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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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it's a bit too practical d.w. is rachel stewart has come extremely well prepared to explain germany's national obsession with hiking. 50 years ago the apollo 11 spacecraft was on its way to the moon when the astronauts landed and live pictures were beamed into our living rooms it altered off a section of the moon and indeed outer space and in films the whole perception of the moon changed as well is some examples of the moon on film starting with real pictures of massa's achievement after a century ago. it was perhaps the greatest human adventure of over time shown live on television. a new documentary apollo 11 tells the story of the 1st manned moon landing it features digitally restored footage should nasa is archive as well as rediscovered film reels that had never been seen before you have
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to kind of what all doubt one of the key moments were the moments of humanity that happened what were the things that stood out what really got me was the emotion on their faces you could see the way of what they were about to do. the world of cinema was fascinated with the moon long before people landed their. french director me is to realistic a trip to the moon from 1902 is thought to be the 1st feature film ever made and certainly the 1st science fiction movie. new year's was a performer and a mediation is a trip to the moon combines his flair for the theater and magic with the potential of the new medium of film a group of crazy wizard like scientists land on the moon to find a magical place filled with unknown danger is where dreams could become reality. 25 years later german director fritz long portrayed a journey to the down. side of the moon with his woman in the moon unit
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a troop of humans leave earth looking for gold which they find here the moon is seen as a place of escape from earth's problems as well as a place of problems in its own right of course since the lunar mission film portrayals of the moon have become more realistic even now they reveal as much about our own fears and desires as they did a century ago. my colleague melissa holroyd is over the moon about this topic. it's always fascinated us though hasn't again it's fascinated us through film for over a century the moon is also very symbolic isn't it represents time because it's constantly changing it represents birth and breed birth. it also represents the dark place within ourselves that we go when we need to regenerate and start again but since the moon landing the way perceived in movies has become much more realistic yeah
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it's become a lot more realistic for sure has that when i think about 1st man the 2018 film that is a very realistic film it's a very visceral film ryan gosling who plays neil armstrong and he's in a very very dark place is surrounded by death his own daughter dies of a brain tumour his trip to the moon is something that he has to do he's not doing it to be a hero so he had the moon is shown as a dark lonely place words ok to just be it's also a place of new beginnings we see armstrong all alone dropping his dead daughter's bracelet into a crater and then he returns from death so to speak back to life on earth is transformed but not for the better in another film but has the moon as a place of transformation is that extraordinary film by duncan jones called it's called simple it's called moon yes it's a. film and it's easy to watch you can just watch it on you tube i think here we
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have 7 brockwell playing a moon worker he's on a 3 year long mining mission on the moon and he really is on the dock side of the moon it's a very moving film about free will and rebirth and home. and unlike the some ready the moon is perceived as mysterious it can affect all sleep patterns and is the stuff of legends which is kind of great for movie plots its sound is this sort of guide in this influence or in some movie plots take that a step further so we have like things that the cold horror a classic and the american way of wolf in london from 1981 this film blends the macabre with a lot of humor it has a modern take on the classic werewolf legend of the 2 u.s. backpackers getting into a lot of trouble ok melissa you can go from how the. american werewolf in
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london fight for coverage is as always thank you. now we're going to get comfortable with great design a katherina come from me that's what she calls a collection of everyday household objects which she can but so that they have no use at all i know that sounds strange doesn't it she's actually an architect with a wicked sense of humor and does this in her spare time. how is anyone supposed to water flowers with this can. or sweep with this proof. how can you lift a pot off the stove with both handles on one side or eat with this fork cut to run the company renders everyday objects on usable also horse my intention is to make people laugh but i think there is a 2nd level i like us not to take these things all around us for granted they were
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designed according to certain rules and only when you break these rules of the do you learn to appreciate these objects again so we should always think beyond our own limits. i love that above the world almost but often. catarina company works as an architect in athens whenever she has the time she works on her design project uncomfortable recall election is now grown to over 30 objects some of them have been used in an advertising campaign off the wall concepts have gone viral on the internet. and countrymen to come pramod as working on more uncomfortable design objects he or she takes the ergonomics out of a toothbrush. because he might as much have a bit of a game of typing what's most important is to pick a suitable object it has to be something that's easy to use and that we take for
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granted because we see it every day. it will be then i think about how i use this object and i sabotage one aspect of this use you don't i come up with several different ways to do that and the one that makes me laugh the most while i'm sketching it out is the one that i develop the more obscure biazon make him laugh in the paper her own. company also gives workshops to teach others how to. design unusable things and she delights in the many useless ideas with the participants. got to be in the company has exhibitor designs all around europe the workshops are also small exhibitions of her uncomfortable collection. this project the uncomfortable came at a time that was very hard for me or uncomfortable i wanted to become a designer but with the economic crisis in greece that wasn't easy so i decided to become an unconquerable designer and this project was an expression of my situation
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. for examination of the uncomfortable clothes on. the train a company has plenty more unusable idea. she's mad i love it it's jobs and the germans are continuing series why rachel looks at particular things that a very german this week she's looking at a sports well almost if it was in the lympics germany would win gold silver and bronze because they are better prepared than anyone else to go hiking. have you ever been you're on holiday and you decide to go for a hike but you didn't really prepare for it and of course who do you come across on the trial. thanks. wow serious
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shoes check out practical bain's rucksack the classical leather jacket was that special trousers that little fit the neat boy for you so there they are little things that. the germans love to walk of course but walking on those walking is on talks about seo goggle sunday stroll has long been established feature in the lives of many german families but a step up from this is vanda or hiking the difference isn't necessarily about grade you know strenuousness it's the band on involved planning a route and equipment. hiking is the most popular outdoor activity in germany whether it's a longer journey with stopovers in hiking huts or a quick day trip at the weekend young and old in any season they just love it. i fell for it does not in the mother's hands get arms off and one has been no matter
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if you didn't use this money i should also not. to mention such unfit to go to church and finding a speech to get you not someone as. soon hot globalization of church and disinvite and mankind. from kinder and i taught him to his lesson on trust on off relationship on the law to. the germans been braving the hills since time immemorial not quite back in the day hiking was for religious pilgrims tradesmen scholars and vagabonds. the german mountains and forests were seen as uninviting dangerous and it was until the 1800s that german nature got itself some good publicity courtesy of the remand poets and painters joining forces to big up the great outdoors people started to realise they could walk for pleasure the arrival of the railway meant that even city dwellers had easy access to the countryside. and then the germans did what the germans do best they go organized they formed
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hiking associations marked out parts and even set up the 1st ever youth hostels. sadly even the wholesome pursuit of hiking couldn't escape the shadow of national socialism the nazis saw hiking as the neatest selfish hobby and they funneled use hiking members into the hitler youth. but in the post-war years or a new connection to nature became part of the healing process for many germans today hiking is more popular than ever and it's big business the germans spend billions of yours every year on hiking trips and fancy equipment. that's certainly plenty to keep them occupied in germany some 300000 kilometers of signposted hiking routes along forest trails alpine tracks wind valleys and coastal. but the germans are no longer just hiking at home one in 4 will indulge their hiking habits while holidaying abroad as well wherever they off there's another vital element to a german hike it's so important it's got its own but i know them all stopping off for refreshment along the way maybe it's not sold some cake or just
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a cold beer to keep your energy up for the love. if you'd like to see bull from the german sherry's showing you the quirks and idiosyncrasies of this country just go to the website to do you don't you don't call them slash culture so we have time for today thanks for watching i'm bob barr from. the.
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freedom of movement in the united europe. it's a reality. it's a number of private citizens and businesses. what opportunities to 0 white freedom of movement offer. benefits what is the potential for abuse. in 30 minutes on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word allusion to nico is in germany tomorrow. why not learn with him
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farage. themselves in simple online on your mobile and for e. w z e learning course. german made easy. and finally. i am i have. been 15 years since the moon landing. keith was the 1st man to walk on the moon. and all i ever. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he flew anything no matter how dangerous. the church or go to them.
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as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. but he wrote a legend one simply shouldn't be who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . the world health organization has declared the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo a public health emergency of international concern a rare designation used only for the most serious epidemics it comes after the virus spread to the eastern city of goma on congo's border with rwanda.


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