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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website dot com thanks for joining us and stay tuned. and extravagant didn't come. to. really know their stuff.
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moves. whitfield and definitional. party in chat with musicians from around the world. groups every week double. knocked down last time around but dortmund's not out of the title race back at home dortmund scattered in crew are the pro determined to get back on track starting with mine. the visitors might have looked like easy money on the roll lately losing their last five games away from home could don't mean cashing in on the three points also coming up. at leipzig the last time the bulls faced the full. roles
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they played matador it halted life six unbeaten run could wolfsburg do it once again against the third place some. welcome to the but as they go are right here on d w i'm chris heritage here to bring you the business come on of course we'll start with the dortmund match now captain marco rice called their defeat to bahrain last week a catastrophe and at actually apologized afterwards to all of the black and yellow fans so who should step up for adult men following their misery in munich to get back to the top of the table at least until by a kick off on sunday don't mean needed more than a draw against meit's a site that's been leaving three points behind on the road lately. mario gertz this started as a lawyer instruction to dortmund with the outcast says still missing chito injury coach lucy and father switching up his side following their humiliation to buy and
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. don't mince were in a hurry to consign that game to history their first chance came on six minutes across from guts and mine says dani lets out was lucky not to put the pole through his arm net. dortmund's off the pressure more fine work from guts. and jaden sanchez made it one nil and not a minutes by of all the teenagers first goal in six games. dormant dominated their off top with minds far too passive on twenty four minutes thomas delaney relay seto again and it was to nail the of an eleventh goal of the season for the young englishman gave dormant a two goal question. yet following the breaks don't win threaten to undo they could work. they cost up a glorious opportunity to make it three nil much to five years frustration.
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and his dortmund tallied mind screwed to interests carry him on the sea were struck the post and it looked like goldman's the varian hangover was finally kicking in. eventually months had the would be champions penned inside their own boss robin twice and made it to one on eighty three minutes of hands the seeds continued. but somehow dortmund survives all thanks to the heroics of roman bookies his trickle saves confirming a two one victory which keeps dortmund in touch at the top of the stable. well got tight there at the end life sink gets no respect when it comes to. he considered a title contender due in this buy or that but maybe life six should get some the bulls still the best defense in the league have seemed like they have wings this season soaring up to thirty in the table opponents wolves or go clip life his wings
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earlier this season causing them to studder with the wolves bring this same bite to leipsic. white cigs attack has flourished of late scoring nine goals in their previous two league games with the hosts were missing top score and use of karlsson who was out with a cold early on volt's more closely marked all of like six attack is so midfielder kevin campbell have time and space for a sumptuous strike to take the lead off to sixty minutes although on closer inspection vul spokes keeper. was close enough to parry the shot sensing a weakness like to continue to pepper the voles ball goal and muscles unlock the defense with a quality cross which team advantage julie converted for his fourteenth of the campaign according to the club c.e.o. the jenny strike a won't be extending his contract which runs out at the end of next season. both spoke meanwhile we're toothless in attack and barely threatened the strong leipsic
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defense. drawing a blank just before half time. the second half nearly started with out the one to a fan who took his time getting back on the pitch and then mystic gilt edged charms of to remain easy run put him through and go. like sick would finish the match with twenty shots plenty of them missed opportunities coming from vienna who has been linked with moves to buy in munich and liverpool. eventually he set up an ill fools back for what looked like a third but it was choked off for off site. to nil the final score which but light the hosts dominance still a stellar performance from team advantage and leipsic who tighten their grip on third place. it's time for our match day around up to answer a couple of questions could braman stay unbeaten in twenty nineteen could labor
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couzin staff their three game losing skid well we'll get to that but first we have to hand over a side who has been beaten by just about every point as they get team this season well it was glad buster to try to pick up three points against the so-called cellar dwellers the full still with champions league ambitions couldn't afford to slip up . all that's left is to try to leave germany's top tier with some dignity. but meanwhile are hoping to ensure their new manager gets a taste of champions league football next season. this season looks to be. a sickening clash with mathias left him with a suspected broken shin. the proceedings even without their captain.
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after a quarter of an hour. have. his team standout player but even he couldn't stop rafael on fifty three minutes that's only the second goal of an injury plagued season for the brazilian was he got a slice of luck in the build up but the finish was pure quality i've. had the game's best moment was decisive it finished one nil to the. still have hopes of avoiding relegation even though they've won just one league game and twenty one team. the last three on the trot going into this one but still possible not least because of stuttgart ineptitude. penalty. just nineteen but playing his hundredth game for stepped up to seal the points up.
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a miserable day for stuttgart was complete when santiago. read for spitting at targets absolute. braman freiburg to life with the introduction after an hour of. the bit of fatherly advice from the. and then a cross that led to davy class and making it one nil and still king braves you with the league ambitions was those ambitions seemed more realistic after theodore made the milk i'm of the freeman's third home win in a row was never really in danger. and came too late to cause any conic by. how to test the wait a minute. not least a league and cup double header with by and. today we've underlined the ambitious
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approach that we took in close season and that's why we go into both games looking to take points and want to get through to the next round in the other that might be brutally hot against the best team in germany but we'll try anyway cos the. ivory. let's get a roundup of the results so far from past eight twenty nine as we saw doorman downy mights life sixty five high video walls for glod pa barely sneaking past head over stuttgart losing at home against leverkusen braman have scored in every match this season and didn't stop with freiburg on friday night there was some late drama in the clash between nuremberg and shall come. put nuremberg ahead in the eighty second minute the home side looks to be on course to pick up just their fourth win of the season but oh the royal blue salty hit back two minutes later. the sitch redirected the ball into the net one one the final school.
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on sunday we had a triple play of action to bring you had to berlin and huff and hive dusseldorf post buyer nick and outs burke are at frankfurt now to the table and just like last week there's a switch at the top dog man back in pole position with a two point cushion over defending champs by in life six eight points off the lead in third now just one point behind frankford brame in this is what being unbeaten tonight gets to two thousand and nineteen gets you a boost to european qualification let's look at the lower half nothing to report down here stuttgart norberg hand over still make up the bottom three as you can see but other teams as you also can see aus were going shaka are still not out of danger. we've gotten there it's time for the bonus latest play of the day as voted by you our followers on twitter you're
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a winner with eighty nine percent of the vote is dog means goalkeeper roman burkey and the eighty seventh minute this wisdom once secured took his victory with a back to back to back defense of play three blocks in a row that was a second on his back was a third saving means thin margin of victory to one over mike's he's proud of your play of the day and it's a rolex resulted in the fans chanting his name after the match. congrats to roman birth and we'd like to announce the winner of our goal of the month contest for march congratulations to z. months stock we'll be sending him a bonus think a jersey of his choice well that's all for us here on the bonus they go we'll be back on sunday with former blunders the good player michel didn't say until then we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from saturday's action for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. features.
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decades i don't know it was an industrial power house with a famous football team through some of us here. but the heyday of cold steel and heavy industry is long gone and i want to find out how all of this short months past and present shaped the city to this day. explores the city's rough and ready chunk of what. next long d.w. . the country between europe and stop it going to georgia where it started get born in his home country and also his inspiration of. what's on the board i'm going to write about georgia being divided the song was played the author travels through a divided country along an insurmountable border play. in sixty minutes on t.w. . the first day of school with. our first
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clue listen and then the doors grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey to freedom in our interactive dungeon torah entering it and returns home. and. i'm in dortmund's the city in germany's war region isn't necessarily known for its beauty but it is for.


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