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tv   Rep. Jimmy Gomez on Former FBI Director Comey Testimony  CSPAN  December 7, 2018 8:06pm-8:12pm EST

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now, congressional reaction to the closed door house interview with former fbi director james comey. we begin with california democratic representative jimmy gomez, a member of the house oversight and government reform committee. my impression is this is a
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complete waste of time. it's occurring right after the midterm elections am aware it's a number of days where they know we will have the gavel. it's a last ditch attempt to try to bring the investigations that are going on to undermine that investigation. other questions are trying to lead him down a path to answer specific questions about the thattigation of the people were first targeted under conspiracy regarding trump's election. some of the questions are concerning to me, i feel they are going down a path they shouldn't be and overstepping the bounds of oversight. i personally believe we need to ask these questions. not been done in the right way and at the last minute.
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you can't recall documents in the russia probe, including documents in july of 2016. >> the fbi is sitting at the ande and being careful prohibiting answers to questions specifically -- >> is he saying he couldn't remember? >> i can't recall. >> do you know anything about the president's interactions with james comey that led to the firing? >> we did not get into that. were focusedtions some of the fbi agents. that's where the republicans were focusing on. we were trying to figure out -- a lot of the questioning was based on that, what kind of bias should the fbi agents have had.
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>> did he say the text messages were indications of bias? >> he did not. there always has to be a question of appearance of bias. that is something he kind of stressed. appearance is something that should be taken into consideration. he was talking about different types of things. >> did he acknowledging mishandling of the clinton investigation or rush investigation? >> nothing you haven't heard before. we pushed him on the fact that it seems he treated the hillary clinton investigation differently than the top investigation. have done aouldn't different decision, but that's what he came away with. understand they had big implications. >> you wouldn't have done
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anything differently? >> is there anything he answered that you were surprised? haven't seen anything i'm surprised he didn't answer. he has been pretty forthcoming, unless the fbi told him he couldn't answer the question. >> you said the fbi counsel -- >> maybe four times. in fbi didn't really step when the democrats were asking the questions. the current investigation, the fbi -- >> i can't remember. [indiscernible] was the focus on taking the track regarding bias. bias is such a big deal.
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let's look at the questions involving bill barr, who said he wanted to reopen the investigation of hillary asnton and her time secretary of state. aslo that he was a trump support. i focused on that line of questioning. if it is all biased, what responsibility does bill barr have to recuse himself, even if there is appearance of bias? >> we need to make sure any appearance of bias, that we move away from it, and bill barr, if he determines there has been an appearance, he should probably step away. >> what if he determines himself with a bias? >> he also said he has a lot of respect for bil bar. >> is this another attorney general the president is mi


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