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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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have you heard of the brain hemispheres. what's that brain hemispheres isn't this a football show called science got to do with it. ability of spatial perception lies more in the right tennis feel the brain which in some scientists to the conclusion that lefties tend to be better at. ok does that mean black box it says is down to ask events left foot and are these guys only so good because they left footed. but like flashbacks marcus cheer on his right foot didn't still works
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wonders and of course there's doolan's on stoppable jaden sencha also writing. maybe that means glass back success has more to do with tactics and we'll need a more thorough explanation on the brain stuff from all reports a constant scene. it's complicated what is clear is that they have a special gift on their left side. will start off with left footers and right hemisphere is. what to dub in she mozart and picasso had in common with maradona rivaldo and messi. they're all geniuses and they're all lefties controlled by the right side of the brain they are special people. they are more creative. and more emotional. selfish ace you can almost find a love for the player who doesn't have some type of special coach. our nephew.
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i know just as many special rights would have and of course there. is no one know when there are 9 or 10 of them on the pitch but out of the one or 2 lefties on the pitch proportionally more of them turn out to be special little. boxers most brilliant. in the same form and cities magicians. and the most wanted players also a lefty. why is that as a greater dedication better concentration or do they have a different perception of the pitch let me start with music theory. jimi hendrix was and maybe still is the best guitar player that ever lived he restrung his guitar to be able to play it with his left hand. constructed
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a special drum kit so he could hit the bass drum with his left to its 1st debate also played with his left hand but why am i telling you all this the world is made for right handed and right for the people instruments pans doors vending machines cars left and most really just pictures on the right side being evil. women who cross themselves with their left hand were burned as witches. and the japanese empire meant well to their wife if they found out she was left handed but are left handed and left for the same some scientists say that if left handed children can develop optimally they will also be left left left. some left footed players are right handed it's hard to say maybe they're retrained even just by copying their i tended parent's writing maybe they eat or throw with their left hand handedness is rarely 100 percent clearly defined. it's complicated what is
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clear is that they have a special gift on their left side and that makes them part of a minority only 10 to 20 percent of our society are left handed or left footed in football it's about the same 10 to 20 percent players. they are outsiders but they also have something that most of the others don't and let's ask a real that's even true. names this week. known for its fine let's. turn it out as a bandage on your career that your left foot. i think you can be an advantage and disadvantage because i think when you are younger maybe you sometimes can be put in positions on the left side just because you are left with a doesn't mean that you that you want to play on the left side but at the same time
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you get more opportunities to make to shoot. from corner kicks. just because you have a left foot teams have always struggled to find good left but they finally find one they never let him go. has been a regular buy on for ages now the same reality. as well. which is think that the left foot of players are special in a way. for the players who have maybe a little bit of extra touch. in their foot but at the same time. you know if you stick to the for. the feeling you have to play because you have almost no use for it except maybe to block shots so lefties are so good they only need one foot to. revalue was elected player of the year $999.00
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without even using his right foot. 9 goals in his career 11 of them which is right. he didn't even dare cross the ball with it's right. it's also notable that the hardest lefties. wanted to be part of the wall but it's fair go or roberto carlos stepped up to take the shot. and the hardest shot to the measure was also taken by a lefty the brazilian managed to kick the ball at the speed of 211 kilometers per hour. drammen manager. said if you learn from experience let's put it work extremely hard on their special skill. both feet a lot. so are leftists better footballers and tennis fears
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as a righty have to return to lefty serve if you back out now you could argue it's the same the other way around. but the difference is that lefties very often play against dr hughes and are used to this where it's often hard to adjust to left and opponents same in table tennis left handed the only european player who can compete with the asian stars isn't the same in football. they all play on the right. order to confuse the left banke their biggest advantage just that most of the other right wingers all right. lefties movements when you defend against a right for the player or a left foot it doesn't make a difference for you yeah of course if i play against the. right for the player many times you want to go on your outside to cross the ball and to put it in between of the back 4 and the goalkeeper and if you play against a left footed guy 78 out of 10 he wants to go inside and to use for
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a final pass or or targets so if you take for example earlier you lots of times against and what's so hard about defending him as a left for cutting in all the time he wants you to go down in temple and make acceleration the shift go inside and put in. the 4 post i would say it's impossible to defend but it's difficult and because you can't just leave the outside completely open because then he is fast enough and good enough to use the outside us well fine but we still can't be sure if lefties are better footballers lets look to science for proof. i talked to dr barbara sutler a specialist for left sided people she said this to the players have a better perception of space. why did she say well there are 2 hemispheres of the brain right and let the right one controls the left side of the body the left
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controls the right sorry. the ability of spatial perception lies more in the right hemisphere of the brain some scientists to the conclusion that lefties tend to be better at it. and what's more the right hemisphere is responsible for intuition emotions and creativity whereas the left one is responsible for rational choices numbers and logic. rather emotional. have you heard of the brain hemispheres the right hemisphere that is also responsible for emotions intuition creativity controls the left body which means that left for that purpose are to intentionally or much more emotional or creative and it's hard to prove for scientists but some scientists say they hope they can prove it because the sounds with. maybe it's a coincidence that for the last 8 years presidents have left and are the greatest physicists in history kharif times trying to work maybe it's
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a coincidence that the number of left foot of the world class playmakers is disproportionately high or maybe if there really is something special about them. down the left down the right without strong tactics nothing works in football that fact reset some strategies this season and it's put them on top of the heap. he can barely believe it himself rose's glove back on top of the bunch is lee gets able. marcos' men to leave the field the match takes a. trip towards the falls have been at full gallop entering the weekend in 1st place the fans can barely keep up we put a roses 1st 100 days at the helm under the microscope. it all started in summer training in the fresh mountain hard work and a lot of fun with a new coach spelling out his philosophy. my concept of.
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motion and what some of the 2. of hunger. proactivity. you on hold when position higher the park get the shortest route to go it's a great plan if you can execute it on also. much day one gave a taste of things to come back to last the bowl but instead of dropping back they maintained a high line. mbulelo stood in the way of a swift counterattack. and when he won the ball back it's not for a cliffside to go. to the far. away and hoffenheim got back defended deep in the host tom when that kicks the ball out the falls jump into action. 2 players converge on hoffenheim as man in possession.
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he felt the heat and slipped up on the pressure. stefan limas the flank now leads the defender with emma and by not leaving decisively one. he handed marcus cheer on the advantage. goes to. see. it's the same pattern time and again here a long ball from the opposition trick in the press the man on the ball has to mark is on his case try to why. subsea could make crowded out by the clock defense. what followed is pure poetry. like lose the ball. any time they played directly for the to go past and that's a clever run across the back from playing the composure to find them and you can
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tell there's plenty to finish. games on. 2 6 6 compared to last season the fall is a sprinting more tackling more creating more chances. the new block might think capsulated in a single move when they lose the one. players at least from every part of the team actively working to win it back with that accomplished they shift straight into attack at blistering speed in the space of a few seconds they're bearing down on goals with a numerical advantage. to run does everything right going outside the last defender to leave himself with 4 options to the kill a pass. brought here by markers to rob
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a 1st. cut back have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with on the marker rosa and don't expect that to change any time soon. got back to new system is all about the attack and bringing out the best in young striker marcus ciaran but who is he. the shirts on the corner flag it could become a signature feature of the bundesliga this season. was happy by. the supreme. last summer signing has been making waves lately marcus to ram a promising prospects and the son of a true legend. lilian share our world cup winner with france in 1998 with a father like that he'd be forgiven for feeling the burden of high expectations but
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not marcus. for this thing because people here have very. very rich. conversation with all. the. travel. you see. this with. the younger cheer i'm took some time to hit his stride but on match day 5 it all came. good. show but i just try to stop this silly. stuff. coming off the bench to back and price against local rivals was this the moment to stop it was all. good game. but europe has strung together 3 good ones headed into this week and playing
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a part in at least one goal in each of them. to his already healthy self confidence . and i think if you do. and it's a love that's already helped him to his 1st prize rookie of the month for september a well deserved accolade for the 22 year old. but marcus tear out the fun loving forward he's already winning plenty of fans england but. they can hardly whites until they see his signature celebration again. and this one young at soccer he stands above all the rest in the bundesliga and sanchez we take a close look at the englishman's rigs. jaden
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sent forward for us here dortmund started playing in the street. now that we headed to england and had a look around jayden centuries place of origin have you well. son showed nicknamed the rockets his football status to date what food man city. most most. just getting started he's only getting started but he's already experienced plenty jaden hails from kennington in south london his parents came from trinidad and tobago and made this then you have what does this place mean to jaden. fly home that's where. i'm going to friends or family born on march 25th 2000 jaden grew up in this very building. the.
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rest of the great looked down and until i. finished the raptures. but his mother didn't like him playing in the streets at age 5 she brought him to a community playground project run by norman. we had a chat the rest is history. skills as jade and have norman to thank. god i used to work and both left and right. touch football. i stood my culture with yeah. the playground has since been closed due to a lack of funding and
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a new security measures in kennington this was the last of its kind but the community project did produce some good footballers including man united legend rio ferdinand and a few young players who gained early fame in the bundesliga such as adam a look. and of course. around here where they can play for. you know pay for it it's all free for him. you know they will get the coaching they need from from the moment. so yeah this is what this is this is the this is. to say an england. tackling was forbidden and tactics were not so important instead the focus was on the joy of the game and its social aspects sports as an educational tool for the kids. to the culture.
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with everyone. and then. one of them. you can see that. children. just kicking a ball every single. just kicking. a tennis ball and. you can see that he with a bit more passion. except for his buddy rhys nelson says jade and race became friendly rivals on the pitch. it was like the i just did not want to venture private at least i never ventured by ground so you
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start there with quantum physics in terms of them playing together is probably painful it was i believe you you'd move them both in that you know yeah and i especially when it became even close right raised rates started to come back. 206 banks were jenkins' sound you could sink them down to clubs but. yes they had to be a band that out of 3 grains was ahead of schedule but now you know where you are right now on top. since the summer of $27.00 jaded has flourished at dortmund. all started back in 2007. 7. from the street football project to the what football academy. the 1st big step in history. gold is going to.
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develop the senses in and around london and we used to get. really sort of street a lot street for boys from 3 and i kind of i guess some didn't like you know clubs and jaden is one of those so he wasn't playing organized football and when he came people very quickly said always go really special play here when the boy it wasn't long before he got in boxing so you train with the actual kind of meeting that was 2 years old and you could see that he was he was just unbelievably come from. you just like different a little get the kids. sort of who was behind early take. things to people. it's people that are around at the time also if you. build a middle class and so i took off from friends. and you from my family. just to do. especially in
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a giant city like london. during the week with. his parents so they did really well. you know i mean as much as they did because. you know the best trained people speak out later on when he was offered school program they could offer him to stay. which was a. problem for him which spent more time to concentrate on his passion. you know you know born with unbelievable skills you just play and practice move anyone else and that's what he started with on. at age 14 his next big career was his transfer to manchester city for small feet 66000 pounds. but it wasn't short because honestly lots of footage of him over the top academies and he just looks so so it wasn't a surprise for us when he went to work for it because he had that tel in there
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anyway and it was blue when he won it in a. way when he went to do it was. to go to the. probably one of the best managers in the world and you're going to do. i think making that decision. was the best this shouldn't have been made in football but of course i was surprised he wants it all and. when it's over there's likely a lot of young players face from the young players on the who could hit the but that's up. for that's one of the reasons why i can do it with my feet processor could compete but she's just a big club so. many of the big european clubs have eyes on such. things he's more confident of well i think playing spank i love to see him play in boston i know some of the. big nights
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with someone from fast. and i think it would be i mean i think he would be no one to take another place germany i love him kind of we're not that you'd like her to be sure. and want to his longtime followers have to cite. the only thing i'm so proud of you to do and i'm proud of what you've achieved on pride over. from your roots you start from your roots and give your brain to a pitch you're a young person. i know that when i mention you have a small in their face. and i just want you to reach your goal and i know you can do that. you know i have every faith in the internet hope you well keep enjoying it keep playing the best you can look forward to seeing your progress especially think and keep your head sensible.
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today i'm going to take you on a trip along the sex line route from traced to my son writes why in the name sense of. 60 fun filled kilometers just have to come to the 2nd one roof it's a small wine region but it's got
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a lot of history and culture cheers. protonix . keep learning my street alison wait a 2nd we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from other realities of cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk to digitise ation. shift in focus on t.w. . junior team and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national labs.
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and the 3 central believes that form the foundation of this country most of these values devoted most moral. hard is it to live by and defend the principles of justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our germany 3 more serious starts october 21st t.w. . traced and on the elba river it's early in the morning and the old telling us only just.


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