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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin violent protests on the streets of paris demonstrations in the capital and other french cities marked the anniversary of the yellow best movement police respond with water cannon and tear gas also coming up germany's high flying green party realize the leadership duo that has seen the greens garner unprecedented support in the country. and a soccer a day of destiny for germany the injury to its men's soccer team toes velour a sitting euro 2020 qualifier later on saturday if results go their way they could book their place in the church.
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i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us protesters have staged a series of demonstrations across france to mark the 1st anniversary of the yellow vest movement police turned water cannon on activists in paris protesters also targeted a bank the yellow vest actions peaked at the end of last year bringing hundreds of thousands on to the streets to oppose high living costs and the quality of the numbers of people taking part have since fallen. d.w. correspondent lisa lewis is in paris following all the developments there for us so lisa what have you been seeing what have protesters been doing and what are their demands. well the protesters were trying to march through
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paris but when they arrived at last to tell you it's in the southern and southern paris the police blocked off that square so they wouldn't let them move on they started destroying things and that's why the police then called off do you approve station for that demo that was planned in the center of paris when you look at these people it's very difficult to say who they are looks like a mix of full sorts of people black blocks on a case and also a more moderate yellow vests what's what's clear is that there is now a real standoff between the police and the protesters here in paris but we should remind our viewers that this movement began a year ago it was far by higher fuel prices that the government introduced people put on those vests and took 1st to the streets to protest the fuel prices but then it morphed into a broader protest with every saturday hundreds of thousands of people going out in the streets to protest against the government more broadly but lisa just how much
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support does this movement have today. well there is still more than half of the french are still supporting the movement according to the poll but more than 60 percent of the french are saying we don't want them to continue to protest so proudly you know this underlying lack of trust with of the government but also this unhappiness about how where the society's heading is still there but when you look at the streets look at what's happening every saturday there are very few protesters today was going to be a big day but even for today the police it was only expect weren't expecting thousands of protesters which is obviously not very much across france compared to what happened in the very beginning as you just said where you could see hundreds of thousands in the streets that has really trickled down although this underlying sentiment of unhappiness is still there all right so if there is this underlying sentiment of dissatisfaction with the current government what's been the
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government's response lisa how has france changed a year on. where the government reacted to the protests they. withdrew the you know this controversial few tax bills introduced some other measures for example they increased the minimum wage but it looked like you know they could do whatever they want to the protesters would never really be happy because what this protest is about what these protests are about is really about a model of society that they don't like they don't want all these reforms but the government is just you know continuing to do them for example just a few weeks ago they implemented the government implemented a new reform to reform the unemployment benefit system quite a tough reform really they've just done that they're about to reform the pension system they're just continuing their reform plan as you know they had as m.r.
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carney president had announced before the elections and that hasn't really changed that. the right people you know continue to be unhappy and dissatisfied with the government. lisa lewis reporting for us from paris thank you very much. germany's greens have realized that the leadership doing that has helped the party achieve unprecedented popularity in opinion polls robert harvick and on only a bare box each one more than 90 percent of the votes cast by party delegates at a conference in the city of bielefeld or they took over the party leadership 2 years ago and since then the greens have seen a surge in support mainly due to growing voter concern about environmental issues and the climate crisis. correspondent kate brady spoke to green party co-chief aniline a bear box after her reelection. thank you for joining us today the greens are still flying high in the polls here in germany in 2nd position what do you plan to
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do to make sure that the party can keep that momentum going ahead of the 2021 election to keep on going what we have tried in the last year yes that we didn't look at what are the others doing the social democrats or the conservatives and just. reacting to their proposal about bringing our own proposal with regard to fair housing in cities which is a big problem in germany with regard to the economy and the question how do we get our economy carbon free and the question especially of rural areas we have tried to put in the middle of our politics and who are quite successful not everyone in the last elections but to try to keep one of the following this is trying we heard from your colleague as well yesterday robot back speaking about the and of the medical error that's upon us how do you see the green party shaping the future of germany in the future of germany's role in terms of on the international stage but also
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specifically in the european union. we need definitely more european engagement where so many proposals on the flaw with regard to the european union is specially investing into the future of the european union and germany has been very reluctant over the last year and this is a big problem and that's why we for example propose that they have to be a big fun course in the european union investment of infrastructure but also making the banking system secure against the next crisis. and to engage also in the question of agricultural policy where most of the money goes into it and that's coming form and looking ahead now it's the 1000000 euro question right now do you see yourself as the next chancellor of germany on all this is not already paid because we don't even have the election coming up it's supposed to be . 2021 and we focused on the question which on the table right now thank you very
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much. all right let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world at least one person has been killed during protests in iran the interest erupted after a surprise decision by the government to raise fuel prices by 50 percent and introduce rationing protestors blocked traffic in tehran while in other parts of the country demonstrations drew tear gas fired from police. the teenage suspects in thursday's california high school shooting has succumbed to his wounds and died in a hospital with 16 year old allegedly fired at random at a high school near los angeles killing 2 students before turning the gun on himself . there's been more violent clashes in chile the latest come after the government announced plans to hold a referendum to replace the country's constitution which is a key demand of the protesters more than 20 people have been killed after nearly a month of civil unrest which is showing no sign of abating.
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polls have closed in sri lanka where people have been voting for a new president a record number of 35 candidates were on the ballot but it's expected to be a tight race between the 2 frontrunners former defense secretary go to buy a rajapaksa who oversaw the defeat of tamil separatist 10 years ago is a facing government minister. poll was monitored by thousands of election observers including dozens from the european union. sri lankans faced the longest bonnet paper in the country's history with 35 candidates mining to be the next president tan that was high and one of the main concerns a very to security. again we need someone who can come forward to safeguard our people. with us and strong leader to lead the country and. industry just 7 months ago our terrorists attacked 3
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churches and 3 luxury hotels in the country's capital colombo on easter sunday killing more than 250 people the bombings lead to resentment against muslim communities fears of violence and had a severe impact on the country's vital tourism industry the government admitted to failure of the intelligence services and that's believed to be behind the current president's decision not to seek another term. there are 2 clear front runners in this election former defense secretary. who served under his brother's presidency his tough stance on security has gone that him support his rival. has also toughened his line on the fence but other issues such as equality for ethnic minorities and unemployment are also playing on for his minds results are expected on sunday or monday depending on whether one
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candidate gets 50 percent of the verdict hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the czech republic's capital prague to demand the resignation of prime minister andre bobbish opponents of bobbish accuse the populist later of profiting from his office and conflicts of interest as one of the czech republic's richest men the protests coincide with events commemorating the start of the 1989 velvet revolution which toppled the communist regime in what was then czechoslovakia organizers say they want the czech republic to rediscover the pro-democracy ideals that fueled the protests 30 years ago. correspondent jonathan crane was at the protest in prague and he sent us this assessment. estimates suggest this has been the biggest demonstration in prague since the fall of communism says 30 years ago protesters waved placards calling for the resignation of prime minister on trade issues and whistles greeted his name every time it was mentioned by the
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speakers on stage is one of the current country's richest people but he's being investigated by the european union over his business interests because though he put his nagra chemicals conglomerate not referred into to trust funds his critics accuse him of still benefiting from it and indeed influencing it past prime minister now the protest leaders have called on him to either give up this conflict of interest resign or they threaten even bigger protested on a policy calling it more than 30 percent getting rid of him will be easier said than done. that was jonathan crane reporting earlier from prague. to sports now and germany couldn't book their place in the euro 20 twentieth's soccer championship when they take on belarus later on saturday despite missing a couple of key players the germans are looking to win their 3rd straight game in the competition. at the start of the week germany players wanted to find out how
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fans like the team's jersey. so the team's kits for the european championships are ready to be done but they still haven't qualified after a very bumpy year for the team and coach. they know what they need to do he said by . we want to win these 2 games we expect that of ourselves in order to have a positive conclusion to the year up for us and it's been a constant process from march until now into the if i'm not specific. which says and that will be a tall order the 2014 world champions are rebuilding and loeb is looking for the right pieces for next year's tournament against villa roos germany will be down 8 players due to injury but at least 2 of the world's best goalkeepers will be ready starter manuel neuer and mark. germany should be able to defeat the underdogs but
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the team knows they are far from world class at the moment. confident you can't expect this team which always plays in different formations to stay at that level for 90 minutes although the expectations are always high and we ourselves have high expectations. it's only a team that's played together for a long long time that can dominate a game for 90 minutes it's epstein getting 60. for the man with the mask it could be a special game to berlin snick lush dark hopes to make his debut after his 9th cola but his lack of training after a broken nose could prevent that from happening once again. and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. violent protests on the streets of paris demonstrations in the capital and other french cities marked the anniversary of a yellow bus is meant for sponsors of water cannon and tear gas.
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they're up to date now on t.w. news american evan stand for me and the entire team here in berlin and thanks for watching. us and now be affectionate but as affectionately as you can. be in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on the course of the for.


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