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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  May 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you are live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. we begin with a small sign of relief from the baby formula crisis that is gripping the nation. today a u.s. military flight carrying more than 70,000 pounds of baby formula arrived in indianapolis from europe, but you won't see it on store shelves here in the u.s. a white house official says the first shipment is heading straight to doctors, hospitals, home health care facilities and pharmacies in areas that need it the most. this means for many parents who have been desperately searching for weeks now to find formula they'll have to keep searching. the shipment arrived just hours ago. what more can you tell us about this formula, where it's going, how many toddlers it's expected to feed? i guess there will be some parents out there disappointed
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this formula is not going directly to a store near them. >> reporter: and that's important, too, jim. you can find out where this is not going to your neighborhood grocery store, but the biden administration say that is being done intentionally as the roughly 35 tons of prescription baby formula unloaded from the laen you see behind me here in indianapolis is specifically meant to address the needs of some of the most -- some of the children most vulnerable medically, children that may have an intolerance for the protein found in cow's milk and so that's why the formula that was basically flown into the united states early today will be going straight to hospitals and also various health care facilities according to officials that were on the ground here. it's a very specific need. nonetheless it is a big drop in the bucket. again, you're looking at 35 tons of this baby formula powder that will be basically now distributed throughout the country and much of that, it was all flown here by the u.s. air
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force. this was manufactured in zurich, driven into germany over the weekend, and then flown here to the united states by the air mobility operations wing. and as you're about to hear from the staff sergeant that participated in the unloading of all of this product this is personal for her. >> i can't tell you the amount of family members i have personally that are affected and the community of people that i work with. so we are just so fortunate to be able to be a part of this, to help out. usually we're in the war fight. we're over in afghanistan, ukraine, things like that. so being able to be here and actually help out our fellow man or people is such an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: so, again, today's shipment is meant to address a specific need. the question that remains, jim, what about the broader need for the rest of the parents out there struggling to track down this formula? i had an opportunity to speak to
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the acting head of fedex, a big partner in the distribution. they are in the early planning stages of what will likely be the next flight of part of this operation that's been led by the biden administration. also another load of baby formula coming from europe here to the united states. fedex telling me they hope that will be the more general use formula, that will signal the beginning of the end and some abatement of the crisis. >> all right. hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of parents waiting for this. polo sandoval, thank you very much. the governor of oklahoma is expected to sign the nation's strictest abortion bill this week. the legislation bans abortions from the moment of fertilization -- you heard that right, fertilization -- and relies on lawsuits from private citizens to enforce it. oklahoma is among a pack of republican-lead states rushing to pass laws after a leaked supreme court draft opinion indicated roe vs. wade is about
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to be overturned. joining me now to talk about this is the host of the al franken podcast. al franken, the only former senator on tour with full details at senator, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. you have said you saw this coming all along in terms of what's happening with the abortion issue. despite what all of these conservative justices, justices like brett kavanaugh said during their confirmation hearings about roe being settled law. we've talked about this on this program repeatedly that it does seem as though some of these justices were not being straight with the american people during their confirmation hearings. >> yeah, it would have been nice for kavanaugh to have followed up with what you said doesn't mean anything. you can very well vote to overturn roe, can't you? and then he would have had to
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say, yeah, i guess. and the same is true -- if you look at alito, he said this was egregiously wrong, the decision. well, if you believe that, to say that it's precedent is a little disingenuous and we've seen pretty much all the republican justices do exactly that same thing. look, i was not a lawyer but i played one in a sketch on "snl" and knew settled law could be unsettled by the supreme court. >> absolutely. and that's what we're seeing now. >> i wouldn't have been fooled like susan collins. >> the recent polling shows that despite this abortion battle, republicans in congress have the advantage in the midterms in terms of taking over the majority at least in the house. what can democrats do, do you
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think, to sharpen their message to get fired up for november? do you think the abortion decision, once it comes down if roe vs. wade is overturned, that might be a part of it? what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it will be. i think it's going to really dawn on americans that what they're facing is a choice. there are some head winds against the democrats, but ultimately this comes up to a choice between a party that takes away this right from women, a party that believes the election was stolen. we've seen that in who was elected for the nomination, the governor in pennsylvania, who is going to appoint, if he's elected, a republican secretary
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of state. they're also going to see a party that believes in white superiority and we believe, democrats believe, diversity is our strength. remember, you're going to be seeing next month in congress, in the house, these hearings on january 6th. and, look, i just had steve schmidt on my podcast. we just dropped that today, and he's basically saying, look, either this president kind of rallied people up and didn't understand that they were going to go into the house and do what he did or did. it's either "a" or "b." i think it's "b" and the american people will see that it's "b." he spent three hours doing nothing. but the republican party, the national republican party, thinks that's democracy --
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that's legitimate political democracy at action. it isn't. >> senator, i guess -- >> i think that's the choice. >> that leads me to my question, though. are democrats showing enough urgency on this? do you get the sense they're showing enough urgency on this? >> well, yeah, and you're seeing a lot of great candidates. you saw john fedderman in pennsylvania, sherry beasley in north carolina. i believe that we are going to be picking up senate seats. i think val demings in florida. tim ryan in ohio. i believe we have a pickup in wisconsin. we have some other seats to hold but, yes, the democrats i talked to have a sense of urgency. >> the reason why i ask, i'm sure you see the polls, and i
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know poll questions can be nauseating but president biden stands at about 40%. he stands at about 40% approval rating right now and former presidential adviser david gurgen said it's time for biden and older political leader to step aside, let new leaders emerge. maybe younger folks like yourself, senator franken. but what are your thoughts on that? slightly younger. what do you think? >> a lot younger. first of all, i don't think david gurgen is saying, i think that's up to biden. i think what's up to americans this is a choice. and it's a choice between what we're seeing from the republican party, which is captured by trump. and this is a party that
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believes the election was stolen against all evidence. this is a party that believes there is a great replacement theory -- we're a party that believes diversity is the strength of our nation. it comes down to people are going to be making a choice. they may not be completely. there are some head winds. there's inflation, but ultimately it comes down to a choice and i like that choice. >> earlier this year you said it would be tempting to run for office again. it's been four years since you left. have you made any decisions on that if president biden was not in the picture for 2024? would you run for president? is that something you have thought about? >> i've not really given that a lot of thought. what i'm doing now -- >> maybe a little thought?
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>> -- currently on tour and i am working to get democrats elected in congress and in the senate and i have my podcast which i would like to promote over and over again. >> you're doing a bang-up job of that. >> well, thank you. >> but seriously, getting back into public office, is that something that you still think about? >> i love being in the senate, and i really -- i will wait until after the next election to even give it another thought, but i did love serving in the senate. i do miss it and i have been considering that, yes. >> and i won't push you too hard
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here. i don't think you actually answered my question about running for president, but we'll maybe take that up another time. >> oh, no, i'm not going to run for president. how is that? >> that's a good one. >> is that enough? >> that is enough. let me ask you about this. we had to try, though. i left that hanging. >> that's your job. >> it is. now we have to move on to "snl." last night, i'm sure you saw this -- and you were one of the original writers and performers -- last night we saw long time cast members say good-bye including pete davidson, kate mackinnon, who has been a legend on the show. she opened up the season finale with her long-running close encounter skit. let's watch that and talk about it. >> i get dumped on the bottom of the ship and see my old pal with the green eyes, colleen, this
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might be the most stable relationship you've ever had. i get onboard and the aliens are already standing in line waiting to bat my knockers around. i think, what the hell, play the hips, right? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] well, earth, i love you. thanks for letting me stay a while. live from new york, it's saturday night. >> such a great moment. and i have to ask you, al, where does kate mackinnon rank on your
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list? she's going to go down as one of the all-time greats on that show, i have to think. >> absolutely. number seven. no, there's so many great people. look, these four all made great contributions over the years. and that will leave a number of others who will be able to be on more and this is how the show has worked throughout the years. and they will emerge as stars as well. that's how the show works. >> absolutely. i mean, i think chloe feinman is one of these up-and-coming stars. they have a lot of talented cast members. and, senator franken, we appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. check out the al franken podcast which he did promote. >> thanks for bringing that up again, jim. >> there you go.
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there will be information there about his comedy tour. thank you very much for your tour. >> very well done. >> good to see you, sir. coming up, days after he suffered a stroke, we have an update on pennsylvania senate candidate john fedderman. he is doing better. plus a homecoming more than two years in the making. former governor and ambassador bill richardson will be on the journey to bring trevor reed back home to the united states after 985 days in russia plus a sneak peek of reed's interview with jake tapper. have you been able to fully grasp that you're free? >> a cnn exclusive. >> you went to a party in august 2019. >> and the next morning i woke up in a police station. >> trevor reed talks with jake tapper about his 985 days in russian hands. >> they have absolutely no value
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man: do i look like a money tree? is that what i look like? man: do you see leaves? shaq: the epson ecotank. just fill & chill. john fedderman is now out of the hospital and back home. the pennsylvania senate nominee suffered a strike. fedderman's wife posted this video of him leaving the hospital today. i am joined from pennsylvania. melanie, fedderman actually won his party's primary while he was in surgery. it's remarkable how he's recovered and seems to be on the mend. what's the latest? >> reporter: yes, certainly not the victory night party fetterman projected. he checked himself in on the way to a campaign event may 13. it was there he learned he suffered a stroke. on tuesday he watched the results roll in from his
1:22 pm
hospital bed. that same day he underwent a three-hour surgery to have a defibrillator implanted. fetterman says he's on the mend and his doctors told him he suffered no cognitive damage. let me read you part of the statement he released today. i am feeling great but per my doctor's orders i will recover. i will take the time i need to rest to get to 100% so i can go full speed soon and flip this seat blue. so fetterman expressing a lot of optimism that he'll be able to hit the campaign trail in the not so distant future. >> all right, melanie, thank you very much. glad to hear he's doing okay. we appreciate it. and georgia is seeing record early voting turnout ahead of its primary on tuesday. several high-profile state contests. david purdue to be the republican nominee. the campaign seems to have lost
1:23 pm
a lot of steam with no ads on the air in its final days. eva, trump threw his support behind david purdue. it doesn't seem to be working. i guess this was maybe not totally unexpected but, i guess, what's been your read on all of this? >> well, jim, trump has not given up on purdue yet. he will hold his second rally tomorrow essentially calling on republican voters in the final hour to come out big for purdue on tuesday but it might be too little too late. the incumbent governor saying he will be victorious on tuesday and here is why. he is popular among conservatives here. he has a republican-controlled state legislature that has allowed him to deliver on a number of conservative policy priorities. purdue has focused intensely on the election live. at the 2020 election was somehow
1:24 pm
rigged or stolen and kemp could have done more as governor to help trump essentially cheat and while republican voters value the trump endorsement this focus on the election lie just isn't enough, it seems, to bring them to support purdue in a big way. governor kemp on the campaign trail this weekend already shifting focus for the general election campaigning with former and current republican governors. >> i think stacy abrams is a great unifier. i believe every republican will be unified after tuesday. we've been through test primaries before in our state. people have differences of opinion on who they want their nominee to be. i can guarantee you republicans in georgia know i will be a lot better governor than stacy abrams and people in the middle know that, too. >> he has divided our party. he allowed them to steal the election. he denied it. he is now covering it up and is suppressing evidence. that's why he cannot win in
1:25 pm
november. >> reporter: so you hear perdue focusing on kemp while governor kemp is focusing on democratic candidate stacy abrams. abrams not out on the trail this weekend is running uncontested. jim? >> it's quite something to hear david perdue attack brian kemp in that fashion. it's what a lot turned off republican voters when david perdue lost the race in early 2021. a fascinating race. thank you very much. it is a trump-backed candidate versus a pence-backed candidate incumbent. who will take on the democrat? could herschel walker be heading to capitol hill? tuesday night at 7:00.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
1:30 pm
bloodstained walls, sleepless nights and no hope for escape after more than two years imprisoned in russia, trevor reed is free and sharing his details about his time in captivity. here is what he told jake tapper for an exclusive interview airing tonight. >> what was the worst conditions that you had, that you experienced during that time? >> the psychiatric treatment facility. i was in there with seven other prisoners in the south, they all had severe serious psychological health issues. most of them -- so over 50% of them in the cell were in there for murder or multiple murders, sexual assault and murder, just
1:31 pm
really disturbed individuals. inside of that cell, that was not a good place. there's blood all over the walls there where prisoners had killed themselves or killed other prisoners or attempted to do that. the toilet is just a hole in the floor and there's, you know, crap everywhere, all over the floor, on the walls. there's people in there also that walk around looking like zombies. >> were you afraid for your life? >> i mean, i did not sleep there for a couple of days, so i was too worried about who was in the cell with me to actually sleep. >> you thought they might kill you? >> yes. i thought that was a possibility. >> russian officials defended the conditions he was kept in as satisfactory or in line with russian law. reed was released as part of a prisoner swap.
1:32 pm
one of the people who made the deal happen, one of the key people who made that deal happen, is with me now. bill richardson, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. ambassador, great to have you on. thanks for being with us. the day before putin launched his ukraine invasion, why do you think the russians left the door open for those talks even as they were about to launch this war? >> the russians got something in return. a drug pilot who had been in a u.s. prison for about a dozen years. we worked on this case. what we were able to propose was basically for yeroshenko, trevor reed. despite the huge differences on ukraine, on nuclear weapons, on so many issues, that on a
1:33 pm
humanitarian issue there was also important to russia and to putin they were ready to deal. so this is good news for brittney griner, the basketball player and wall whelan, another marine not as glamorous as brittney griner but just as important who has been in a russian prison for four years now, so we can't forget him. >> and speaking of those cases, are you involved in those cases? any hope? any light at the end of the tunnel there on those fronts? >> well, yes. yes, we're involved. my foundation, which just works for families, for hostage families like trevor reed's families. we don't charge anything. we don't work for the government either. we cooperate with the government, with the u.s. government. but they're doing their thing. we're doing our thing on these two cases. hopefully something will happen soon. i'm an optimist but i think the
1:34 pm
fact that trevor reed got out through a swap, and i comment the president for doing the swap because generally it's not done because there's feeling that if there's a prisoner swap, hostile countries will keep taking american prisoners in exchange for a prisoner from their country in the u.s. but it's not always the case. i think the president made the right decision. we got the best part of the deal, trevor reed, a marine, who had tuberculosis, who had some of these keshl conditions, who is now home and that's good. and it was the role of his family and the press that deserve credit, bringing life to these hostages we have in iran and north korea and venezuela, in the middle east, in africa, everywhere. there are about 40 american
1:35 pm
hostages. we should make everything possible, do everything possible to bring them home including prisoner swaps. but it's a case-by-case basis, jim. >> and just to button that up on brittney griner, do you view her as a hostage? >> yes. yes. she is wrongfully detained. officially determined by our government. i don't know the circumstances, but i think possibly some of that in her suitcase was planted. i don't know. she should come home. we've talked to her family. we've talked to a lot of people concerned about her. it's huge around the country. people want her home. >> absolutely. >> we want to not forget paul whelan, a marine who has been there, too. so we have this dual effort. the government is doing their thing, our government, and they're playing it well, and we're doing the same thing, my foundation. hopefully we'll get some good news. >> and i want to get your
1:36 pm
thoughts on what president biden said about any potential talks with north korean dictator kim jong-un. let's listen. >> with regard to whether i would meet with the leader of north korea, that would depend on whether he was sincere and whether he was serious. >> in those years of trump/kim jong-un talks, didn't seem to change the pattern of brinksmanship. i attended. they were splashy for donald trump but didn't get anywhere with kim jong-un and we're still bracing for a missile test during president biden's asia visit. what do you think it will take to change the calculus when it comes to the north koreans? >> well, i've dealt with them for many years. i've been there eight times this is typical north korea. they try to provoke us with missile tests. they've had about a dozen. they want to be on center stage. they're not right now because of
1:37 pm
russia/ukraine. i think the president handled this well. understated rhetoric wise. he didn't call him a rocket man. said i'm ready to talk if it's serious. offered them covid vaccines. i think there's a huge outbreak there. i think the international community -- these are human beings that need help, need vaccines, need tests, and somehow that's not happening. i know the north koreans are refusing contact and refusing vaccines, but there should be an international effort to help the north korean people with vaccines, but i think the president handled the visit well. new government in south korea, hard-line government. work with them, japan, our allies. i think he struck the right tone. >> all right. former governor and ambassador bill richardson, thank you very much for being with us. always good to have you on. appreciate your time. >> thanks, jim.
1:38 pm
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♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. the taliban are telling afghan women who appear on tv to cover their faces. this follows the taliban's decree earlier this month is that women must wear head to toe
1:43 pm
clothing and cover their faces while out in public. today in a show of solidarity with their female colleagues a group of men posted a picture with their faces covered. as cnn's christiane amanpour reports there is real concern about how much longer women will be allowed to even appear on afghan tv. >> reporter: for the past five months this woman has been anchoring the morning news. but this might be the last time she can show her face on air. the morning editorial meeting starts with worried discussion about mandatory masking. the station director says he'd even consider just shutting down and leaving, but then he thought female staff who want to carry on anchoring with a mask can. while those who don't will get other jobs behind the scenes. >> we will leave the last decision to them. they will make their own
1:44 pm
decision. >> reporter: and it's a tough decision for these women who brave the new taliban regime to stay on the air, who already adjusted their head scarves to hide their hair and fear a deep slide back to the middle ages. she says she's so stressed she couldn't even present her program properly. >> translator: it's not clear. even if we appear with the burka maybe they will say women's voices will be forbidden. they are afraid of an educated woman. >> reporter: across town the taliban government spokesman was attending a meeting with local journalists to mark a slightly delayed world press freedom day. we stopped him on the way in. you have said they have to wear a facemask if they're on television, women. why? it's advisory from the ministry, he says. but what does that mean? is it compulsory?
1:45 pm
if it is said, they should wear it. it will be implemented as it is in our religion, too. it is good if it's implemented. afghan women are afraid that this is the beginning of your efforts to erase them from the work space. they're afraid if they wear the mask the next thing you will say their voice cannot be heard publicly. what is your response to that? like during covid, he says, masks were mandatory. woman would only be wearing hijab or masks and will continue their work. he seems to say if women wear this they can go to work, but the dress code edicts like they must wear black not colored head scarves is an escalating war of nerves and everyone fears where this will lead. these female anchors are distraught. what should we do, she cries?
1:46 pm
we don't know. we were ready to fight to the last but they don't allow us. we women have been taken hodge, she says. women can't get themselves educated or work, like me, who has worked on screen for years and couldn't leave afghanistan due to the fear of the taliban. i can't go on screen again. since the taliban take yoefrp the station has employed even more women than before because they need a safe space. and as for the actual journalism, tolonews is afghanistan's leading independent news channel. but the director says they will all quit the day the taliban pressures them to tailor their coverage or lie to a public that's come to trust the truth they've been delivering over 20 years. he saved the station so far recruiting a whole new staff after most employees fled the taliban's arrival.
1:47 pm
>> from management level, i was only thinking how to keep the screen alive. not to go dark. >> reporter: the challenge now is keeping it from going dark. christiane amanpour, cnn, kabul, afghanistan. coming up, an incredible rescue 500 feet in the air. how first responders swooped in to help a man trapped on the edge of a cliff. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network.
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to broadband over the last two years - to enable online learning. more than 45,000 laptops went to low-income students. re-elect tony thurmond. he's making our public schools getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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right now an urgent manhunt in new york city for the person witnesses say shot and killed a man on the subway this morning. new york police held a press conference moments ago and said the suspect and the victim had no interaction before the fatal shooting. nobody else was hurt. the nypd are looking at surveillance video and asking the public for help identifying and finding the killer. a death-defying rescue from a sheer cliff in california is all caught on camera. take a look at this this is wild, what a real superhero looks like a. police paramedic lowered from a helicopter rescuing a man stuck on the side of a cliff, get this, hundreds of feet governor the pacific ocean. grabbing the man from the around was the only way to safely get him to some kind of surface
1:53 pm
where he could be in safe hands. no word on how he got there or what he was doing. the important thing is he is safe. so please, let's be careful out there. authorities can't always pull off a rescue like that. my goodness, just incredible. on tonight's "nomad" traveling to ghana, west africa. a country experiencing a renaissance in food, fashion, music and art. here is a preview. a casual lunch spot or chop house found all over ghana. there are two specialties at this chop house. first up, whole nut suit. the fruit of the palm is boiled and then crushed with turkey berry and then the stew is finished. the second is ground nut soup. it is infused with fee nuts. a class knick ghana and it's awesome. >> this is the palm nut? this is beautiful.
1:54 pm
it's nutty but not in the way a peanut is. savory like a brazil nut is mild and starchy and oily. >> we have a lot of different starches. >> a west african mainstay. they are pounded over and over and over again until a silky smooth dough with a surprisingly familiar texture. >> a brand-new episode airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. here on cnn. the high cost of home renovations led this week's cnn hero to discover the joy of doing projects herself. she realized teaching the skills to other women could help her entire community. >> we're going to talk about putting the sheeting on the roof today. our students learn a little bit of everything. the basics like safety, tools and materials, construction math and then we go into hands-on stuff. carpentry, electrical, plumbing.
1:55 pm
126 3/4. so our program is solving two problems at once. we're training women for a living wage, paying jobs in the construction trades. >> this is where it gets fun. >> and we're also helping older adults age in place. that's really a win/win. you get to watch something come together you built. >> does that feel like it's going to work for you. >> yes. >> great. >> this is awesome. >> there's a feeling of accomplishment. if we don't see women out there doing this, other women will never see this as an opportunity. if you can't see it, you can't be it. >> go to right now to nominate someone you know to be a cnn hero. (grandmother) ththank you for taking me home. it's so far. (young womanan) don't worry about it, grandma! this'll be fun. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please.
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2:00 pm
prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. the formula has landed but the crisis is far from over. the first shipment of baby formula arrived in indianapolis this morning. a u.s. military cargo plane landed with more than 70,000 pounds of formula, enough for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week according to the department of agriculture. but the first shipment is not going to stores. a biden administration official told cnn it's a


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