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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CET

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doris green the moment arrives. join the ring in on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the maintainer returns home on t w dot com bring it tangs. ninety three years strong and it's still leaving shock and awe over it was shocking to go up in darby demands every visit after the black and yellow split shock of black and blue five press areas in both come to the good as they go in the w. mistake or tame here we go to work in faith it's not a casual once but the ultras slip up the night sky to celebrate dortmund's first win over their nearby rivals in three years and. we're back at home where they've
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won every match this campaign this time hosting stuttgart who's been so far all season long because they're struggling side up second in form old team. to discuss those topics in all things mass day fourteen as you can see i have some company joining me in studio are former pro football there and hoffenheim head of international relations and scouting and friend of the show looks fun and still glad to have you back lutes glad to be here and we have our very own d.-w. but as they get expert yonex how you doing yannick pretty good ready to cry let's get right down to it the story of match day fourteen was that massive ruhr darby between brucia dormant and. joy for the visitors has the black and yellows ran out to one winners a late jade and said joe gold sealed their bragging rights but as expected nothing but whoa for the losers as saul could drop points once again for dought mean their season keeps getting better top of the table unbeaten in the bundesliga and their
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cherry on top a darby win against their fierce rivals so let's get the conversation started in your opinion do players try a little bit harder when it's darby time i don't think they're trying to hold up but of course it's an extra motivation especially when you feel the emotions and the feelings coming over from the stance that ricky old to the field i think there is the extra push ok yes a good point over to ya nickname really quickly now we know these are always special occasions especially for the fans how did dortmund's fans react it was something else i think we sort of the show a few saints but i mean they they gave the play as a massive reception i mean this is there's nothing bigger than a dobie win for a fan as we can say they seen see this is from inside but don't bust as they went back to the training camp training grounds in dortmund and it was insane i mean
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there's this file works this play is everything and then as you can see here we've got x. of it so one of the players and. jumping out of the bus and actually joining the fans to celebrate with. and so there really isn't any better feeling for a player or a fan to win the dobie this means so much to both players and fans and as you can see the scenes were incredible to go point act or you mention axel a bit on the loose over to you as a player does this extreme fan support help or maybe even hinder. no i think in a full day the pressure is on an extra piece of pressure there some players can take it they don't crumble others stay really really scared to make mistakes but of course if you wind it dial the piece i think gives you a different stand with the fans as you can see on this on these pictures you get out you kind of like becoming one of them and i think this emotion can really push you to the next level and it's never dangerous i mean just to jump out of the bus
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like that you you know have you ever done like this just into a crowd of fans supporting you guys victory of course if they're the best feeling you can get them in you so basically the whole town was on fire and a play like we just came six months ago he said they would feel it's really close to the club you can feel it in motion and they have already and i think to to realize that how important that victory was for the fans that also makes him in his heart even more yellow and black you're right you speak about vigil he's a new comer now over to you yachting dortmund had deftly players step up how did they react to this way yeah i mean you you see marco royce and through and through and you know providing assistance and getting a dream when in shelters own backyard that's what dreams are made of for a player like him but then mentioned you know there were other players a opposed to just it's all who were making their debut in this study seven players no less than the dortmund same had never played against and if they didn't know
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before the game how important was this win is they definitely know now and as we say we have a sound bite from thomas delaney who scored one of the goals and he definitely knows now how important a dobie is in the rule. i think it means a. hell of a deal. that's that's what i've heard so far you know. this week people have come up to us and to me personally and said. we don't care about the league just when the. it's all good. now i had the chance to interview thomas a lady earlier in the season and i asked him if he fully indoctrinated is he all black and yellow and he said it takes some time but definitely when he's talking about bigger than championship it has he settled it now yeah i mean i'm a supporter of a club that's never won anything so as a fan i wouldn't even dream about saying let's played a robs instead of winning a toddle but i mean that shows just how passionate they dormant and shell fans are
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both of them that they would rather win one game or two games a year than get a total i mean that's crazy from a but that's football yeah ok now keep it on the player theme as a former player how does this darby compare to past darby's you might have competed . it's one of the biggest in the world i mean i played kaiser chiefs against along the pirates in south africa which is just the same eighty thousand people if you see lost if you don't hear a word crazy on the field look at parties on belgrade against threats of a great evil plate they can focus julius that's the biggest for every person involved for a player in the end of the day if you keep it directional and think it's just a normal game of football where you can win three points that's the best way to look at it but once you feel the emotions it's easier said than done right now speaking from dortmund darby to some action that we just saw happen in stuttgart leg up as a side that's been hot on dortmund trail at second in the standings for a handful of match days but beaten in the last match of the week in allow the team
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to get between them and the table leaders could glad perfect record at home continue again struggling stuttgart. that bus home crowd haven't seen that team lose all season and the foes had reason to feel confident against stuttgart who had managed just eleven points from thirty games. the hosts would have had to lead off to half an hour when michelle lang mopped up some pinball in the penalty area but an unwelcome intervention from an offside alison player to. caused the goal to be disallowed. the deadlock lasted until late in the second half when some standoffish took got defending left rafael free to turn in florian louis houses cross my mind once it had started to rain on stuttgart it promptly began to pour. with five men between the ball and the goal they still couldn't manage
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a challenge and noise house was free to get his own name onto the scoresheet i seven minutes after that it was free near an own goal from world cup winner benjamin powered providing a fitting conclusion to a disastrous defensive display by the guests i enjoy for cut back meanwhile they've held on to second place after their tenth home victory in a row. with a pic of the conversation back. they keep their perfect record at home intact the week do you think this will last the second half of the season yet they are very difficult to be atoned in playing in syria taking minded football keep lots of pressure on the opponent and i think if they play that way that's at the moment the team actually reaches closer store to the style of play of bruce the dog and i think they definitely could embarrass the dog but they are looking at the squad looking at the material they have they definitely in the hunt for the european places for sure ok now over to ya dick in your opinion what has pushed
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a lot but to a new level this season. i mean i think it's just a case of data hacking having more time with the same i think when he was hired two years ago there were a few raised eyebrows who want sure about the appointment but he's shown that he can bring it back up to the top he's got the the best out of the players but he's also being backed up by some good recruitment getting in player in the off season he struck her. goals and assisted three in the bundesliga and he's also promoted youth as well florian noid house is a great talent and he's himself got seven assists and just got his first goal so i think just having more time with the same and being out suited to get his ideas in place i think he's doing a great job and deserve to get champions league as so far anyway ok right now we have the one thing to focus on right domestically but it's legal so we'll see what happens from here on out now and sunday's early match mights had hand over come to town to meit's had to believe they had all three points in the back due to head
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over horrendous run on the road when least nineteen away games and counting maybe or maybe not could handle were finally get that win as visitors. and over coach andre brighton writer made seven changes to his starting line up and putting hendrick vite on to up front paid off fast as he gave the visitors the lead in the twelfth minute the third goal of the season for the former amateur league striker. things got strange five minutes before the end the ref fell for some play acting for mine says john felipe. the video assistant somehow didn't intervene and daniel brzezinski converted the ensuing penalty to make it one all the hosts had the momentum and anthony huge up found the net in injury time but this time video replay did get involved and ruled it off. the second yellow card for hand over his other bizarre it was also the right decision but his team had to feel rob to come
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away with only one point. and over still hunting for that went on the road in that point is it much help but glad busboys help them let's take a look at the table. i don't mean at the top of course a lot of us three points get them back in second with a small cushion over buyer in third in the bottom half nuremberg drops to the relegation playoff spot shoot gart are in danger after that loss to gladden and things are looking dire for hand over. now there we only have time for one question so i'll throw it to you disappointment for hand over any positives to take away from that defeat i mean it's always difficult and tough to concede a late goal but looking at the whole match i think mine's was very dominating they could have actually won it after losing that many are not winning that many on the trot i think to pick up the way a point in mind is quite a good result for an over but these late goals is not good for psychology and i
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think yes and over the struggling ok now i hate to do it but that's fourth side here on the bundesliga bank so often times ahead of international relations it looks fun and still and the w.'s own yogic space for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. peter's as. music is known as a christmas town that's why i'm here at christmas time. i really hope to get to the christmas eve of course gets into the city as well.
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