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Trump Administration
  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Calls for Different Approach Toward...  CSPAN  March 16, 2017 10:09pm-10:38pm EDT

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towards 11
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. >> translator: we'll right to start the joint press conference tamoxifen to first of all the remarks will follow the to gentlemen. as the ministry of foreign affairs and it is the first visit of secretary of state
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has said it attaches to the region with the lationship. the recely held summit that was indicated the basic understanding was low as the justice sotomayor address the challenges upon which the meeting i had with secretary tillerson how we should proceed with cooperation between our countries. in the joint statement of our leaders it is emphasized
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with the alliance. and with the united states alliance to hold the 2 + 2 meeting with the coordination and to reduce the impact and a visible manner. and to beat it confirmed
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they are the only solution. next and with the regional developments including the korean peninsula and china. to share the position that we reaffirmed to restrain itself from provocative actions with the security council resolutions to have a corporation and to review on the north korea of policy
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i have their position and we could firmly aligned of the two governments. we confirmed the collaboration further to have a consistent position with the abduction issue this is a serious challenge to the sovereignty of japan to the japanese people it is a top party of the administration we have confirmed going forward but to improve our relationship with china at the same time the adjoining leaders of the statement that they will
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deepen the corporation -- corporation with the peace instability andhat upon of is confirmation with the secretary tillerson to have discussed the way forward and we have shared our concern in the south china sea and we have confirmed and to be very frank and to make concrete the direction for word with the bilateral relationship and is critical to have a working partnership with the working dinner with the regional circumstances.
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>> could afternoon it truly is a pleasure so to underscore the relationship with japan. plan to go from the huge japan and united states is strong in with the trump administration we deith th economic titans to strengthen a relationship that is fair for both of the country's. we will work with japan with global objectives with cooperation within the u.s.-japan alliance
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affirming a rules based approach and to deepen america's uh japanese try bottle corporation in be unlawful ballistic missile programs. to be devoted to peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific region about the security environment can be challenging united states has committed to strengthening our roll with the increased japanese and commitment so we have confirmed uh treaty of ritual cooperation and security covers the islands to oppose any unilateral action as expressed in the february 10th statement a
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priority is expanding with the republic of korea. to bilateral cooperation allows the three nations to coordinate actions with global problems that ought effectively counter the threats. we continue the of coordination of the implementationith 2231 that imposed a robust sanctions on north korea and seek only to these -- live in peace with north korea so united states calls on north korea to abandon the ballistic missile program
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and in with the japanese people. thank you. translator: please come over to the microphone and state your name and affiliation and also to whom you are asking your question. please desisting to asking the question. first a reporter from the japanese side. >> at the moment the trump did ministrations and is reviewing the of policy.
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argue able to discuss that read you? what was the position or thinking and it is also said to be this state-sponsored of terrorism. >> i will respond first of all. this seems to be in progress in the thoughts and position
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and the specifics of what we have to customer will refrain from mentioning it. so this past to do with how the legislation so this is something to be decided by the u.s. government between myself and with the secretary tillerson we agree we should keep in close contact. >> with the diplomatic efforts to bring north korea
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to a point that failed. so we have 20 years of a failed approach. that includes the period of which 1.$3 billion in assistance to north korea. that encouragement as sen met with the capabilities and march the fifth of purpose of the of region to have further discussions with the prime minister in
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beijing as well. >> translator: now reporter from the u.s. side to ask a question. secretary tillerson the white house is revealing the of blueprint for the federal budget do you want to pass such drastic cuts are you confident you could continue to represent u.s. interests with room to maneuver? and our immediate is that
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threat? do you assess that north korea and the budget put forth by president trump was important from the perspective with the context betted is coming off a historic lehigh of budgetary resources and was reflective of decisions over the past two years that we have engagein around the world as well as of disaster assistance. clearly the allowable of spending the state department has undertaken is
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simply not sustainable. so i think it is reflective of expectations. as time goes by there will be fewer military complex and second, as we become more effected in the aid programs attracting resources from other countries and allies to contribute with our disaster assistance. as silo get the ability i am quite confident that men and women in the state department are there for one reason. not for the glory but they are extraordinarily dedicated to ensuring america does national and economic security.
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of how they are executed how we are structured and i am confident with the implant of the men and women and i take the challenge and with great expectation to deliver a much better results and for the japan and u.s. this
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is the clear challenge to us so we can never condone such provocations. to conduct nuclear experiments and more than 20 ballistic missiles have been launched and in various ways there has been the progress on the technology front that is the recognition of japan back to north korea for self restraint and to comply with the un security council resolutions and others.
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to protect the lives of the japanese people, then to make every effort possible to prepare for any eventuality. thank you very much. i will accept a question from the japanese side. >> i have questions for both the minister and the secretary. there was an agreement. and two closely work with each other but the issue
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that they have located the relationship. how have you last the understanding of the united states? how will you be further developing vat relationship with korea? some zero to be given support to the agreement what is the position of the of trumpet frustration? >> i understand as secretary to have a meeting. >> at my meeting earlier to
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the agreement which is the foundation for the corporation and a secretary tillerson has confirmed the united states supports the agreement. has won high acclaim from the international community and to implement the agreement in a responsible manner. and to implement the agreement is the responsibility for both japan and the international
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community. for the current administration that will be born after the presidential connection coming japan will patiently and persistently make the approach for a steadfast implementation of the agreement. thank you. >> i appreciate how dealing with historic issues are from both sides for the u.s. maintains it support of did creamery each between japan and are okay to the issue and and with the sincere efforts to bring this to a conclusion. is this important through the trilateral relationship
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with rok to maintain a strong alliance that there is space between us when it comes to dealing with the dprk to come to a rapid conclusion. [applause] -- and. translator: . >> this is a last question from this side. >> cbs news. secretary how will china be on the same page to diffuse the threat from north korea? and terms of specifics when you get them to change course and lawmakers are pushing for japan to develop the capability to launch a pre-emptive strike is this what the government is considering? >> as to china's support encouraging north korean net -- correa, we do believe
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they have a very important role to play as the major source of activity with north korea and has long stated the policy. they have voted in favor so we look to china to fill the obligations for the sanctions call for with of resolutions as to the further actions they might consider taking to bring north korea to a different attitude for nuclear weapons. translator: i could not fully a understand the last part of your question. but on china and the north
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korea issued to bring a solution by china is critical. we also agree with this. has the chair of the six party talks and the members of the united nations security council, 90 percent of trade with north korea so we believe that is very important so working together with the united states we will approach china to play a more constructive role. that is what i think. i was not able to appreciate the latter part of your question suggests respond on china. this is the end of the joint press conference.
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please be seated until the foreign minister and the secretary leave the hall. thank you for your cooperation. >> any specifics on your new approach? [inaudible conversations]
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. >> the people in syria word optimist but were pretty nervous of what was to come. what are the differences between apple the institutions purses' the new were institutions that is known as a public-private partnership? >> with a myriad of other ways have it is dictating global health in the way that we think about it? .
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>> anyone working at any hedge fund involved in the short-term trading in and out of stocks they all one to end it is a common term in the industry. this white it is useless for their purposes there is the grazing known - - grays ellen but then the black information which is insider-trading. >> talk about the insider-trading case against a hedge fund manager steven steven:and sec capital. >> the two-year central characters that the heart of the story are the two former portfolio managers matthew end michael. and matthew is currently