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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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what is pure. chance to steal. this we've. got a book that. this is d w news live from berlin sweden the century old political consensus threatens to on ravel over migration the far right sweden democrats could win as much as one quarter of votes as the country prepares for its first election since it took in more migrants per capita than any other country in europe also coming up with.
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reports of intensified airstrikes across northern syria including rebel held crop and home to some three million civilians. and a black and white drama when the top prize at the venice film festival. is based on the childhood of its own oscar winning director alfonso caron our film critic what it's all about. thanks for joining us i'm mary and i haven't seen him. people in sweden are preparing to vote in sunday's general election the traditional mainstream parties are facing a strong challenge from the far right sweden democrats they've made migration a key issue in the election as the country counts the cost of the large number of migrants it's accepted in recent years polls suggest no party will win
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a clear majority. it's shaping up to be one of the most significant election since we don't history the first nationwide vote since the country to get more migrants pair head of population than any other european country back in twenty fifteen at the height of the migration crisis it's just one key issue along with health care education and climate change but in rural communities like here in solve spog migration has become a prism through which everything else is viewed. in strong told many or one time we come a place you're taken or stop there so many and it's a good life here i think they want to be in their own country and these are so much. community that. swedes are divided about how far large scale migration brings with it violent crime but the country's prime minister step
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by love then has already conceded that the twenty fifty migrant influx was too much to cope with. he leaves the center left social democratic party which has come first in every swedish election since one nine hundred seventeen it governs in coalition with the greens. he faces a challenge from the center right moderates led by other christerson his is the largest of the opposition parties which make up what is known as the alliance which also includes the same chair liberals and christian democrats. who stood still. but all eyes are on the far right sweden democrats ones on the fringes the party led by jimmy acas son boasts twenty percent support from the thirteen achieved at the last election other parties have real day working with pay is making it unlikely they'll be part of any government what's more likely is that any
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party forming a minority government will have to rely on their. and with no party likely to achieve an overall majority that's a potential political nightmare for sweden's establishment but even if widespread unease about migration doesn't bring the sweden democrats to pirate it could mean the country century old political consensus is over. and for more on the swedish election we're joined now by d.w. correspondent barbara vessel who's in stockholm barbara good evening to you so this is being called a potentially game changing vote just one isn't stake for sweden here. there is a lot of stake for sweden because this election could mean that the face of the country really changes more that it has done for decades or probably ever in its recent history because this is society that was based on harmony on people living
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together peacefully and on looking for compromise all was and under all circumstances but it also has always been a very homogeneous society and all of this is at stake now the whole political system might be blown apart where the parties sudden all was managed to even was minority governments managed to sort of pull some sort of consensus together and now the sweden democrats really threaten to topple all this said it is a whole way off life the swedish way of life the way people deal with each other so it is much more than just an obstinate electoral upset it really is sort of the battle for the soul of sweden as europe has known it and as swedes have understood themselves for many years all right barbara so if the incumbent center left party does get pushed out of power in this vote what are the options and what kind of
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a government could we see in sweden. that is difficult to say the evening before the election started because the polls have been veering all over the place during the last days some c.e.o. the right wing the swedish democrats the nationalist party. was more than twenty percent other see them was under twenty percent so that depends on where the weight of the weight off sort of the political consensus will be at all where the parties can cobble something together that according to the latest weighted polls it might still be possible that those social democrats could hold on to power if the greens get relatively strong note that is the only other issue that really has played a role in this election is climate change because the swedes were really alarm during the summer because they've had huge forest fires for the first time ever so that's the second issue and so if they win enough seats then there might be
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a chance that the center left sort of holds together but there is no telling yet there is no telling how strong this weekend democrats really true now to be and whether they have managed to really sway voters was there really one issue that they've been talking about day and night and that is the migrants in this country and the dangers they say the migrants have brought for sweden all right barbara vaisnava reporting for us from stockholm thank you very much. now syrian and russian warplanes have reportedly pounded towns in italy province this comes after efforts to bring about a cease fire in the country's last major rebel bastion failed activists on the ground say the strikes are the most intense in weeks the government says it will retake it live whatever the cost.
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finding life beneath the rubble even if it appears hopeless this is what the white helmets left for this woman survived an airstrike in the village of at dien and seventy two the province where for three others help from the syrian civil defense came too late. by. the syrian observatory for human rights says the airstrikes are the worst in weeks the government's russian backed offensive aims to retake the rebel held it's a province and as many other regions as possible. but the un warns that the price would be too high the secretary general has been clear the systematic use of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas may amount to war crimes we should be crystal clear about this there are more babies in it live down there are terrorists and i think that should give us an gauging the military action pause for thought because strikes come
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a day after the government's main allies iran and russia failed to agree on a ceasefire with turkey the turkish foreign minister says his country tried its best to stop the killing we clearly expressed opposition on this issue what is this illusion it's a ceasefire the tax must stop. but for now a cease fire is not in sight raising fears of a humanitarian disaster for the three million civilians trapped in that. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in greece have fired tear gas at protesters ahead of a speech by prime minister alexis tsipras the demonstrators oppose a june deal to end a name dispute with neighboring macedonia under which it would change its name to northern macedonia greece feared territorial claims on its own province named macedonia. jack ma the co-founder of chinese e-commerce giant alibaba says
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he'll unveil a succession strategy on monday he wants to hand the reins of his empire to a new generation of leaders but still remain executive chairman told the new york times newspaper he wants to focus on time on philanthropy in education and the stupid. oscar winning director alfonso quote roma has won the golden lion at the seventy fifth edition of the venice film festival the black and white draw or turn of the indigenous made the race put on the next ago city in the nineteen seventies and netflix release beat out twenty other entries to claim the top award at the world's oldest film festival roma has been hailed as quote a most personal film and his best it was also one of several entries that focused almost exclusively on female characters. well to talk more about
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the highlights of the venice film festival and joined in the studio by d.w. culture editor scott roxboro so it's got all these good to see of so this is a very special win for alfonso quote on who made a very personal film with roma wasn't it you know very much so it is interesting because corals best known for big hollywood films really gravity children of men but this is completely different said it's a look at his own childhood growing up in mexico city in the one nine hundred seventy s. but what i found really interesting was that instead of telling his own story he decides to focus instead on the two most important women in this life is. at the time is his mother and his naomi growing up and so in doing so he sort of puts a focus on two women growing up in a very male dominated society and gives them a voice that they probably didn't have then and often women of this kind don't have in cinema today credibly powerful film visually unbelievably stunning shot an amazing black and white it's for me his best film i really loved him as a director and i think this is by far his best movie and i'd be really interested
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to see now how it goes on and if he can maybe pick up his second or third oscar with this movie well speaking of how things go on of course in recent years the venice film festival has become a kind of launching pad for the oscars i know you were at then scott what do you think which films have a good chance of making it to the oscars with this one definitely i think girls film already is the front runner for me going into next year's oscars just based on what the reaction in venice but there are a lot of them i think physically the actors this time i mean we saw for the first time a lady gaga act in a film the stars born it wasn't a competition in venice but it was it was presented in the red car presentation directed by bradley cooper actor of hangover fame i was really impressed by this movie it's an old story it's been told as a thousand times about a young talent discovered who makes it big but this is lady gaga as you've never seen her before i mean she's completely scrubbed of makeup and she really delivers
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the goods i mean i'm not too proud to say i cry during this bill but it was beautiful very big budget hollywood style. story wonderfully done i think will have a great chance for her in general for the oscars and then the couple of others i mean i was really impressed as well by olivia colman she's a british television actor actress but she was in the favorite and won the best actress prize for her role they are playing i don't know how to describe it she's placed the queen is a british period movie. it's utterly bizarre she's she's sort of evil bitter but also vulnerable and incredibly funny really really funny movie. she's a huge star for todd television she's not really that well known outside of britain i think this film is really going to make her a star and i think if the oscars don't at least nominate are then i think i'm going to have to resign from from my position here because i think this performance really knocks knocks them all over par all right scott does very very quickly of
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course germany was represented at the competition what can you tell us about the german never look away as the film it's by five hundred dollars mark he did the lives of others this is the new german film really really good movie it has a chance to be all sorts maybe i'll get nominated didn't win anything this time maybe it's a bit too long maybe it's very similar in some ways loves others maybe that's why people don't like it as much at least in venice but i still think is a very very solid film and if you like the lives of others you should definitely check this one out it's again a story of sort of the history of germany but cold enough a bit of a thriller for about some of the lives of these very very strong movie and it's oscars it's the contender from germany for the oscars so we'll see how it all right well wish them the very best of luck and us got roxboro d.w. culture editor always a pleasure i'm jealous i wish i could have you know i know i know there's a harder job yet invented maybe i'm going to go next year but as always many thanks for all your insight i know which really is any to watch and definitely the list.
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and before we go some soccer news and in the first round of the new you a fun nations leak spain beat england two one in a scrappy encounter at london's wembley stadium marcus rash fred opened the scoring for england in the eleventh minute but equalize first pain just two minutes later and then rodrigo netted the winner with half an hour played. and with that you're up to date on t.w. news will be back with more at the top of the hour omarion evan steam from all of us here in berlin thanks for the company and he says. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german one on one with him a simple online on your mobile and free cell phone. learning course nikos speak german meetings. we make up oh but we quantize coffee
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