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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 1:02am-1:16am CET

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some of the big points. well it was business as usual this is what we have coming up for you today. we bring you the highlights from sunday's match. and a win for. the top 4. and we'll take an in-depth look at prices . on the horizon. welcome to the bundesliga. joining me in the studio for the break. 2 of the top members to my right hand the red corner jonathan crane and to my left joining me in the wind right corner is. before we get into the nitty gritty of today's match day let's go to hoffenheim now they missed the chance to go forth they were thrashed 51 against
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mines. the visitors have played more than 45 minutes with 10 men after reading the back who were sent off as dangerous traveling as you see here but they still told the home side apart going to know that soon enough the hard time thanks to a bizarre goal from pavel caught a shot back in the cat 5 in total pickling them along completing his brace and the $51.00 rout of the last kick of the game remember this is his 1st game in charge and wants a way to start his tenure in months. the next match we have in store for you in travel to both sides are stuck in the boss and off the table and lagging behind their own expectations the pressures expressed especially. which has failed to take the club forward since appointment this clash against is make or break. on to show of it was under pressure his berliners hadn't won in 4 outings opponents martin
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schmidt and outs borg were in even deeper water but soon wipe the smile off the head coach's face phillip maxwell the free kick in the 17th minute no one touched it and it bounced freely into the net to make it one nil. 9 minutes later berlin keep the yosh john got tangled up with lucky and need a listener and the ball fell just. doubled outwards lead. and to make matters worse yosh dunn was sent off for lunging at the venezuelan. substitute keeper denish marsh then made his 1st bundesliga periods and early in the 2nd half he conceded his 1st league goal andre with way too much space and a bit of luck 3 nil. and 10 minutes
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before the end cut hair to flat footed with a cleverly disguised free kick which media left no slotted home for neil the final score and the heat will only be turned up on. with all 9 matches in the bag let's take a look at the table. lead at the top shrinks the only change on sunday though is up to 8th to the inferior goal difference boss the winner in the boston however an outspoken lights they will move up the losers however they will be looking taking a long hard look at themselves after this weekend talking about has a 1000000000 of us dive into the football bubble the did the developing story here is that say i mean they are the established team in the bundesliga but they're behind when you're on the team we've got just 12 top flight games under their belts jonathan how does this happen to the house it happened so quickly i wouldn't say quickly i think they've been stuck in a rut for quite a while the renowned for their inconsistency and while their hats are it's going to
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be a step in in all the new kids on the block the kind of underdog reveling and the giant killer status so yeah compared. you know they are pretty exciting they have a clear identity which is something that critics accuse hatcher of lacking but look he really can as about identity is all about wins as far as i'm concerned you can have a lack of identity as long as you're winning has you don't have that number of 5 in a row the player is just performing too many city mistakes and i just think cherry bitch is not good enough he's out of his depth. yet so want to improve one of the things they want to do is build their own state and they want to move out of the olympic stadium it is too big for them they say but with this pull stop should they be well more about let's say a relegation battle yeah i think so and i mean on your own the difference there is there's less pressure on them i think and the expectation for hats it was barely big they broke the transfer record record this summer and michelle plates the sporting director ahead of this match said this isn't the last chance but show bitch but i mean after that kind of defeat you have to think he's going to be
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taking a very hard long look when they went to childress i was very confused i thought this is their chance to take that next step and i agree which looks a bit out of his depth the defense is all at sea and there's not a single player in the squad who scored more than 3 because your goal is to see they have the money to attract or if they have big name coach you know you look forward to january and if they are k. can we bring in some players what player is going to join her when they're in the state they're in currently you want from the track there's good players even though has i haven't. said anything about that coach yet seen wish you know did you have to stop thinking about the coaches don't mind this is the big talking point at the moment to both of you don't understand is it going to continue and is this real or is it just a normal football overreaction yeah i worry a little bit because i think we look at the defensive issues this season it's kind of reminiscent of bush who he replaced and was kind of meant to shore up the defense they kind of did that last season but now they're the worst offense in the in the top 7 and they just mentally just don't look strong enough they don't look
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like a team who have that killer instinct when a title is bizarre because you see them against father bowen on friday complete disaster in the 4th of they seem to break out in a cold sweat every time they come up against a team of languishing throws the ball from the table teams you think they're going to be able to be easily and then just a manager which is why on sunday i want to bring you some footage from the cubs a.g.m. there were 1600 members in the building and they really was half a listen to this. and whistling in the place and some fans even shouting shame on you and. i quite incredible volatile atmosphere to say the least. so i had his say on fast future when he took to the podium. this again last lucianne why don't you continue to enjoy our trust. that this is one thing is clear
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and you've been in for far long time like many of us here in the end football is always defined by results. yet for years and by you all must go into these next 2 difficult games in barcelona am berlin with the right attitude. now you have to step up we are still brucia dortmund you have to show that about you but i don't find that statement convincing at all as soon as he said but max. that was it for me i mean ignore the fact they're playing by the next weekend the big game is of course against barcelona but not just seems like a stay of execution of the continuity come on yeah i mean i think like like he said there it's mostly about the attitude i mentioned the defense before we heard from him there and i think that's really the issue they have to start those games boss alone and against berlin in the right way and what i mean there is not conceding the goals they've done that 6 times this season in the bundesliga alone and look at
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the teams they've done it against i mean outspoken the 1st minute braman in the 7th minute part of born on friday in the 5th minute it's all well and good saying no against born you know they turned around at half time i don't really think that's fall for giving a rousing speech in the dressing room is not that type of manager i think i think it's just not awake those not that intensity that they need to have the worst offense in the top 7 like i mentioned i just think at the moment dortmund are really not a team that like i said earlier on they said at the start the season we're going to go for the title that it looked like that so as you know now in their 7th position i mean one thing which i see is a problem domain is the fact that there's always the shadow of club looming over this club when hines a.z.z. behind me is behind this is how they must feel at goldman it must be why is that i mean he had he was successful but when big coaches leave a club somehow the successor doesn't seem to be able to achieve the expectations that they have and so that might be nice with alex ferguson for example close to
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home in the bundesliga we saw a pep guardiola by and he had 3 great seasons here and then it was over is it time to finally get over it look i'm a nothing 1st found some i know what about clubs grin on for former glories brian kroft is there are gored in the red part of north him so it's understandable clarke is so rich. visionary reenergized that crap brought back their former glories but actually father himself has said he's a tough act to follow if we look at the numbers though surprisingly and this might surprise a lot of people actually father has a better record than clumped we can see it here you know corpus had $380.00 games in charge 57 percent was his win percentage father ok and the $64.00 games had that awful and brain enjoyment but 61 percent say so when percentage i think the problem for far is it's actually been the manner of those defeats amana those draws where they just haven't convinced and the way the players have been so i can only look they just looked shaky against low opposition as you mentioned previously and
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clucked really never had that kind of money that father has been able to spend this summer and i think we will back him but i think they've already backed him quite a lot already i think it's a bit wimpy actually from vets just get rid of the guy now put him out of his misery because trying to get something from buffalo interest probably going to be like getting blood from a star and it's not going to be that easy and i think you just want someone that comes in and kind of appreciates the history appreciates where the club has been but is strong enough to motor club in their own image so let's say if it does stay what say the development well i think one factor that hasn't really been spoken about too much is the squad and specifically this man here jason sanchez who is their most valuable asset you have you can argue about who the most important player is but you know he's a 19 year old guy who's setting the world alight last season and also early on this season and he according to a report that emerged on sunday felt humiliated and scapegoated in recent weeks it started with a suspension after you returned late in october from an international break and
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then we can see here the substitution against by and that dreadful loss i mean he was subbed just after the half hour mark now he doesn't look like a player who's throwing a stroke and we have to say you know he shakes the hand of his of his player and he's not really throwing his gloves down on the ground but. you know we're hearing out of his camp that he's not happy it was said that he won't i just hate for a move in january i don't think he will but i can't see that i'm staying beyond this season and that's kind of what's at stake here i think as well because a farmer stays i don't really see sunshine staying we don't much time left and one thing when you have to ask is next season should they be looking at a coach who's now in the market let's say much i want to put you to no 14 it would be a great fit for dortmund new nick are also interested if it's a choice between the 2 he's going to munich i'm afraid but you might i think he fits better at dortmund but i agree that's probably the more attractive proposition maybe even go for a little oh ok well we'll have to see next time we're back here if it is the next season that's that's full time must sorry something i'm not thank you for both
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being here and when to get back next week from all of us here and by then thank you and goodbye. and welcome to the show with you ding dong high end concert with the lustrous guests rocking sounds. to me. tonight grooves every week on d w. d 2 you know that 77 percent. are younger than thinks. that's me and me and you. and you know what external voice
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