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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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go with max marrow match day 4 is in the can in freiburg managed to stay in the mix at the top when they battled hoffenheim the answer to that and more on the bundesliga. and you're watching news live from berlin there's more news on our website e.w. dot com and on twitter at. thanks for. your family scattered across the globe. to. turn back to the roots government of. the shah's family from somalia lives around the world to. come to urgent assistance
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a. family starts october any on d w. e take it personally. with the wonderful place to make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football online. match day 4 is just is welcome to open this link up we have all the highlights from sunday's action plus the march day's biggest talking points is a look at what's coming up. i find i both work i don't often like the local effect well shall. the soldiers out of. hand off to saturday's 2 tables hoping
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clashes will talk title race like it's a legit though don't win do it this season. joining me to dissect the action to understand boffins mccambridge chairman of the unofficial newspapers in fact club all describe myself as more of a friend than a fan but thank you yes. and talk some sense blackpool's finest mark meadows yeah a lot of fun doesn't know much sense. but well before we get into the nitty gritty let's start with the highlights of fibroids match against often time it's been a tricky transition for the club the last coach you know young man over the summer and now they hosted a 5 book side on fire with 2 wins and a draw also fuck victory would see them move into the top 4 and even jump up to 2nd in the table if they won by
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a 5 goal margin. fred blogs christian made for changes to his starting line up for the clash with hoffenheim and it soon paid off chris jan going to made it one nil in the 11th minute. the defender drilling it into the corner of the net sebastian rudi tried to respond for hoffenheim but keeper alexander displayed some sharp reflexes meanwhile his team stayed on the attack and played with more urgency. doubling fribourg lead late in the 1st half. and peterson added another in the 59th minute his 2nd goal of the season rounding out the 3 nil scoreline with. it was mentality mentality conviction and work work work. it was a nice performance i'm very happy. and his team celebrated fribourg best ever start to a campaign oftentimes meanwhile have only managed to win one game this season. didn't
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score enough to leapfrog but they are 3rd in the table. sorceries this flow is sorcery max but sorcerer is always possible when you have a wizard up front of course i want to talk a little bit about neal's piece and the man scored 46 but is the goal for 50 today in a little over 100 appearances which is a pretty good stat i mean not be impressive for one of the champions league clubs the 3rd in the table at the moment i'm not saying they're going to be doing a leicester or anything like that but they have a couple of comfortable games coming up before what i think we can all agree will be an early season top of the table showdown with dortmund in a few weeks but i know seriousness cracking start to be really cool if they continue and of course they've added a little bit of depth around that main man kneels person that you're so fond of mark last season flaubert finished 13th and hoffenheim solid table bring us back down to earth is no malice he going to set in for those 2 scenes well yes and no i
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mean obviously for. no they're not going to finish in the top full well you know they've got a good squad a good manager a very atmospheric ground accidental sofa when the new stadium is by the way but their target is going to be europa league and they're everyone's kind of 2nd favorite le bron hoffenheim meanwhile i think they could be in a bit of bother you know they've lost nawas month have lost some of their best players they haven't replaced them could be a very difficult season yes it could and 5 ok let's wish them all the best as you say a lot of people 2nd favorite same title so coming up in a little bit but 1st to 2 sides with the blues promoted part of born have just one point to their name so far they hosted shout who lost a match they managed their 1st win of the season with an emphatic 3 nil over have a platform to build on or would it be just another manic sunday. shell cup asked david wagner has overseen one win one drawn one defeat so far this season
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consistently inconsistent has long been a shock a trait well promoted part of on stars of the company has been well underwhelming but it was host part of all who struck 1st just 8 minutes in tell you he's celebrating his 24th birthday with the super. shall can defend his look like statues is the brazilian pounced on a bonus scored in the 1st 15 minutes of all the game so far but again that's off the boil shout it is that the equalized sound of sun a rising highest on 33 minutes. lots the part of bone stefan bound got to ponder at half time. but it was more of the same after the break and so it's sad now soon put shelter ahead. a slice of luck push out the look clearly there that's a side shot can score 3 more with i mean how to get into the 51 win means 2 victories on the bounce the right kind of consistency.
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or promising signs as mark points out in the report but let's talk about something that shall cut probably won't be involved in the title race to set us up here lights a coach you're not just man and a rather annoyed by and defend speaking after saturday's one all draw and that game tells us nothing absolutely nothing is any much they for it means nothing than the half time which a system will get more due or get more attacking moments to get kind of more ball position to create chances possession not only about taking moment said was a good mix. well mark now grossman has said from the off he wants to inject more possession based football into the leipsic set up is that the key to take them to the next level yes but not if you play such a high line the robot leavened else he's goes up to 3 minutes he's got to be careful you know if it ain't broke don't fix it and rough running gave him a side that very well but yes you can't be
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a top top side if you rely on counter attacks you have to dominate and so i think he is on the right track yet they seems really keen to point that out is pretty much common sense underlining what he's there to do ed nicklaus do on the other hand the flame thrower really annoyed at the media suggestion that a draw would have any kind of negative impact on bynes title pursuit seems like the reporter touched a nerve there was a little bit wrong with that question wasn't really light is on so actually i think you can have to get used to questions like that because i think the times are changing and he's probably looking around the division at the moment thinking i'm going to win it things are getting a little bit harder now as mark just said looking like a different kettle of fish you see it dortmund of certainly strength and then they don't even have to get me started on friday so they're looking pretty good themselves but know times are getting tough and i think they're going to be more more rattled over the coming months by and it will i mean clearly by and will be in the mix along with not going himself to this to be more of a 2 horse race guys based on this start from light so how close could they get i think they could win the title i mean they've just got to look at what happened to
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dortmund last season it's really tough to win now for this title is incredibly hard and i'm not sure they've quite got the strength and depth but i think you can definitely say it's a 3 horse race yeah ok well don't mind defeated later cruising for new on saturday the other big match let's turn our attention to those 2 has what's months homo's what mats hummels and by a boss man piece of bosch had to say off to the match. there my father we have a really good team we play great football i want food places so skilled on the ball will have especially good with the ball of our feet taking on defenders using their pace they make great ones off to impact who we have an ice cold striker in and around the box we have so many different qualities is not a good enough from our side we didn't play well we make too many mistakes if you look at the goals we see the mistakes we made and then is difficult to win a top game like this one against a company. not good enough says peter bosh and that's almost talking up daughters
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quality you wrote a piece on a website rather seeing dortmund stars which chances are for their defeat to a new one on match day 3 how do you square this performance with that opinion well i stand by the row about that after the new on loss of course and same to me after that loss at the same old mental deficiencies a still lead a crumble in the face of adversity and that was the biggest issue last year no formal drubbing of late accusing is going to change my mind on that and i think you know despite all the shiny new signings unless they can get this sort of mental block out of the way then never going to win and on i'm actually fairly sure. not just because of the union result but because of what i saw that they're not going to win it's all here and if i'm wrong abaya boys they can. look forward to that i mean i do see your point i mean the points at the small teams are crucial byan seem to get the care of take care of business when they face lower table opposition but when struck with that last season but do you agree with this one really flattering to see you know i mean look at the 1st half of last season they were the best team
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in division and now they're better than they were then they've added france hasn't so home olds and what happened to them last season will stand them in good stead for this season they know what they've got to cope with but yet they've got to be beating things out but if they do i really think they can win the league yeah i mean i think mats hummels is one of those players that's going to be key because of the experience he has with dortmund winning. and also then winning loads of totals with byron as you do now by and light 6 coaches they both before this match they said they see living as a dark horse in this title race think they need a bit of help with that defense peter bosch not really the right guy to do that but all they title race candidates are just solid top 4 candidates absolutely not title candidates i'm having none of that whatsoever they don't know any win in the league last year and i think about actually they got worse and sold brant to dortmund probably one of the best players in with chi had hits and then replaced him like
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for like and i think unless they had a real world cost top notch coach the never going to get name it's a no from me yeah i've got to agree there's no way they can win the league but the bonus if there's a bit we had this season i think most pundits who agree who the top 4 are going to be and most people think things can fulfill they can't really finish any higher than 4th i mean they're attacked 2 years ago was to be the best in the division but now it kind of blows on cold and they've lost bran so you know way false ball yeah i mean i love a bit of late because but i've got to agree it's just not quite vain yet and you could even see a team like shell could if they really get rolling on the david wagner make a threat to the 4th place by i've got to say les because it looks like they've got it in the bag let's look at the table off the match day for them light sic in the lead ahead of dortmund and level on points where it is fribourg. happy days fred meanwhile down below possible and still just have one point of the today's drubbing as do have to go in on your own so far the happy
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a club in the capital will who'd have thought it let's you know finish we'll talk about the race what about relegation who do you guys think could be threatened that part of one from a definite down if you get spanked slightly did again shout you've got no chance i mean come on it shall come and i'd say minds of poverty and go down with them as well yes i mean after that performance you've got to think about it on the favorites and i've got a sneaky suspicion. might get dragged into it when the going gets tough well on another promoted side cologne who you know with quite difficult to see how things will shape up for them i think they might struggle as well well thanks for joining us guys what a great discussion we've had and that's all from us folks as i can be sure to tune in again on match day 5 thanks to ed and mark meadows by go.
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after. the live with the one. hand in fear of the slumber of ours of manila capital of the philippines their home is risk being swallowed up by the sea. but now there is hope that the government is helping them move into safe apartments. and they're building new pumping stations to protect them from running. 3000 next day w. . many who tried getting around the berlin wall met their deaths. as a child he was already dreaming of a skate. at the age of 20 he was the last person to be shot for trying. the short life of chris.
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