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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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scenes of the mokka it's the orchestra who featured in the famous t.v. series bobbing on. and speaking of which. is the most expensive t.v. production ever here in germany costing around 40000000 euros it's a crime series set in the weimar republic of 929 and the 1st 2 series of insult to netflix are now they can be see all over the world. police investigate berlin's underworld just a few years before the nazis rise to power berlin was a gritty place back then. getting on the pot is the main character gradually the detective realizes that the corrupt swamp of politics and crime goes so deep that he's in danger of losing his footing. shot of the target is a young working class woman with dreams of something better she does odd jobs for
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the police but wants to be a permanent part of the team. their stories are spun out before a wonderful backdrop the art direction is explicit. this series is full of shady characters who are looking out totally for themselves and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. meanwhile all of society is living on the volcanoes and it seems everyone senses that things are going to get very serious very soon. while a very soul that music plays an important role in the series and even the director tom took co-wrote some of the chains and they've been recreated on screen by specially set up for the show the f.t.
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orchestra. cool cat. the. world. f.t. orchestra performing live at the house berlin the crowd is especially excited to hear their hypnotic song so i should start from the t.v. series babylon berlin the song is meant to evoke the 1920 s. but it has captured the contemporary. past. sebastiaan book of ski studied saxophonist carlin's hans eisler music academy as the orchestras musical director here arranges their songs. live music sway and the music swings it's great that it appeals to any big band jazz fan but we also have a subtle rawness on roughness a kind of a punk attitude in the way we play
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a tongue i did try to just disappeared for. i. i don't come here to hear that we thought that if we'd gone to the trouble of recording for 3 or 4 days and shooting for 3 or 4 days then it would be a shame if that was the end of this wonderful band and we felt we had to keep playing the music because it's really great the sort of music. shortly before the performance because he collects all the sheet music from the rehearsal space and heads off to buy house berlin a dance hall that was popular back in the 1922. from both produce. a few. cuts his responsibilities as musical director include overseeing the choice of
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repertoire and making sure all the musicians have what they need. to do a lot of good people you don't need to tell them much that we really want to play and that's basically the most important thing we all really like doing this so i don't ever have to worry me what now the fun is about to start. this excessively t.v. series has also given the market f.t. orchestra a boost that's about stand up kosky and the other musicians are taking their unexpected success in stride and making big plans for the future. the song so i should tell has stormed the german charts and like all great pop songs it's become a real you're born one whisks us away back to the glamorous nights of a long ago era. i'm joined in the studio now by katherina from finn welcome katherina covering as
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a fan of the great jazz age of the 19 twenty's and thirty's she's also a more importantly the banjo player and singer of the rufus temple orchestra we're going to play some hot jazz in just a little while but 1st let's have a look at this trend in day this boom for parties 19 twenties and the ones that katherine attends and often perform is out club nights called. it's like going back in time to the crazy and wild 1920 s. here and. you're going to either of the poem so posh evenings elsewhere adult child has brought back the saturn the stick contents with my music and but then asked concepts. that are.
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going to. move. the world. nelson has been organizing these events for over 10 years now meanwhile up to 1000 stylishly dressed guest evening show up to have top nights there are branches in hamburg and cologne as well it's just astonishing music but also the defining decadence a little. and even if you have a ticket there's no guarantee you'll get him there is a strict dress code you must stress induced on of the twenty's and thirty's or you could be turned away at the door.
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looks like a lot of catherine of federal is my guess your attend lots of those you perform at lots of them what do you think is the fascination for people with this especially those of don't people in that report yeah well i think the dressing up is so much fun for me too and they feel like they're in exclusive club and they are among like minded people and they feel like it's a special thing and the music is great and they can learn how to dance swing dance yeah it's all there and they said there. there is a very strict dress code people get turned away i mean we know but lynn is famous for its bad hind techno clubs an exam where you can get turned away for wearing the wrong trainers so they really people away but they have been doing me wave. thank you but i'm sure it happens i had a talk once and she said that. so that's part and parcel is it is it getting away from the social media as well and. mobile phones is not hard but it
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is i think it's a full didn't have a smartphone and the whole party even. ok and. what is the fascination i mean is it more the music is that how you got interested it's all dress it's. you know it was actually yeah the music 1st before i even knew these kind of parties i played the music and i've been into this kind of style like i always like to i think all kind of worlds even if i knew the music but i became kind of a banjo into vs the overnight and then because you studied classical guitar didn't you and i mean this is the home of. beethoven and bach. and indeed techno but you went for american jazz yeah that's only because of the instrument i saw someone play the tenor banjo. by chance and i felt like this is what i have to
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do and how did the rufus temple come about briefly briefly well it was me playing the banjo. playing this music for years with his family already and it was davis always wishing to have a reason to play well for ok that you've almost introduced the but if you go over and your colleagues get ready to perform you've already introduced about actually producing the founding members of the band that is just my performing as a. today but they are sometimes the sextet flexibility is the name of the game anyway with catherine we've got nikolai on the double bass we've got 3 days on the corn it out in the wash board and if you don't know what a wash board is you're about vi and out classic jude written by jew colleagues and with a prophetic title says it all it doesn't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.
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you know. you know. i mean. you know. i mean. you know.
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suttle much the rufus temple also is wonderful to have live music on the show and they've asked me to sing a song with them and what they don't know is you don't have to ask me twice it is a thrill i thought this would be apt for d.w.i. as it is a mixture of languages coming up so here goes with by been this to shane by.
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balmy sunshine i'll try to explain my mom who's been such a great. mom. and. me i'm sure the fans than. i could say but. each language.
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thanks us today. tomorrow kristin stop. the disney dis talented looking player's. queen take a close look at a few. inches predictions connection shall. sleep is rising stomps on. kickoff through seems to. me cold peace in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the move. free to sask the w.c.
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learning course because for.
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this is g.w. news. tonight after 3 days of marathon negotiations european union leaders have agreed on the person they would like to see as their new chief executive or some of germany's defense minister she has won the european union's backing and could now become the european commission's 1st female president but she is
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a compromise candidate and was certainly not the 1st choice we'll get the latest from brussels.


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