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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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bialik gassed. managed by shrapnel. this is w. news live from berlin celebration in hong kong pro-democracy candidates make massive gains at the probation as the probation both collapses in municipal elections the vote is seen as a referendum on the territories battle government also coming up it's too close to call in the race for the presidency and a lot of what early results from the country's presidential runoff could both candidates from the left and right neck and neck. and stores and head to believe
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battled it out in the bundesliga both teams have been a disappointment so far this season could they rediscover their mojo. i'm mommy and use of welcome to the program vote counting is underway in hong kong after municipal elections and already pro-democracy candidates have made massive gains they've secured a majority with nearly $390.00 seeds compared to just 59 seats for the probation camp election is seen as a chance for hong kong has to have a direct say about the city's direction after nearly 6 months of protests. as polls closed and results started to trickle in celebrations erupted among pro-democracy voters on the streets of hong kong activists had urged people to go
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to the ballot boxes and the record turnout of her around 70 percent answered the call. on she privately if there are more hong kong is costing their ballots it means a better democracy so if this year's voter turnout is higher than the previous election i think that's quite positive. many voters wanted to make their voices heard following nearly half a year of unrest in hong kong it had left many feeling that enough is enough. people have been long long you know the current. prime cooperate. almost listen to do was it of. the policy to choose district councillors they don't have any direct political power i see it merely offer advice to discover him and as hong kong's district councils have long been dominated by the probe ageing establishment pro-democracy voters believe this time the scales are tipping in
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their favor. now for more on that story i'm joined by our reporter hunk sean lee who has been following events there for us so the initial results have come in what you make of them so far all the counting is still on the way but early results have already shown that the pro-democracy camp is leading the poll it has already won more than $380.00 out of $452.00 seats and that's a lot and as for the probation camp they have lost around 240 seats compared to the last election many prominent probating heavyweights have been bombed out of office such as studio hold he's a very controversial figure and has caught a lot of media attention because of his abrasive comments about the protesters so the genius hoe he's been a controversial figure and he recently made headlines in november because it it appeared that he was stabbed at a campaign event now this could have gone both ways it could have obviously looked bad for the pro-democracy camp that because this criticism of them using violence
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but he was kicked out of office how did this happen. genius who is very unpopular among protesters you're right he was stabbed in november and the attack was filmed and shared online so logically protesters and the prodemocracy can shoot loose support because of that violence why junius hall and the protests pro-government camp should actually gain support but why it didn't happen it's because many people doubt the credibility of that video so the video was filmed in a way as if it was all planned. the filming of the filming angle was perfect and besides he and his team reacted superfast and as if they knew exactly what was going to happen so that's why. a lot of people actually doubt the credibility and of course these are all speculations i have to say that but many believe that the attack was staged and that's why they didn't take it seriously so booting this guy out of office seems like a pretty big win for the pro-democracy camp but this is of course just
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a municipal election. so what are the what's going to the outcome for hong kong how are they taking this well the results are very symbolic because the district council has. issued saying the results are actually only symbolic because the district council has relatively late to power in order for it in the political landscape of hong kong it has some sort of influence but not much. but it is giving a fresh fresh impetus to the protesters because it's approved for the protests supporters that if they are determined enough they can make a change and also there's a common argument among pro-government supporters they're saying that well a lot of the majority of the people are actually not in support of the protests but they are the silent majority and that's why they didn't say anything before. that they said that when one 4th of the population there was 2000000 people on the streets and also for change they were saying that they were arguing the ball but
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then the other 5000000 people didn't come out and now this is just a slap in their face so do you think the protestors after this result are going to go back out on the streets yet definitely as long as the 5 demands of the protesters are not met people will keep on going out on to just streets. and now with the backing of the election results. the protesters can put pressure on carolyn's government and to ask for change and to osce carolan to respond to that in mots. reporter thanks for that analysis. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 26 people have been killed in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the aircraft came down in a residential area in the eastern city of goma authorities say the cause of the crash was potentially pilot error and. former new york mayor michael bloomberg has
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announced he is running for president of the united states the former republican became a democratic a democrat just last year and as one of the richest people in the world he'll 1st have to beat out other democrats jostling to go up against president donald trump in 2020. romanian president klaus johannes has been reelected for a 2nd term in a landslide election victory the conservative defeated the leader of the social democrat party. the run up to the election was dominated by allegations of corruption against and she was part of the. now voting has ended in presidential runoff and early exit polls show lewis poll from the center right national party in the lead the poll came in 2nd in the initial round of voting but has assembled a possible winning coalition since then so far he's several points up on daniel martinez of the ruling center left broad front party they are facing widespread discontent with economic stagnation and rising unemployment.
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iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters in several cities including the capital baghdad at least 6 people have been killed in clashes and dozens of others injured the latest violence since anti-government protests began in october . before sunrise in the southern city of basra flames block the roads leading to iraq's major trading ports protesters no government workers will soon be trying to travel this way. it's not long before the pink dawn sky is filled with smoke and the empty streets i felt with demonstrators. was. across the country they're out in force from the south to the capital baghdad in iraq center. and everywhere they're facing
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violence i was not for the 1st time security forces opened fire on the protesters. they shot life bullets and take us. was since the un rest began in october more than 300 people many protesters have been killed and thousands more injured demonstrators are calling for a whole system change. lives but the outgoing we want all the government to leave we have no other demands we want the fall of this government and the introduction of a new one made up of all those people with diplomas who are sitting on the bridges why are they there we haven't been happy for 16 years the end of the current anti-government protests iraq's largest since the fall of saddam hussein in 2003 many iraqis feel the political system that has been in place since then has failed
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them corruption is rife unemployment is high promised reforms have not materialized and protesters say concessions offered by the government and not enough they want systematic change a complete overhaul of iraq's political system and they're prepared to die for its . faults francis has called upon world leaders to scrap their nuclear weapons the pontiff made the appeal during a symbolic visit to japan the only country to have suffered nuclear attacks. huge crowds turned out and braved the rain to catch a glimpse of the pope it's the 1st papal visit to japan for nearly 4 decades and not exactly the pontiff laid a wreath at a grain see room oriel for the 10s of thousands of people including $8000.00 catholics who perished in an atomic bombing in the final days of world war 2.
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francis told the crowds that he believes a world without nuclear weapons is both possible and necessary and the money spent on them could be put to better use. the inter-day as world where millions of children and families live in inhumane conditions. the money that is wondered and the fortunes made through the night a fracture upgrading maintenance and sale of even more destructive weapons we are now from crying out to heaven not even. here. the pontiff is also visiting her russia the site of the 1st atomic bombing in 1945 on monday pope francis will meet survivors of the 20 a live in fukushima nuclear disaster he'll also meet japan's prime minister shinzo abbey and emperor not
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a hito and he will be hoping that they and other global leaders he has calls for a nuclear free world. now in the bonus league on sunday head to berlin travel to both sides are stuck in the bottom half of the table and not living up to their own expectations the pressure is especially palpable in berlin where coach anted shoebridge has failed to make an impact since his appointment. pantech coverts was under pressure his berliners hadn't won in 4 outings opponents martin schmidt and alex borg were in even deeper why. but soon wipe the smile off the head coaches face phillip maxwell the free kick in the 17th minute no one touched it and it bounced freely into the net to make it one nil. 9 minutes later berlin keep it on a yosh john got tangled up with lucky and needed less now and the ball fell just.
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doubled outboards lead. and to make matters worse yosh john was sent off for lunging at the venezuelan. substitute keeper denish then made his 1st but in this league periods and early in the 2nd half he conceded his 1st league goal andre with way too much space and a bit of luck 3 nil. and 10 minutes before the end caught had to flat footed with a cleverly disguised free kick which he had made a left no slotted home. for until the final score and the heat will only be turned up on took over the church. often hun missed the chance to jump up to force on the table after they were thrashed at home by mind the visitors had to play over half the game with 10 men after
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a real back who was sent off for the dangerous challenge of seeing here but they still tore the home side apart going to know soon after the half time thanks to a bizarre own goal by a couple of back. and the goals kept on flowing here condemn along method to completing the 51 rout for months i was. in golf john rum has won the d.p. world tour championship in dubai the climax of the european tour season the 25 year old spaniard hit a beautiful shot out of the bunker to. set up a birdie on the final hole. that 4 didn't intend from tommy fleetwood to come from behind victory means from finish the season as the number one in europe netting him a total payday of 4500000 euros. watching d.w. news live from berlin i'll be back with more news of the top of the hour up next is
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a documentary following the victims a female genital mutilation as they try to overcome their old guilt in germany for all the latest news and headlines check out our website that's d.w. dot com thanks for tuning in. welcome to the book is the game here for deep down the. trail trying to talk about some of the sounds of the coverage. 3 more. subtle we have. let's have a look at so many of them look so you don't want to. go with
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