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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 12:00am-12:03am CET

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i can be a helpful piece assault with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few years and it's feelings are the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us by thinking about algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. british prime minister to reason may says it was wrong of the u.s. president donald trump to retreat on to muslim videos the inflammatory material was originally posted on an extreme far right u.k.
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twit's account the man who uploaded them is a leader of a far right group with a previous conviction for a hate crime. a former bosnian croat military chief has died after apparently swallowing poison during a hearing of the un's tribunals for the former yugoslavia slobodan probe the contents of a small bottle seconds after the court upheld his twenty year sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity. the un security council is holding an emergency meeting over north korea's latest weapons launch the ballistic missiles fired on wednesday landed two hundred fifty kilometers of japan's coast the u.s. nato and the e.u. have condemned the launch which is north korea's twentieth this year. pope francis is drawing huge crowds at his first mass and majority. the pontiff called on people
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to embrace reconciliation as a country emerges from nearly five decades of military rule. was. added to. the u.s. economy post growth in three years despite a string of horak a third quarter g.d.p. three point three percent off the back of hiring best. equipment and competed. also coming up beijing's trying to increase its influence on foreign companies china was the final say over doing business there. and the. deal on the divorce settlement with britain critical is next. this is your business update on how it all for you but good to have you with us the u.s. economy.


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