
3:53 pm
that was the plurality opinion. if you add that 24% with that 36% who said no effect, what we see is the clear majority of voters said that either it made them less supportive or no effect. donald trump was hoping to get perdue over the finish line but he hasn't been able to do that because most voter don't really think very much of donald trump, at least to the degree that it can actually get perdue over the top. the other thing i'll add is you're right. the idea the election was stolen is hogwash and i think the voters, at least in this particular case think it was enough hogwash they are willing to reelect brian kemp in a republican primary. >> is this part of a larger problem of trump's problem in gubernatorial races? >> it is. if you look at the trump losses over the past few weeks. you look at gubernatorial primaries that didn't go his way. you saw it in idaho. you go back to may 10th you saw
3:54 pm
the trump endorsed candidate lost. mike dewine, there was no endorsement in that race from trump but the fact was donald trump is not a fan of mike dewine. in that particular case you see that as well where he was able to beat back three pro-trump challengers. >> georgia is not the only place he may have a problem. >> i think alabama is a more fun primary. remember back in march, trump with drew his endorsement of mo brooks in the alabama republican senate primary. he with drew it because he didn't want the lose. he was so afraid of losing and at time mo brooks was losing. what do you see? you see that mo brooks is tied for a run off spot fp if you go do gaeorgia and he loses and yo go to alabama and in the senate primary actually makes the runoff, i think tuesday is
3:55 pm
shaping up to be one of donald trump's worst night of the season extending back to his presidency. >> quite the statement. we'll be watching on tuesday to see how that shakes out. thank you so much. >> bye. my pleasure. the first flight of baby formula from overseas will arrive in a matter of hours. the air force has packed and loaded palelets of formula. that's next. isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments wiwith merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill,, a bank of america company. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cits with 5g. d with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate,
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i'm pamela brown in washington. the top stories for you tonight, at least four babies are hospitalized for complications relating to formula shortage. help is on the way. u.s. military cargo planes are preparing to fly formula to states from overseas tonight. also ahead, a tornado rips through a town in michigan killing two people and injuring more than 40. one eyewitness describe seeing his wife being slammed by debris. he joins us live, coming up. plus, the fbi has advice for parents for sextortion scams targeting teenagers. we know


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