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tv   Special Program  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CET

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here's to the fall of the berlin wall. d w i subscribe to d w books or something more in the world than a book we may be after 5. books. that was. my motto my father not cut it gets a bit i did some of them yeah and i'm up a little. bomb to get home i might include on things you know what that's what i just didn't get think went over that's what. i knew it will happen the next day we had a lot of discussions off color from the usa from great britain but i think nobody
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of us knew that the wall will be open at the same day nobody. be kind i'm not sure what fun question often clean up like shot of the gore or to forget all nonsense you know. what you know not look at song but it's human distortion lot 2 blocks world gets done following the given song and i miss it a lot it's on those videos from watching. stuff even drunks talk on storm so i was also computer always goes always and. yeah
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as if you just think about human midafternoon computer and us shots and ok this is . good it's oh dear. yes. from the beginning of the of the show on the 9th of november till the next show on the 10th of november there was history into 24 hours is it worth 2 in that it is hard to see from bits. of gold and even very soon one of them did. did the whole cool school board involved before the window before young.
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and among those. almost all of us lived in a loft. he also has a funded al book on head one from him that in the nets. but he could answer that by on. the students by will need to know those furcal unconnected nice news for months on austen said cut and then father to know spelling. and if i know what i know almost any i mean. how us is interested in. getting. around the system and guns told me she. does. that you did with me. plus you. they are very courageous imagine some weeks before they would not. talk so openly. in washington
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but. to do the opposite funder found the fun 6000 people meet it was just a normal visit a television correspondent coming to his home base to discuss the future how are we doing what could washington do better for me since i think. the as we have it we're going and i was i mean i can't comment here my kind of concerts and on my conscience professing as we the people. get. to snore and guns mitch democrat gideon they cannot go higher in placea and that's in the morning and 10 hours later they took things in their hand. could only be done with. stifel and you have mine against them on and off they say . yes to fall for not sin with his art and what high seas and our show was in the
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evening during the press conference of mr sandusky. if you pass father how does it mean there's a way to cater for our great pleasure to test prisoners and i didn't get into this response is not is my answer given beyond it was never socialism you know there's a. lot. there's a problem i'm not convinced just a simple one particularly in your slot in the top the for vehicle and also i give one shot bosky. no consequence for gotten bored or and good now does happen. that's a good few words. and i give you some sides. i am gives the maid
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a lot of moves and i get back i'm going to be daunted so that i'm just cut them all off the whole board missed. the. was. was at those days the expression of my office was not there it was just. the wall got more open. you know if was unknown crap and i missed on so a bomb on board good shape events are going down on one of our eyes a new of best friend you know and witness forgot in the on the list of limousine you recently has been in his dentist these are guns who are going voids a any i know it's going to go if you know it was.
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i see it last fall so feeling good the merc described can withstand a sort of unusual as i cop says when a funnel felt enough on the trunk on like this was a political some male ass made speech not a slam on obama's fault it's a phase is another one on top is all photos of me most of those fun metaphor come from just done to her data sheets to happen or the devonish not up by is on them one for peace within the. in your shoes do. you think god needs. to be god maybe i'd buy them i'd give them to the bench if it was taught what's right it was that i think that. were.
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introducing the relationship if he feels it will do and if you look at things you know we don't need a lot of the. way . i was especially there was lots of it and i am a more sure woman since the thing see good ideas and be done. by school the posse i mean i know as origins it was whom you visit in these and take and they have then i know i do you one good in sunday now from fine yet good to stand and one can tell you about a kitten of the act's you on the east now the high theist. hard to miss me a concept. its
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a work death and when the grain stuff the city's off weekly from the its own good call missed it was a mix of joy still unbidden in the evening what i have seen in the witness throughout the night. said ok now i have been staying on the best now i go into the east and have a look around and then i found everything deserted so i said hey as no action anymore they're leaving the country go back to the mess that's by the music played so. they could go home stylish toss it in yes and stuff like 200 cubits with enough. force untouched on speed to be you've been on the traction musson from mention he did al book on him topping. you also and in many of them not talking than i sometimes once you go from one thought the young fans about the esteban most australian. you
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couldn't suppose to. good in sequence enough doctors kuantan to an extent as welcome to study stuff and still sing my love my family life be modest and we could be a big pot or. not i cannot tell you that. you are. right . there with here is deciding cost was a developing wars and charlotte was and from other wars and they were it's amusing . and kaino as i must on pensacola back i did not think most times when i guesstimate people. is as no one. else but. what i mean views on the champ it should. go by the word. because i think it's. just love the kind i think when you may not sound. like.
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i'm. coming off and going on to talk about how often this didn't. lose me. it must have been 1 o'clock in the morning and it began to stink because those engines were running on a mix of gasoline and oil now and the stink came to the vest and that was unbelievable and i think we all loved it because it showed the borders open not. just. you know we were celebrating this day and the next days for them together but it took it took i would say one week. and there every word he was looking at them to look at his jeans he's from east berlin oh look he's having
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a banana oh look the plastic bags they left plastic bags and started already they're. done with townhouses combine p.s.t. file for strips dancing. but. you need to. talk it sold and bought it we have a $1000.00 or so but you know more than half the movie described nordstrom did you go into i getting an office. or interviews on. this fights and. you know it's. so. that's right i'm talking on a dime trying to justify what new under the i'm an operation for. he did it over know how vital it making its mission is to invest. are going to r.p.
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vita diesels in such a new. associated press magazine only to see that i'm going to begin. by saying you didn't. want to be done looking for offers in the belly button for me yet. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall on t.w. . it was the night everything changed. the night every day people made history. tonight a divided country came together. it was the night
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the fault of the wall. next on g.w. . kickoff life. years ago to mark the beginning of difficult times for east german soccer team today none of the teams from the former east german top division played in the bundesliga play is that we ask a player from the east in the last. 60 minutes on d w. syrian born imam visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who is a member of the hitler youth as
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a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. and there is curious about the bars regulars to cross the road worlds apart. starting november 11th on d.w. . once. it was the night when the seemingly inconceivable became reality the fall of the berlin wall 25 years later these events were recreated on a film set of bornholmer strasse and including the emotions that overcame many east german citizens as they massed at the wall that night their anger hope and determination. and.


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