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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin is another anti immigration policy about to shake up european politics swedes are going to the polls today with the far right sweden democrats poised to make major gains what does it mean for the country's never lives we'll have analysis from our correspondent in stockholm also coming up. north korea commemorates the seventy seven c. is out of a strait of the country's founding but behind the pub in the parades does pyongyang really have caused the celebration. and in sports the controversial cool
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from the umpire had serena williams fuming that she lost the u.s. open final to the japanese youngster naomi also. i knew cooper's mackinnon glad you could join me. voting is underway in sweden in one of the most unpredictable elections in decades mainstream policies a facing a major challenge from the far right which is expecting big gains from votes as unhappy with immigration and integration polls suggest the nationalist sweden democrats led by jimmy akeson could emerge as one of the strongest forces in parliament the shift to the right even threatens to unseat the left leaning coalition government prime minister stephan live and has called this election
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a referendum on sweden's wealth state now the rise of the populists in sweden follows a europe wide trend and it could signal a break with the country's liberal traditions. it's shaping up to be one of the most significant election is in sweden's history the first nationwide vote since the country to get more migrants pair head of population than any other european country back in twenty fifteen at the height of the migration crisis it's just one key issue along with health care education and climate change but in rural communities like here insults bug migration has become a prism through which everything else is viewed. it's come told many one time we cannot thank you they can all stop they mean so many of them to him it's a good life i think they want to be in their own country and these are so much. that. swedes are divided about how far large
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scale migration brings with it violent crime but the country's prime minister stake i love them has already conceded that the twenty fifty migrants influx was too much to cope with. he leaves the center left social democratic party which has come first in every swedish election since one thousand nine hundred seventeen at governance in coalition with the greens. he faces a challenge from the center right moderates led by other christerson his is the largest of the opposition parties which make up what is known as the alliance which also includes the center liberals and christian democrats. but all eyes are on the far right sweden democrats ones on the fringes the party led by jimmy acas son boasts twenty percent support from the thirteen achieved at
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the last election other parties have ruled out working with pay is making it unlikely they'll be part of any government what's more likely is that any party forming a minority government will have to rely on their support. and with no party likely to achieve an overall majority that's a potential political nightmare for sweden's establishment but even if white spread on ease about migration doesn't bring the sweden democrats to paris it could mean the country's century old political consensus is over. correspondent baba vessel is at a polling station in stockholm and joins me now barbara good to see you tell us how the voting is going. the voting is going briskly because already thirty five percent of swedes had voted before this sunday this is possible off the swedish rules and there has been life lee traffic around the polling station here in the center of stockholm so it seems that
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a large number of swedish people do have a sense that this is maybe not a historic battle really exceptionally important election the holding the sunday here. now the far right when democrats are expecting big gains how strong are they likely to emerge from this election. it is really difficult to say because polls have been veering all over the place for the last weeks as some pollsters saw them up to twenty five percent even in first place and then there were sort of sliding down at the problem it was this is that if you actually talk to people in the streets here they say that nobody really likes to admit that they have make their cross at the sweden democrats because it still somehow to be a bit nasty but then when they're in the secrecy off the polling booth people and some people do so the estimates say that about one fifth the swedish voters might in fact sort of vote for this weekend democrats not everybody because they're
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violently and the migrant but a lot of people because they feel that they wouldn't change some sort of change or that they would like a shake up of the political system. sweden has a very long tradition of helping those in need they're known for being very open to refugees to migrants is all that's about to change. it looks like it it looks like that sweetness sort of to give up particularly position in international affairs as being the humanitarian superpowers on the world stage you know if there is a conflict an intractable conflict where you're looking forward to negotiate swedish politicians so we've seen that in the past and so sweden had a special position and it seems now they're becoming more normal in a way they becoming more like other european countries they're talking about conflicts and in their societies more openly they are talking about problems they have was migration more openly and the negative side of this is of course that the
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society is becoming more polarized political discourse here has really changed pretty much everybody you talk to here on the streets of stockholm will acknowledge that and say yes we are not to be used to be fifteen years ago ok prevail in stockholm thanks so much. let's have some of the other stories making news around the world now a monitor group says russian and syrian government air raids have pounded rebel held it live province killing at least one person a child it's the second day of heavy bombardment with reports of helicopters dropping barrel bombs russia syria and iran are believed to be preparing for a final assault on it live despite international pressure. ethnic albanians in kosovo have erected roadblocks to interrupt a visit by serbia's president tensions are rising over a controversial land swap plan between the two both neighbors speaking in northern
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kosovo's serbia's leader alexander who church denied plans to redraw borders the idea was proposed as a way of settling relations between the form of. thousands of people across russia have protested against government plans to raise the pension age jailed opposition leader alexei navalny called for a large turnout the pension reforms have sparked widespread anger despite promises by president vladimir putin to soften the unpopular measure. and the prime minister of a cause. has been killed in a car crash after returning to his home republic following a state visit to syria because its independence is only recognized by a few countries mainly russia georgia still consider considers the region as part of its own territory. and austria has been marking the seventeenth anniversary of the country's founding with a parade full of pageantry in the capital pyongyang with north korea increasingly
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showing signs of opening up the festivities were closely watched for signs of the regime's future direction and observers took note of what was not on display in this year's extravaganza. north korea's dentistry of dictators has a tradition of putting on shows to celebrate itself and its achievements huge parades through the capital pyongyang showcasing the armed forces as well as happy loyal citizens but each parade is a bit different and experts study the details for that political significance what was missing today intercontinental ballistic missiles which could deliver nuclear warheads to the united states. i allowed part of the event was devoted to civilians and efforts to build the economy the declared priority of north korean leader kim jong un. this is a delicate moment for the country its already fragile economy is under even greater
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pressure because of tough sanctions in response to its nuclear program but kim says he aims for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula on the surprise summit with u.s. president donald trump in june looked like it might herald a new phase of detente relations suddenly looked chummy but then swiftly soured but kim is about to meet his south korean counterpart again to discuss practical measures on denuclearization. that's why the absence of long range missiles at the parade is so significant it would seem to indicate a willingness or and me to focus on peace and prosperity rather than on military might. now history was made in the us open final as naomi osaka became. the first japanese athlete to win a grand slam title the twenty year old defeated idol serena williams in straight
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sets but a controversial outburst from williams threatened to overshadow what should have been a night of celebration. serena williams was three one up in the second set in new york when things began to unravel having been handed a violation for receiving instructions from her coach williams who stopped the point for smushing her racket as she threw away the chance to go for one up the american already a sit down blustered the umpire calling him a thief and a liar and was probably hit with a game penalty she won only one more game as naomi osaka held her nerve to clinch a stunning victory williams first threatened to overshadow the win with boos ringing out as a sucker awaited presentation of her first major trophy the japanese even apologized to the crowed after defeating her idol but just twenty years old was sucker looks well placed to emulate william's illustrious career. now following the u.s. open final three in a williams has called out carlos ramos his decision to dump her a game as
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a sexist remark williams said male athletes have gotten away with similar outbursts in the past without facing any consequences opinion was divided on social media as tennis legend billie jean king applauded williams for calling out a double standard in tennis and many agreed with her but former employer richard ngs defended ramos he said williams shafts of three well known roles and that each penalty was correct. in the first round of football's new a for nation league spain defeated and one to one in a scrappy encounter at london's wembley stadium marcos rushford opened the scoring for england in the eleventh minute but equalized for spain just two minutes later spain then pulled ahead thanks to a goal by rodrigo just past the half hour mark that was enough to seal spain a two one win. now oscar winning director alfonso film roma
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has won the golden lion at the venice film festival the black and white drama has been hailed as his most personal film and his best the netflix release beat twenty other entries to claim the top award. the coveted golden lion in the hundreds of other funds oku are on the director known for hollywood blockbusters including gravity and children of man was honored in venice for a very different kind of film. in roma which critics have called a triumph and a vision offers a glimpse of his childhood in one nine hundred seventy s. mexico but instead of focusing on himself the story is centered on the women who raised him. another film with strong female leads the favorite. the darkly comic period drama topped the first of all second most prestigious prize. i am the queen and for her
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performances queen and livia coleman took the best actress award. venice was far short of female acting talent. but only one of the twenty one directors vying for the top prize was a woman directed jennifer kent who won the special jury prize for the nightingale called for more women to make films. the feminine force is the most powerful and healing force on the planet so i hope and i'm confident that next year and the year after in the year off to see more and more women inhabiting this space. to rise now on which films from venice is strong lineup will make it to the oscars. just a quick reminder of asked about the story the voting is underway in sweden's
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national election which has been dominated by the issue of immigration surveys predict the far right anti immigrant sweden democrats could win as much as a quarter of the vote. make your small team even smaller with your smart. watch and watch what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. you decide what's on. sunday look at the w. jon stewart.


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