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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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to. see such was she would. be a. few years. we
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. want. to. believe. that was some of the few. steps you you. see . then move. to where. we are
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when really. she. her. legacy. blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah but. she trusts the law she told slaves. to. come up. with the body clock the book the law but
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along with you should only you knew. love song for her. without. the bass playing the above the luxor the luxor the law. the the books .
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nonfood uses. both rooms by massage. was just fun. to. keep me calm she may. seem a baby seat same as. me. same as you.
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me to get. to while she. was on the keep me from. seeing cars. don't be so nice. to me. call. me. she.
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give. me. the ball . the beat. the beat the ball. the be strongest of the. strong. yes no. it's not over. strong so. strong suit.
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players play. golf to be a. place to play you play players players play let's keep players play to plug play play play stop the work play a little play
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play elapsed lower layer lead. eleven eleven . eleven players play. your play chess players
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play play .
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you see the point should.
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be. better. probably hit. the ball. with the ball and see just one. more. see the beat the big. song. the bass player. in the back. of the bunker. the below.
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slits. last saw a man. she. last saw below the beach the ball. with. the ball the bunny. just go. along the beach not
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obtained it came the ball. to me. down. young. mum. slid. the first she knew. the bunny. the book. she saw the bunny mug. the book
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. the be. ablaze. with its. real.


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