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this is g.w. news live from berlin a spectacular high says one of the world's oldest museums the eaves break into the royal palace in the german city of dressers and make off with treasures and jewels that could be worth as much as a 1000000000 euros. also coming up hong kong's leader vows to listen humbly to voters after they send a clear message to beijing pro-democracy candidates make massive gains as a probation vote collapse of said municipal elections the vote was seen as a referendum on hong kong's political turmoil. on the un's international day to
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oppose violence against women we hear about one french woman's fight for justice for her murdered daughter france has the highest murder rate of women in europe. and leaked documents shed light on the chinese government's mass detention of weaker muslims in a network of prison camps banking insists there are simply voluntary free education centers. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us and we start with some breaking news here in germany thieves have reportedly pulled off a spectacular heist at one of europe's most renowned museums police in dresden say the break and the clue discovered or the green bolts of the city's royal palace took place in the early hours of monday morning the loot apparently includes priceless early 18th century jewelry the state museum contains one of the biggest
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collections of baroque treasures in europe it's home to around 4000 objects made of ivory gold silver and jewels and we have our correspondents following the latest on this story for us he. is with us and scott roxboro here in studio good to have you both max let's start with you authorities have been holding a press conference what more do we know about what happened. so authorities have so far been trying to reconstruct the highs that was taking place in the early hours of monday morning they've been able to obtain some video footage from the museum to look at how the heist has happened and so for what we know is that at around 5 pm in the morning the security system was alerted and that the security services have been giving the alert further to the police authorities and according to the footage that police authorities have now looking at 2 suspects have been entering the jewelry woman is just one of 10 rooms off the green vault this priced treasure
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chambres interest and they've been entering the june a room through a window breaking in and then aiming straight for one cabinet where jewelries have been on display they have been taking as far as we know 3 complete jewelry sets so that is like a set of jewelry collections and they have been taking 3 of those as a complete set and then left. probably because thought is now suspect and leaving over the highway so police have now installed highway patrol is trying to find those suspects and also been talking to belittle thora tacey in the capital because in 2017 another very spectacular highs has been taking place not far from the german government's district in the border museum and 100 kilo gram gold coin had been stolen in broad daylight so now authorities andresen are talking to the authorities here in berlin to see if there's any connection to the both ice scott
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let's talk about this collection because it has an impressive history tell us more about this collection yeah i mean this is sort of comparable to supply the crown jewels in in london i mean this was a collection was created by all the strong logs the 2nd who set up in the late in the early 18th century some dean 23 to 730 and he was sort of in competition with lee the. 14th in france to try and create the most extravagant and impressive. collection of of jewelry and priceless goods and so this collection that's. almost unique in the world it's a incredible treasure trove and the. made the point that these pieces of course a very valuable that have been stolen but their actual value and historical value is completely priceless and cannot be measured but a lot of people are probably wondering how such an exquisite collection could have
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been targeted at all and the police have been talking about that as well in their press conference about the theft let's listen to. some what's clear to us is that the perpetrators entered the building through a window facing square. they cut through the bars on the window and smashed the glass. they then targeted a specific display case which they shattered. they then fled the building and disappeared. from the photos. all right max coming back to you you were listening into the press conference what more did police say about how such a fact could have happened. yes so police authorities as well as securities acquired slavica assets that this house could have been taking place now the green vote has been. a treasure trove for over 300 yes and so nothing in that source had happened before some have compared the security measures at the greenville similar
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to fort knox the u.s. american treasure temblor where they keep the gold reserves of the united states and one thing that seems to be particular about the case here the heist interesting is that the perpetrators seem to have been able to damage the electricity box that was connected to the alarm system they've been using a fiat to damage that box that then course of the city out it's in the museum and therefore didn't make the alarm go off as far as we know by the authorities right and scott listen to that you know what does happen now it's a big it's a big question i mean the pieces are credibly well down the the this work is a credibly well known so selling on the open market for the thieves would probably be impossible at least that's what they are historians hope theoretically they these pieces could be broken down and sold for their value as diamonds but we heard today from the press conference that that would be a fraction of their their their true value another possibility that was raised though there's no evidence that this is going to happen is that the thieves to try
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to auction this jewelry back to the state of dread of sacks and to to go have them buy back their treasures any of this is is possible we hope though that of course these pieces will be recovered in their original state and that they will be stored to their rightful place at the museum meanwhile the investigations continue or at our correspondents there scott roxboro in studio and maximillian a kosik thank you both. let's check in now on some other stories making news around the world pope francis has celebrated mass in tokyo as part of his 4 day visit to japan earlier he met victims of the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster and voiced concern over japan's continued reliance on nuclear power. the health of wiki leaks founder julian assange is so bad that he could die inside of british jail that's according to doctors who've written an open letter saying he requires urgent medical care a songes fighting extradition to the u.s. over espionage charges that could carry
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a 175 year prison sentence demonstrators in the democratic republic of congo have set fire to the town hall and beneath in the east they were protesting against the killing of civilians in an attack by militants residents accuse local forces and un peacekeepers a failing to stop militia violence. now to hong kong where pro-democracy supporters have won a landslide victory in municipal elections the pro-democracy camp has been celebrating after party sympathetic to their cause one almost $390.00 council seats compared to less than 64 probation parties hong kong residents turned out in record numbers to cast their ballots in an election that was widely seen as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement after nearly 6 months of protests hong kong's probation chief executive carrie lamb said the government would quote listen humbly and seriously reflect. let's get the latest with our correspondent charlotte
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shells from phil she's standing by for us in hong kong hi charlotte how are home congress reacting to these results. there's been a scent degree of astonishment here on both sides just how resoundingly the victory was for the pro democratic camp given the fact that there was a huge voter turnout democratic figures had told us that they were hoping for a bit of a boost but it has to be make clear that in these district council elections pro establishment parties have always dominated now we've seen a total reversal those democratic candidates have been able to flip a number of seats now one of the 1st today elected democratic council is gathered here i'm outside. the holy you university here at the moment this is been the scene of over a week long standoff between an unknown number of protesters still inside the university holed up there afraid to come out because they fear they will be arrested by police who are still surrounding this university and now in the past
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acts these democratic counselors say that they want to show their support for those protests is and also that they want to encourage them to leave the university and for this standoff to end peacefully know that really is a marker of how in bold and a lot of these democratic biggest feel after this election result which as you said is really being considered by so many here is a referendum on the popularity of this protest movement almost 6 months in now so an important symbolic result but this is a municipal election so how much will it actually affect hong kong's relations with mainland china. the foreign minister in china has issued a statement saying no matter what happens hong kong is still part of china he's warned against anything that ever threatens the posterity of prosperity and stability of hong kong and now no one is really expecting beijing to to soften its
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stunts they all watching very closely though to see what happens next we know that a number of the pro establishment candidates here a licking their wounds trying to figure out exactly why they did lose so much support as you said the district council is here usually have a huge amounts of clout what we could see though is that they do feel more emboldened going forward we spoke to one legislator who told us the leader of the democratic party in fact he told us that he felt that as confidence in the oath artie's dwindles he thinks that these democratic councillors could take on an important new role going forward in trying to negotiate some sort of a peaceful solution to this crisis that's been in goal thing hong kong take a listen to what he had to say. if the government really. try not to respond to the people to munt i can imagine that. it's
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a council we'll pick up even more popular supports and make use of the powerful to food a push the government and make the government even look more acri socialist just quickly is this result when pro-democracy protesters have been looking for who they are taking the day today to celebrate this victory for that camp but what they've been telling us not just today but over the course of more than 5 months is that they really need to see their 5 demands met that includes universal suffrage and an independent investigation into the way that the police have handled the unrest on the streets they are now demanding that those demands are at least addressed by chief executive carried out. some reporting for us in hong kong thank you. now today is the un's international day for the elimination of violence against women
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one of the most systematic and widespread human rights violations of our time the un estimates that every day around $238.00 women are intentionally killed across the world most of these murders are committed by their partners or their own families now more than one 3rd of women worldwide have experienced some kind of physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes and the numbers they are particularly high in parts of africa were almost every 2nd woman around 45.6 percent has experienced violence but this aggression against women is also a problem in wealthier parts of the world here in the european union for example one in every 3 women is estimated to have suffered a violence or abuse in their lifetime france has one of the highest murder rates for women in europe now the government is working on a law to better protect women davies lisa lewis examines one particular case that
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helped prompt the new law and the good she describes it as a life sentence she says there's a gaping void inside of her ever since march 27th when her daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend and we need community pills holy. to had split up 6 weeks earlier he had her rest of us since one morning he was waiting for her at the whole stable where she worked and tried to convince her to take him back of the morning when she refused he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the heart and the lungs could my brain is still blanking out on what this really means. i think it is trying to protect me otherwise i'd go crazy i still can't imagine to never see my daughter again i'm already sick. that and nick doesn't only blame her daughter's ex-boyfriend she's also furious with the system that she feels that her daughter down. the hall 2 weeks before he
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killed her he broke into her house through the window he wanted to frighten her he was convinced she was seeing someone else elaine went to the police station to press charges but she came up crying the police downplayed things and didn't take her seriously they didn't recognize how dangerous this man was they later decided to drop the case i am so angry at this patriarchal system where men shield other men and which doesn't protect women sister but. the family by the family. is everything but an isolated case every year more than $120.00 women are killed in france one group has started counting them and is tagging their names and stories on walls across paris to push the government to finally act. but the government says it is taking the matter seriously it's been holding weeks
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long consultations with victims as a sections across the country and it's working on a new law to better protect women against domestic violence. in some of the more the government is working with lawmakers from all across the spectrum and we are ready to act. on this the new law will introduce electronic bracelets to keep violent men at bay and judges will be able to issue restraining orders within 6 days and more women's shelters will be opened for these action most even if. i make took part in the country talks and calls the measures a good start but she says more needs to be done and that one crucial point is missing from the new legislation. when we have more go forward. for it's really important that the police get proper psychological training they should have to come off their high horse and really listen to women who are asking for help and if
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a woman says she feels threatened they need to take the necessary measures to protect her before. he gets more than what we know that many women who went to the police were asking for help but were turned away and are now dead. she still hopes the government will change the law to include this so that at least some women will be saved and their families be spared the suffering she now has to endure leaked chinese government documents have revealed details about the master tension of we go muslims at least a 1000000 people from the minority group are believed to be held in internment camps a group of investigative journalists has published the papers that contradict china's claims that the camps are voluntary reeducation facilities in response the chinese embassy in britain called people in the camps trainees and said their personal freedom was fully guaranteed. these confidential chinese government documents lay
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bare the control and repression that reign in the internment camps of xinjiang province at least a 1000000 we go muslims are thought to be detained in the camps. the endgame is to change an entire minority population it's a cultural genocide and it's a course of social. experts believe there are more than 1000 such camps the key leaked document lays out how they should be run it states the inmates are not allowed any contact with the outside world owning a mobile phone is strictly forbidden they can't should be under constant video surveillance to prevent escape the papers also describe a scoring system that grades detainees on how well they speak mandarin and memorize state sanctioned ideology the documents back up testimony of former detainees like zome already do wattie the business woman was detained after being stopped by police and questioned over
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a us visa in her passport or. in class they would tell us that we had been poisoned by religion that islam is an infectious disease that came from abroad. and that if there needed to be a religion in china it must be buddhism. former detainees have also confirmed the harsh disciplinary regime detailed in the leaked papers. we had to talk into a speaker to get permission just to go to the toilet but there were 10 minutes of toilet time each hour for all of us but some were able to go this time some weren't we didn't waste water to wash our hands. we only had 2 minutes to shower with cold water every month. in. beijing has always described the camps as voluntary re education facilities. at a news conference in london china's u.k.
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ambassador dismissed the papers as fake news the documents. is a. fabrication if you want to have the documents but. i do consent where. we have a 7 people it's published but that dismissal fooled no one the so-called china cables coupled with witness testimony are impossible to ignore. we can speak out of my spelling or in beijing who has reported extensively on these camps i'm a ts talk to us about these leaks what more information do we now have on what is happening in these camps. these cams and these documents they do not reveal a lot of new information a lot of it was known already but they provide a link between the government and what people have seen on the ground what the witness is working on the victims and why scams have reported before they review
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the number of names of response people who are responsible for these cams including . a name that was previously not discussed before the name of 2 high loan and official rules of the ranch since the john who grew up there part of the who school the school. soon to be and knew of the culture and who rose up the ranks into deputy secretary of the communist party in that region and who used his intimate knowledge of the culture to wage a campaign against this college so much as what impact do you think these leaks will actually have these documents they prove the government wrong who states that these are not detention facilities but voluntary vocational training camps so this is one important thing that they are
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part of evidence growing evidence that has been collected about these camps and the names that we see inside these leaks they will of course play a role but when it comes to for example sanctions against the people who are responsible for this internment system sanctions have been discussed there are no before by the us for example. paying for testing has taken us from beijing thank you very much. iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters in several cities including the capital baghdad at least 9 people have been killed in clashes and dozens of others injured it is the latest surge in violence since anti-government protests began in october. before sunrise in the southern city of basra flames block the roads leading to iraq's major trading ports protesters no government workers will soon be trying to travel this way. it's not long before the
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pink dawn sky is filled with smoke and the empty streets are filled with demonstrators. across the country they're out in force from the south to the capital baghdad and iraq center . was and everywhere there facing violence i was not for the 1st time security forces opened fire on the protesters. they shot life bullets and tear gas. was since the un rest began in october more than 300 people many protesters have been killed and thousands more injured demonstrators are calling for a whole system change. lives more than without clear we want all the government to
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leave we have no other demands we want the fall of this government and the introduction of a new one made up of all those people with diplomas who are sitting on the bridges why are they there we haven't been happy for 16 years the end of the current anti-government protests iraq's largest since the fall of saddam hussein in 2003 many iraqis feel the political system that has been in place since then has failed them corruption is rife unemployment is high promised reforms have not materialized and protesters say concessions offered by the government are not enough they want systematic change a complete overhaul of iraq's political system and they're prepared to die for it. now to sports in the bundesliga on sunday struggling had haberlin travel to oxford where they were given a lesson in soccer take a look. on to cho bitch was under pressure his berliners hadn't won in 4 outings
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opponents martin schmidt and outs borg were in even deeper water but soon wipe the smile off the head coach's face phillip marks with a free kick in the 17th minute no one touched it and it bounced freely into the net to make it one nil i 9 minutes later burling keep on a yosh john got tangled up with lucky and need a listener and the ball fell to said joe cordova who doubled outboards lead. and to make matters worse yosh dunn was sent off for lunging at the venezuelan. substitute keeper denish marsh then made his 1st bundesliga periods and early in the 2nd half he conceded his 1st league goal andre with way too much space and a bit of luck i 3 nil for outboard. and 10 minutes
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before the end alex board cut hair to flat footed with a cleverly disguised free kick which law here media leshner slotted home for until the final score and the heat will only be turned up on on pitch of it. i let's get a round up now of all of the bundesliga results from the weekend we saw that match their oxford downing hats have for len for nail minds demolished hoffenheim on saturday league newcomers berlin upset 1st place glad iron man it dominated this was off for neil to move within a quaint of the leaders 2nd place lights at the feet of cologne leverkusen and fi book ended in a $11.00 tie shot of the bremen both burnt down to frankfurt 2 nil and on friday dortmund through. coming up next on the d.w. news asia the nobel prize winning economist with some tips for reducing poverty and
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finding success. and kept religion provides a solution to global climate change we get the latest from the eco is long summit taking place in karachi. here's foundered he has all sorts coming right up on the date of you know his asia.
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if they're attacked they fight back. it seems a rather unfair fight clamps against damage the other day. was. the soul remarkably well. i'll get a good. to go to egypt in 60 minutes.
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it's all happening. pretty. sure linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exception stories and discussions continue and look some student news after coming from grammy night from funny jimmy from the news of easy to ally with safety debbie that comes much africa joined us on facebook at g.w. africa. and now kentucky affectionately but as affectionately as you can. hear from tim in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned introduction. featuring top supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before. the flat here flat america which to the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on d w. this is a show coming up the band is dream who won a nobel prize over you'd better dream has been awarded the economics nobel for an experimental approach the economics what's so special about to embark advice does he have full fare and wanting those children to succeed here's a snippet of what you told me. suddenly a very many offers for and i think that's the.


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