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tv   Kick off - Winter is coming...  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am CET

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really. good be feeling the cold when winter arrives and it will be safe in the warm. kind of a december december warm winter is coming and some are more prepared than others. fined for it have been busy clocking up the points they can put their feet up over the festive period. is when we want to be successful now so that we can enjoy a relaxing christmas and. others will be feeling the chill.
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through so obviously it's not a good situation for us as well it's your own minds against dortmund is always a frosty occasion. but the fact that isn't lost on new dortmund boss pay dish to lose weight off to it will be a tough task as an exciting history here is one of the dish the. winter is coming time to batten down the hatches. first up cologne head into the furnace they take on by an in our much day sixteen opener welcome to kick off. from. it's party time for how my surgery days not. on the pitch but at brian's fun
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club christmas party he can afford to relax a little his club has ended the year at the top of the table. things are a little different for cologne no team in blue to seek a history has been worse than them after sixteen games. put forward by an already have one eye on the winter break from what they signed off the air in spectacular fashion. we're definitely on favorites to win this one that's pretty clear we're traveling to munich with a lot of players from me on the twenty three and young besetting from the on the nineteen's. that we. look on the bright side is things can only get better colognes new coach definitely looking back proved himself to be an exciting young coach in the second tier but then he's never faced a coach like this before. even with that tommy's in the side the record
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champion started strongly cologne looks set for a long nice. to the chance after chance came and went the ball just wouldn't go in. the fans began to grow restless could skate on hold on for the full ninety puts up best eleven dop stay. but. if we look scoring we need to stay patient but obviously that wasn't a perfect match and we need to have a think about what we can do better. our young robin was unable to save the day for once the dutchman watched on nervously. cologne almost caught by and by surprise shortly afterwards with me last the burning a dangerous chance for the visitors. could have miraculous cologne win be on the cards. nil nil at. the break
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a satisfactory for as tough for the billy goats by a needed to shake things up choosing selfies for social media is one thing but by a needed now was goals off how mase on the colombian was called into action for the second tough. but just had other ideas clinton had a golden opportunity to push his side ahead only to stumble at the last season in a nutshell. and patience adventure paid off a world class combination from jerome boateng thomas mother and robot eleven dogs the made it one nailed an early christmas present for the fans the poll confirming his top scorer status in the process fifteen goals going into the break. straight off the training field right guys. you know you can't train that is that i think you just have to have it it was
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a great system fortunately it went in. the soft. and selfie king almost got in on the action too but cologne keeper t.-mo horan who was on top for him before sharing a few words of encouragement. cologne boss couldn't back a summons philip usage from the bench usually found in the under twenty one side he was the back to face by and away with his team already trailing one nil the cologne almost equalize shortly before the end what a chance. the buy in skirt choice keeper tom stark a ensured victory if only to enter had put that only chance away and they will get out of. the situation happened so quickly because we had two or three other situations that we could have scored from. it would have been nice to get more in the game but to lose one milligan's by and isn't. i have
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a feeling it is not so obvious we also. know it's a sixteen games without a win for cologne not much christmas cheer to be had there then and i was always told we have eighteen games left we know that we have to go to the christmas break maybe we can win on saturday then we have six points and we would have to double up and then we got a lot of flashback and we would have some holiday and we can we can train up some tactics and then. we will hunt for the survivor and i want to go. on the other hand have plenty to celebrate. with my favorites but that's normal he said we've opened up a big league but we need to keep focused on the second top of the season there's a potential by. so merry christmas by end but be careful too many mince pies could make life difficult when the season resumes in january.
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because. football is child's play. it can be explained in the simplest of terms. there's a few basic rules. number one stick the ball in the back of the nest hamburg managed this early on in their home match against france first. then frankfurt managed it themselves one one after just sixteen minutes. the second shot second goal for took the lead on twenty four minutes. back then head back to dennis deep my. boss said it was ruled out for offside two one the final score one for at least up to fifteen the table. better luck next time a dentist said. this but it's annoying because we could. done more to be done with
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is a must win games even when you win games like this you have the chance to rise up the table. it's a simple game stick the ball and the next. next up lights they went evolve. football rule number two take your chances. like six hard loads in the first tough especially this man to move. but if you don't take your chances you may lose your precious. thanks mario gomez was soon tripped in the penalty area. and took the lead one shots one goal. not sick went into the break feeling roofless the second half of the game began to turn was all spurred started creating chances . it was not sick who scored myself house and back stretching to make
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it one apiece. on the host os on a frustrating day for both sides of. the football it's simple but nobody said it was easy. freiburg coach has been enjoying life of lace and has a love today with the game defining moment of harvard's clash with club. football group number three. no whistle no foul. that used to be the case anyway before the days of video assistants refereeing. it's a foul either when the referee blows his whistle or fifty seconds later v.a.r. has made its mind up. patsey nails piston never
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misses five by three points. play to the whistle things used to be so simple. but things have changed still at least try to stop it. we won the game and that's fantastic. so all's well that ends well which brings us nicely rounds to brosius dortmund to close a disappointing jobs ahead of this game week. had barely been shown the door by cologne before he was asked to take over from peter bhatia door meant. to be for business for me to move dortmund is an opportunity for me and my stuff to take on a role on a whole different level to cologne it's a really exciting tosk. to current news. coverage a two one home defeat to bremen was the final straw for bosh.
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one of the worst moments i suppose she's correct after a promising start they went eight games without a win and slipped to seventh in the table. dortmund exit came as no surprise. this is something happening to the team at some stage and in all honesty we can't really explain what it was. first it dortmund simply forgot to win a particularly low point for the club was the four four draw with rivals child cut after having led for it now. has been brought in to pick up the pieces. so. i'm empathetic towards the players i want to find out what we can do to change and improve aside from actual football games that's what all starts isn't that often on t.v. . her to. get into plants with time the club needs to improve
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quickly a lack of confidence within the squad needs to be reversed but dortmund fans believe sterger with his common open to cheers is the right man for the job. pages blown in by the ice cold winds of cologne win less all season and shown the exit door but he's been let in from the cold. not that you could tell they always looks a little frosty. marcel schmelzer described dortmund defeat to braman as an outrage the only thing at rages was his team sloppy performance. the new boss has six months to solve the issues and restore them to their former glory. there is bills for testing times
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a month he tries during long cold winters. dortmund began the game listen to chelsea. as minds began to exploit the space currently on. the new boss preached serenity before the match. but his team appeared and a thing but. diving into tacos and arguing with the referee. was. was the new coach the little nervous under that icy facade. still there was brought in as a quick fix on till the end of the season. the club's long term solution you
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leonardo's man was watching from the stands he set to take over in the summer his presence began to have the desired effect. things were beginning to thaw for dortmund down on the pitch to their side were waiting for a mistake from their hosts. here and make a bomb and pounced. but to no avail. the chances were beginning to arrive but the ball just wouldn't go in. pike county mr gets used to it by now after all he was cologne boss until recently. and still is with a new sense of belief from their trainer they soldiered on. the fatherly of breakthrough socrates with a close range effort to put the visitors ahead. even
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then the smile of a little suggestions. were sure he was beaming inside though. dortmund tazza right there look for long spells afterwards as minds toiled in front of goal . for the first time in a long time they held firm. and waited for their chance to attack about me and showed some neat footwork to find space in the box. shinji kagawa to the rest. of. the club's first win for almost three months and a clean sheet to paste. the first it's much they five nice work. and a solid performer. from his new charges.
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in. winter may be coming but first signs of life are already beginning to emerge. the tension has lifted the ice already beginning to thaw. and a little sunshine peeking through there tonight's. the definitive off let's not go as that was a first step in the right direction like i've said before we have to take our same character that we shot across ninety minutes today into the next game and you had in the past with. me. we've tried to implement a couple of things from training but obviously not insane amounts runs and if you feel we're going to be there was a lot of discussions a feel as
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a song but i have to say that a lot of things were very good already forgetful design guns of all it's clear that peter bush did a very good job here. with the boys i told them you. know i was maybe dabashi would have defeated minds in south all we know for sure is that dortmund looked to be emerging from the cold at last. who is not screws that as a player he's well known but on a personal level he's a bit of a mystery. person if you're right there are probably many words to describe why am i think i'm a very open and direct person who shares his opinion even if it's critical that i can also take criticism on the that makes me a pretty cool guy if you. i think.
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there are many sides to the twenty nine year old he also happens to be an extraordinary player. and would of been or only shown myself to be a good footballer last season but for that. long remember how do you know i can concentrate on what i want to almost i need to do to give my best performances there's nothing outside of that interests me and the interesting thing. what the first poly friedberg bloodbath. volves bird or graeme cruz that has always had a keen eye for gold sixty one in two hundred one does they give much as. it's complex preserving pictures but it's clear. that the times return to the days are starting up these crazy he's on a trick to get the trick. game set match back screens three
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goals in forty five minutes against hanover on much day twelve until then things hot and really been working out for him at braman. our gardens are considered so these kind of situations show that the city and the clubs go hand in hand to stop people leave the club here whenever for they find their. mates come to the bottom of bremen high up in the north west of germany knox who's a feels valued here he's held in high regard by the club's fans. i mean obviously the stadium where it's more noticeable but also in the city when you meet people in the street and having to give those marks crews that have the quality to lift this club to graze your hearts good he inspired his team to victory over neighbor kids and five days in our compact. good neighbor who isn't against bring. time for another football ground drill as
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the germans say everything is settled on the pitch so who's coming out on top box cruising for leon bailey. in this in a slightly different opinion i think maybe extra ten percent we had last week against. this time leon bailey laver couzin one one nil thanks to lucas and our rio the globe continues its ascent of the table. frame and remain way down in eighteenth box. hoffenheim versus took time for football ground rule number five you crunch news if you don't concede. see told it was a simple game. hoffenheim scored once violates markets goal
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and they didn't concede before the os. next week travel to britain's olympia study on terrible weather terrific match. after quarter of an hour. saw in calais with the game's opening goal on the ivorian struck again just before the break. but has had did concede. numbers a loved one back for the visitors. out over were better in every department more shots corders tackles one possession. and scored the next goal true turin rb which brings us to our sixth grand trilled it's goals that. can't.
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simpson him and i think the game ended three a lot of been disappointed as we had an unbelievable number of chances in the second half it felt as if we had two extra plays on the pitch had to couldn't get out there. next up shall go versus i'll support. saga's opener came as little surprise to anyone. i'm going to stand tall with the goal and. works on a second didn't i there are two nails in the homes. but i'm scared wouldn't go down without a fight by you being pulled one back for the visitors before me good corage
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converted a penalty. to what i call box. but a lot of time for another grand drill. first half and i game last ninety minutes i was very good in party mode tuesday and allowing daniel caligiuri to hit the winner from shall go. proud moments to that goal he doesn't joy of this nature omma. tells with a whole heap. of rules today it's time to turn our attention to the results the
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client did just enough to be childrens kiloton lives in could only draw elsewhere not stay sixteen selwyn's for dortmund's labor queues and shelter and tough times. so what does this all mean for the table if just in a fly and things are beginning to look interesting just four points separating shall come in second and bloodbath in eight. it's getting close and the bottom two has a in eleventh place just six points above homburg way down in sixteen oz always we end the show without much a moment over t.v. shinji. come to us making the run up to the pops. the the but.
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the above. about the from influences just like i just came in and waved a magic wand this is all it's my predecessor was for men and for the world. cup will probably stop us.
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i don't even line said seumas close as can be god's house of music but this time the songwriter from lion's head will best play. go east. fifty six flags. i'm not proud of it will not succeed in defining the subtle not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters.
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hijacking the news. where i come from. the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truly. funny was part of golf and i work at you know. some people don't care about me. because they don't see night beauty.
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some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. two billion you can do. to then i am everything. their home. the a food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear and. and so does everything i can. two billion people care about me. needs me. and now. i need.
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the u.s. federal communications commission has floated to repeal the landmark obama era net neutrality rules that bad internet.


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