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early metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on to w. d w news live from berlin british prime minister to resign bay narrowly survived a don't confidence vote now she is seeking a political consensus with her opponents on how to proceed with brights a capitally this is from london. on also coming up as public sector employees in tunisia go on strike for better pay and economic reforms experts warn the country
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is dangerously close to a crush of people that could topple the government plus a milestone in civil rights it's one hundred years since women in germany were allowed to take part in elections for the first time. warner. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. british prime minister to resign may is heading back to the drawing board after her government's narrow win in a no confidence vote in parliament now she is appealing for cross party political consensus to move forward with bribes now may prevail in the no confidence vote only with the help of her allies in the northern ireland democratic unionist party a victory came a day after lawmakers dealt for a crushing defeat by rejecting her brags and. a she may have survived those challenges but if the u.k. is to have an orderly departure from the e.u.
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on march twenty ninth that deadline compromise will be essential this is what may said after last night's vote. so now m.p.'s have made clear what they don't want we must all work constructively together to set out what parliament does want that's why i'm inviting m.p.'s to all parties to come together to find a way forward when the both delivers on the referendum and can come on to the support of parliament because now's the time to put self interest aside and let's get the latest now from our correspondent in london beer get massive barragan parliament has voted to keep the recent may in power how is this likely to impact. well it's a reason why has survived for now but what's a chaos here in london there is really not a clear way forward whoever you speak to the question is is the reason may still
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the right person to move the country forward and many year in london doubt it but for now she's at the helm the expectation is here in london many political observers seem to think that the u.k. is going to have no other choice but to ask for an extension of the time period an extension of article fifty and also the expectation here in london is that the e.u. would grant that because they would have to explain to the european union that the deadline is too tight the end of march is too tight and then to ask whether there is a possibility to leave at a later stage maybe in the summer some are even talking at the end of the year of course there will be all sorts of practical haggles but this seems to be it's nothing official but it seems to be the expectation here in london meantime she's due to present a new brags and strategy to parliament on monday what could that entails. your guess is as good as mine goes to on the right on the heart frex divide they
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seem to think well she has to reach out to the hog element of a party they're called the so-called european research group and they are saying without us she just doesn't have a majority others are thinking and i have to say that this is also my understanding that there is a majority could be a majority for a softer bricks in the so-called norway models to just for the u.k. to be similar like norway in the customs union possibly in the single market that's more realistic options but we'll have to see what it is that's the reason is going to go for she's going to suss out the mood in parliament and then she'll make a first statement next week and when we look at all these attempts at consensus building i mean she's been reaching out to all parties to try and find this bergson solution but after all that's happened there there are doubts about her ability to do just that could she maybe hand this off to somebody else.
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yes indeed and she has already done so those and other parties are really reproaching her for not having reached out and exactly not having done this in the pos she hasn't reached out enough to all the other parties i've just been to a briefing this morning where one off a former x. minutes is conservative m.p.'s said well if she's the right because people are trusting to to do to do that and to have these cross party talks well that remains to be seen so he was very doubtful about that but david living to and which is who is in fact more or less a deputy prime minister is somebody who's going to do these talks so it might not be to reason my own self but there will be high level talks across party talks and many are saying well she should have really done that a long time ago thank you so much for your reporting from london that man's. for here in germany the latest events in london have been received with pleas for
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clarity and for unity this is what the vice chancellor and finance minister on the shots had to say a tradition can be to go because the focus in future must know be on the remaining twenty seven e.u. member states they have shown in the last two years that they can act cohesively and achieve a lot together. so let's get more now from d.w. simon young who is at the german parliament which is debating the voting on the country's own braggs it legislation today simon welcome we just heard there the german vice chancellor saying that. they stood should essentially forget the brits let's look after ourselves now is this a similar tone that we're hearing also from other german leaders. yes i don't think that's the message the german politicians exactly want to send they certainly don't want to be seen as blocking any potential moves towards a solution in a way out of this brics it mass but equally that message of you know let's make
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sure that germany doesn't get caught up in the these problems and doesn't sort of catch a cold from brics it that's important to keep the remaining twenty seven a you countries together people are saying but they're also saying as chancellor merkel said yesterday let's keep talking let's talk about the future relationship between britain outside the e.u. and the rest of the european union so there's a sort of constructive posture even if nobody here can really see the way forward so is germany preparing for a worst case scenario and is today's vote part of those preparations. yeah i think there's a lot of concern here particularly from businesses about a potential no deal bricks it because that could be really bad for german businesses a lot of politicians saying well you know let's make sure that we stick to our law and let's not confuse the british the brits even more by somehow offering new
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concessions or renegotiating the deal but there is a lot of concern as i say among businesses we heard earlier from a senior member of the free democrats party that's often said to be close to business here's what he had to say. gets is under tight now it's time to inform the people of germany german citizens in britain as well as our businesses on both sides of the english channel what such a disorderly breaks it precisely means but thought that. exit fascinating stuff so i mean it seems as if the germans are really on top of this i'm in but i mean can they really help guard against so-called disorderly brags that. well the german government says that it's made a lot of preparations it's. reintroducing legislation to help businesses and all sort of private citizens to continue to live and operate in germany even if they
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are trading with britain or indeed if they're british citizens and it's made the preparations so far that it can it's continuing to make them they say they're prepared for all outcomes including a no deal breaks it simon young at the german bund us talk thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the greek prime minister alexis tsipras has won a narrow vote of confidence just days after the country's governing coalition collapsed the breakup was caused by a proposed agreement with macedonia to change its name which has been in dispute between the two countries for years. and dons can poland thousands lit a sea of candles to honor the city's murdered mayor public automobile which died on monday after an assailant stabbed him during a fund raising concert so many poles see his death as a blow to openness and tolerance in their country. turkey says it has deported a dutch journalist on suspicion of links to
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a terror group. ons boys who shared her story on twitter was first detained on wednesday while on istanbul while trying to extend her visa scores of journalists are currently imprisoned in turkey. a large explosion has hit a university in leone in france a science building was undergoing repairs and campus officials say that the blast was caused by reservation work three people sustained minor injuries authorities say that the fire is now under control. and public sector workers in tunisia are on a nationwide strike to demand higher pay the country's biggest union called for the walkout after the government refused to raise the salaries of some six hundred seventy thousand public servants a stop which is expected to affect airports trains schools hospitals state media and government offices tunisia's prime minister says the state cannot afford to raise wages to the level demanded by the unions the international monetary fund is
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putting pressure on the government to freeze public sector salaries as part of reforms to overhaul the ailing government. now tunisia's economy has been in crisis since the toppling of president same ben ali back in two thousand and eleven widespread poverty and unemployment continue to plague the country. this modest house is home to a family of six here how dialogue much as a single room for a husband and four children her husband is unemployed and one of her sons was disabled for how to every day is a struggle to make ends meet the family is applied for welfare benefits but the request was denied. for nuthin in time we get about one hundred eighty dinars about fifty euros a month in state support for my disabled son and if the entire family has to live off that money i'm not out of this i have to pay for my two daughters education
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from that amount. on the bus when i raise my head to the sky and pray i don't know if i will be alive tomorrow or you wouldn't. the family lives near the city of katherine in the south of tunisia the reason was convulsed by the popular protests to topple autocrat saying i've been ben ali but poverty and high unemployment the drivers of the so-called jasmine revolution have not abated and people have once again started taking to the streets experts warn that if they cannot make situation doesn't improve fresh up he vote could spell the end of the new government. have not seen a with that if you get them in the past few years poverty has increased prices have risen and the purchasing power of june is in such declawing. that's a fact of the people here they're on shifts and overburdened that would get out. the protests show no signs of abating keeping pressure on the government to measure
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was the only country where the arab spring resulted in a peaceful transition to democracy but the stagnating economy threatens to undermine the success story. like many people in the impoverished countryside how to log it does not believe that things will improve for a family anytime soon she has long lost faith in the country's new rulers. let's get more now on the situation in tunisia we are joined by journalist simon speakman chordal who is joining us from tunis simon we mentioned the general strike by public sector employees how is it affecting life in tunisia so far. well the public are not included don't transport it's likely brought it to a halt. in the middle of the city center on. people given. we've just of the u.g.g. had offered several hundred people here projecting in the middle of the street. which is being closed off by the police and i drive across the country the situation is pretty largely the same nothing is really moving people on the streets
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i'm very angry e.g. t.v. is reporting a nine percent. which means that all public institutions. the don't have the bond with them i really ground the hold on the u.g.g. are promising further action and the tunisian government i mean it says for its part that it cannot meet the demands of the workers how do you see the prospects of the strikers and the government coming together. to be honest i'm pessimistic i mean i've been coming to his you for a while and you come to the park. operating in the red. fundamentally the argument is between the sort of. june is going to enjoy on the ben ali you know even before that and the liberalism that is sort of being forced on the country by the i.m.f. so there's two factors firstly there isn't a lot of money to begin with and secondly you know the thing vision for the future
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is this economy and i don't really see how the deuce to me in the long i think in the short term the might be some reconciliation ok so i mean it that's a pretty skeptical assessment if i understand you correctly given that i mean we talked about the unrest for example of the arab spring within the country do you see the potential for that happening again now. well it's certainly what if you g.p. is a general mirror think everybody who you know just minutes ago three hundred very heavily on. duty or the fact they were there on record was there in the record for the three thousand and eleven smokefree in january ironically enough we even have on record here in all the out here in florida over the christmas period after journalist self-immolating did you need to i've never been in public but i usually tell you. it is trending in the right direction but no because you need reminders about what the future few feel will be but we thank you so much for your
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expertise sussman of the situation there journalist simon speaker and cornell we appreciate it thank you it's. one of germany is marking the one hundredth anniversary of women being given the right to vote the german parliament the bundestag held a special commemorative session with female social democrats you can see them there wearing white as a sign of solidarity the speaker stressful how far german women had come in the past one hundred years and how much remains to be done you want to achieve true quality and one of the speakers was the former president of the german bunds talk and women's minister susmit she stressed that even though there are more rights for women there is still much more to be done when it comes to equality. arrives in the modern age but we're not satisfied with that. in our experience and this applies not just to women people are capable of
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a lot more than what they've been allowed to do. we are always discussing questions that still haven't gotten answered why alliance against women equal pay for pain what's with equal pay. or pay of course remaining a thorny issue about the right to vote it's become one that many women take for granted here in europe for centuries national politics has been a nail only domain so what brought about the change and how does germany shape up compared with other european nations let's have a look at the tumultuous arrest of women's rights activist emmeline pankhurst outside buckingham palace and emily davison throwing herself in front of the king's horse at the darby there iconic images from one nine hundred thirteen the struggle for women suffrage in europe is just heating up.
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in germany activists like helen ally and closet second were a driving force to get the vote where women were banned from even attending political gatherings until nineteen zero zero eight from nine hundred fourteen external factors shaped the role of women in society. the first world war began many say that women's contribution to the war effort back home helped secure them the vote in one thousand nine hundred eighteen in britain. and in germany. after the revolution women throng to the streets to vote for the first time in the elections to the national assembly in january one nine hundred nineteen. the late comers to the table of women suffrage was spain in one thousand nine hundred thirty one france in one thousand nine hundred forty four and italy in one thousand nine hundred forty five and in portugal women were barred from voting in national politics until as recently as nine hundred seventy six. and although it's
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not uncommon to see women at the helm in european politics today take a wider view and you'll see the struggle for total equality is still far from over. on now to football's asian cup and they flip a charge match up between saudi arabia and qatar now the asian cup is held every four years and this edition is being hosted by the united arab emirates the u.a.e. earlier joined a saudi arabia and two other countries in a blockade of guitar which means if you see even one fan cheering for qatar at the big match it will be a surprise that. saudi arabia's fans are making their presence felt at the asian cup. contrast this noise to the qatari team training in an empty stadium absent of any support for these
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players the match against saudi arabia will pretty much feel like the same thing a regional power struggle means qatari fans have been prevented from traveling to host country the u.a.e. the message from the coaching team officials this week here to focus on sports we have a football game and i think. sports is nothing related to politics so it's only one one game for us import and one food. but there's no getting away from the politics since twenty seventeen countries including saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have blockaded qatar that's even extended to the screening of football matches what's more because hari brokaw's to be in sports accuses saudi arabia is pirating its for th through a rival network b. out q this happened during the world cup last year and it's the same story at the asian cup the tournament slogan bringing asia together appearing to ring
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a little hollow as far as the football is concerned whoever wins the match will go through was group witness. in this village differ i think in defense and in attack both teams are at about the same level i hope we can be better than them. for the image of. saudi arabia can rely on vocal support for what will no doubt be a close game and don't know when will say it you get the impression this is more than just football at stake. is the australian open now and topsy it's about a hell of struggled in her second round match with american sophia cannon but advantage in a three set thriller meanwhile japan's me only osaka continued her winning ways the defending u.s. open champion won easily she has made the semifinals in four of the last five grand slam events as compatriot kadisha corey also won but he needed every point he could get in
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a five set marathon over thirty nine year old evo karlovic. it's now with gary hart and brags that worries across the business world. cross the finding it hard to predict how trade relations with great britain will develop in the near future and they're afraid that business won't run as smoothly as it used to some companies are over the possible consequences of regs that are even more dramatic facts are often affects us for example especially a disorderly brags that what mess of lead disrupt the supply chain. when an air bus takes off from the runway a big chunk of the european union takes off with it an air bus jet is a prime example of e.u. cooperation aviation group is located in germany france great britain and spain. production takes place across europe france as a largest operations with some forty eight thousand airbus employees across
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different sites germany is in second place with around forty four thousand workers in spain the aircraft manufacturer has thirteen thousand employees and almost eleven thousand five hundred people work for air bus in the u.k. that's where the wings are made in addition around four thousand british companies supply parts to the company so what could happen in a vent of a hard break that who airbus still be able to manufacture in great britain at all and no deal breakers it would be bad for business in the country in britain more than one hundred thousand people working for suppliers could be gravely affected the effects would also be devastating for air bus itself the group has been working on contingency measures for a long time according to airbus in the short term warehouses will be set up to secure the supply of the missing parts but the plane maker may have to build new factories in the long term their bus says it has invested fifteen million euros in
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preparing for a hard brags it but the real cost of bragg's it is still up in the air. not at the go ahead for a merger and tenets to reverse its ailing fortunes according to reuters news agency regulators no longer believed his plan to merge with the far smaller domestic rival amounts of money makes any sense it confirms the changes you would come as a blow to dog churns and seeds ways to revive growth and restore its battered image regulators we call to believe the country's biggest. it's a more hopeful part possibly from the road to help with the dress and its problems . now check on the markets take on this down here what our trade is saying about business is by the regulators well they're not happy about this situation at all because we have to remember georgia bank has not been in the winning zone for quite some time for
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years actually the share price just during the last twelve months went down by more than forty per cent and whatever there was some speculation that the bank could be flirting with another lender such as commands from the share price went after now with the situation dr today is the worst performer here at the blue chip and the exact shares of georgia are down today with more than three percent because of this new development i don't know what else is on the best as much as. who or why it's a big topic here at the stock market we have to remember that the cell phone giant is in the headlines for weeks already and now the wall street journal is reporting that federal prosecutors in the united states are in vesting gating for allegedly stealing trade secrets from the u.s. businesses we're also hearing that according to insiders all of this could have also affected the german telecom sister company t.v. in the united states if all of this turns out to be true we could see in it and
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difficult worse an indictment happening very soon who why they did not want to comment on this investigation today a spokesperson only said that they don't have anymore issues with t.-mo by law and that a court already confirmed this in two thousand and seventeen now we have to see how all of this is going to develop trade talks between beijing and washington are set to continue by the end of the month and this new situation yeah could make this process these talks even more difficult. in frankfurt for us thank you very much the government of france wants colors goan to be sacked as c.e.o. of comic arendal go on has been in detention in japan since november last year hughes of financial misconduct during his tenure as nissen chamma his latest appeal for bail has been rejected by
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a court in tokyo until now has officially kept going on as c.e.o. and chairman now the french economy minister has called for going to be replaced it was to protect the run on this on that's a busy alliance both and it's a busy already ousted go fifteen point one percent stake the french government is reynolds largest single shell. that's a business here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you but it's prime minister terrorism by a see can cross party consensus on how to move forward with awful government now and he survives no confidence vote should present a revised plan to parliament. next week. day to watching news from above and that's more news coming up top of the al in the meantime check out our website. dot com thank you very much for watching fox.
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you're a populist a nationalist parties and gearing up to try to make a splash coming european election my guest this week is michelle modicum of a corporate lawyer who is working with president trump's former strategist steve founded to try and coordinate those projects activities very may say used to drive
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a stake through the heart of the brussels found complex so full of traffic on the banks looking for the free. fall roadways you're a max europe's most populous countries to physics credit. the many faces so much damn lucky time. in somehow. and in winter captivate the visitor. to europe every day this week on the romantics sixty minutes d.w. . out to. just cover your concept discover it with a powerhouse. school. after one hundred gives the
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ideals of the fine house more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago. shaped car bombs people sign is a way of shaping society. with ideas. powerhouse world this week on g.w. . it's no secret that europe's populist and nationalist parties a gearing up to try make a splash at the coming european elections but who's helping them my guest this week here in brussels is michelle mudd reka man a corporate lawyer who's working with president trump's former strategist steve bannon to try and coordinate those parties activities their own they say is to drive a stake through the heart of the brussels vampire but what does that really me.


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