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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from but it is another and he and the gratian posse about to shake up european politics swedes have been voting in general elections with the far right sweden democrats poised to make major gains what does it mean for the country's liberal alliance we'll have analysis from our correspondent in stockholm also coming up trauma at the u.s. open tennis final story no williams angrily confronted the umpire after a controversial cold we'll take you through the divided reactions on social media.
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and mexican director alfonso cuarón wins the top prize at the venice film festival for roma a black and white drama based on his childhood memories. i knew coop as mckinnon glad you could join me thank you. the people of sweden are voting in one of the most unpredictable elections the country has seen in decades mainstream policies are facing a major challenge from which from the far right which is expecting big gains from votes as unhappy with immigration and with the slow pace of integration polls suggest the nationalists leading democrats led by jimmy akeson could emerge as one of the strongest forces in parliament the shift to the right even threatens to unseat the left leaning coalition government prime minister stephan live from has
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called this election a referendum on sweden's welfare state now the rise of the populists in sweden follows a europe wide trend and it could signal a break with the country is that liberal traditions. it's shaping up to be one of the most significant elections in sweden's history the first nationwide vote since the country to get more migrants pair head of population than any other european country back in twenty fifteen at the height of the migration crisis it's just one key issue along with health care education and climate change but in rural communities like here insults bug migration has become a prism through which everything else is viewed. in strong told many or one time we cannot thank you they can all stop they mean so many of them to him it's a good life here i think they want to be in the. country and they say so
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much. swedes are divided about high far large scale migration brings with it violent crime but the country's prime minister stick by love then has already conceded that the twenty fifteen migrant influx was too much to cope with. he leaves the center left social democratic party which has come first in every swedish election since one nine hundred seventeen at governance in coalition with the greens. he faces a challenge from the center right moderates led by other christerson his is the largest of the opposition parties which make up what is known as the alliance which also includes the center liberals and christian democrats. through and through through. but all eyes are on the far right sweden democrats ones on the fringes of the party led by jimmy acas son boasts twenty percent
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support from the thirteen achieved at the last election other parties have real day working with pay is making it unlikely they'll be part of any government what's more likely is that any party forming a minority government will have to rely on their support. and with no party likely to achieve an overall majority that's a potential political nightmare for sweden's establishment but even if widespread on ease about migration doesn't bring the sweden democrats to pirate it could mean the country's century old political consensus is over. t w correspondent barbara is at a polling station in stockholm and she joins us now barbara good to see you petting stations will be closing soon tell us how the voting has gone so far. it's been it's been going briskly and you know because thirty five percent of streets about had already voted before the sunday that's possible according to rules in sweden
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and we saw a lot of people coming to give their votes today at different polling stations here in the old town of stockholm so everybody we are small and said yes we are quite aware of this election is special this means more than others in the past and we have to turnout so high turnout actually is to be expected now the far right sweden democrats they're expecting big gains are they right in their criticism of sweden's immigration policy have mistakes been made there. a double answer to that yes they are right in the sense that mistakes have been made this week just governments in the past have allowed ghettos to develop was migrants at the fringes of the big cities in the suburbs and the police didn't have the manpower nor the inclination for many years to really crack down on gang violence there this is something that mostly exists among themselves among different groups of migrants it's often drug related but it gives
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a feeling of insecurity or too many swedes who are simply not used to the first being one of the wealthiest and safest country in the world but deviation from the norm makes people feel insecure and that is one of the reasons for the rise of the right the other hand policies towards migrants have already been tightened considerably what sweden does now is harsher than what you see in germany so yes they do have they have closed the doors and people really can't come in anymore so that change has already been made. sweden has a very long tradition of helping those in need they have been very open to refugees and migrants will we see this change even more after these elections. people fear that will be the case sweden and away has been on the international stage or the humanitarian superpower for decades you know if there was an unresolved conflict somewhere you would call for swedish negotiators to find
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a way out and so they had did have sort of the moral high ground particularly in european politics for many years and that is likely to change and many people are aware of that and of course many you speak to who are more liberal minded say yes we hear that we think this is done to good change isn't a good way to go they would like to keep it however they also recognize that there are strong currents in this country that if play was identity politics that the play was nationalism and the play was very strong and he might win sentiments and there's a lot of fear mongering going on so you see the two sides your you suddenly see that there is always has been a dark side in sweden too like in many other european countries and in a way stephen is being normalized in that sense ok these are reporting for us from stockholm thanks so much. now history has been made at the u.s.
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open tennis final with naomi osaka becoming the first japanese athlete to win a grand slam title the twenty year old defeated tennis star serena williams in straight sets but a controversial outburst from williams threaten to overshadow what should have been a night of celebration that outburst brought williams a fine of seventeen thousand dollars. serena williams was three one up in the second set in new york when things began to unravel having been handed a violation for receiving instructions from her coach williams who stopped a point for smushing her racket as she threw away the chance to go for one up the american already a sit down blush to be calling him a thief and a liar and was probably hit with the game penalty she won only one more game as naomi or soka held her nerve to clinch a stunning victory. williams' outburst threatened to overshadow the when with boos ringing out as a soccer awaited presentation of her first major trophy the japanese even
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apologized to the crowd after defeating her idol but at just twenty years old osaka looks well placed to emulate williams illustrious career. now that out us from serino williams has provoked quite the reaction on social media after williams accused. of sexism and some more on those reactions. well come and tell us exactly what did serina say well i think there's two parts to this story the thing that happened on the court obviously we heard in the piece. and the thief also called on the referee on to the court and then. the fact that because i'm a woman you're going to take this away from me and she continued in her post match press conference this is what she had to say she said i've seen other men. several things and i'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality of the me to say thief and for him to take again it made me feel like it was a sexist remark so really doubling down on how often we say something on court and
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then once they get off the court he's in the moment so obviously they then saw from this screen hasn't this out. there in the pocket because tonight the u.s. tennis association of announce they find seventeen thousand dollars for this three hundred sees a small amount of money now plenty of people have been tweeting in support of serena williams haven't they not just her fans the current and former player most notably perhaps jean king twelve time grand slam champion she's now an equal rights advocate she had this to say she said when a woman is emotional she's hysterical and she's penalized for it when a man does the same he's outspoken and there are no repercussions you're surprises that serena for calling out what she says is a double standard. play a bit more to the point if this was a men's match it wouldn't happen like this just wouldn't other male players as well have come out and said look we've seen and. with lesser penalties you look at the
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likes of. john mcenroe in the pot or with his famous you cannot be serious rants bracing on celebre. this is for it and then of course earlier in the u.s. open we had a case where ali's acorn a french play it took her top off because of the heat and she was incorrectly punished and it would take that tops off in court or the time it's not a problem shell said quite a lot of support for syria but of course others weren't so happy about the out tell us about this because people are saying rules the rules and actually the umpire carlos ramos correctly applied the rules in each case the u.s. tennis association has backed him up on the former richard he wrote in the column that serino should be apologizing to the umpire not the other way round he also said she shattered three well known well documented and well understood rules each penalty was correct and i think the one that's causing the most contention is this coaching penalty because usually it's allowed in women's tournament grand slams are a bit different and you're not allowed to do it serena tonight she did but then in
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an interview after the game our coach said well actually yeah i was doing signals that everyone does it and i think this is the problem it's the inconsistency the rule really needs to be looked at other people saying well maybe i should have no warning before ducking the game or a very sad end to a grand slam tournament thank you so much. right as i look at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of russians have joined a nationwide protests against pension reforms the independent monitoring group says police arrested nearly three hundred people the government's plan calls for increasing the pension age by five years to sixty five for men and sixty four women jailed opposition leader let's sing about in the cold for the rallies. i washington has welcomed the absence of nuclear weapons at a military parade celebrating north korea's seventieth anniversary thousands of soldiers marched through central pyongyang but about half of the parade was devoted
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to civilian efforts to rebuild the country north korea has also avoided provocative military actions in the. run up to the anniversary. now oscar winning director alfonso koran's film roma has won the golden lion at the venice film festival the black and white drama has been hailed as his most personal film and as his best the netflix release be twenty other entries to claim the top award. the coveted golden lion in the hundreds of other funds oku are on the director known for hollywood blockbusters including gravity and children of man was honored in venice for a very different kind of film. in roma which critics have called a triumph and a vision offers a glimpse of his childhood in one nine hundred seventy s. mexico but instead of focusing on himself the story is centered on the women who
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raised him. another film with strong female leads the favorite. the darkly comic period drama topped the festival's second most prestigious prize. i am the queen and for her performance as queen and livia coleman to the best actress award. venice was far short of female acting talent. but only one of the twenty one directors following for the top prize was a woman director jennifer kent who won the special jury prize for the nightingale called for more women to make films. the feminine force is the most powerful and healing force on the planet so i hope and i'm confident that next year and the year after in the year off to see more and more
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women inhabiting this space. who lies now on which films from venice is strong line up we'll make it to the oscars. that's all for now thanks so much for joining us. this is something harsh in paris came from jurors who are dealing with a new attorney killed many civilians. from including my father such as i was a struggle because i wanted to build a life for myself like the stockholder ish person my life became relish the kind sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for mine.


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