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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  May 22, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. about. call today. it feels very intuitive for consumers. countries in southeast asia are opening back up. from thailand, to vietnam. a host of unique golf courses are on offer. >> the state of which golf is developing in this country is phenomenal. >> and, young homegrown talents making golf better.
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>> i think the thing about ty golfers is that we're very fortunate. >> the region is betting big on golf, as a symbol of economic development in a rising middle class. >> there's no gender. no age, no limitation and golf. everybody can play together. >> on this months living golf, will visit asia's first replica course. check out the action of a tournament in thailand. and find out why vietnam is angling to become the world's best golfing destination . >> more than ever before, elite golf is a young person's sport. at present, the average age of
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the world's male top ten players is just 28. and nowhere is that better exemplified than with thailand, where we caught up with the teen sensation who was having a massive impact, and really building out his country's proud legacy.
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it was just this perfect storm that led to this shortage. >> elizabeth cohen, appreciate it, thanks so much. some parents who can't find formula have been forced to bring their kids to the hospital. for instance, the children's hospital at the medical university of south carolina says at least four babies have been admitted there recently to treat complications related to this formula shortage. joining me now to discuss this concerning trend is dr. hilary
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basha, from children's health care atlanta. thanks for joining us. first, i'm curious, what kind of health issues can come from a baby having a lack of this kind of nutrition? >> for children who have specialty formulas, they can hardly tolerate, you can see vomiting, dehydration and weight gain. that's what we've seen children come to the hospital to rectify. >> have you had to deal with that at your hospital? what does that look like? >> we have. since february, as elizabeth mentioned, this has been going on for a while, we've had a number of medically complex children who have come in so we can find the right formula for them. luckily even with the infant formula shortage, we've been able to find community resources so all babies have something to eat. it might not be something they were traditionally eating or the
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family's preferred brand but we've been able to work with the community for the larger incident fant problems. >> it's not something that's going to be solved right away, does that concern you as a doctor? >> it concerns me as i doctor, an aunt, a friend, to many families who have young children or are expecting. we've taken for a long time we have alternate ways to feed children when breast-feeding isn't an option. i think families are extremely concerned and panicked. it's disheartening and hard to see some people are taking more than their share of formula. as long as we can continue to share with each other, work together, use community resources to get the formulas we have to the families that need it, that hopefully we'll get through this together. it is challenging without an end in sight.
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>> i imagine, as you noted, some parents are panicking at the very least, highly stressed about what they're going to do. what do you say to them to try to ease their worries? >> i just tell families, take this one day at a time. most children are tolerate a variety of formulas. while it might not be ideal to switch brands or varieties, for the most part, children can tolerate a variety of things, and again we need to help for people looking at the grocery store to get a little bit here and there so we can all get through. >> your hospital put out a warning online against parents trying to make formula at home or watering down formulas they may have. why is that dangerous? what safety measures can parents take to prevent their kid from getting sick with these alternatives? >> certainly. making formula at home is not safe, it's not a pasturized product and it's not
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nutritionally complete. so they wouldn't have all the vitamins and minerals if they tried to make something at home. infants have issues with kidneys and with urinary secretion. it's not as advanced as our kidneys, as adults, so they can't handle that much water and it could be a problem. >> i do want to play some sound for you. i spoke to some parents yesterday of a premature baby who was born three months early and spent more than 100 days in the nicu. here's what they shared with us. >> i hear that she'll fall off her growth chart more than she's hanging onto it. i fear she'll have upset stomach, that it won't sit well with her, she won't get the nutrition she needs. if you switch up these essential vitamins had to something that
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won't help her stay healthy, i don't know what that would do to my child and that's terrifying. >> they shared their fear with us and some frustration about accountability. you noted this was an issue you had been tracking as far back as february. what n your mind, needs to happen to make sure that this issue doesn't come up again in the future, whether because of a supply chain problem or a factory having to be shut down. how does this get fixed so it doesn't happen again? >> i think we need to build more redu reduntcs into our system. this was obviously unanticipated and unintended issue. but when one product line was removed from the market, it had great impact because there was such reliance on that product. we need to be able to create these formulas in a quick way in the future if needed. >> doctor, we appreciate you
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spending some of your sunday morning with us. thanks for the expertise. >> thank you. now to joe biden's trip to asia. the president arrived in tokyo, japan, where he's expected unveil his administration's new economic framework for the region. >> while in tokyo, biden will also participate in a meeting with the quad, an informal alliance with the members of tokyo, india and the united states. kaitlan collins, you just got out of a closed-door event. bring us up to agenda? >> it's been a busy day. we just left korea a few days ago. the president just left korea. we should note the president, as arriving here, noted on north
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korea and the concern we were hearing from u.s. officials whether or not north korea could launch a missile test while president biden is in the region. that would be remarkable for them to do with a sitting president on the ground in asia. they are concerned. that's something north korea could be preparing to do. president biden telling us earlier he is not concerned and said they thought through the contingencies what would happen if they did. >> we are prepared for anything north korea does. we thought through how we respond to anything they do, so i'm not concerned if that's what you're suggesting. >> reporter: we also asked what his message was to kim yjong-un. he said he said hello. the white house doesn't want to speculate as to why that is. they say though go in cycling of when they speak to north korea.
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right now they're in a covid outbreak. the president will be meeting with the japanese prime minister tomorrow. they'll hold a press conference as well. he does have that meeting with the quad summit leaders, including the new the australian prime ministers, who will be making his first stop in asia. president biden told me he has called to congratulate him. the other interesting thing is a meeting president biden will have with the indian prime minister modi. that's a relationship they've been talking about, prying to put pressure on india, when it comes to their relationship with russia amid this invasion of ukraine, something the white house has handled delicately. they said they will continue to talk about that, including russia's invasion of ukraine when president biden does sit down with him in a bilateral meeting. >> there's plenty on the president's agenda.
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this morning the city of gaylord, michigan, is cleaning up after a rare and deadly tornado. we'll update the situation on the ground and show you pictures of the destruction. tiger woods withdrawing after a tough day on the pga championship. "new day" continues after a quick break. the sleep number 360 smart bed senses your movements andd auautomatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable alall night and can help youou get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef' chicken sandwiches.
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we want to update you on russia's invasion of ukraine. president volodymyr zelenskyy says nearly 2,000 educational institutions, primary schools, kindergartens, universities have been destroyed by russian forces since the war began. >> the russians have been escalating attacks, officials say, in the luhansk region of ukraine. putin's army has destroyed a key bridge that is a crucial bridge for humanitarian and aid deliveries. suzanne malveaux is live in
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lviv, ukraine. tell us more about what president zelenskyy has been saying. >> reporter: it really is just catastrophic. president zelenskyy addressing his people, the ukrainian people n an address, saying the losses were colossal, really a sense of trying to destroy the ukrainian culture here. close to 2,000 educational institutions destroyed since the beginning of the war. we saw it was just saturday -- rather, friday overnight in the kharkiv region, that's where that cultural center was blown up and targeted by the russians. the president making the case that the russians are not only pursuing killing civilians and seizing territory, but also destroying the very fabric of ukrainian society. the music, the art, the
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architecture, the language and these educational institutions. and that he makes an attempt at genocide. the president very candid about the situation in the east, on the donbas. it is extremely difficult as russians continue to escalate their attacks. >> translator: the armed forces are deterring this offenses. every day our defenders take away from russia, disrupting them s a concrete contribution to the approach of the main day, the desire day we are all looking forward to and fighting for. victory day. >> reporter: new information from ukrainian military in the east, saying that overnight that city was attacked on four
3:21 am
different fronts, yet the ukrainians were able to hold back the russians. it simply underscoring the importance of that region and how tough the ukrainian and russian military are fighting to make some headway. >> all right. suzanne malveaux, appreciate your reporting. good to see you. thank you very much. and since the start of the invasion, satellite images have helped the world see the atrocities committed by russia. after attacks, it is often too dangerous to get a firsthand look of the destruction. back here in the united states, one satellite company in san francisco is playing a key role in capturing those images. gary tuchman has more. >> reporter: a picture from space. >> this is the port town of mariupol and the steel plant that's been in the news is located here. >> right here. >> reporter: this image taken from a satellite about 280 miles over earth. this company has more than 200
3:22 am
satellites in orbit that resemble this one and this one, displayed in its san francisco headquarters. the satellites can pinpoint about any location and show it in great detail, like this satellite image of a cemetery in mariupol that help lead to a horrifying conclusion by this stanford university military expert, who is a client of planet. how do you know these are new graves? >> you can see there's trees, tombstones, dots that show a plot. here is fresh dirt. they've been using bulldozers we saw in earlier imagery to slowly dig out these trenches around just the town of mariupol. there's three mass graves and i would say they're ready for 5,000 bodies or more. >> reporter: the images captured are important because they add to what can be an incomplete picture. remember when the chernobyl plant was under attack?
3:23 am
this image shows it best. there's no hiding the facts but the satellite image. >> here's a convoy of tanks coming through here and military vehicles. they set up bases here. they dug into the radioactive soil. and they dug trenches in here. >> reporter: and then there's another aspect to this war, the continuing destruction of ukraine's agriculture sector, something that's very hard to capture when trying to photograph from the ground. >> let's zoom it in. this is a couple of weeks ago, you see a grain silo. ukraine is a very important agricultural country. let's see what happens a few days later. what happened here? >> so, there is a huge gravity bomb dropped here. you can see concentric circle as it hit the dirt, and exploded out. it took out these four silos as
3:24 am
well as the grain storage here. all this sort of light yellow that you see spread out is wheat. >> the food security crisis is a krisdz on a crisis. we're going to feel its effects reverberating all over the world in the next year or two. >> reporter: planet's clients include the u.s. government, many other governments, and notably humanitarian organizations. >> i have no doubt our data can and is used today, around the world in ukraine and well beyond its borders to help support humanitarian efforts, to reduce suffering, to save lives. there's no question of that. >> reporter: returning back to the most current images of mariupol, we asked to zoom in but told it's too sensitive to show on tv .
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tornado to reach down on michigan. it struck the city of gaylord, an ef3 with maximum winds of twister destroyed homes, shops, and retail stores. as it moved downtown. >> i've got outside to see way they are coming from, and i saw that rotation, so i went back in and told my wife, get in the basement. it wasn't long, i was looking out one window, she was looking out the other side of the house. the house literally lifted off the foundation. and smacked her pretty good in the back. ceiling came down on me. >> still to come this morning, she was a sunday school teacher,
3:33 am
and head of a local food pantry. last saturday, pearl young killed in a racist mass shooting in a buffalo cursory store. we hear from one of her close friends on how he wants her to be remembered. that is next. more you. so thank you. we hope you like your r work. ♪ when i'm on my hands and knees and i'm digging through the dirt, i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow with macle-gro. ♪ ♪ what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪ with a little help from cvs... can support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy...even skin.
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3:38 am
york. the justice department is investigating the mass shooting as a hate crime, and believes it was racially motivated. pearl will be laid to rest this week. joining me now is jimmy smith, a long time family friend who grew up with pearl young in the church. jimmy, good morning to you. i'm so sorry that we have to speak under these circumstances. we are just saying it's been over a week now since that massacre, and your good friend will be buried, i think, you said on wednesday. how are you doing? and how are you processing your loss in this horrific attack? >> well, thank you for allowing me to be on and to speak on the life of pearl young, mother pearl young. i'm in the fight. i'm in the fight because i feel like, you know, her life was so precious as a person. all ten of them were beautiful
3:39 am
people. and they were family members and she meant so much to her church, church of god and christ, and good samaritan church god and christ where she taught sunday school, and she was a pillar in the community. and so i'm doing okay, but it is really about the victims and the family because the city of buffalo is really going through something right now. people are scared to go outside. they don't want to go to the grocery store. so it is really tough on people right now. >> yeah, i do want to talk about how the community is coping, but i was just looking at the photos of pearl young and, i mean, just her smile says a lot, you know? she looks look a gentle and such a kind soul. how are you going to be remembering her? how would you like for us to remember her? i know one of her cousins, i read, described her to be -- to have a servant's heart. i know you're saying she's been the pillar of the community. >> yeah. i want us to remember her by
3:40 am
changing or causing a hate crime bill problem passed for black people in america. i want her to remember by how the fact for over 25 years she had a food pantry in the central park plaza where she was feeding people. she was a servant's heart. she was always in church, always seeing her praising the lord with a lot of energy and loving people and she knew the word, she knew everything about the bylaws of the church. so she was an educated woman. she knew about life and how to live life and for her to lose her life, coming from a prayer breakfast, coming from a prayer breakfast from a young man who is carrying out an agenda, who is committing this hate crime against black people, i want us to remember her life and the other nine by justice being served.
3:41 am
>> and back to your community, jimmy, you know, some may not know that tops was crucial to the community. it was symbolic, right, especially in this predominantly black neighborhood that fought for many years to get such a supermarket, to have access to fresh food and now it has been targeted and ravaged by what authorities are calling a hate-filled massacre. how does your community move forward? what are they feeling right now? what does the future hold? >> yeah, they're trying to really come together and i want to just to commend the city of buffalo. i'm actually flying out in the morning to be there to get a part of helping and doing whatever i can, but they're coming together. they're passing out food. they're trying to help the mayor, byron brown, they're giving out care packages and they're doing all they can to heal. like i said, there are so many people right now, i mean, kids
3:42 am
are afraid to go to school. some are asking their parents if they can stay home because they feel like they have to, you know, look over their back to, you know, not sure how many other young 18-year-olds feel the same way. they're trying to heal and they're pulling together, but buffalo, new york, even though we're a small city, we are a very strong city, strong in faith, strong in prayer, but we are -- we had enough, enough is enough. and we're really trying to move forward, but we want to see change. >> i'm sorry for the fear. obviously very understandable, but tragic, obviously. jimmy smith, appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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a maine fisherman may have a solution to minimize the impacts of climate change. >> it is all part of a contest put on by elon musk to help remove emissions from the sky. bill weir has that story. >> reporter: to avoid cascading disaster, science agrees that it won't be enough just to stop using fossil fuels, humanity must remove trillions of tons of planet-cooking pollution already in our seas and sky. and whoever figures out how to do that might just get $100 million from elon musk.
3:48 am
>> we'll plant a bunch of trees. not so easy. you need fertilizer, need to water them, where is the water coming from, what habitat are you destroying where the trees used to be? >> reporter: the billionaire wants to lure out the geniuses who will figure out how to capture and store carbon dioxide on massive scales. >> it is a godzilla. it is burning forests down, stealing our fish. >> reporter: and among the finalists is a humble fisherman from maine. >> there is this thing out there ruining everything that we love, right. all the good stuff is getting ruined. >> reporter: your dream was to have a boat. >> i just wanted a boat. there aren't any mackerel, like, they're all -- they swim north, they swim east, and they're now probably up in iceland. >> reporter: with his beloved gulf of maine getting warmer and more acidic by the day, marty odlin quit chasing mackerel, built a team of geniuses and went fishing for carbon dioxide with seaweed.
3:49 am
because kelp grows and gobbles co2 much faster than trees. needs no land or fertilizer, and when it sinks to the deep ocean, the carbon can be locked away for a thousand years. but kelp needs sunlight and something to hold on to. so marty who is also an engineer, went to the drawing board. and he settled on floating thousands of high tech buoys in the north atlantic. each holding a little kelp forest while a ring of limestone serves as the antacid for the ocean. solar power runs a camera and instruments connected to the cloud, and when a crop is cut, and falls into the deep, marty gets a carbon credit from a billion dollar fund set up by canadian e-commerce giant shopify. you have a couple high profile investors behind you. do you think that will be enough if government can't get its act
3:50 am
toget together? >> no. it is just the math. people spend billions of dollars to see if there is an oil field. right. what we're trying to do is build the oil industry in reverse. >> reporter: he imagines the portland docks coming back to life, to capture carbon the way they once built ships it beat hitler. >> i don't care, like, you know, like as long as somebody wins this race, like, cool, right? i don't care who moves the most of it. >> reporter: he's thrilled to see competition like beth zoeller among the silicon valley startups betting on big kelp. if you end up being the henry ford of carbon and seaweed, this is your model a? >> exactly, yes. this is gen 1. >> reporter: she envisions massive seaweed farms anchored closer to shore. since rope can tangle sea mammals, her team invented a whale safe scaffolding, screwed in place by underwater drones and fed by upwellers that use
3:51 am
wave energy to spin up nutrients and cold water from the deep. >> amanda and beth have two offers on the table for their seaweed-based bacon company. >> reporter: before her crops are hauled and dumped, another one of her companies will extract the plant protein and turn it into meat alternatives. >> i'll do that deal. >> what are we waiting for? are we fating fe ing waiting fo to go away? does the ocean need to be completely dead before we get our act together? you see, i think all this anxiety, all this frustration that people have is just because we haven't been unleashed. >> fascinating story there by cnn's bill weir. well, in tonight's episode of ""nomad" with carlton mccoy - >> i try to get a tattoo -- >> everywhere you go?
3:52 am
>> i want to leave a very old tattoo -- that's the goal. i got more territory. ivan w've been invited to a wee gathering of friends. this looks incredible. i know this is very basic, but i love fried calamari. i always have. helping to shape the future of their city and country, each and every one doing their part to build a better ghana. i think one thing i appreciated about ghana is the fact that so many intelligent talented people stay here. why do you think that is? >> it is a beautiful place. i think also family and friends, you know? i think we have the strong ghana solidarity. >> catch it all new, "nomad" tonight here at 7:00 p.m. tiger woods' future in golf is now in doubt. he pulled out of today's final
3:53 am
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so, tiger woods has withdrawn from the pga championship after playing the worst round he's ever had at that tournament. >> yeah, coy wire has this morning's bleacher report. hi, coy. >> tiger hadn't withdrawn from a tournament in 26 years as a pro. but he was in a lot of pain in tulsa, yesterday. he decided he had enough. after powering his way to making the cut on friday, tiger limping his way through the third round,
3:58 am
9 over par 79, found the water at times, and then this next shot, nobody knew where it went. finally they end up finding it jammed up under the turf. tiger hasn't committed to play in the next major. the u.s. open is next month. he has plans to play in the british open in july, tiger finishing 21 shots behind the leader, but just being out there at all is impressive. >> if that would have been me, i would have been considering pulling out and going home. tiger is -- he's different, he's prove d he's different. >> he has proven himself through all the pain. it is not easy to see a guy like him just have to go through that and struggle like that. but, you know, he's swinging it nicely. and i think he'll be back, once he's -- gets back to normal health and sorts out all the problems. >> some shockers at the top of the pga championship leaderboard. pereira has a three-stroke lead
3:59 am
entering today's final round. the top four on the leaderboard, not only looking for their first major, but first pga tour win, period. to boston, game three of the nba eastern conference finals, where the heat were waxing the celtics, 26-point lead in the first half. speaking of waxed. how slick are the floors in boston? p.j. tucker never-ending slip and slide. the heat lead starting to slide as well when jimmy butler leaves the game for good at halftime with a knee injury. and the celtics take advantage. they bring it within one, late in the fourth. but heat center adabayo, miami holding on for the 109-103 win. game four tomorrow night in boston. tonight, 9:00 eastern on tnt, steph curry and the warriors looking like they might take that 3-0 series lead the way they have been playing against luka doncic and the mavs. from the this exists file,
4:00 am
25 teams, 19 nations competing in seven different events, testing their skills like the perfectly timed stop, even bowling. 5 1/2 hours of live stream on youtube, the tenth annual championship and it is hanover taking the prize. we humans love to compete. we have cheese rolling, spouse carrying, beer chugging, walking, and, yes, we have tram driving championship. >> never heard of that. >> yes. >> thank you for that, coy. coy wire, next hour of "new day" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm amara walker in for christi paul. the first u.s. military plane carrying baby formula from europe is in the air, headed to the u.s. right now. but how soon will supplies get to families? >> fierce fight taking place in


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