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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 12:15am-12:31am CET

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this teeny weighing five kilos quite early for all involved police suspect that someone may have thrown that jumbo sized vegetable into the man's garden causing the confusion that's going to do it for us here on day w. but don't forget you can always get date of the news when you're on the go with our app that will give you access to the latest news from around the world and do be sure to sign up for oppression of occasions so you don't miss any of our breaking news you can even use the app to send this in your photos and videos just download the app and google play or the app store. thanks for watching we'll see you very soon. health. and hearings two long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and foreign rose.
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runs in on equal societies. divide starting november fifteenth on g.w. . which a video of. your link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news as easy and while website deputed comes next week on join us on facebook to dublin for. the league's cream of the crop face off against one another on saturday a clash of the titans one as they go bosses by are full of swagger we're looking to build on their table lead over dortmund the black and yellow have hit us look at their. home crowd helped them out of being. dazed and confused dortmund
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look great a month ago they went from dominant to damage but happy is hosting buyer a game changer and we'll head to leipsic rb we're looking to recover from their buyer bruising with a hose it can over a promoted side playing with pride and challenging the top team was welcome to the bone as they go on d. w. i'm chris harrington we are starting with the league's two headed monster byron and dortmund buyers have only last tasted victory since you have high kids has been back maybe it's the memories of past excess fueling the defending champs or maybe their latest opponents in the league haven't really tested them either way they're back in the driver's seat different story with dortmund they have no mojo at all at the moment and look to have problems digesting pizza bosches game plan but this
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match is different right it's more about passion than form it could be perfect timing for dortmund right or wrong. dortmund's goal machine emerick obama young hadn't scored in three hundred eighty six minutes and all of dortmund was hoping he would pounce but it was byron who got off to the better start in the seventeenth minute home as fed are you and robin open the scoring. men's defense to passive here and remember key powerless angle still maintain their composure you'll be inveigled one the ball and it was off to the races gonzalo castro found andreae malenko but the a trainee and couldn't beat spent over i. kept pressing for an equaliser but wasting chances has been their problem for weeks now unlike. yahshua commish teed up robert live and who made it to nil is eleventh goal of the campaign the back line allowing too much space and vagal with the unlucky deflection. in the
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second more of the same dortmund's attack dangerous but the ball just wouldn't go in. yeah malenko coming up short again. in the sixty seventh minute by him but the final nail in the coffin david all about eleven dusky three nil. but the replay showed the ball never made contact instead it was al of us first of the season. marked by a triple of one back for dortmund in the waning minutes but it was too little too late three one the final score and by an extend their perfect record under your pint just before league games dortmund meanwhile haven't won in four outings. to the twitter verse we go let's see what tweets this match motivated the first one is from dortmund julien inveigle the midfielder acknowledging they were really never in this after their first half performance and byron's jerome boateng who
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didn't play chimed in as well going in to the international break with the win is always a good thing he said. up next r.v. life of hand over hand it don't mean defeat last matchday not too shabby for a promoted side under the right. they've risen to a fourth place in the table thus far but heading to red bull arena to face this guy . and company could be problematic the star striker has netted a goal every home game this season except one and after missing a crucial penalty in the german cup and being benched in the champions league the twenty one year.
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