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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 1:00am-1:02am CET

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just read. a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. that i mean that if you're a bitch do the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on d w. this is news these are top stories vote counting is underway in hong kong following municipal elections early results indicate big gains for pro-democracy candidates turnout was at a record high over 70 percent election is being seen as a test of support for embattled chief executive kerry lam. at least 26 people have been killed in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the aircraft came down in a residential area in the eastern city of goma authorities say the cause of the
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crash was pilot error. romanian president. has been re-elected for a 2nd term in a landslide elective election victory the conservative defeat of the leader of the social democrat party. the run up to the election was dominated by allegations of corruption against him she was part of. former new york mayor michael bloomberg has announced he is standing to be the democratic party presidential nominee join 17 other candidates vying for the democratic nomination to take on president trump in 2020. this is d w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or visit our website w dot com.
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match day 12 so some of the big guns disappoint the minnows cause an upset or 2 and the others well it was business as usual this is what we have coming up for you on the show today. we'll bring you the highlights from sunday's match as well just going to has about the battle it out to end their routes and a windfall profits minds will see the reach the top 4. and we'll take an in-depth look at goldman's crisis players and officials were booed as they arrived at the club's a.g.m. things aren't rosy and there seems to be more uncertainty on the horizon. welcome to the bundesliga here on the w.i. mechanic line joining me in the studio for the breakdown of match day 12 o 2 of the buttons think is top members to my right and that's a candy red corner jonathan crane and to my left joining me.


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