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this is the news live from. the trump impeachment inquiry u.s. envoy gordon song says he followed the president's orders in offering ukraine a white house summit in return for investigating mr trump's political rival also on the program the death toll rises in iraq crackdown on protesters i missed the international demonstrations over fuel price increases for more than a $100.00. plus what is the right age for a girl to get married. vehicle 60. 6. reports on nigeria's child brides.
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find out about the lessons we climb a change from penguins to the antarctic. welcome to the program we start in the united states where a key witness is appearing at the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump america's ambassador to the european union gordon song plans were central to president trump's attempts to get ukraine to investigate his political by joe biden and his links to ukrainian energy company. told lawmakers that ukraine's president was offered a white house meeting in exchange for announcing the corruption investigation he also talked about why the white house withheld military aid to ukraine. in the absence of any credible explanation for the suspension of aid i later came to
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believe that the resumption of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and. as mr giuliani had demanded i shared concerns of the potential quid pro quo regarding the security aide with senator ron johnson and i also shared my concerns with the ukrainians. scott's reaction there from washington bureau chief alexandra of naaman welcome alexandra we just heard the ambassador speaking that this does not sound or look good for the president. not at all what we heard from a bastard son and today is a bombshell and this is the most significant evidence so far directly tying president trying to the quit pro quo for ukraine to announce investigations into
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his political rivals and dissidents sent lance told the investigators today that the quid pro quo came from donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani but he also said that charms inner circle was were a were of what was going on as secretary of state comp ale or even vice president mike pence sandland also told the investigators that all of them trying to push ukraine to this quit pro quo to announce investigations into political rivals that all of them were acting at the president orders at his direction so this is very very damning testimony for president donald trump now it's important to understand the way these proceedings work these are house proceedings where democrats have a majority if this is to go anywhere it has to get passed by the senate where the republicans the president's republicans have the majority is the only side of this
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testimony changing the numbers in the senate. not yet and i think it's too early to answer the question if the senators are going to turn on president trump because we need to keep in mind that impeachment proceedings are not like court proceedings it's not all about evidence and credible witnesses it's actually all about the public opinion and whatever the american people think. that president donald trump should be impeached and that is something that the republican senators will consider during that process they know that so far until now president trump is very popular and his party many of them are up for reelection next year in districts where president supporters are in the majority so they will consider the effects of course but also that public opinion about the
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impeachment inquiry. for norman battles we will hear more from you later for now though thank you. now obviously international says more than $100.00 people have been killed in a government crackdown on protests in iran the unrest broke out after fuel prices were increased by up to 50 percent of forces responded to the disruptions with armored vehicles a water cannon supreme leader ayatollah ayatollah ali khamenei has described the protest as a security matter. very little information reaches the outside world from iran authorities have shut down the internet whether there are still protests there and where they may be taking place is difficult to verify. videos from monday evening show angry demonstrators some are demanding that the government step down the protests were sparked by a drastic increase in the price of gasoline u.s. sanctions and mismanagement are the main causes of iran's economic crisis.
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also president i have 3 jobs to support myself of course people are upset and now they found a reason to show their dissatisfaction that everyone does it in their own way. but of course the pictures of men who have been arrested are shown on state television they're accused of initiating the protests at the behest of other countries one hard line newspaper reports they could face the death penalty. more than 1000 people are believed to have been arrested in the wake of the protests the un has expressed concern over the security services heavy handed response. numbers killed certainly in the dozens. in at least 2 figures some reports even higher so it would be very useful to have a better period picture but it's clearly very significant meanwhile the iranian leadership is that hearing to a hard line internet restrictions are still in effect in iran. we'll take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a 3rd election within a year in israel looks likely after the man seen as kingmaker in coalition talks refused to back either of the main parties of indoor lieberman blame the party's leaders prime minister benjamin netanyahu benjamin and benny gantz of the blue and white party for the failure to find a compromise. the standoff between police and pro-democracy protesters as a whole called university appears to be. winding down with police sealing off a possible escape routes including soon as they say they want to arrest several dozen activists who are still barricaded inside campus buildings more than a 1000 have been arrested since monday. thailand's constitutional courses disqualified from harm and one of the most vocal critics of the government. is leader of the progressive a future forward party the court found guilty of violating election law.
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and stays world children's than 30 years since world leaders made a commitment to protect the young from violence and neglect only one country has yet to ratify the un convention on the rights of the child and that's the united states since the convention was adopted deaths of children under the age of 5 fallen by 60 percent and the number of undernourished children has dropped by about half but despite the progress children's rights remain a battleground this report from for if in nigeria. a muslim neighborhood in can do in a city in northern nigeria i came here to find out about a girl who was locked up in this place for 2 years without much light or food and left on her own her name is her son she was a child bride these pictures were taken when she was released from captivity just
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a week ago she was held here by her family because she refused to return to her husband she was only 15 when she was forced to marry a mother of 4 a child bride one of millions in nigeria if you're born a girl here there's a 44 percent probability that you will be married before you 18th birthday. this neighbor noticed santa so he says at the age of 15 she wasn't too young to be married he would marry his daughters off much younger. sons and what age 66. of those what we had to school by the gold marriage she has much shorter. this is robbie brahimi a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights she hopes to be free and happy is muslim herself she says the qur'an does not justify this practice there is no
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pacific or any findings or any security that proved those things the admin is forced marriages are most of this is not done based on islamic perspective the done best perspective she says education is key to change outdated practices and support women's rights. very wild is a leader that is not all. is something that has to do with advancement so other than laws can be amended and can be seeing. that the condition of the. child marriage exists elsewhere in nigeria to here in lagos poverty drives some parents to marry daughters of under 18. is privileged in many ways but that doesn't stop the 17 year old from raising her voice against child marriage asuna story makes are angry a lot of nigerians don't view women as human beings view them as.
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i did and it is to them our susan wants to amend the constitution so that it bars anyone under the age of 18 from getting married she and 2 friends have started an online petition to bring the issue to the senate floor the next step would be to get to the root of the problem and try to educate the men the women and everyone perpetrating this. there are millions of girls who are married off every year and if those millions of girls were millions of people at its nigeria's workforce. the g.d.p. and he called me would be in a much better standing than it is now. a son has been transferred to this psychiatric hospital but doctors say it will take months to stabilize her it's unclear that government will finance her treatment and that her family will be held accountable for the damage it has done. a controversial environmental activist
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group extinction rebellion is back in the spotlight after its co-founder roger how one appeared to trivialize the holocaust in an interview with german newspaper did cite a report i mean a safe can tell us what's going to welcome our i mean. those comments caused quite a cry here in jumping to tell us what he said that's right he made some off the cuff remarks to a reporter back in the u.k. where he's living and it's not clear what the context is because decide which is a newspaper that's publishing this interview didn't publish the whole interview they just selected some quotes that he made about the holocaust but let's take a look at what he actually said which caused this outcry he said the fact of the matter is millions of people have been killed in vicious circumstances on a regular basis throughout history for me it being the holocaust is just another and i will translate this as disaster in human history course used an expletive there this caused a lot of outcry because in germany. school too which means remembrance culture is
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a very sensitive subject of course germans especially germans but historians also see the holocaust as some exceptional evil moment in history and for him to be talking off the cuff about this seem very problematic to a lot of people and they all my reaction was pretty swift as read only hours after this interview went live it started trending on twitter the subject started started trending on german twitter because a lot of germans who are part of this extinction really movement are also part of the left and they see this as an affront to a multi class multi ethnicity movement and they see it somewhat. as anti-semitic so we've had some prominent people comment 1st of all the german branch of extinction rebellion is very quick to take a look at what they said on twitter we strongly distance ourselves from roger helms belittling and trivializing remarks on the holocaust his comments violate the principles of extinction rebellion which does not tolerate anti-semitism and he is no longer welcome at extinction rebellion germany some prominent politicians also
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chimed in we have a tweet from martin shows who ran for chancellor in the last german elections he said either the co-founder of extinction rebellion has not understood the holocaust or he does not want to the industrial scale murder of jews was the most inhuman crime of all time remembering it does not paralyze us it helps us prevent fascism so you can see people took this very seriously tell us well that about raja hallam and his role within acting sooner about it well he's a co-founder but he's not exactly a leader because these things are rebellion sees itself as a democratic movement so to speak a lot of the individual branches are autonomy but that being said he was one of a very small group of people who founded this organization wrote up the founding principles and he's been with it since then and he's also been problematic since then he said a lot of things that have stirred up a lot of people within the movement including just a couple weeks ago he said that after getting arrested prison because he they do a lot of direct actions which leads to arrest is that prison was one of the best
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times he's had because he got to read books in bed and eat meal free meals which a lot of people saw as white privilege coming through and a lot of people see his comments on the holocaust as a liability to the movement and of course to be frank us sitting here and talking about him instead of the climate crisis might be taken by the extinction rebellion as proof of that i mean s.e. thank you. let's have a look now at some more of the day's top stories in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson and labor opposition leader jeremy corbyn have gone head to head on television in the run up to next month's election mr johnson's conservative party changed its twitter handle during the debate to fact check e u k leading to accusations that he was trying to deceive voters. police arrested a man in connection with the murder of the journalist that daphne. from driving
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a car bomb was to new york in fact one of the country's most prominent business for us to learn from these intercepted his yacht off the maltese coast. 25 people have been discovered alive inside a refrigerated container on a danish cargo ship bound for the u.k. the stowaways were discovered after the vessel left. the incident comes after $39.00 vietnamese people with a dent in a truck in britain last month. and the antarctic is one of the remotest parts of the world and one of the places that warmest warming quickest that makes it an important barometer for measuring the effects of climate change on the planet so dozens of countries have established research stations to monitor and study the effects of global warming one of those the bars this is the noisy maya station operated by a german research institute correspondent mathias abbott has been to see how scientists study climate change and to witness its effects 1st hand. antarctica
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a continent almost completely covered in ice yet extremely sensitive to even the slightest changes in climate its edge the frozen in front is home to the emperor penguin. here on the ice shelf it's freezing cold perfect conditions for emperor penguin breeding researchers say if the climate changes it would most likely affect them right now they're trying to count the penguins in the colony. deep in could only it's i think a huge danger for this penguin colony here is that the structure of the sea ice on which they greet is changing. if there's an increase in temperature and the sea ice shrinks breaks up earlier in the year their breeding season will be shortened so they may not have any pleading grants or tall anymore under certain circumstances
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they wouldn't be able to build a colony atoll will be able to reproduce. so the research is a document in the penguins numbers from above with a drone they've been commissioned by the german environment ministry to get the big picture of what's happening here. because the camera looks directly down and takes picture after picture at certain intervals. these pictures are supposed to work. that way we can piece them together as far as possible because. they do that here a few kilometers away at the alfred vega institute's noir maya station the research is used 3 d. simulators to collate their data on the colony in the long term they hope to deliver valuable information on if and how the emperor penguins are reacting to warming worldwide temperatures. if warming is limited to 1.5 or 2 degrees celsius has agreed in the paris accord this species of penguin could survive and if not
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they'll be wiped out by 2100 at the very latest. the scientists measure how much things are warming up on the roof of the research station they send up weather balloons to collect and send back relevant data. over the coming years the researchers hope to measure what changes where and by how much. and so on at this station for example we're not actually seeing any changes in temperature. it's the same at many other stations across antarctica but that's not the case on the antarctic peninsula so there has been a stark rise in temperatures there. to work. and it's that peninsula which is causing crusts in the most northerly reaches of the antarctic to melt scientists there have also measured the warming of the water the climate change is already starting to eat away at antarctica it's just
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a question of how far the effects will reach. reports from who joins us now from knowing my station in the antarctic are welcome so. i asked signs of climate change visible out there on the ice. here at noma station they're not really risible in the environment here because temperatures are really stable so far in wintertime in june july about minus 40 minus 50 degrees restrung winter and now in an arctic summer we're about 10 minus 20 degrees so so far matilda just say it's a stable temperature here registered in the last 10 years but there are indicator on the other side of the battle of the battle sea which had cost that it pinged when colony disappeared there because the ice melted and as well a british polar station at loch to station had to be removed and is now temporarily
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out of work they are. it's too dangerous for them to go on working on the show if i was there because it meant that foster than they expected so there are changes registered as well as the peninsula and the arctic peninsula here and noise so far stable conditions and let's talk more than about the penguins what makes their such a useful. animal in assessing climate change why why them and rather than other animals. the penguin is already a topper dater he has no enemies here and antarctica and this is maybe the reason i'm so far to say that he is to here he is in an environment which is 3 safe for him and it's cold it's remote but that means you can hear easily breed and he can start his fishing and his. season in the waters in the
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arctic the end of the arctic summer so this is a perfect place for him and so a scientists can hear see what can be future effects on this population they want to monitor the population of the colonies of the penguins here on the long term in order to have more results on possible climate changes and as well they try to find out if the air changes if carbon black particles are registered on a larger scale than before these different different subjects and different a few years off scientific work here that can give a further inside view on what in future can be affects of possible climate change here for the antarctic ecosystem i mean you in your report you said a rise in temperature is only being measured there on the up to complain in show why not on the mainland the peninsula is the northwest part of the end arctic and it's closest to the continent thought america so. it's possible that the warmer
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water temperature which is registered in many parts of the woods reaches there easily and. it could be the effect of. climate change there at the peninsula here on the mainland on the continent of the antarctic more south it's maybe more protected from was warmer water streams so this can be one reason for the difference of these 2 regions here on the antarctic ice we'll let you get back inside into the war material in antarctica thank you. so i took some football nava just say marino's been announced as the new coach of english premier side tottenham hotspur replacing minutes your perch attain a marine you has won multiple titles in portugal england italy and spain is most recent to coaching positions at manchester united where he was sacked in december last year but you tito took charge charge of spurs in 2014 and led them to the champions league final last season but fell short of expectations this season.
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i germany's national football team of completed their euro 2020 qualifying campaign on a high beating northern ireland 6 walked in frankfurt on tuesday a hot drink from behind duty when a surge could not bring a strike should they on and the union proud soldier lead to cover from an early one deficit to record a dominant when this means a finish top of the qualifying group ahead of old rivals the netherlands who also qualified after much the w.'s jonathan crane spoke with the midfielder and rage on about how germany are shaping up ahead of next june storm and. obviously it was difficult year last year you think the team is now turned a corner and it's going in the right direction. going the right direction i think we have a young group and we have a lot of injured players as well and we didn't play that often to get like that like today and with it great and. i hope in the future it will do it again which i
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think it's been the difference this year what's improved. you have a lot of for new players i think very good player. the spirit of. thank you. this is d.w. news is your top stories a key witness is been appearing at the impeachment inquiry to president donald trump. as u.s. ambassador to the european union told lawmakers that ukraine's president was offered a white house meeting and exchange for a corruption investigation into the son of president trump's democratic rival joe biden. human rights group amnesty international says as many as 106 people have died during protests across iran demonstrations began over the weekend after the government announced a shopping crease in fuel prices. israel appears to be heading for its 3rd
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election in a year former defense minister avigdor lieberman blamed the country's 2 largest parties for failing to compromise he had so small far right party seen as the kingmaker in coalition tools. the standoff between pro-democracy protesters and police at hong kong's besieged polytechnic university appears to be coming to an end about $100.00 protesters are still inside the campus and more than a 1000 have been arrested since monday. this is d.w. news from berlin for more followers on twitter d w news of his the website d w dot com. i'm next to news asia disqualified alleged election law violations this thailand tries to silence opposition folks. i'm talking to friends at difficult issues through filming on a mission from pakistan i think such a change attitudes towards child marriage on the bottom hole sniff out your past
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when it goes missing out about so up next here on news asia with paresh option i'll be back at the top because i made the.
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on not think of the gem. just sometimes i am but i stand up and went with them and thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype of class but if you think this leaves the country behind on the time. needed to be taken as grandma am to me it's all about a new i'm rachel join me for me again and bundled up in a. post. there. isn't calculable. there it goes in synch with. their rivalry. 3 princes. who dream of the world. there are full power and boundless ambition has plunged the middle east into a great crisis and. the marvel princes of the cold starts november
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27th on t.w. . cool. this is. coming off of critical times government now followed by the town of all drawing wrong rank it galvanized the youth in elections and mobs but now he's been disqualified from oval pool in court violations but is he being targeted for his opposition to the government plus. legal. and i made that film speaks of the trauma of child mattered john it's helped change attitudes.


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