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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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it's. sixty eight. this week. this is d w news live from but there is another anti in the gratian policy about to shake up european politics swedes are going to the polls today with the far right suite of democrats forced to make major cakes what does it mean for the country's liberal alliance we'll have analysis from our correspondent in stockholm also coming up. north korea commemorates the seventieth anniversary of the country's
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founding but behind the pomp and the parades does pyongyang really have cause for celebration we'll put that question to an expert on east asia. you are. somehow in the humphrey glad you could join me voting is underway in sweden and one of the most stump predictable elections in decades a center left government faces a serious challenge from the far right which has made major gates on the issues of immigration and integration or prime minister stefano if and cost his ballot this morning he's called this election a referendum on sweden's welfare state poll suggests the populist sweden democrats could emerge as one of the strongest forces in parliament. and the rise of the anti immigrant party could shake up the status quo in
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a country known for its stability and liberal values. it's shaping up to be one of the most significant elections in sweden's history the first nationwide vote since the country to get more migrants pair head of population than any other european country back in twenty fifteen at the height of the migration crisis it's just one key issue along with health care education and climate change but in rural communities like here insults bug migration has become a prism through which everything else is viewed. in strong told many or one time we cannot think you're taking a stop they mean so many of them to him it's a good life i think they want to be in the. country and these are so much. the. swedes are divided about high far large scale migration brings with it violent cry but the country's prime minister step i
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love them has already conceded that the twenty fifty migrants influx was too much to cope with. he leaves the center left social democratic party which has come first in every swedish election since one nine hundred seventeen at governance in coalition with the greens. he faces a challenge from the center right moderates led by others christerson his is the largest of the opposition parties which make up what is known as the alliance which also includes the center liberals and christian democrats. stood still. but all eyes are on the far right sweden democrats ones on the fringes the party led by jimmy acas son boasts twenty percent support from the thirteen achieved at the last election other parties have real day working with pay is making it unlikely they'll be part of any government what's more likely is that any
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party forming a minority government will have to rely on their support and with notes. party likely to achieve an overall majority that's a potential political nightmare for sweden's establishment but even if white spread an ease about migration doesn't bring the sweden democrats to paris it could mean the country's century old political consensus is over. chorus one of bob a vessel is at a polling station in stockholm good to see you barbara another anti immigrant populist party on the rise how strong can we expect them to emerge on this election day in sweden. we don't really know helen now because the polls have been veering all over the place during the last days a week ago or two weeks ago some polls so saw them at twenty five percent even in first place in the readership political landscape but then it seems to have gone down again now they are being polled with around twenty percent which would put
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them in second place in this parliament but we have to wait how strong their support really is when people go to the polls behind us we see a polling station in the center in the old town of stockholm and what you see here are representative of all the big parties only the social democrats are in here and even a sweden democrats are up to is also here and they're still shoving of leaflets into people tens and trying to change their minds at the very last moment so we have to wait and see the prognosis are simply not really for him and we can't really dare to make prophecies at this point but for how rightwing are the sweden democrats what more can you tell us about them. it is a problem that lies in their past because they have come from an eel now the party of for real fringe extreme right wing fringe party that used to exist in sweden already in the eighty's but this was all of
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a sort of like an oddball little fringe thing and then when jimmy aka's who is now leader of this party the sweden democrats when he came he tried to do what marine le pen tried to do in france he tried to sort of end deportees and his party to to sort of demonize that he says no no we are not an extreme radical right wing party we're not racists even though they are pretty moons thematic i mean they talk about nothing but migrants they talk about crime and it was really a tremendous amount of fear mongering that they've sort of using in trying to impress we dish voters and giving them a feeling of in secure. in their own country which as we know from other countries from great britain from france from germany even is what really sort of fires the populist vote and that's what's behind them so whether jimmy officer will really be successful was demonizing the party and. sort of painting them as just another
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party even though a conservative one we will have to see briefly if you wouldn't mind barbara sweden i mean always had a fairly open refugee policy why is it such an issue now. it has become an issue to talk to two thousand and fifteen when around one hundred fifty thousand drift came in very quick succession at the height of the big crisis and when the people had the feeling that the government had control over who comes and how many people come and how then they are integrated into society it's a very similar phenomenon that you see in germany and some other european countries and then of course its past mistakes in. the refugee policy in sweden here that has led to this moment that politics in sweden find themselves now in there really being torn apart and probably shaken all over the place w. correspondent barbara starr thank you. now some of the other stories making
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news around the world first responders say four civilians have been killed by as strikes in syria's rebel held province monitor groups say syrian and russian jets conducted more than sixty air raids on saturday the most intense bombing in weeks russia syria and iran are believed to be preparing for a final assault on despite international pressure. policing greece affine to against the protesters in the northern port of the saloniki demonstrate is oppose a june deal to end a name dispute with neighboring macedonia under the plan that country would change its name to northern gaza don't you agree sphere's territorial claims on its own province named macedonia. environmentally sound of throwing a huge boom in an attempt to clean up the world's largest rubbish patch in the pacific ocean the six hundred metre long structure will be towed to the great pacific garbage patch an island of plastic waste twice the size of texas organizers
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hope to hear me fall off the garbage into the next two years. well north korea is celebrating its the seventieth birthday a month long program of events kicked off with a cold set followed by a huge parade all the communist state showed off some of its latest military hardware and best trained units there was no sign of advanced long range missiles the basis was on civilian efforts to build the economy the top priority for the decade joe for today's parade comes at a sensitive time kim's relations with u.s. president donald trump have to tear a today since their summit in june. and for more now i'm joined in the studio by about how to botch an expert on china or north korea from the bet has been foundation good to have you with us mr boche now good morning some experts say that you know the focus on this year's parade was the economy and not on military might
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as we've seen previously is that how you read it yes you're right and it's interesting in a way that north korea holds a military parade in order to showcase its economic goals but i think the two most significant things that you saw there was that they did not show case their most advanced weapons and the second thing the presence of john show who is the number three in the chinese leadership are a key and that this is a sign that north korea may be heading down a similar way like china going for economic reform is a bit of opening up that's at least the hope that that you see i suppose the question is well not showing the latest military hardware in the in that. way was that a message then to the united states because of course diplomacy appears to have stalled with the united states for now can we expect the progress i think we can expect a lot of activity not a lot of progress though but the u.s.
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and north korea have really short of all their diplomatic fireworks at the big summit in june in singapore so the expectations there were extremely high and they cannot be met i think the much more significant diplomatic event that we're looking at now is the meeting with the south korean president what can we expect to come out of those talks i think south korea is really trying hard to bring in north korea to engage them economically just as the chinese are doing and the big question in south korea is are they going to propose a peace treaty at some point i don't think we're going to see this at the summit this month but i think there's a strong political will in south korea to offer more to north korea to just to bring them in from the cold i mean you mention the fact that they're going to try and potentially engage south korea economically is that the sense that north korea at seventy really needs to do that for the for the state of the nation and the situation that the people find themselves in the absolutely does seventy years of
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north korea is a celebration for the kim family because they've hung on to power for seventy years there's not that many regimes worldwide that have managed to do that saudi arabia mainly but. for the people it's a horrible situation it's nothing to celebrate seventy years of north korea north korea is in an area where every country around them has really developed and they haven't although they have all the chances and we hope that we'll see some development there that had botched an expert on china north korea from the battles in the foundation thanks for your insights thank you. chan is now at a dramatic final at the u.s. open in new york nine yo soccer has beaten serena williams to claim our first ever grand slam title and a first for a japanese woman or soccer cruised into a first set lead williams took control of the second set but then lost her cool smashing her racket on the court after she was penalized when the chair umpire
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spotted her coach making hand signals williams called the umpire a liar and a thief and was promptly given a game penalty for verbal abuse of sacco remained calm to take the set and the match. oscar winning director alfonso caught on film robot has won the golden lion at the venice film festival the black and white drama has been hailed as his most personal film and his best the netflix released be twenty other entity entries rather to claim the top award. the coveted golden lion in the hands of other funds oku are on the director known for hollywood blockbusters including gravity and children of man was honored in venice for a very different kind of film in roma which critics have called a triumph and a vision quote on offers that glimpse of his childhood in one nine hundred seventy
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s. mexico but instead of focusing on himself the story is centered on the women who raised him. another film with strong female leads the favorite kingdom the darkly comic period drama topped the festival second most prestigious prize. i had the queen and for her performances queen and olivia colman to the best actress award. then it was far short of female acting talent. but only one of the twenty one directors firing for the top prize was a woman director jennifer kant who won the special jury prize for the nightingale called for more women to make films. the feminine in the air force is the most powerful and healing force on the planet so i hope and i'm
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confident that next year and the year after in the year off to see more and more women inhabiting this space. who lies now on which films from venice is strong line up will make it to the oscars. and that's the latest here on d w from or do you have over to our website that is d w dot com i'm headed home frame by land thanks for your company and see you again soon. make your small t.v. small it will look to you. what you want what you want to. update. the story. you decide what's all. the fun don't look at the w. job or.


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