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tv   Kick off - Bundesliga 201718 Season Review Part 2  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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before the new bundesliga season kicks off we take a look back at the previous season. and part one of our recap we nice job the bryan season to remember but also show those high flying season. and recounted comebacks restorable relegation from the top lines. here in part two runs through dortmund's up and down campaign highlight some of the most memorable moments of the season and analyzes the best tactics. but i'll rollercoaster ride it was for dormant they still managed to finish fourth but they now have a newcomer at the helm. awarded rookie of the air chuck as young gun i mean how it shined in the spotlight. to stand out coach just on the fans and teams with that success stuff because it's sticking with tar from could. actually take the. just the record chance one last chance back with kickoff.
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i'm dreading it turbulence season right with farewells comebacks and new arrivals dortmund needed to get so why. on a postseason trip they headed across the pond to the west coast of the usa. and in los angeles the perfect opportunity to unwind. the native son christian palisade it was the first stateside trip on club business with parisienne. i love the home always so i had a great time there. he wasn't the only one. in the pacific and a taste of surfing usa seem to do the trick for maximillian philip and hear me tell you. norman's u.s. poster boy was meanwhile hooking up with n.b.a. basketball legend steve nash some folk can evidently do anything with the ball.
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a bit of postseason fun in stark contrast to much of what had gone before a campaign blighted by all people and inconsistency. rides his was very strenuous a real roller coaster ride what was important for the team around the club was that we managed to reach our goal in the end the champions league. let's head back to the rudest race and the start of the season. it all seems so long ago now dortmund geared up for a fresh start under new coach patzer bosch the man chosen to succeed thomas took all the water starts it was. six wins under a draw to match day seven with p.s. emerick obama and once again scoring seemingly it we'll.
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top of the table and riding the crest of a y. the days in black and yellow. to. high profile departures like. seem to have been effortlessly absorbed. not least with him finally much fit and healthy again mario good so that's an issue obviously there's a touch of euphoria after being out so long i'm looking forward to what's coming up we've got a huge potential. but potential needs to be harnessed to a consistent level of performance and all of a sudden deserted the. league games without so when the end of the road to pay to bosh. his replacement started promisingly with two victories before the winter break. by year the team tanks up fresh reserves for the restart. then top scorer obama young left arsenal. have to find
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a replacement fast and they did. michel back shot he's kind of big. on these put to sleep gives. him because it's a little weak but it's great it's always looking to going forward to break away he's found just intelligent football very dynamic for. when it comes to injuries and he's been one of the league's unluckiest players of recent years and true just for maka royce missed more than half of the latest campaign this time with a ruptured cruciate ligament. was going up it's only releasing sin when you're just about to go for surgery on the doc says. discipline for six weeks then another spin for another six weeks that really takes it out of the conservation cup. i think. he returned to
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a collective sigh of relief that resonated far beyond dortmund and immediately reestablished his credentials as an inspirational field leader. in a season littered with setbacks i miss out here royce provided a bit like the right of life. to making his mark old ready to join in sunshine eighteen years young brings hope to the future. looks and downs ties and lows the complete spectrum to finish it all off the news came in that they'll be a new man at the helm next season one who's an alpha millions of followers of the lucien fab. i've heard some good things i saw my teammates have happened so i'm looking forward to working with them and yeah i think it's going to be a good change for the club. another season i know the fresh stuff hopefully this time around with more ups and fewer downs next up dortmund's arch rival shall get
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and hit new shooting star. who have exceptional need feel talent and the winner of the bundesliga. i mean to reach. its. twenty one year old record international has taken the lead by storm. i believe allows for three assists thirty one games in his first season for. second place with szoka. and the score in the incredible fool dobby draw at dortmund. schools my first goal for shall come in the competition but that's when i really really feel. i'm. mid-field well when he keeps the opposition
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constantly on that. occasion he's fast he takes people on the models go back cheeky self-confidence. how he talked the league chant for leading opponents in his wake and won fifty three percent of his one on one challenge is a fine return for an attacking player. but there's some great moments i think all can do but. i mean her eat passion instant and clinical precision for the royal blue cools congrats rookie of the yeah. it was a memorable season of interviews for full of blunders league of player patrick we look back at the best of overall meet. everyone well it's been a tough season for me too many defeats. oh my god i'm not enough. oh my no one side can i ready for some hard graft now to hopefully
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enjoy the sweet taste of success more often for next season who can see things so for. me it's not as a bit of training for the arms because losing to a surgeon operate in cycles of nice was clearly one of ovals bitterest defeats of the season and of miami's newbie by him this year he is on the books then. that's one way of looking at it. or we can let the pictures did it's ok. to ask but. also last stop laughing. although andy's makes unmeasured challenges for all ages. a chunk twisting tussle with goldman's lukas paycheck. michel's for the flu.
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well i'm just trying to distract you yeah i see. ya. you know the whole family could do something i believe in my half sister and drove a sister can do both she's a fantastic dancer and singer and my older brother george does rap exactly the wrong place for payment for father's a great grandson so ok they're better than chima he's always challenging me and everything and. getting vests to go out was another of the league's tough cookies but when push comes to shove all those ready taking american football in his stride even if it's yanni ultimately taking the honest. the basketball shootout with you suppose since a different story a great start for the light six strikeout. became the pressure.
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but then over finds his rhythm to claim one of his two victories of the season. and since you lost one. to six. lives good leads to go on. it's coming up now it's a fact you don't just need here but i'm here as well and in that regard some of my guests came out with some great stuff and now in the last few years we're from croatia. ukraine turkey all things maybe we are so stupid that we think that we can treat everybody but like you said it works for us and hopefully we can surprise a few people and it will come as a feeling we've got a lot in common but we're also very different from a lot of analysts one thing about in the noisy afterlife and he's got nothing with the short. of my honestly there's no half measures time person simply plays a pass. takes
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a growing pulls on my shorts and i was very emotional must also the floral george dohrmann what was your halftime message for the message from today's call on the c impact as well as he was very quiet the players were obviously a bit down because as i said i felt sorry for them that they didn't deserve this and for that but we can still sort of towns we'll keep firing you want i'll be on my feet ninety minutes even if it's six knows it was a learning experience and probably guessed right yes that's right statements but now then there was the fastest man in the wild. the same balls having a try outs it don't meant no challenge this time but plenty of fun all the same. followed by a look who's name will build who is faster with the ball at the moment you assemble it all human beings on the space every day do while saving is me if you just make a voice almost as if the military families are all going to do that good ok young babies come and shoot me any where it comes across the one touch you back oh my god
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it would sure make. your muscles so what else isn't thanks once again so well i guess and of course to you for watching i know kind of word of warning that i'm going full on the pre-season preparations the chilling. play out next after tactical and statistical breakdown and six standout performance from the top four teams in the bundesliga last season each play is unique but they'll pool extraordinary claims starting at the back with the first of two central defenders. and now that chuck is age defying brazilian mentioned the beast. he leaves no way true on the inside even for the world class likes of robert leaven dusky. know the one i made best seventy three percent of his man on man tussles over the camp. pain. and at thirty five he played every match day from
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start to finish timing hung to perfection by long experience no those also a consistent threat out front and not just as a score. calabasas or two why this is totally i just don't feel like you're against the word each one shouts out there they. must fulfill the king of the deep build up cool calm and collected by and number one interceptor thanks also to his outstanding positional sense on the whole he has the points of a natural playmaker also when he's under pressure and offers weaker foot by passing seven opponents here. a ninety percent pass completion rate rounds out the picture of a world class defensive organizer. the top two in the middle of the park come from dortmund and by and again pati latina's
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other table rock for the champions as holding midfielder. when his team loses the ball martinez is there to snuff out the quick counter in just the right place to make regaining possession look deceptively simple. the spain international reach the situations like few others here facing several possible options he's chosen the right one before the pass is even played. more often than not there's simply no way past me next month tina's. marker russa's area of expertise lies further up the pitch the dolphin dynamo is always looking for the ball and he's exceptional one on one. even going flat out ross has the eye for a killer pass with as an inbuilt turbo he's not a. they died to go in were passing. a mass to bridger of gaps in the top
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fat where the goal was a school of. rocks has an uncanny knack for sniffing out space roughen opposition defenses and opening up opportunities for his teammates. he scored four of dortmund's last five league goals helping them over the champions league qualifying line. two different types out front the league's top scorer and often haim fan time mocking. time and again that slips through the defensive net on the shift his secrets quite often simple while everyone else moves in the direction of a bull he just stays where he is ready made space which he readily exploits. fourteen goals for the season one then every four attempts the most efficient return of any top and shop she said. again everyone
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follows the bull he stays put and which the reward is. another step towards stead place on the final individual scoring challenge. a shot where he finished by at country mile. in this league and top scorer for the third time this time with twenty nine goals scored any which way. on the back of a solo run. or a faceoff of one or two touches. mostly those eleven dusty puts them away fast time testament to his stupendous technique. twenty nine goals twenty four of them just botched at the first touch world clubs in the bundesliga. saif ali khan. couldn't nico coach two coaches one plan back to basics press
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hard stay tight strike on the break the plan worked and we'll show you how. i can cook and took charge of stuttgart at the end of january as they struggled in fourteenth place his first target stability safety in numbers behind the full. time debut against munching gladbach a switch to full force and effective a fan shield took up when the bull and shifted straight to the puck in behind the glove box defense done in less than eight seconds i'm stumped. and. matched a thirty two it lay the q.'s and by now the team have a good system off they went possession between the defensive lines. the man on the ball has the instant support of treaty mates in case the attack breaks down as it
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does here she took guts recipe for success against the chop seems this well. with my. one week later a man down against hoffenheim and i behind the ball again got to win it back and seize the moment. a long pasta mario gomez and the germany international lose a cucumber puts the seal on another notable win against the run of play that's my that's my. job my. the final match that against the champions in munich stuttgart with a tried and tested formats possession regained its opponents by pass in one fell swoop leaving two thousand a star zero still in his town sprint back to basics with the second best. the most
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twenty eighty percent of the bunch hats off to the players they show what it means to be a real team much we've seen with lots inclines that they've been outstanding as if it's their achievements above all. else in the opportunity. team a frankfurt a team with real bite me coco. aggressive man on man attack as the best form of defense total commitment at the earliest opportunity but against five hostile the opposition pounce on every mistake and switch straight into counterattacking mode down the flank without a second thoughts all meticulously pre-planned and rehearsed. sebastien. exemplary high pressing here against mines no half measures it's a courageous strategy intense physical relentless and frankfurt have the ball back some thirty metres from the opposition goal that's the position they want. but.
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it's a style that also not buying off their stride in the d.s.p. cup final possible possible grab your chance and to the victors the spoils. for the continuation of it is basically trying to ensure the guys always have a plan and their teams response shows we're taking the right approach from no one gets slapped down if we lose because it's all worked out well i just wish the. dynamic pressing quick counters relentless will power back to the roots which good god and frankfurt. and i don't leave the stage others best onto it displays of unconditional loyalty fresh additions for the real people's. tearful farewells. to sleek emotions. in appropriate style with them. mr shand you can kids tempted out of retirement to
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guide by at the top. but him if so i have a lot to thank one fall not least a good part of my career money the other so far bunkum you can kiss seventy three years old and an all time bomb to sleep a great as a player coach and individual. club icon calls of the day stefan keesler after twelve years chasing the goals for later cruising and on field leader and longtime favorite often live acoustic faithful. so that my next new wooden bats me played my last minutes in the bundesliga and it's just fantastic what the fans of la you don't hear today he said softly by yourself. at dortmund hooman vida fell as a legend sixteen years service in black and yellow the signal iduna park the famous
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south terrace with all those fans one final appearance at his football home. i just don't know what up side i think in the holiday charts to switch off it'll really sink in. that's your career over because it's time for something new annoyed side to get club loyalty taken to another level known as hector the german national team's first choice left back a cologne player all his professional days and so it's set to remain relegation notwithstanding. and i'm pretty sure he. would be great if we could keep most of the scenes together it makes things simpler when there's less of a shake up and i thought also strange trip to the club keep the team on for himself a son of cologne. each of the top flight this season to be honest our house the bonus league it's fast female referee with an assured performance on her premier says in return for the rest of the season.
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here's how i read the book who hit the bundesliga stage for months. to get. simply. too small to. read the book you pulled off the result team bus on its way to freiburg after receiving a shock on promotion to the seniors and then a goal on his first league stopped one for the dream debut at cardiff. his mind colleague robin sentinel meanwhile normally avoided up on his leg at night met. him on and off laughing at sam started exists for dollars instead of business. this is absolutely bottomless owns well that ends well stopping this memorable mess up lurching into the realm of
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tragic comedy onset guessable bundesliga moments but now it's time for some new ones. some legends resigned but new ones appreciate it surely next season will bring new stuff. can buy in the title again with a new coach but hardly any new lives and what about two months when the seventy million euros parisienne invested into new players payouts. will need coach steve dortmund tiptop. we also have to keep our eyes on shall come. off a night. like six. and maybe even lit the fuse and. be crowned champions this time around anything can happen so for now we leave you with the most memorable moments from last season.
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six the books the basics the books the best the books the books the books. glad.
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