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where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go and do it would be show you have you can show them attack our innovations magazine for in. the us from the every week and always looking to the future dot com science and research for you. i want to welcome to another edition of the show i'm your host meghan lee from dirty walls to pearl earrings we have lots of ground to cover here's a look at what's coming up. mr clean how clausen television creates art on grain resurfaces. new and improved making the most out of
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discarded junk. and wine and dine a german even our with a new take on the bubbly. most prefer the artist look for empty walls to paste or spray paint on but they don't worry too much about whether the space is clean or dirty however with klaus douban the dirtier the wall the better and that's because he uses a high pressure cleaner to create his images now he calls his style reverse graffiti we met up with the artist at work in the south of france. painting with high pressure it's a way of life for german artist klaus dolphin. this time his canvas is a humble wall in the southern french city of sacha he plans to spray thirteen
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images of reverse scruffy she here. just is removed from the wall giving rise to an image. of i my finger style the hours i love working outside with all the challenges involved i'm often asked an interesting question does it bother me that the work is transients that it has a limited life span. but something temporary like this can carry meaning and messages about life or that it often is our job as. his tool is a high pressure cleaner which he uses to spray water on to the wall darvon has worked for years with technician excitement from the cash a company which makes the cleaners for this project the water for the high pressure water gun comes directly from the mediterranean. the sense is that if that's the beauty is in the fact the water is the only way to achieve such a brilliant contrast when you clean off the organic material it gives rise to such
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clear contours that lend the figures an astonishingly expressive quality think was that stone. delvin uses wood stencil to create his reverse graffiti images. he's planned a series of thirteen portraits for the harbor wall portraits of people who once lived in set. of. books and colleges with old photos of set and i've picked out the most expressive faces i didn't want celebrities but rather people whose faces really express something about life and that was the only criterion just men women and children across section of society it. is located thirty kilometers. it's one of the most important fishing ports on france's mediterranean coast. the marble wall is one of its landmarks it's six hundred fifty meters long and
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nearly three meters high. the more libby defense or the more a lot of the off the harbor war was the first building project to turn set into a city. of port was built three hundred fifty years ago. and that informed there's artwork. on the first day dolphin completes three portraits. in his day job he works as an art teacher but it's reversed griffey sheet talk you pisces free time. he's collaborated with kaushal since two thousand and seven the german company is the world's biggest manufacturer of cleaning equipment their first major joint project was on the ownership dam in western germany with a what covering eight thousand square metres it was followed by blossoming flowers in japan in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and twelve a gigantic tiger in south korea. will be reversed graffiti is the perfect time form
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for me i've always had a weakness for large scale works now i can really bring that to life on dams there's no bigger canvas in art cashin has its own cultural sponsorship program along with more than three decades experience in cleaning monuments one of its most spectacular projects came in two thousand and five when it removed grime from the heads of the u.s. presidents on mount rushmore. it did the same for the statue of christ the redeemer in rio de janeiro and the helmand monument in germany. has cleaned more than one hundred forty tourist attractions worldwide free of charge. you don't need it. of water or high pressure hoses. then you have to bridge the distances with power lines water connections and so on. you can also use generators to avoid long power cables. after
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three days darvon is finished and the said harbor wall is now probably the longest open a gallery in the south of france. that's how long the remains depends on three factors the slope of the wall the direction it's facing and the climate my experience would say that because it faces north has a good chance this work will survive for at least five years. to people is the title of tribute to thirteen city inhabitants although reverse graffiti fades over time his r.t. is likely to live on in the community's memory for years to come. the wedding of the year between prince harry and meghan markle is just over one month away but for those who can waited there is now a comic book recounting their love story that last denmark celebrates a milestone birthday in today's express.
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later. turned one hundred this week to mark his tintin crown prince frederick open an exhibition at the at sun center in showcasing the pritzker prize winners most important works among them his most a piece the sydney opera house. this is a man who we wish was still here and of course we should celebrate one hundred years because he is such an icon. but some conceived the center as a venue for students to meet and discuss their ideas for the future the building was completed in two thousand and eight it sounds last worked with the same year. crimes of the british monarchy can breed up on the latest royal romance in a new graphic novel by michael for example the book entitled the royals prince harry and meghan marco describes how the couple met through a mutual friend in twenty sixteen. other topics include harry's time in the
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military and michael's acting career. they're set to marry on one thousand nine hundred windsor castle. in the demolition work has begun on the famous grandstand overlooking the form of those moves a racing track. kilometer long race course was opened in one thousand twenty one and used exclusively for conversations until nine hundred fourteen when the stretch was integrated into a city motion away the last race on the office was held in one nine hundred ninety eight after which the grandstand was close to it since fallen into disrepair now part of it is being converted into an exhibition and eventually a new man should be finished in time for the racetracks hundredth anniversary in twenty twenty one. continuing now with our series on various musical instruments and today we take a look at the synthesizer
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a relative newcomer to the music family now first use in pop music in the one nine hundred sixty s. this is a sizer really took off in the eighty's when the company yamaha made it widely available bands like pink floyd journey or depeche mode would sound very different without them while we talk to a founding member of the german electronic band cough air about how the synthesizer has influenced their music. that generates a range of sounds and. one of the world's most famous play is. one of the founding members of german electronic music band cuff where. i was never a good violinist and i was an average recorder plow. one to get the feel for it the
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synthesizer is a really versatile and flexible instrument. victory here was the last this is and so then. since the band played in the one nine hundred seventy s. were expensive and bulky. to go in the nineteen eighties bands like depeche mode helped to bring the synth into the mainstream it became these pop instrument of choice. developments in digital technology help to make them more affordable to. the advent of music making software in the one nine hundred ninety s. enabled amateurs to produce electronic dance music from home. as well as on sex lives off when we started in one thousand nine hundred six what we were doing seemed pretty radical people thought come on you can't seriously be using a computer to come up with a serious composition but we proved it was possible that.
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native instruments has its head office in the crowds big district of berlin. with branches in l.a. tokyo london and paris it's become the global leader in what's called softsynth. the programming is done in germany. algorithms are used to generate different sounds. and cement cling to look muscular and the code determines the sound of the instrument to put on court and we've got a big team of people working on refining the. amounts of. code and fine tuning the sound clung not quite it's a final. developers working for native instruments made waves in the year two thousand when they replicated the sound of the hammond organ.
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intervention thirteen monarch software hit the market. listen for reproduce the analog sounds of a street excesses. that it's not all about copying other sounds the bell and bass developers have also produced their own since one of them is called massive. massive and sounds. very aggressive. you can produce a lot of distortion. it suits all kinds of genres. some musicians like undetermined of german electro dance mouse on lost now exclusively with socks and. other prominent clients who visited native instruments include madonna u two and caltech but many less than their musicians pass through is well.
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it's great for people who can't afford to buy all their stuff you can work with the equipment without having to spend thousands of euros or so. many musicians using a software synthesizer funded hard to get used to not having a keyboard. some native instruments tries to replicate the feel of a piano or an organ. in berlin the company's developing input devices for software control which resemble normal people words. now for we still have ten fingers and two hands so long as we can use them i think we'll continue to play actual instruments. that might change in fifty or one hundred years but until then we'll make do with bottoms in case the. rich people are fed up with messing around with virtual things they want to
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actually touch and feel stuff. it's the same with cooking shows you can watch people cooking but you can't smell the food you can't taste it it's similar. that's why there's still demand for old school synthesizes software based instruments have a place in modern music production but connoisseurs know that nothing beats analog . and now is a good time to let you in on this week's contest we would like to know if you play an instrument and if so let us know when you can qualify to win a euro max watch please go to our website for all of the details now you might want to think twice the next time you throw something away because perhaps there is another use for the item up cycling has been a popular trend for a couple of years now and you would be surprised at what some designers are able to create. in the morning she
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is in his. sawing measuring and building a chair. he owns his livelihood by making new and unexpected objects out of old ones other people's junk is his precious resource. and you can take something like this shopping trolley. and this chain and. combine them. and make a little chair on rollers. he finds new uses for other people's trash like this so drainfield that he fished out of the skiff and turned into a little lamb and the ceiling lamp of welded skylight salvaged from a demolished building it's been exhibited in a local museum discarded cross-country skis have morphed into a contract and an old fridge into a wine bar to different. i think it's fascinating that and start of throwing things
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away you can take them apart work out how they were made and fix them to make something new out of them. after studying drama for swell has she went on to forge a career as a director and filmmaker but then he discovered upcycling. in a second did this cycling includes the concept of up making something better out of various elements. if you find two bad chairs and turn them into something useful. it gives him a sense of empowerment the feeling he can make a difference and it's can remember now you can sit on it and move around. the it's easy to throw stuff away let's say to make unique pieces from other people's trash these piano pedals are being repurposed. now south of them.
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many of the paddles have holes in them. then you can take another component from the piano. remove about half the pegs. done and then. make it into a rack for kitchen utensils. first one has already turned other parts of the piano source to jesse into new items for clients he's been commissioned to refurbish an entire room. for a couple who are teachers he designed a loft bed as well as shelves of bookcase and stands custom built around a wardrobe they inherited. at the most because in the wardrobe will have to go more to the right or left to create a better sense of space. and. every piece of wood has a rich history including the piano lid from a dresser. just one or two hundred years old. and here's
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a door made from an old table. the idea is to take old materials used elsewhere and turn them into something different. the up cycle has to hurry home to look after his daughter mila but everywhere he goes he keeps an eye open for junkie to muse he says more than half the things germans toss in the trash are still in working order. this discarded cupboard door high. potential. new member is someone who needs shelves. event will be a desk will see the. whole swarm of get back to work in the afternoon he still has to vanish the dining table so the x. floor boards become a smooth surface that's easy to wipe clean hardly any of his own furniture is store bought. you know better i made this sound her brother's bed as well. francois
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also custom built above everything is designed to be space saving and functional he worked on this piece for weeks. it has to last stand if possible be attractive and made of old materials and i try to maintain a sense of its previous purpose. the american financial know it can't. because he wouldn't even think of throwing anything away he can make something new out of anything that's old he needs is the right idea. and a lot of energy that looks like a lot of work but very creative nonetheless all right now you know you have made it when you have a statue unveiled in your honor for our ongoing high five series we take a look at some famous people who have been bestowed such an honor but when you see the following statues you'll see that it's not such an honor after all here are.
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five monuments of european stars but for many surprise here. david bowie was known for his ever changing personas in trying to sculpt an equally eclectic statue of the late musician the maker of one artwork could have used a touch of bowie's genius our first prize bowie with horse legs whatever the artistic intention not even bowie could have related to this one. guy is a politician on top on earth and hollywood actor in twenty eleven his home town of tal in austria dedicated a museum and a statue to its famous son. fourth place goes to this three hundred kilogram power house made of brahms the former mr universe himself commissioned an american artist to create the work. schwarzenegger began his career. as a bodybuilder. talian actress gina
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lollobrigida had a more direct hand in the appearance of her statue on the screen legend has worked as a sculptor for decades so in two thousand and one it was time for a self-portrait. third place goes to gina lollobrigida in her role as esmerelda more than sixty years ago. british actor colin firth has specialized in romantic leads since starring as mr darcy in the t.v. adaptation of pride and prejudice. scene where he emerges dripping wet from a lady turned into an overnight sex symbol. later mr darcy resurfaced as a statue in different lakes in british parks part of a p.r. stunt it's number two on our roundup of off the wall celebrity statues.
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seen again saddam is the current culture of ryall madrid and the french legend but he's probably best known for the head but he administered to an italian defender in the two thousand and six world cup final he was punished with a three match ban and a fine but he'll always have this reminder our face is infamous for our cast in bronze our first place we think the paddock a big night tie tango dancers. right now it's time for something to drink and normally you would drink white wine chilled in a glass but to entrepreneurs from germany have come up with another way to enjoy the drink in the form of pearls now the french would probably disapprove of this sort of tampering but in china wine pearls are a big hit. this is a new road to enjoy in the shape of. southern german wine make you done your cool
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now. creates a taste explosion with a little sweetness inside we've put a wine into a product where it's never been before. the close maybe a new product but they've already found a following particularly among chinese girl names. because german products are always well received in china where people are enthusiastic about wine and there's a big market there particularly for sweet wants. i haven't done business in china yet but i think these wine poles could be the ticket to introduce my wine to the chinese market while wide all indian doctor. has more than twenty years experience of doing business in china and developed the one pulls with danielle what began as a p.r. stunt has turned into a best selling product. asian customers open the can and start spinning it out because it just tastes great. it's
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a completely natural product with no chemicals or additives made from an extract so it's totally vegan. that big flat though they won't reveal any details right now they're experimenting with resume and red wine. china is after all a big market. share for up it says the bills are high because the child. drinks sold with sweet desserts or cheese they go very well with all of these things. or with fried fish and beetroot results with the tater tips. now will take your wonderful pals and after great the fish. even a good between meal snack. is a. this tastebuds comes from an economic astronomy and it's
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a more concentrated flavor in the mouth so people really like it. pose make full creative cuisine from appetizer to name cool. there is no limit to the ways they can take the taste buds. a bubble tea comes from china so it's no surprise that this new product is a hit there and with that we come to the end of the show don't forget to check us out on social media which is facebook or instagram for more on the program as always for me and the rest of the crew here at euro max thanks for tuning in and we will see you again tomorrow. or next edition of euro max payne says the world school is for a public central neighborhood in the lithuanian capital vilnius it's home to many but you can add the republicans this in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven it has a constitution currency and a president who works out of the seat of government and local cafe state of the art
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in this next time you're a max. kook . to.
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the good. the to the to the gulf. coast to. the latest from the new york international auto show the ride it was there for this test of strength among the giant car makers the we take a look under the hood at the auto show and check out the big winners the ugly
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thirty minutes from douglas. the bay news analyst mr lucas let's see the most obscene. goals of the so called change to suck the good news confidence boost side by the way lucky people and put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on determining. the dangerous battlefield images. five women. and five exceptional stories. similar i want to look at the. play may be nothing more dizzying one calling more. photography dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing street full moments in time and even risking death.
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she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on t.w. some people don't care about me. because they don't see my puti. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but two billion people do and. then i am everything. their home. the a food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear. and so does everything i keep. two million people care about me.
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me me me. and now. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been testifying in a first session before u.s. lawmakers they're hearing has focused on his admission that the data of up to eighty seven million users may have been improperly shared with political consultancy cambridge analytic he's admitted his company didn't do enough to calm.


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