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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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i read about everything with armstrong turns around and taking kit exactly where we could throw it it was pretty impressive right and i couldn't throw it you know in the same same way but it was an awesome experience it was put on me just because. my eyesight is going to tumble feed their family fran boyle very tough talking about the tough oh my gosh there's there's going to over again there's hummels oh my god i just like a great job like i'm not going to come up. with that it was back to doing what dortmund do best at indiana's notre dame stadium current capacity almost $78000.00 virtually the signs of their own signal it do not park another top unfriendly top mendicants liverpool under former dortmund coach your gun club. here right now. good player in all caps. but until then. good luck to them 332 victory title race preparations were coming along nicely.
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oh i'm very happy with the when you go for the brits are going to see them winning some of the last season so we'll get a very good side i'm just pleased to wins the trip in america goes you know we get him back but that's the main thing. by and rounded off that's over the window that i see milan. but it's a beautiful boat to feel good still. then it was off on a long haul flight back to europe. time for the last part of pre-season the super cup a fairly meaningless trade thing but an early litmus test in the title race. but absolutely we want to win this one. any title it's up for grabs we want it.
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to and he want to sound vicious wants to win these kind of games just call them on so i'm going to buy him as well everybody's looking for a super cup success within. their one i want to win every game but it won't always happen but it's always the end in that sense it's victory on nothing says. yeah i'm looking forward to that i'm going to be a good test for us and i'm sure they can always be asked again so. i know the magic that's what winning titles is always special for me there's all this a one off game if you win it said another trophy for the capital and it's a very strong. chance that c.f.l. a super hero the true temple of football for sick nobody to know park and trust to
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get out of the bundesliga speak to the whole so you can moan and get. to the 1st chance or without a goal and they might just. not just some of the you know why. is it good to go into the back of the. lab to come up it's going to be shut up shut up because shorts for dortmund and byron's publish a montage where the only new faces at the start. but the standout performer was 19 year old jayden sam show an incredible talent. she.
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chose. the toxic. substances. i. challenge. such as. i just try to stay relaxed really because i know intimate situations it can be hard when everyone's watching and i just kept composer not just on his phone to get through his lips and to stop it i thought. i i. i i thought i could rejoin the fans singing your name
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there so much really was a masterly that's our pay for moments like this in the. mills of dortmund the super cup winners of 2019. points this trophy doesn't have any weight in deciding the title race. even now after a match day 3 anything could still happen. 31 games to go and the players are fairly certain it will go down to the wire. and it's a race between byron and da silva hopefully it'll be pass in front of the finish of monsters just coming consumption. should issue yeah i'm disappointed with missteps on the title. but when of those of that's on certain days but it's just for so. so it doesn't in any way make his favorites for the title to seriously suggest anything like that. it's going to be on our season but yes we have won the 1st
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exchange and the 1st trophy to. do for being out of dortmund are a top class team because i want to achieve a lot this season. but we have another 2 weeks to prepare and i will be working hard. taking. the hard work behind the scenes has started to pay off in munich barcelona have helped by learning by and the superstar services of philippe coccinea he's fresh from helping brazil to victory in the cup america a real coup for by and. large been a vital i think we the rest of the bundesliga german football as a whole can only be happy to have a player of his caliber here he's a leader but we should look at this it's not really fault if he's a very important signing of big name and a top quality player who will certainly add to our attacking potential because in the future so we're delighted in reserve you could continue our side the signing of
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french midfield prospects for munching club and world cup finalists even parasitic vines dynamic front line options the corporation was snapped up on an initial mine deal from internet land he's well acquainted with the bundesliga from his time adulthood and dortmund everybody knows who's a really big club for me in the post and those 4 when they're all going to. the club by this call are going to consume. because there is a. title race is on both brian and dortmund have it firmly in their sights but is this really destined to be a 2 horse race. besides dog and labor because they are a good team as well and light. it could also have a sort of it. you know they were very strong very consistent over the latter half of last season so this time it could well be a 3 or 4 contest right to the finish on what i hear come this intros. are be like
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wouldn't mind a title challenge after 3 match days they're the only team in the league with 9 points and one of the youngest in a rather youthful squad 20 year old u.s. talent tyler adams is hoping for more this season. you know for me it was watching 1st implicit do it at dortmund 1st and now i want to be the next person work as i like yeah you know tyler's doing it over there it's worked out well maybe i could be the next person to do the. other more the look man is back in saxony this time on a long term contract midfielder christoffersen cuckoos signed from part of the century man. seen wales international eton and podium from chelsea even the new coach is in the 1st flush of youth uli are now coveted by many now he's joined from hoffenheim mapping out the next stage of life journey potentially to the very top right now. i'm sure we'll have a very good staff out of no objections if you want to try to win the next 3 years
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or even sooner that would be great. and that's the rough agenda it would seem. gifted and up for the challenge that description fits by a lay the reason as well and no one more so i think i have that's 20 years old and one of the bundesliga biggest stars already gropers you can really give it a go these things and we will. get over it i think there's a great mix to the team. karen demir by the club's record signing bring something new to the mix himself leverkusen coach peter boss loves to attack last season they made the champions league and this time. it will be i know what we're aiming for is no idea how long it. but we've got good players. in the german cup there were no surprises the big clubs all made their way into the 2nd round.
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and so to the buddha's league is opening match day but then 1st his hat so. it's time to learn to. see follow. just a little stick. i. think. as expected clients started off on the front foot and took the late but that.
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since that back you know put 3 past them playing for dusseldorf last november by and having dropped a single point to the now it was one way traffic in the direction of the goal posts hold themselves level with a penalty but that was as good as it got a sobering stuck to the campaign. and playing well but given the news you'll probably win 9 as of 10 games against has. now we're standing here we didn't get 3 points who are looking for 1st and foremost. from the from the from that's just very disappointing as one of these again. today is done on justify the next game would definitely be better. byron's archrivals dortmund now had
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a chance to carve out an immediate advantage. and their 1st game at home to prove to be better. the after just one minute they were already trailing by a goal but then the fans got what they were promised a spectacle. of such. papers for such a. such. show such utter surprise something of. such. the transcript of. that such a cut.
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to. give. me time very happy with the transfer was. excellent. and came on and scored a goal get a good job. to come off. something $51.00 win and brown is one of the title race goes to dortmund. ahead of round 2 the main action was all off the field as felipe touched down in meaning from boss alone it's a boy and a brazilian creative genius. a 60. right it's only natural for the big clubs like barnes to want to win as many titles as possible he covers it so that's fine by me i'm young vicious sort of themselves who knows i want to win things as well. if there is
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a. good chain you know has inherited the number 10 shirt freed up by our young robins the pasha he's had a busy summer helping brazil win the cup america and now he aims to be equally influential tobias. to the soon as i call him the shirts and get started i'll be giving everything for my team mates and the club and. the common match day brings us another 2 top drawer clashes dortmund house leverkusen while byron travel to leipzig cool will pick up crucial points join us again next week on kick off to find out.
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