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tv   Doc Film - The Fruitless Tree  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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scored liverpool's fourth to record a famous when for your can collapse liverpool him move into thirds. that's it for me for now more news coming your way at the top of the hour and in the meantime you can always get the latest update the far left side of that state of new hampshire joining us. the whole g w one hour. for global insights on the news out for local bureaus. w. made for mornings. until they come. to my.
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seat to continue to. live is removed and i'm still going to hide. under which he's. got the time line. of. all of me. when this time is that if. he was serious. when they went into the marine it's absolutely crucial in my view that we're seeking should be in school was. a shooting. he was goofy and she's too fat to be. at the bun sundown husband and i.
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suppose thank you i'm going to have. a. few. bucks and that i might as a wife a kindly feeling let him as he fishes like us that he can be. his only makes me be able to experience happiness. so that as he did for the. last it wasn't that i can't. go to. he. said. this in total and i will was the one who know why do i do what i am for the next morning. i go why. why disempower i
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will go to the. fast. food for you. what. you. can do i mean it. will be about you know. if i see you. guys. how do you feel that.
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i'm going to say. oh. wow. chamomile. you can lead to long.
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necessities here on what is within it if you need it i. can feel pretty that is. you see anybody let me give you the advocates of. justice and gonna. you know thank you each everywhere. in the agencies any you miss you money it was i'm drunk or not i'm part of. a new nine eleven champions in action in war you met i beat you and you know you know. in the negro. to me speaking to me. mr latona hamada he was so mobile. when
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a. young. boy got that he does have a one a month i have what that ability more than the amount of course shattered by one of those that i've used. both of us i'm a little. more. alas way out of the interim agreement imbued the moment and they are most human tubule nominee i must look at it as us like u.v. so i guess i will. she can assume younger than. me to call my i don't know what. it is i'm wishing at the bush for someone. seeking a hand up with that there's a mother and to africa. region in congo where you know.
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there are any of them and because they don't. like you said the castle. she can engineer there decided you know me see the show not of with the usual with that indeed to go because i'm a bit of. and not my presley levy we didn't ever meet you i live in new jersey is american liberalism even to me. and she says i'm so did him a month early to see people only meant for more and. come into play some new as of today is it feel good when different. it was simply my at the from so that the man in the share.
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in the bed of their illusions when i was living in a. locked room had. long as i will let you go. look. in a reserve coat while you. ask him unless you know that the
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i. show a wing and be about to hand into his award jar of one of the dear whole town and our mccarthy gotten there a demanding mean in a comma time without a file young could see and would have to send in the article is about how much you are in want of again you are. but i would need to as you say you know i'm our lead to less. than a one i. even cut the past you need to get on. with you don't have undue attention for the young she. killed herself. by well it was what i. mean you're you would see a lot of others doing as well as he got his.
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butt into. nauman seed of the one one note where you can use a magic she jump want to. chat aloud when it came in she come up i have a. compressed immune function of an. hour for jimmy fallon's us reason and then losing money but i mean of course it's absence. let the men from des moines parents you might levy mikey be government was. silly like you should really as i
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just show you got to be medical many of. dreamier i was in there one of my friends it is your name when you need three new hundred. in v.a. for to keep on running more. than two one. country d.c.d. not confront the reality part of the until it is with. not going to matter you not drunk. and gotta she got to do is.
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you do you value and limited in what youve you know better than. mckeon of investments. and an addict on the verge of a nervous. how does your life at. the end of
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a well help with this and the. going to mean the little poem but without the will of them river. because i'm a national issue or some of the changed. the word the earth from before she'd only give you a fashion but it was not what i did that if. it was. going to conform to your car going to med school and a mom would go home when you pulled her into her. god would listen because growth. then he said. i'm going to. go but the. south is so i'm kind of in the middle you going to choose good options and never looked interesting to.
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show it to you and i don't know. c.n.n. as well as you know me. and i don't look at it i think much of that going anywhere not imagined that i can i wouldn't be one make what they are now that you know i think i'm going to be their only very way that you know we've got the world to do but to. get you know somebody on the end i'm going to regret not having you know to be you know. ready to understand you. know what it is but i think you should be used. when you even want that human and. human the human. we're going to go we're going with the i'm going to fire i should around my ankles and i thought that three months.
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continental medicines are far and. complete. check at the scene and he apply various annis ideas and. the need for guardians with near zero c. these. cannot be met for. the man at the barony companion me three more years without from. either side was sure.
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i wasn't. and you may look. after the who came out on the game alone the shoes he was going to move was in when the. center three got. a church and she was. running the light on at. full force when i was over there with you. assume it is a. man who can see it from numbers and they were going to win and because of his movement. i'm going. to love the way along in the bus and i mean she goes on which. all i shot
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a new arena when you started going to open the curtain in your mind i should want to go but we're going to want to quit and now we're going to. need it over on only there's one word she's going through and. you think oh well she should and should all of us a lot of unknowns we all know. human even. in the uk on these. money that maybe i don't see you. he said if you do not have some clue. and it was some confidence and.
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we're about to graduate in. her going to the second. earth. are we losing a whole other you know. only. to a shooting she sure thing it a combination of. insight into what we see in the here then you. when when the unknowing are i own
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my own are as you see it inconvenienced. i mean was the first important probably for. me three. easy infirmary and then not over our number to make it easier to pose for new agey and only if we. were more gender new season far more work uses and not a burden to my eardrum brush and that of the self and.
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that of course she. prefers you to her off and she and i see. he kissed. me says he you know. each one of you for somebody in the media and he is just. not a my just cheap chinese are about how long. was love on the show.
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and is a love triangle compounded if you will to let the. genie to his skin off on the man . must leave because of that x. some i hate you for your money. now from the left from can we say once that's passed it's killed for a very long. by use of i'm a look at that pollution you for months and i had it yeah she said to you in a. letter i met here by. your line at nobu new memoir caterpillar and they've been mutilated you saw it come when you been in order nancy. only on the spot. i'll get it done deal with him when he was killed by the sun has gone up a pre-inaugural answer that and he had one would suppose would he kill long man up every block you know she did for. you little example do. you love him
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in his off our earlier book you do an embittered employer due to your balls but i know what was his you put the good it would be last year do coffee it is still believe it will be demanded islamic communities that i shall my might be do my work at it will pull the milo is only push on to see our ugly dumbbells and men a lot of by you look at them bully me do you give a good look at the kill file if your son has an effect on it not a year spent on my fitness but on healers a lot to whom was i seek it was only fair competition to live my if you are not only a man who would you would you be to don't give up r.c. kyung is you the fairy if somebody could be persuaded and on saddam i would not need a man i mean al gore stossel. also
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liaison member some did and you hear and some friends. certainly needy says someone who isn't and then we see them again. in marriage. in simple. misread in a phone call. she sees them married with us. my aging and an iffy one. back and i who our mouth the new master now in whatever is it any easier.
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i got lucky on the food. and. asked. him. to. come that was funny that was how i was out. gosh i hope you catch a point because we're in the end you know you know you know we didn't come on to me . i think we're going to michigan and i will now i will study we do we lose money you could not go through the vocal to do baby. and i would. be in the neighborhood who could mimic woman one time share go get her.
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to. leave. my house which. was that his love of god. and my. son you all can and sank in help with me in that i had a night out on that album and i was found one mission wrapped i wound up that i am a man who came in and they. wrote leave for oprah rudely i mean and when i meet. with. the booth to put it with. egypt i knew i knew i knew and she'll come back into who me. michael who is a one. or woman of the world with you man you don't call me lie at that low and be
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about and for me and i was in a pool me my heart and i had. a mash of a shuttle i will die and she can't i'm not. going to believe in the. clown. was out cause i'm on my mind ok when the not much i'm on my own double take when i find out that i do not believe in myself enough that it will make a clue they will it will be killed good legally you know who did that love the only one with. this is that it will be for local the i kid you should learn how to do that to the issue in the movie cool i'm going to i'm going to need to look a lot lately from. what .
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i did that if it. did. come what did. it really to d.v.d. as it. has a i. ls have with me. to the sky to the top of the bottom corner. of august. something. that. was. not. going.
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to need be and feel no great advantage of your going to fund or not be on the road . going that you're on the mission it will save you who are going to get. you think . you will not prevent you don't know about a regional. economy on the take a lot of family i suppose to this i met this interesting. don't introduce your only remark that it would end up a plant to hurt these amitie kids oh yeah but every good at it the recipe not yet even in the wanted it was just really to say that you could left to do not want to see a nice lefty to do look out of it. could i think you could count on one of them are you an actual.
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so. the lesson that still. enjoy. this. yes in bell i mean you needed piece. of advice i had some of those and i would to make. you say lessons can see that. now how much you know come out of even my d.f. is that you're not going you're not going for nothing. but it's and i need back is that a knack you buy i'm going to skim if you may try and launch the we have
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it made me the markets of the zone of and that is what i think of as i over. there whisper. and i am and i command that you can they all want that make it as soon as they see. you and that if you do that if you get a rush if it is you sue me please yeah. yeah memsahib my yam security and it was that it. yes i believe that our listeners have to say much ado should in the news see when we did see me as a kid when is he my son the he's a loser get a letter back there's a word which allow my you know who you are heck again key to no no he's a good digit but when a complete lie is a man so you should imagine. it's a good q. is us not even. going through the end of may i want to miss you my must have a lady in agony go fuck you map day after man back and she had to manage your money . you to go up and allow you. into
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a lax and out of these have invited i keep getting should get a balance of power is there any way you and i have bagged his family be to get a bike you she ask him less convenient has happened is i have i me in and she has had in a would you dating yes even ice rink him nick i am in nassau. going to get me to think you live in is seven am like you call me me when as i mentioned you gotta get out hadley kesha and i want. you by now as they should have if you don't look i was evelyn memory so soon so after my little you mean what i don't. buy just think of any of it is about how a. it's. and i. am on my own and then when i did remote
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a nuclear bomb i was going i thought i might. feel well but if i go out i've got. a will still be needed for the time that my daughter. looks in doing that is to. get a. look here at them are they see these are some out there for them i think. there's almost a still learning the accordion dealer that. will weigh in he stood so much for. the like does wonders the border good guy we're going to some of them is going to go get i think will go about my. biggest of the sort of most everyone was one of these computing problems with their new life because i didn't. want to go next to you didn't down on the buy one be a good family if i got to go how do they do they mean clinton now when they didn't
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see my d.m. or said i like. some of whom are coming from that he did a damn. good there we. got a new normal. when team being. so i like the stuff on top of what they don't know what they needed to go in the water what these guys want to see my the fund to give them. what if you don't much like i thought i would. want one thing but you know forty their border security measures would be so much.
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grooms know more do or do they're going to move into the. house and this month. a sellout on a crusade is in my room on my third. douceur time now. more money in more than few months to please the. bell man mark hughes. me. to say we might hear. from him we do need. more money through last in my. course willi. sam
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i sat for two more new pros just was he building fell. into ms examine long coffee me. enough and. kiki. my bell message. me she will be. continued our systems actually. weekly dues are funded software. who has to live we call this fair. go and twas. who's put this to such a quantity who if a lamp over from q. no. as i was. was a warned but. it's gone much. so that's cool no
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muscle and no bauer allegedly missed it what i want is that i'm allergic to vision . and it is. a little. one of the. poor in the reason they. are going to not going to live in. what have you. it's a two thousand and. ten that i'm about is in the end as i was going to be a mortar. nobody knew how much too much to tell it as. to my tears. and to. touch it one it. was an. icon in the. me to. you and only.
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one student is an interview. a moment because i learned so much about events. and i got. into two missile in my cheek that i look at it. didn't i didn't what was she what to tell what to book the ticket and. just google howard. morning jim dutton don't know pointed the bookie cousin joe to kill what to highlight. a moment and then there's a little daughter of a photograph. but i want to settle with the other world when it was because she was in my view is that a lot of those i'm a little bit out of in the. normal with a mother was a limb so how is it
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a must if one was around one hundred. and you going on to do. you know. you know preparing the family you know. would you go on one of you. are free to believe you to come to do it is going to see. their share among. muslim islamist. must must must must must. must. must must must must. i do so much of that path.
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but that's for good. measure and you know it. now you. cannot come and. i've been giving you. loons need to know my love many were incomplete me about individual cake and i knew. i wanted a cookie. out one minute. and as you initially. see each i had to use it in the heat in the bank and after these events have been food. that my father would to me in the sack how would it you see. she can seek something that's in need ok not need. not see and
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without being human. remains that. i can you make anyone. a mile one day thinking is outcome could you kind of well decide which is not at the up. if you constantly uni's continue to be mad. on t.v. and that led to his cheek you matter how much i see that and not to cavil if you don't as. this injured on the head you had said again that i. could cure my tummy. i let him be going in to look at him. long as you know you kind of shadow because he sure couldn't. see and would like obama dish. lights up and. push a little at how much i don't respect and look you in the eye when she comes home.
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and that means. a good. and that get out there on the scene and. watch it. and i did it and what does a woman shout. into. coming. into . international. must i give it. a little know how can each. moment to like you could. it.
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be when you know. my mom. and you know she informed me she said among. them from a medium in. you
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know this week's highlights. one is when your adventure speed rushing through this was such. a wondrous winter landscape the snow village in northern finland. wondrous twenty two spectacle seventy five years of. your robotics thirty minutes on. are you up to speed on the latest technology. no then it may be time for an upgrade is becoming part of the future. become
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a cyborg. a cyborg so i've created a new sense the new organ and i've designed my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. and i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this would make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it have been society does the human race movement need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this side of human machines starting february first on t w.
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this is news. and passengers tonic after a turkish plane skidded off a runway and plunges down a cliff it stops just me from the block remarkably no one is hurt also coming up. fresh protests erupt in the country marks the seventh out of the arab spring there are fears the situation could escalate as the north african nation struggles with major economic problems.


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