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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2019 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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no one was injured in the fire. you're watching d.w. news from dillon coming up next on reporter meet the kids with big dreams to become professional football players and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com i'm rebecca it isn't the end for me and all the in touch typing here thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys i have work all of the strength of many characters and their problems are always the same 14 the social inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption weak on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them right through foals who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work again. stevie browers and men are hoping to become professional football players they already play in the youth. but they hope one day to play in the. dream are they in the wrong team. of other teams underestimates.
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and. even though it's sometimes stressful. german champions. are now only in the 4th league but the youth teams are 1st class and the coaches are very demanding stevie and have yet to prove themselves but they hope that will be a springboard to a great football career. this is. not quite as flashy as others those of regional rivals. but 1st league standard still. play for the under 14. they train 4 times a week and play matches at the weekend. there's a big game against. in 3 days time when they'll find out if they've made it to the next level. it's really important because this is when people last elected for the
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on the 15th. we've got to get in so that we can prove ourselves. and if not they're out strict rules but it's the only way the youth teams that can keep up with the big clubs all of them are in the highest league thanks to the efforts of coach dennis splash check. to get the ball behind the 16th line. it could. we can keep up we're doing really well year in year out we're here and making it tough for the other teams to come to us and play against us since we. feel just as a striker he has to fight hard to keep his position in the team. stevie how much stevie played in the under 12 team we got him from button so i don't know. it was really tough for him at the beginning but he's really developed
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in the past weeks and months and now he's playing very well and as a stunt it's good press as a defender and he's done really well for himself this season. we can all of its members 4th year with me he's really developed extremely well. he still had some problems with the under eleven's when he was a bit every year but he's developed in his personal life as 2 and we're really satisfied you know he's captain of the under 4 teams up within the field. now that's mother had teacher is cooking soup for her son it's in line with the football club's nutrition plan. how is today it was good what did you do with what we did some engineering made chemicals. that's big brother get some advice from your head of defense so you have to shout come on guys go there all guys do that you had high you have to motivate motivate them. the expectations are high
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and not for nothing that's cousin is no less than german football champion message . and this is this is a plan that. he's really nice might mean he started out with road bikes maybe i'll go up to i really like the way possible and doing he has a clear view and the way he communicates. about taked. like meth that also has turkish roots but he's only been to turkey on holiday. born and raised in essen he feels as german as he does turkish. rule oh by stevie comes from a family of athletes and has 6 siblings. his father peter browers played ice hockey his mother and gallica played football. but they're not putting pressure on him.
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they say he's putting enough pressure on himself as the decision about his future looms or are not involved in what. you can tell he's really putting a lot of effort into it now before you was a little more relaxed but now he's really ambitious he really wants to get ahead and so we don't have to say anything to him. when i keep telling him that it might not be so bad to take a step back. if you notice that you're quite a long way off the top 11. then maybe you can attack from the start again. of course and stevie still have homework to do and since they're both in vocational schools and they have good marks despite the lack of time because of football. what fice aston doesn't have a boarding school like some of the big clubs but they provide assistance for the youth players. can i just write that mr said.
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org knowledged. says. there's excitement ahead of the big match against dortmund. these players are temporary friends. some won't make the cut. others will be snatched up by bigger clubs. or. scouts have their eye on the 13 and 14 year olds and are sometimes quite aggressive in their recruiting techniques says. the head of the academy. for a prime example in germany of kids being recruited away we've lost 50 players to bigger academies in the past 3 years that's huge we discovered or supported 50 talented players that we've done last busy. sign it's run the academy for 4 years talks to the coaches every day about the youth development. of course to build up the team but also to cash in if the
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players transfer to other clubs. in such a case what feist gets the money for the training costs mesut ozil brought in almost 1000000 euros. of course money comes in but you shouldn't forget that you don't get a nurse or a lever year i wouldn't venture to say that there are $4.00 guys out there today who bring in $500000.00 euros in 6 years so let's build a club house not a lot of support. i thought was today matt is acting as ball boy at the semifinals in the lower ryan championship. there are some 20000 people in the audience. what if i say yes and has the biggest regional fan base aftershock and dortmund. stevie is also in the stadium today. and he thought. aston is playing against k.f.c. urging and which also once played in the bundesliga author of the lodi
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but it's not looking good for us and the boarding and it's taking control was all god's office while it's law i guess and doesn't know what to do or. well facing isn't using any of it's chances to score i've had so many opportunities and haven't managed one as i don't like the i was watching him and this was he was this defeats is particularly better. streetside sitting of course is disappointing if you play for the club or vice had a lot of chances in the 1st half but they didn't school and let 2 stupid goals that i said. so yet another defeat for what fast ass and the team has been waiting for
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better times for over 40 years. when he. if you're in the under 15 years then the 1st goal is to try to be among the top 11 and then you can always go up more. you're definitely at the top of the middle range. and you should just continue playing like this. so yourself the goal of being in the top 11 of the under 15. then you'll be well on your way my boy. mech math has made it and a new era is about to begin. the coaches told him that he'd be joining the under fifteen's in the summer when. he's on his way to becoming a professional and stevie on the other hand hasn't yet quite convinced the coaches he wants to stay at aspen and one day he would love to play in this stadium is let's review. be so cool i can't really imagine it standing there in the center all summer on the pitch and only seeing fans and then i score and everyone roars. that
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would be so cool a. reality check the match against doormen still lies ahead of the 1st leg was a disaster for us and they were thrashed 7. days a week for the goalkeepers wearing grey. top isolation well but i had nightmares if you have it switch this is going to be a good match we're going to be great we're going to have a good day. if. you're. going to school. zone no cost me i know plenty of goals it's not. good for.
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either. dominates right from the start s. and doesn't have a chance. i. think stevie is keen running a lot not giving up the ball. but his rivals aren't always fair and they're simply bigger. stevie wonder why do some good playing on stevie's part but he could have done a few things better than. the moment i met doesn't have much time to take a breather he doesn't make any mistakes but he can't prevent the goals. thank. goodness. stevie has to sit out the 2nd half the differences between big and small clubs are obvious. thank you. i
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thank you. and the result is 7 mill to dortmund. made mistakes in the beginning that's how you lose a game. is still a very long way off. in the end only one in 1000 youth footballers makes the big time. and stevie will continue to dream. and at least for the next season both be playing stevie finally got the green light to.
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land. tomorrow's musicians to. the world's best supporting destress me to believe. i highlights from the 20 young your classic festival. closely the sound of the future i. last. played. the darkest day in chinese history. 30 years ago o.j. . it was followed by a relentless crackdown on dissidents. only a few were say with the help of foreign secret services. operation.
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what secrets lie behind these memos. find out 1st of experience and explore fascinating and cultural heritage sites. the t w world heritage for 60. i've played violin since i was 5 and then switched to be a lot it's always been he amazing music that you get to play with so many amazing people and get to travel everywhere and so it's always been so attracted there so i had this passion for it so long and then at some point i guess i couldn't do anything else.


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