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the wife and princes. starts november 27th on the dot. i am. this news coming to you live from berlin the death toll rises as iran cracks down on protesters and this international says demonstrations over the rise in fuel prices have left more than 100 people dead we'll get an update from the head on also on the program. one of the key witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry
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takes the stand well to diplomat gordon song has previously told lawmakers 2 different stories over the president's dealings with ukraine. and what do you think is the right is for a girl to get married to hitler 6 years. 60 s. 6. d. detailed reports from nigeria where the child brides are becoming commonplace. plus what lessons can we learn about climate change from penguins really head to the antarctic to find out. how the. and the sea international says more than 100 people have been killed in a government crackdown on protests in iran the unrest in iraq today after hikes in
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fuel prices authorities responded by shutting down the internet supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has described the protests as a security matter. very little information reaches the outside world from iran authorities have shut down the internet whether there are still protests there and where they may be taking place it's difficult to verify. videos from monday evening show angry demonstrators some are demanding that the government step down the protests were sparked by a drastic increase in the price of gasoline u.s. sanctions and mismanagement are the main causes of iran's economic crisis. also by the i have 3 jobs to support myself of course people are upset and now they found a reason to show their dissatisfaction everyone does it in their own way. but of course the pictures of men who have been arrested are shown on state television they're accused of initiating the protests at the behest of other countries one
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hard line newspaper reports they could face the death penalty. more than 1000 people are believed to have been arrested in the wake of the protests the un has expressed concern over the security services heavy handed response. numbers killed certainly in the dozens. in at least 2 figures some reports even higher so if would be very useful to have a better picture but it's clearly very significant meanwhile the iranian leadership is that hearing to a hard line internet restrictions are still in effect in iran. and for more i'm joined by what is a correspondent in tehran who's following this story for us look it seems a number of casualties and address is much greater than the government has indicated so far what can you tell us from there. it's very difficult for us as
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journalists years since we have the internet breakdown to get useful information and trust from information but there are some credit reports from all over the country that apparently the security forces use life. to shoot on demonstrators specially on saturday so we tend to believe that the figures that amnesty give more accurate than the official death toll which means probably more than a 100 people have been have lost their lives during the protests on this last weekend that the immediate trigger for this bill says look seems to be the hike in petrol prices by some 50 percent but is there a why do anger against the government and its policies that. definitely especially between young iranians they suffer a lot from very bad economic situation in this country we used to have sanctions over a decade here and then came this famous nuclear deal in 2015 and most uranium hoped
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to decide to ation will getting better and getting better effectively 2016 and 17 but then last year since u.s. president trump inflicted new heavy sanctions specially on oil export and on the financial sector economy went down rapidly devaluation of the local currency here that your in your reality have a year to last more than half of its value prices are up same for rent commodities staple and the jobs are missing especially in young uranium more than 50 percent of young iranians are looking for jobs and if they have a job it's the celery so low that they can make a living so anger is much higher than just contented to price hike of gasoline and the government has reacted to this poses with an immediate crackdown they've made many arrests some of the people expected to face the death penalty they've shut down the intern. how are people responding to this.
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we spoke to many people yesterday here in tehran and specially middle class iranians are very cautious now they are a bit. overwhelmed by. the anger industries and by this heavy handed crackdown of the security forces so most middle class reunions tend to stay out of out of harm's way now they wait and see and this means that protest as we have seen it last week and has come to an end we have a relative stable situation as many police in the streets said internet is down but i don't think that the protests as we saw it last week and will continue to do to the fact that the regime is really reacting very very harshly. in tehran thank you very much for this update from there. in israel a 3rd election within a year looks likely after the man seen asking macon coalition talks lieberman
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refused to back either of the main parties lieberman blamed the party's leaders prime minister binyamin netanyahu and benny gantz of the blue and white party for the failure to find a compromise. announcement means that gunns now has less than 12 hours to form a government under a presidential mandate. kramer has been following developments. don't leave the money is the potential kingmakers we said but he says he will endorse neither binyamin netanyahu nor benny gantz why not. why he said he seen here from the beginning since the last elections we have to already here in israel and the king make and he said from the very beginning that he would like to see a unity government a kind of plan could listen between netanyahu so you could party and then he guns is. blue and white party but he blamed in his very much anticipated press briefing
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today you blame both leaders for that not happening now lieberman is seen as a very hawkish think and he of us defense minister under netanyahu until about a year ago and resigned over the gaza policies which were not harsh enough for him but he's also a very secular person and he pushes for secular issues like the draft or like civil marriage and that's why he said he blamed netanyahu for sticking to his. could listen with his right wing bloc. includes the high rated parties the article also talks religious probably wouldn't sit with them when it comes to guns he said he blamed him for not accepting the. idea that was put forward by president rivlin but also you wouldn't accept to sit in the minority government he said and that was also scenario that was discussed here under the leadership of benny guns which would have meant that the joint list the arab israelis parties were to have been
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needed to support such a minority a government that is out of a question for. joe lieberman who said there aren't a scientist he wouldn't sit with them so lots of obstacles then now benny guns has just a few hours to find a partner to form a coalition government what are his chances. well he still has a couple of hours left i mean his money goes until midnight here local time but it seems if you look at the mathematics of it highly unlikely at the moment but there might be a last minute to you but if he doesn't make a deal by midnight then the monday goes to the parliament the knesset and then any of the. case they could actually put forward. that they would like to form a coalition if they would have to $61.00. case to form such a coalition but they could also decide that they will have to solve the knesset and
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then pull early they have $21.00 days for that and then go already have for elections for such election which would be highly unprecedented in is for 3 elections within one year also it's already unprecedented the 2 candidates 1st spending the netanyahu and now been the guns wouldn't have been able to form such a coalition and that's why israel is in a political stand there which affects institutions here but also it's a challenging security situation but also it's highly anticipated that possibly. very soon there what might be indictment charges filed against the current acting prime minister binyamin netanyahu so all of this comes together you know in the coming weeks he has a lot going on there don he actually introduced them thank you very much for that let me having some other stories making news around the blood in the u.k. prime minister blair is johnson on leave office jeremy coleman have gone head to
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head on television before next month's election during the debate johnson's conservative party changed its tritter chance name to fact check u.k. and has been accused of deceiving votes has. the standoff between police and to a democracy protest says that a hong kong university appears to be winding down with police sealing off possible escape routes including. this if they want to arrest several dozen activists were still barricaded inside campus buildings more than a 1000 people have been arrested since monday. police in malta have arrested a man in connection with the murder of journalists. who died in a car bombing last year you're going fenech one of the country's most prominent business men was detained when police intercepted is off the coast of malta. $25.00 people have been found alive inside a refrigerator container on a danish cargo ship bound for the u.k.
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the stories were discovered after the vessel left a dutch court the incident comes after $39.00 vietnamese were found dead in their truck in britain last month. today is referred to this one marks 30 years since leaders from around the world made a commitment to protect the young from violence and neglect only one country has yet to ratify the un convention on the rights of the child the united states since its adoption deaths of children under the age of 5 afforded by 60 percent and the number of underage children has dropped by about half but despite the progress truth rights remain a battleground did the reports from nigeria where girls are my age of while they are still shockingly young. a muslim neighborhood in could do in a city in northern nigeria i came here to find out about
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a girl who was locked up in this place for 2 years with not much light or food and left on her own her name is her son she was a child bride these pictures were taken when she was released from captivity just a week ago she was held here by her family because she refused to return to her husband she was only 15 when she was forced to marry a mother of 4 a child bride one of millions in nigeria if you're born a girl here there's a 44 percent probability that you will be married before you 18th birthday. this neighbor knows her santa he says at the age of 15 she wasn't too young to be married he would marry his daughters off much younger age of 60 is. and what age 66. is of those what we had to school by detention gold marriage
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as much rort. this is. a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights she helped to be freed robbie is muslim herself she says the koran does not justify this practice there is no pacific or any findings or any security that proved those things the admin is. a most of this is not done there's an islamic perspective the done best perspective she says education is key to change outdated practices and support women's rights islam is very why does a leader that is not all. is something that has to do with advancement so other than laws can be amended and can be seen. that the condition of the. child marriage exists elsewhere in nigeria to here in lagos poverty drives some parents to marry the daughters of under 18. is privileged in many ways but
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that doesn't stop the 17 year old from raising her voice against child marriage his son a story makes are angry a lot of nigerians don't view women as human beings view them as. i did and it is to them susan wants to amend the constitution so that it bars anyone under the age of 18 from getting married she and 2 friends have started an online petition to bring the issue to the senate floor the next step would be to get to the root of the problem and try to educate the men the women and everyone perpetrating this are there are millions of girls who are married off every year and if those millions of girls were millions of people and it's nigeria's workforce . the g.d.p. and he economy would be in a much better standing than it is now. the son has been transferred to this psychiatric hospital the doctors say it will take months to stabilize her it's
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unclear how long the government will finance for treatment and with her family will be held accountable for the damage it has done. that reporter from northern nigeria was a correspondent fanny for china to the us than a crucial day for the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump with a key witness taking the stand gordon sunland the u.s. ambassador to the european union was central to trump's attempts to get ukraine to investigators from the de can rival joe biden sunland has given conflicting accounts of what happened and private hearings he too lawmakers he saw no link between trump's request to ukraine for an investigation and a decision to withhold almost $400000000.00 in aid he lives are changed his story saying he remembered telling the ukrainian government it was unlikely to get the money unless it made a public commitment to investigate. let's go now live to the bureau chief
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in washington alexandra naaman so welcome and xander what can we expect from someone today. ambassador some land is essential figure in this impeachment inquiry of the former trumps gone or the only witness that was in direct contact with the president. spoke with the president about his dealings with the ukraine one of those conversation was a phone call that the embassador had with the president while he was having lunch in kiev in ukraine and this phone call was overheard by a witness and the topic was the pressure on ukraine to start investigating the democrats so he will be grilled on that issue today. and according to the transcript of his opening remarks he is really going to say that there was a quid pro quo that the president wanted president wanted the ukrainian
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government's to open an investigation into his political opponent joe biden and his son hunter and that that was a condition to meet the ukrainian president at the white house so it is a bombshell revelation because it's would implicate directly implicate president donald trump and alexandra guest today as well there were some very strong testimony supporting the allegations of the democrats even with this is called by the republicans confirmed key parts of the overall case against the president what is the strategy of the republicans likely to be that. their strategy has been so far to say that there was nothing wrong nothing improper or illegal about presidents from stealing or his words to the ukrainian president so there are sort of we're trying to twist the facts are
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a little bit their strategy was also to discredit the witnesses and their testimonies to depict them as officials who were politically motivated because there were not happy with the president's trumps policies but of course it will be very interesting how they are going to question him best as a sound lens try to bill it today. even if the evidence is piling up the president dollar trunk try to talk ukraine into investigating as little rival joe biden what are the chances that he will really face impeachment. well i think with all the witnesses that we are hearing from and the new evidence emerging . it is likely that we are going to see an impeachment vote on the house floor in a few weeks or months maybe and all in the house of representatives the democrats
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need they need a simple majority to impeach donald trump but in the senate this is a different story story because there they need a 2 thirds majority and at the moment it doesn't seem that it is possible because their republican senators are still standing by president trump and xander phenomenon the washington bureau chief thank you very much for that live update from that. now to some other news and voters in ethiopia saddam are region are heading to the polls in a referendum that could result in a new federal state the saddam an ethnic group has agitated for years for its own state its push for statehood triggered unrest in july and that left dozens dead in july. full francis was greeted by rapturous crowds in bangkok as he arrived for a weeklong tour of thailand and japan the pontiff hopes his visit will boost
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catholics and address pressing recently issues like human trafficking is the 1st pope to visit thailand since john paul the 2nd in 984. the house in which nazi dictator was born is to return to a police station austria's interior minister has confirmed this of the decision follows years of debate over how best to prevent the building which lies on the german austrian border becoming a pilgrimage site for the seas. you're watching the news coming up ahead what lessons can we learn about climate change through penguins we head to the antarctica to find out. but 1st some football simmering near has been announced as the new english premier league. replacing the outgoing. new one multiple titles in portugal england italy and spain his most recent
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coaching position was at manchester united where he was sacked in december 2018 his predecessor you know took charge of the club in 2014 and led them to the champions league final last season but he fell short of expectations this season. and germany's national football team completed their euro 2020 qualifying campaign on a high they beat northern 61 in frankfurt on tuesday. i had tricked from buying anything i said and for the strikes from leon but it's gonna and brand soldier made recover from an early one mil deficit too of record info to record and phatic when the victory means they finished top of the qualifying group ahead of old rivals the netherlands who would support a fight. after the match and crane spoke to midfield the mh on about how germany are shaping up ahead of next june's tournament obviously it was difficult
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year last year to 3 team is now turned a corner and it's going in the right direction. going the right. group and we have a lot of in the playoffs as well and often to get like that like today and. i hope in the future which i think it's been the difference this year some proof. we have a lot of the new play offs i think a very good player and. the spirit and teams were strong. too. and. jonathan crane the in tajik isn't the most remote and beautiful parts of the what but it's also one that's warming the quickest scientists fear that global warming is melting the continents ice and contributing to rising sea levels the entire arctic is a key barometer of the impacts of climate change what the dozen international about
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are trees monitoring the effects of global warming there is the noise station now we went there to see how research and study climate change. antarctica a continent almost completely covered in ice yet extremely sensitive to even the slightest changes in climate it's edge the frozen ocean front is home to the emperor penguin. here on the ice shelf it's freezing cold perfect conditions for emperor penguin breeding researchers say if the climate changes it would most likely affect them right now that trying to count the penguins in the colony. deep in could only it's i think a huge danger for this penguin colony here is that the structure of the sea ice on which they've green it is changing. if there's an increase in temperature and the sea ice shrinks breaks up earlier in the year they're breeding season will be
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shortened so they may not have any pleading grass or tall any more under certain circumstances they wouldn't be able to build their colony a tall will be able to reproduce. so the research is a document in the penguins numbers from above with a drone they've been commissioned by the german environment ministry to get the big picture of what's happening here. because the camera looks directly down and takes picture after picture at certain intervals all. these pictures are supposed to work . that way we can piece them together as far as possible because. they do that here a few kilometers away at the alfred vega institute's noir maya station the research is used 3 d. simulators to collate their data on the colony in the long term they hope to deliver valuable information on if and how the emperor penguins are reacting to
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warming worldwide temperatures. if warming is limited to 1.5 or 2 degrees celsius has agreed in the paris accord this species of penguin could survive if not they'll be wiped out by 2100 at the very latest for all the scientists measure how much things are warming up on the roof of the research station they send up weather balloons to collect and send back relevant data over the coming years the researchers hope to measure what changes where and by how much. so on at this station for example we're not actually seeing any changes in temperature. it's the same at many other stations across antarctica down but that's not the case on the antarctic peninsula and there has been a stock rise in temperatures there. and it's that peninsula which is causing crusts in the most northerly reaches of the antarctic to
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melt scientists that have also measured the warming of the water climate change is already starting to eat away at antarctica it's just a question of how far the effects will reach. up next on news asia disqualified the alleged election law violations is tired then trying to silence opposition voices. that and more coming up. shortly stay with us.
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