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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 2:02am-2:16am CET

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more break xix turbulences prime minister zarif have made pledges to fight for her ideal at any cost and all this uncertainty is already having a cost with the pound sliding to its lowest level against the dollar in a month. and a trouble in rome calls from the european union for a new draft budget all ignored spruiking investors and driving up the prices of government. they say is your business update on how it all free in a but ed glad you could join me british prime minister theresa may may have presented her bragg's it deal but business is also waiting for what they most need which is certainty here you effect in the real world so far has been on the british pound which has plunged almost one point seven percent against the dollar hitting a one month low of the u.k. currency was pummeled as four ministers quit in protest against the e.u.
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exit deal the departures could put the brakes it deal at risk leading traders to sell off the british currency growing uncertainty about the future of the u.k. concerns shared by politicians in parliament on thursday the prime minister is desperate to huge and damaging for your deep deep misgivings they all seem to have a beef with teresa mayes draft breaks a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal once the deal goes along is going to be some problems. those problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post breaks at landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations. that means goods traveling across the border won't run up against
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tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups their take questions remain but the draft appears better than a no deal parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. it will still have access to the market but the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with the e.u. then perhaps to handle the u.s. and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent. i want to get more on this now with our financial correspondent on the other side of the atlantic and yes quarter is in new york for us and yes we live in a global economy whether the u.s.
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president likes it or not how all the latest for exist developments that they were all there in the u.k. making themselves felt that. well we did see specially british stocks being traded here in new york being under quite some pressure and then also was the turmoil in the u.k. some investors were looking for safe havens within the u.s. treasuries meaning the prices for u.s. bonds increased why yields were on the decline and actually fed chairman powell does see some headwinds for overseas of color in the u.k. but in other countries as well during this week we got worse economic data out of germany out of japan and so the u.k. just if you want to see it this way with the trouble that we're my seeing overseas
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while the u.s. so far is still doing pretty well and yangs how much could a disorderly breaks it hurt the united states let's say in the long run. well first of all it really depends how much the united kingdom's economy will suffer and then the u.k. is not the biggest trading partner to the actually ranks on number as seven behind south korea was a total trade of a good one hundred billion dollars let's say breaks it is done that could also mean that the united states could negotiate bilateral trade agreement but bottom line is it really depends how much the u.k. economy will suffer down the line a financial correspondent yens quarter on wall street yes thank you very much. briggs it isn't the only contentious issue that the european union is currently
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facing italy's budget dispute with the e.u. is growing more acute spy the day italy's once again refused to cut down its proposed deficit spending something european union had insisted on in light of italy's already huge debt now worms facing possibly disciplinary measures from brussels that could involve brilliance and penalties. as tensions between the e.u. and italy rise so just the cost of italian borrowing investors in other words want more for their money it's no longer a surprise italy's borrowing costs its bond yields have risen steadily since its populist government was elected investors respond badly to uncertainty and growing has provided plenty trashing the euro currency and dismissing the country's massive pile of debt the new budget seems just as unconcerned about debt it more than triples deficit spending from the previous government's plan the e.u. says its growth projections are too optimistic credit rating agencies of weight in
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lowering ratings and outlooks the gap between italian and german borrowing costs which is one measure of investor confidence continues to widen the cherone based hume foundation says government and corporate bones and italian stock exchange losses have totaled more than one hundred seventy five billion euros since the government took office in may this process is going to have a very bad effect on italy on the part of that and so on italian savings italy's more than two trillion euro debt is already the highest in europe. when it comes to getting around cities not even the latest tech can beat the humble bicycle and announce it out for example is there any way to get around but people that know that bikes have one major drawback they're very easy to steal and once again tech is playing its part. every bicycle can be stolen no matter how well it is locked up but in amsterdam
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a city in which there are more bikes than residents a group of people has come up with a unique business idea the throat. is the biggest problem here so we came up with this idea of a system with which you can track your own bike when it has been stolen rof it's going to trek or if it's. built into the bicycle frame or a battery a sim card and an antenna if the bike is stolen it makes this noise for five minutes. then it's immediately sends an s.m.s. to the company headquarters giving its location via g.p.s. that's when the team gets to work they call themselves the bike cunto as. the company promises to return stolen bikes to their owners within two weeks or to replace them with new ones martin cerner in berlin decided to try out the new service paying an annual fee of eighty euros his bike was soon stolen and he tried
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to locate it himself with the help of the company's up. one moment i registered the bike stolen early in the morning by the afternoon i had received a message from the manufacturer and one day my bike had been taken from germany all the way to ukraine i never thought up. the bike hunters document their progress online and report what they find the g.p.s. tracking technology isn't exact by qantas see the new became close to the bike but failed to find it they inform the police of everything they knew yeah. it's not about catching individual seems sui don't want to please police but we would like to see an organisation that would make it easier to solve cases of bicycle theft across europe or even around the world. police in the netherlands are currently experimenting with a similar system but of course they can't go chasing stolen bikes around the globe until that changes it pays to remember the better
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a bike is looked up the more likely it is that the thief will move on to an easier score. now here's a little history lesson for you when learning that the french presence in the eighteenth century had no bright queen about when it famously said let them eat cake now there's no hard evidence that she really said that what is on this shit is the lavish lifestyle she led with the french monarchy and her jewelry just went up for auction in geneva and fetched a dazzling amount of money. through million francs on my right with the world record for thirty two million francs so he gets. this pearl and diamond pendant triggered a bidding war that's the price putting it completely out sean it's estimated value of just two million euros. well you see it's. also under the hammer a diamond ring with mary antoinette's initials containing a lock of her hair
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a pearl and diamond necklace and various other all make pieces that demonstrated her wealth and power even the auction house other piece was surprised they put the success down to mary internet fame and notorious death. but when it is i think together with cleopatra she is the most important queen of the whole history. mary antoinette and her husband king louis the sixteenth were beheaded during the french revolution they were filed for the extravagant lifestyle they allegedly led while much of the country was starving her jewelry was smuggled abroad just before she was arrested for high treason for two hundred years it belonged to the royal palm a family the pieces haven't been seen since them they might never be seen in public again the buyer wants to remain anonymous. that's it for me the
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entire business team hang in bun and i'll be back tomorrow same time same place of course to say you don't like.
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