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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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me too but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junkies it will move south so they can plant crops and find food to stop. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any a book on a piece not if you want to and probably more thing to come to. a climate exodus starts thirty years on t w.
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i'm in dortmund's the city in germany's ruhr region isn't necessarily known for its beauty but it is for many other things. for me shopping in the city center football fell below zero. zero zero my love hard work stealing cars and if i think of that a beer or two. ok sounds like a plan but first let's take a little sightseeing tour. austin and best in how big are dortmund central shopping streets it's been an important commercial route ever since the middle ages. dark one is also very green at least in the summer that is here and best bond park you'll find one of the city's most famous landmarks the. t.v.
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tower nicknamed floria. and then there's lake phoenix an artificial body of water on the grounds of a former steel plant. just like many other cities in the rural area dortmund was once an important center for the coal and steel industries at second claim to fame was football and while most of the industry has fallen victim to structural changes football is still a source of pride and joy in the region in this edition i want to find out how all of this dortmund past and present shapes the city to this day and there's much more on the show of course. we'll check out extra say tonight dedicated to industrial culture in the region. globe trotters steve payne is discovers the pharaoh islands between norway and iceland. and as
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always we'll have the viewer video of this time it takes is around does take a stamp. boardman's phoenix lake is an exclusive residential area and a popular place to stroll. but there are still remnants of the area's industrial past to be found the lake was created only on the eastern part of the former steel plant the old blast furnace was conserved in phoenix west as a memorial to the city's industrial past. telling them. i'm eating how i can ignite he she gives regular guided tours through the complex so. tell me it's this one's mine. the best part of the tour it takes you weigh. up in the air thirty meters above
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ground to be exact and the view is amazing. phoenix western iron ore into raw iron from here it was transported to phoenix where the lake stands today bare the unrefined iron was processed further to produce. sawdust if so that's a steel works here we have an overview the lake is here and between them there was a railway connection that's now a great cycling and walking trail. standing in a blast furnace complex. the plant was in operation until nine hundred ninety eight that's why i know times were very different back then was the air. no money going into dog only hung up your washing on the wrong day once.
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once we reach the plant itself we're off to the engine room. from here and engineers steered the wagons that would take the materials forty meters up and into the blast furnace. so you didn't have to on the next platform back in the facility was active the air here was very unhealthy. people only came here with industrial style breathing apparatus. some good it. in the regions golden age up to nine thousand people worked in phoenix east and west now the only people here are tourists like us. there are many industrial plants that were repurposed following the structural transformation of the region sludge towers were turned into audio installations railroads into bike lanes but
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the hand that coking plant and dortmund was maintained as a monument to the city's industrial heritage just like phoenix with let's take a look. at. steel works like phoenix west need coke as a fuel for the blast furnaces that smelt. coke is derived from comb until nine hundred ninety to find thousand tons of the fuel were produced every day in the hundreds of coking plant. those days are over. they caught quite sort of work the openings until the plant closed now he guides visitors through the old facility. so this. it was backbreaking work then there was that and summer when it was already hot outside there was radiated heat on the oven roof temperatures on that
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were never under sixty degrees celsius. the cocaine is the machine hold. hard they work here i just find it impressive that they're trying to maintain it. is being maintained but not polished into a high gloss tourist destination it shows what happens to an industrial complex when left to itself now nature is slowly reclaiming their site. shows me to the dortmund another symbol of the city. this building structural change in the region it's been turned from an industrial hub into a popular site for the service and creative sectors in what used to be the union
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brewery rather than beer you'll now find exhibits a museum and art project. of this i mean. this is basically my favorite exhibition even though i say that on almost every floor. but that you two in particular represents what makes this museum special here you can not only look at modern art you can create it yourself. or in this exhibit that means taking your own pictures. the state you symbolizes the modern region like no other institution what led to the structural change. now this had them into the two of us and i don't know what to do with the fact that globalization made it cheaper to buy coal abroad than to mine it here so in the one nine hundred seventy s. the nation more and more was because of broad simply because it was better value
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for money. was i thought going to go. and jobs here were lost since the late one nine hundred seventy s. dogman has lost eighty five thousand jobs lost in the comeback how come that changed because at some point there were new perspectives and projects that would as mysterious as authors mention you think what's important was that they were people who can simply think a step further than we can imagine it ultimately started with car guns and the i.b.m. shop park in the one nine hundred ninety s. . he had the idea that it wasn't about each town doing its own thing but about the entire region working together in portland center very important signal the dog commanders were the first to be hit hard by the crisis and authorities here had to think about how to master it they have yet the time of the mission and they did how did that impact tourism in the region. overnight stays is rising constantly and it's not just because dartmouth has a very successful football team it's also being recommended as
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a destination for short breaks for people in germany. and there are increasing numbers of visitors from abroad who are fascinated by the way a modern technology oriented system can link to its industrial past that industry you can plunge into history and at the same time enjoy the green and attractive sitting around it you know and a clock even start. thanks for the tour in the dark at my pleasure the war areas biggest cultural event is the extra shift and night dedicated to the celebration of industrial culture for one day two thousand artists take over forty five venues in twenty one cities one of them of course dartmouth and the most unimaginable locations are turning to stay just for music for theater and even for fire shows check it out.
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we make it easy going starting duesberg north landscape park taking two since historic train over the twosome called compound. little going to there's something like this there as well it's a feeling we want to revisit the tone of i'm coal mine we really wanted to see the light show that. we're going to the old zinc factory and. the henry iron works in huntington opera singer tina zick is trying to catch a man. or woman was something really. good because i don't. think is this woman worried that her husband will succumb. ok you can take care of himself i'm not worried about michigan. it's starting to grow
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dark and the extra festival begins to show its luminous side. outside the iron works are dancing down in the basement there's thrills and chills but. it's a peace please don't kill me stab at the nameless one. and is don't worry i won't so by the seen as your body can no longer take the pain you will die on your own. the hands a coking plant is also of and you. must future lots of fun lots of visitors nice guy it's it's grace a grace of and. then there's a fire show accompanied by a string quartet. goal
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. the extra shift night of industrial culture takes place every june and it always gets the entire rural region rocking. now i want to find out a bit about dortmund's other claim to fame football. is an october of twenty fifteen it's been home to the german football museum a kind of one stop shop for football fans young and old. it's a place that documents the nation's sporting past by taking a look back at some of the most glorious moments and. werman football history like the world cup win if nine hundred fifty four. different sections of
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the exhibit are dedicated to club and women's football. at its heart in the trophy room you'll find many of the sport's most coveted awards including of course germany's world cups. there are a total of one thousand six hundred exhibits the biggest by far is the bust that carted around germany's two thousand and fourteen world champion. and now let's get out of here because globe trotters steve fainaru is waiting for us on the ferro islands that's an archipelago about halfway between iceland and norway popular mostly among hikers and bird watchers no wonder because the landscape is truly impressive.
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welcome to the pharaoh i let me be your m.p. so i will show you what silenced by hiking on the water would see problems and food see the islands from above from a helicopter you're ready then put your hand went green jacket and we're ready to go. now we're in the capital. here we're staying like locals staying in a little brown. oh . to. lead if about to
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go kayaking. hunts preparing supper and i'll get some dry suits and then. we're off. rowing is a lot of fun like along the coast especially because we don't have strong winds and currents so it's very relaxing to slide along the coast and see this rocks here and the landscape around a little villages over there we can nice. if you have seen one image of the faroe islands and it's probably this this waterfall here. it's called the model of. but it's better known for the village which is up there which is called. so this is
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a very very picturesque spots at least here on the boat because we want to see them so they are going to be faced starting from sort of the good. and it looks promising where the so far. that. if he. immediately see where these pathogens live something will happen. if he's. seeing a fair islands from the ground is pretty nice but it's even nicer when you get up into the air so i'm now taking a look up the flight. and
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that's it from the fair islands see you soon. and dortmund one football club is king of black and yellow dortmund it was founded in this building in nineteen zero nine this has become a favorite destination for dortmund fans making pilgrimages from around the country . but listed buildings in the area make it a worthwhile visit even for people who don't like the beautiful game. full disclosure i'm a huge fan of byron munich dortmund's biggest rival so i'm kind of moving behind enemy lines here and i'm starting to realize that no matter how hard i try there's no getting around this team in this city. one good example the holy trinity church just
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a stone's throw from the famous. here people don't just come to praise the lord but also their teams. of course opposes plots and the holy trinity church are the only places of worship for dortmund fans and town their actual cathedral is the team's stadium signaling it do not park. six no it do not park is the biggest stadium in germany. for one football cop. can you know a time german champions as well as european. up winners and have taken the laurels in both the champions league and intercontinental cup. their fans in the city are
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extremely dedicated. when there's no match taking place the stadium is open for guided tours. we now have room for more than eighty thousand people but most in the stand on the south terrace there are just under twenty five thousand places they are almost off for season ticket holders it's practically always sold out. the. door natives are hard fish lives and works for privacy adornment both a fan and a stadium guide she leads visitors through the stadium system of tunnels and even into the holiest of holies the locker room. in the heart of the stadium the past comes to life again in the policy of the team's museum it houses historical exhibits pictures and even a replica of a pub because the football club was actually born at
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a regular table that. may not go to men founded back then i don't think they could have imagined what they were founding and what it would be a hundred years later it's very special. because on. the campus had great success and a few small scandals at one training camp for instance as packed a bra into a teammate suitcase that set off a crisis with his wife back home. on the muslims and that if you get out they had to help get him out of trouble so they helped the first and only team meeting today with a woman in attendance so. all stat. football stories from the region aren't just for the horsey adornment fans.
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where there is football you can be certain beer isn't far away dortmund has a long brewing tradition i'm headed to the popular bar to meet up with a beer summit marcus malva he and his colleagues have a mission to teach stuart when there is more about the quality and delights of their favorite beverage to reach that goal they offer brewing seminars and beer tasting. or. die to be chosen three great specialty appears here will start with a dortmund you believe beer it's a very new beer that's just come out for the fiftieth anniversary of the dog wonder you are landmark one zone by going to pour it in quite carefully for its melon that has a sweet bready note like brioche but you'll also smell the hops is. just definitely. beer like this practically demands
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a savory snack markets recommends the homemade potato bread and sour cream the perfect pairing for this very mild brew. the next up an herbal beer from belgium the so-called good it's triple ferment and pretty strong and for some reason smells like apple juice but. it's really sparkly isn't it who never tasted anything like it on the web. this is a beer that's great to serve as an aperitif finish on paying glass to surprise people with washing. on to the third one marcus serves it with onion chutney it's from dortmund and called divots coffee chocolate and i've been the lead. it's make it's reddish in color and the taste reminds me a freshly baked ryan bread. novels
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a club for so which beer did you like best most of the fun well they were all pretty great but i'll go for the goat the good be the outsider yeah the outsider. even if i'm thoroughly enjoying all of this right now we should leave town again and fans out with second year is anton and anastasia from russia this end of the video from their vacation in the kim dam mountains and is making fun from the looks of it they have a lovely track. we
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want to know your favorite place to go on vacation send us your videos you can upload them at d w dot com slash travel. that's in writing from norman and for. myself for best edition short but sweet and i check a lot off my bucket list industrial culture football culture and beer culture cares
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about the us that the for. much.
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for the twenty first century. any interest on our. unique interpretation. has. in concert in the world of a young piano sheen there. are twenty one present johnny in
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a tree for nothing. coming up on w. . what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carson he could i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. inching down thirty minutes don't. like germany which. any time any place. is a news video never. have
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discovered that. my. subscribe to the documentary. i. live. my life. the new head of sudan's military council has said a civilian government will be formed after talks with the opposition he promised the transition would take a maximum of two years the military understood president omar al bashir after months of protests demonstrators have voted to continue to take to the streets.


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