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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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remembers a political blunder that started it all and speak to an east german artist of his experience of that night. europe's top prize for cultural initiatives and managers to make them happen. outside germany few people even know his name but good to schabowski is one of those improbable men of destiny a man who made cold war history without even realizing it the former political member is credited with accidentally sparking the fall of the berlin wall by announcing in error that new rules allow east germans to travel were effective immediately the note she consulted at a press conference on november 9th went missing for a while but it's now been acquired by the german state and is on display here in
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berlin and we sent our intrepid adrian kennedy to investigate the story of an iconic movement so we're here at frederick strawson train station in the fire you must promise of 2 years which was a factor for the the border between and west berlin and we're here to have a close encounter with the famous schabowski. district of money. interests of rich. careless words. all germans will remember forever as these. scribbled notes watch could go. this is it this is it. really just just arrived yesterday the german state paid for schabowski famous. german taxpayers paid 25000 euro's for that note which is quite a lot of money but if you take into consideration what you see here and what the
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note itself stands for we thought it was quite a good investment. so i actually did pass through here quite a number of times in the days of democratic republic in 1907 i met german woman. german friends of mine and in spring of 1009. $160.00 this was the famous person conference took place it was the international president of the german democratic republic it's now part of the justice ministry let's go and see the room but the ministry has removed the building the room has disappeared together with most of its contents. this new conference room the only thing that remains.
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to. be the. interest of british this is a very special event a wee union meeting of all the journalists who were at the. press conference or who worked on the night that the berlin wall fell. since that announcement by mr barkley everybody wondered what does it mean he said now immediately right now what does it mean and sometimes people told me that later who lived in east berlin well he thought about you didn't really listen to it but then maybe an hour or 2 hours later with you came up with a discussion what he says mean this immediately right now ok that's us currency maybe it is now right now for to get. completely clear at that moment
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that the war would collapse in fact right would you pay 25000 euros for ship of skis note. no while it is a world famous piece of paper that led to a world changing event so what is the right price i was actually engaged to an east german woman for political reasons. as you know and so i my action was my fiance will be here. one or 2 hours and hygiene was not the top priority so i spent the night cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush. and yeah sometimes destroyed my very very banal human reactions the rest is history history. the story. it's
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a never ending story. never ending story of the fall of the berlin. german history at its best all dead live head story expresses perfectly what those images from november 9th 1989 to the people of back then he worked as a graphic artist making movie posters for the former east germany's only film company and on the night the wall opened he was one of the 1st east berlin or succumbs through the checkpoint at the city's bon bon 100 bridge only to embark on the most memorable night of his life. nov 9th 1989 data from fallin i want to see. people were throwing their arms around each other and hugging each other you didn't know them but you hug them anyway it was pure emotion. so i cried too i saw and when i look at the pictures today i still
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get teary eyed. i don't think someone else can truly understand what every person feeling so fifty's now fleet's. for 41 year. germany was a divided country from 1961 until 989 a while even split the city of berlin into the western half was part of democratic west germany the eastern half belong to communist east germany and it guarded its borders zealously anyone who tried to escape was arrested or shot but in spite of all the restrictions imposed by the state many east germans were able to find fulfillment both professionally and personally like graphic artist that left him by design movie posters for east germany stayed on film distributors. until the wall fell he worked for us for the only film distributor in the communist east his book more art than advertisement contains reproductions of old east german film posters showing how graphic artists could find creative freedom within an oppressive system
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as an addict a tool for me it was a dictatorship and i was constantly exasperated by it oben it alternately it didn't affect my work so strongly that i felt uncomfortable in my work. there i was france . but the berlin wall and forced tight restrictions on east germans freedom of movement freedom of expression was also limited by the state with its sensors and spies. that all changed on november 9th 1989 penfold heard that the border to west berlin was open at the bourne homo bridge he and his wife were among the thousands of east berliners who flocked there to cross over. on the other side west berliners came to welcome the. architect christiane coonan who was among them 30 years later the 2 men still remember that fateful night when we met and i asked if you'd like to come to the co 1st shopping. out of
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east germany and into the west if only just for one night thousands of revelers flock to west berlin. glitziest. it was an experience that changed lives and bound strangers from both sides of the world for ever. telling these stories still stirs something in me if the words fail me or suddenly tears come to my eyes. that's how emotional it was a. meter of. culture itself can be a concept an object a custom or even a trend but in each of these cases you need someone to make it happen and in the cultural marketplace to set those trends all the annual culture invest congress brings european cultural providers promoters and investors together and it's highlight is the cultural brand award. the winner of the big prize was
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jaggs for precisely the jazz trade fair jazz ahead in braman germany. the jazz ahead trade fair brings together musicians and producers it's a place where concert organizers get to discover new acts and plan their next tours . we've still got lots of dreams that we want to make come true and with this prize we've got the momentum to make it happen and it's going to d.j.'s people who make jazz the korea who study it to want to make a living from it have fantastic dreams and what's wonderful is that we can help them accomplish their goals. w.'s head of cultural history spoke words of praise for the organizers of the jazz ahead trade fair for their hard work he noted that jazz and pop musicians in germany receive considerably less public
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funding than classical musicians. if you compare in germany the public funds maida vale. classical music with funding for rock and jazz it's $99.00 to $1.00. you know the countries the situation is different but. it was a surprise victory for jazz ahead in the final round of the cultural brand award it pulled ahead of the state palaces and gardens of boston vuitton back and the 100th birthday celebrations of the bauhaus design academy. the owner for lifetime achievement went to cultural manager of a shite directed the rural valley regions 2010 reign as european capital of culture . hedwig fi and of the netherlands was named european cultural manager of the year she
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organized this manifesto of the european nomadic biennial which celebrated its 12th edition last year and palermo. hopes to soon bring manifesto to eastern germany. some of the city 7 a remarkable history a very complex contemporary but maybe a remarkable future so i'm looking into. the prize for the european trend brand of the year went to the shtick live orchestra of berlin the international samba including horn player ury demarco needs no conductor they improvise contemporary music with classical instruments. v.z. we'd like to see how that approach affects us and how we can play the material in an associative and playful manner result is an incredible authenticity and
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a readiness to change things because we are totally behind the work and can perform it with passion. the new prize winners can be sure that their. cultural brands will now attract even more attention than before. and with that our time is up so until we meet again all the best for last year in berlin go well out of the defeat . of.
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know their story license her writing and reliable information for margaret. syrian born american visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a friend who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. and there is curious about the bars regulars to cross the road worlds apart. starting november 11th on d.w. .
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ltd. this is d w news live from berlin dying the for democracy a vigil with on kong for anti-government demonstrators the 22 year old perished after falling from a building he was the 1st students to die since the start of the campaign for more democracy in the territory activists say they'll escalate their protests also coming up america's top diplomat says nato must involve all risk becoming obsolete mike pale met with the german chancellor for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall.


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