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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2019 7:30am-7:45am CET

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some contractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous for signs of fashion houses. luxury behind the record stores who membership on t.w. . would barge munich's frame at the top be short like leprechauns would it be a trick or treat for gloves but in wolfsburg to home teams hitting the pitch on sunday both have a chance to bump buyers off the top so could they welcome to the bundesliga right here on t w it's time to close out match day not. the wolves can't be favorites in their match posted relegation threatened alberta side this conceded over 20 goals and how
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good is a club of frankfurt visit in the polls to find out also coming up in the show dortmund just got their 4th draw in their last 5 league matches they look lackluster in all competitions right now should we put the blame on head coach lucian popping. up on press harrington joining me for sunday's shindig the man who just sent the w.'s half marathon record yannick spake. broken to 2 press i think it was pretty pretty proud of the right must be the die it was no doubt that we have a man who has a nose to pick the best colognes on the market mr bray jonathan crane i would like to smell sublime for this aircraft glad to hear it before he gets you to let's head to today's action at blockbuster where the falls can smell the roses under new coach marco rosa glad this season's table leaders for the last 2 match days could return to the top if they manage to clip the wings of the frankfurt eagles not an
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easy task at all frankfurt scored in every league match this season could they extend the training. faith. has been placed firmly in front of the lens this season their performances continue to fuel top to talk a promising start for fruit early on sale and below set off in a blistering counterattack and stayed up marcus to run by one nil after 29 minutes and below showing off pace and vision to create this simple tap in. and just before the break glass box pressure produced a 2nd a slice of luck here but oscar vents finish was short palla by a strong hit from the left back and coach marco only had to give a very simple ha time team till. all so he would have thought on 59 minutes frankfurt pulled one back daiichi canada creating the chance for danny de costa to one hope for the visitors yet. a flurry of goals followed on 75 minutes
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nico elevating restored glass box to goal buffer. before martine him to reg i return the favor 4 minutes later to make it 32. but it was glad backs not dennys that how he has precise hit sealed all 3 points on 85 minutes. before 2 victory sending the phones back to the top of the pool in this league at table. another side with a new coach doing well will spur had the chance to jump to the top of the standings with a home win against aus burke but the wolves just couldn't get onto the scoreboard and neither could outs burke. both were looked to have made it one deal shortly before the end but when. the goal was disallowed after checking with video replay it turns out to well victor was all side maximillian arnold's cross and no other
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wolf it touched the ball before his shot but even with this goal this draw will spur remain the only unbeaten team in the bundesliga. we're going to start that is conversation at the top gladbach tricks the stadiums and gave a treat to fades in taking back the table leaves j.c. i'll start with you what is glad secret we know they have a coach with the winning history in austria yet mockeries there was highly sought. after so it's barrack i think can be very pleased with themselves that he chose them he's really made them an exciting fights abortion really a joy to see going forward you know he's got a plethora of attacking options lost until now back from injury brennan bodo i think with the theo from shall be slightly concerned he went off injured today so you know a really fun side to works and i think i may be disappointed about was conceding to go with kent frankfurt today made it. quite comfortable
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a bit towards the end but you know they still you know fewer than singles all the season conceded so that is words you know they get some credit for that you got it over to you now i was concerned when they tried to replace. it with marcus to rob but you know a bit bigger in stature he looks at least to be as productive if not maybe more yeah i think it has 4 goals and 3 assists and he's really starting to find his fate a club and he's he's the type of play that they need at club us to play that the style of play he's got pace he's positioning and smart movement and he's also hit with his feet as well and the opening goal the club in this match was particularly indicative of hell they play and how they can punish teams that win the ball in their own half and then. bank there off one pass to pass. and he's on his way even a bad touch doesn't matter because a full bank and there's markets to run and that's what he'll give you who give you
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the positioning and the movement to make the run and know where debate at the right place the right time and drill and below has the pace and that's what this team's is all bad place and position a 3rd of the needle on that for sure i mean you wonder where the defenses are that play but it was an analyst pass and. obviously doing well in the bundesliga can't say so much for the europa league right now but you know wish him the best now moving on to the still undefeated wolves of wolves i'll throw this out to both of you guys why the heck couldn't they get it done against a struggling side mentioned before over 20 goals conceded you know what say you 2 well i mean they'll be kicking themselves because they did have the chances to win it they were tonight by v.a.r. as we saw but i mean you know let's be kind to them he would have thought they would have been in this position at the start of the season that defensively very very strong they conceded the fewest goals in the league so that's always a great foundation they have drawn more than they've won the season they need to
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start converting those draws into wins i think yes the show i mean that's the problem the main when you find the school 11 goals in one games is obviously a problem there and you know they're not very exciting to watch they do the basics well and that's great makes them hard to bake but they need more up front they need more creativity in midfield as well right of course to me you figure you see about 6 teams have scored more goals and their defense is definitely keeping them up the top now freiburg are off to the best but it's a good start in their history saturday's victory against leipzig was their 5th of the campaign no one predicted they'd be in the top 4 let's take a look. the 3 took advantage of the match day clearly loved by and freiburg 4th through 6 did not now back to you. yannick what's been the key or do you think teams are underestimating freiburg they have a tough road ahead you know they're dealing with graeme in frankfurt labor couzin
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you know it's right out of the day does appear that teams are underestimating him because yes they've got a big sculpin lovesick they also big. and they got a draw against bolton and if anything should be better off because they lost to cologne and when you believe the season and the clubs that are going to struggle with relegation and so you're looking at this team and you thinking like well they've come out of nowhere i mean christian struck has been a long time on and so he has the stability of also go to great strikers and look as well. but you still i mean i didn't expect him to say that in this far off the table at this stage j.c. over to you was the key to their success i think janet mentioned that this stability christine strike is by far the longest serving manager in the leak they managed to keep the core of the score together if they have that consistency and i think they have a really good team spirit they were within their means they obviously got a very small budget but they make up for that because they work hard for each other and you know they don't so if they're not starting the peterson has had to make way for lucas about it he's injured he went off injured as well so yeah they might be
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worried about him but you know they do have a bit more strength in depth this season as well and they did before and less to do with another team that's up if the table no european competition is really and i could be different there's any difference definitely now while things are looking rosy in freiburg the same can't be said for everyone take a look. at the out and saying we're not in form that's kind of the case right now things aren't flowing really convincing win would definitely help us when we can but for us. to miss an. we have to move better and control the ball better under pressure we have huge problems with that he's in. dortmund hierarchy after the black and yellows were lucky to come away with a goal is drawing against fierce rivals shall go on saturday ya think ok so it's pretty cut and dry displeasure all over the same old song from dortmund i mean it's
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looking a bit shaky isn't mean we all knew that the defense was not strong this season but the biggest story at the moment is the attack when. a typically defensive team is making more chances than you as dalton and that's a big concern and 5 it really isn't going the best out of players like brandt until who were 2 of the broadest players in the bundesliga last season and then you've got jayden sanchez who started the season on foil now he's got no goals in the last 6 games so something's going wrong there with the with the attack and on top of the problems that they already had a defense that's a big concern going forward and the father has to find some sort of solution or he's not going to last much longer right you know so that all of the brass agrees something is rotten in the state of dortmund how much pressure is they under when he is under pressure i think actually it probably will be happy with the drawer shall cry i think it could have been far worse that they actually been hammered before you know like they were last season but it is going to get tougher for them we can show you what they actually have coming up there are quite
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a tricky run of fixtures they play at drop back in the cup for us to remember 100 match against proof spoke or see or say riding high then that champions league against inter milan and then to cap it all off you've got to traffic or away or buy and so the end of that they could be in all kinds of trouble if it doesn't go their way and i don't think father would last much beyond that if they don't get some decent results in that period so what do what does he do i mean is he responsible for turning things around what would you suggest what's the remedy i think there's a number of issues at play here obviously some plays a not performing when they should but he also has had a lot. bad luck with. androids having small injuries but he really needs to get them clicking in attack because the defense is going to be tough to fix but the attack that's where it don't mean a strong and he really needs to get them firing again i think fire is what he needs some fire in his belly i always miss that with him the passion in a resort last season pretty much threw the towel in after the dobie defeat again shouted you want something is going to really motivate the players and you just
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don't really see that same need a coach like that as well the fans thrive on that sort of coach that's he's no clock and he's not i mean it's bizarre to me that he's you know spent all this money on brands and told him i was out in the summer and some of the kind of getting the score he's playing hookey me out of position you just kind of wonder what he's actually doing that's no way to endear himself to his fans right and we have to wait and see what happens when paul carter actually comes back maybe that does park the office once again well i hate to do it to you too but that's full time for us here on the blenders league i'd like to thank our guests jani and shot the crane be sure to tune in again on match day 10 done.
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