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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2019 1:30am-2:00am CET

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the people of east germany. the movies tend the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter lim borg was the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the time tristen. starts december 19th t w. i . see. there are some things you think you can count on the bundesliga. like the domino home would brush aside the team currently lost.
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or the bible across every team in the lead. then the top team gladbach which surely defeat newly promoted on your own. or that a team who are one man down would be at a serious disadvantage. changing a coach usually does bring about some change. but nothing seems so forseeable in the league. nothing is set in stone. some things that were once a given. suddenly. everything possible the same possible could be possible everything to season the league is full of possibilities and the league is unpredictable who can keep up with all these uncertainties of. the world. it all for one loves the unexpected
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welcome to a match day 12 with plenty of surprise. at the top of the table mentioned that have been the surprise package on saturday they were up against bundesliga when he owned the shoe it surely got back at 8 wins from the 1st 11 get. this an issue but we're not surprised otherwise it would be a coincidence. it's been no coincidence it ought to be plain sailing for that but it would have been beautiful to me sadly. it's not always pretty to watch the end of the day it's all about points and we know what our goal is. and that would be avoiding relegation. spot has been somewhat higher this season and they set out to
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bust proceedings from the off patrick hammond with the 1st chance to play it by former don't men play and never consider to choose experiences even when healing some valuable stability. we've now shaken off on from the start of the season. we were lacking a bit of metal and if that's your game. although when you own did look a bit edgy early on got that enjoyed ample space and knew how to make the most of it. i'm going even closer with this had i. i. it was a very intense game in the 1st half we had 3 or 4 really good chances but we failed to score. and then one sack pass enabled many own to launch a rapid and ruthless counterattack moccasin butts and gallops down the left wing and picked out to strike out and neatly. with their well placed cross i was still
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feeling this 1st challenge. is the club's record signing costing them 2000000 euros in the summer the summer for the likes of class. but the nigerian appreciates what counts more. this and i know much of a team and the team always comes 1st. and i am much of. that because the idea 1st and i stadium went crazy i think i. would feel an underdog swill eating the gates the league leaders and while they coach urged common caution many own stayed on the front foot in the 21st minute in letson provided for the 1st very neatly put his own name on the school should i i but his powerful edge of the ball strife rattled
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back off the post. meanwhile got back also had their chances to play allison play out. but in a one on one with refound kookier that the keeper got a strong enough leg in the way to defend his side's lead. he says i'm sure the one mill left its mark on ours. here we worked hard over 90 minutes in an employee loss of a long pole shift. that was a plateau. owns a plan the plan that proved fruitful the 2nd time off produced only one really dangerous go scoring opportunity and it went to the hosts sebastian anderson pushing the game to bat it in extra time on the fly into ecstasy i was impossible is nothing. much of it is for life until the talk of an
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upset but we're playing in the same league as their good group managed with a good coach and a good idea. it is safe to say the result was unexpected but the unexpected seems to a couple or a more often in the bundesliga. next up just held off surely by it would prove to be more dependable as. i. look. well someone's got something to be happy about not just hansei flick but the entire club since he took over the reins 3 weeks ago. has been easy on basically a positive connotation so i go into every game with the attitude that we want to win every time bowlen on a given much to. find when everything was a constant that it got lost on his predecessor nico but we flick they've looked
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back the invincible best best to get flattened but with a steamroller continues in just as a. side in 13 i'm fans were expecting it to be child's play. the home side of failed to get going this season but it has been a season of surprises but i'm a dominant however i might close several times before going ahead in the 11 minutes i think the surprise was that school was short when i found you also a commission leaving censure defend a bunch of my papa with a slice of touches to got the ball spinning. the team seemed to be sharing upbeat outlook. i had to be international break were at their free flowing best interest of the. white of us
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today we were getting back to our normal routine this in the game was a really tough test and mentally at least to have this course it was about being able to convert the coaches ideas onto the pitch in that which they did in for roche's style. a flop of a pass by distance of keepers that steffen had thomas miller pounce i come on tony so start simple and 2nd in the 27 minutes 2 i knew i had looked indeed to find every 10 to the normal routine. runs they would scaring into a struggling just a little. my while manuel neuer well he had to keep myself busy at the other end. and the 1st half wasn't over when a selfless militate up says cannot 3 to go number 3 for his pool of the campaign of
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about the by memories of distilled those 3 all draw in munich last year seemed very distant and some would say that was a different caliber by inside. that kind of result looks unthinkable and the hands he flicked it was a focus display and the champions. then i got us the coach lays down the platter with no alternative he floors for and that's what gives the stability on the pitch this is a had on flights this campaign's title race may not turn out as unexpected as some might hope if i keep going at this pace it'll be hard for the other clubs to keep up. robyn nevin dusty crossed if you leave because she neo it's hatto finds fault with that and just himself had an impressive game just.
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spice's run of scoring in every league match this season coming to an end i guess coaches positive attitude was almost soured a few minutes later but only almost even henning's those he scored after a fine defensive mess up of the ball was from both sides i. note that the hosts will complain enough to us. to change our goal the fans know what our team are capable of and each games are licensed on time everyone could see today that it just was not enough if i start to see that it. could also see the high spirits behind have bounced back thanks to their new coach by the way i also have an issue. if there's one thing that doesn't change this season it's like 6 full they let
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their students hoping and tips 20 times in their last 4 competitive outings in the saturday late game the league's most entertaining site entertained with marcus is still fresh in the hat. says also listen it's like playing with fire because this is an opponent with enormous qualities in normally qualities of. an opponent tino's olds who well not so much like sation as he usually and not those man who was once those assistant on the tough and high container equally well. it was certainly runs in the set ups he tends to insist on so we have to watch out for. in particular the space between the back line and the keep the home office after almost 2 years out of a job gets told was plunged into the deep end again it's like sits. next to bottom cologne immediately had trouble finding any kind of direction and light says make the most. that disorientation i was no sequence
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of that just 23 team was that it was the youngest player and when does he get his feet to reach 200 appearances because he's already scored 70 five's gulfs impressive statistic for 23 years old guy very important player for us quite a lot of course make a lot of assists my nice 50 miles down to my not so nice for this guy he might now be envious of his full my cottage in my and i had made a month for the 1st half so that a few things have yet to gel properly. and we had no real answer to leipsic space in the 1st half nixon gave us hits. and times cologne had to resort to desperate means to put the brakes on that pace of the meal for spat with delight 6 seconds just after half an hour it was not turning out to be
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a happy debut for the delight. this was one way football i like to get back to and right now live 2nd not the kind of opponents you want to start with and when you take over a new job we've been into this not this man's team was showing him and even to see my 5 minutes later it was 3 male was contacted by my comment the full cost team a whole i think you still is no quitter. at the sea but it's like ted big affairs stretches who want to found a referee and she thought she would use colognes deficits but the provided us still was happy the boss said sorry but it's not acceptable to come on a pitch like this if you want to come out of the situation we're in now we need to stand up show australia and fight from the very 1st minute to do was i mean just to say cologne situation didn't seem crazy that fortunately for them most of like 6 various attempts proved few child i. but the notable exception.
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i was stuck on the free kick from a male horseback rounded off and not the demonstrative display from let's say it's ended who bought the best 1st day at the office biggest i can x. them all and we need to focus on our work during training gradually build up the teams a culture that putin said we need to keep calm to go home with us. confidence is something lacking but not like. marcus it can be a frustrating job as most teams are finding against. choking of frustration onto our compact section i. thank. you. in the past 5 years has a bilin had always come away from out spoke with at least a point and point coach and take children each other gently needed. but phillips is
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free kicks sailed almost everyone to give the home side the lead in the seventy's when. the catches food chains were not helped 10 minutes later by rene yosh time gifting outspokenness 2nd goal through said he oh court about costs and extra man advantage getting himself sent off in the process. was a keeper didn't smash was not to be envied on his but in this league it did andre hahn made it straight after the break before florian also got on the scoresheet i. outs both post their 1st home win against hatter in over 5 years for issues which 3 point. 4 losses in a row for hatto could cost cho pitch his job. but christian striker freiburg. it's been the club's best season ever. fleckenstein get
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off their best stuff and you can see their free kick in the box. because it fails can but the golden opportunity. they get showed a more effective use of set pieces a couple of minutes later mr lowe with his 3rd of the season. peter bosses chargers did up their game. but in the private goal flecking was eager not to make any more mistakes he could not be to blame though when we said he rb equalised plays 1st ever go to the point. where great for the young french who failed to tuck away his 2nd. leaving them with a point and still just one loss on the road. frankfurt unbeaten at home faced of sunlight he would last 9 games
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a tool until early november things have cooled down since that was full straight defeats but the most up to a predatory start when maximilian on the homes missed it shelters tended by about the cost up to 20 minutes. by the dismissal of not said the home on the straight off topic. post continued to prowl the shall victim pounced on failing speed bad slams in the 65th minute. but 1st home loss of the campaign and they had no one to blame but themselves. in decades past braman vs shelter would have been a top much of the weekend shock have at least been on the up of late unlike their hosts on saturday. night not just 2 wins and in the 1st half minutes just one half dangerous and. i'll go. to
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games like you were going into the break i mean how you pull this sneaky little shot out the back to get shaka really. brave i got into deeper trouble in the 2nd half sebastian one cup was caught dozing . needed no 2nd invitation to ask him you know after 53 minutes oh primitive eventually wake up every selassie shot was blocked but your soccer team to. still ok was too difficult too late for the home side ok relief for shall go. further frustrate shit for brains wow. i. know of at cheeriest twist of
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fate awaited him by a lot so he just recently lost his job a very close following a defeat still hoffenheim it was that he was headed home the very next match that now we might. leave minutes to not be wasted no time getting into his new boss is good just to be away. who was sent off leaving minds with more than an entire hall to play with a man down. shortly after the break oftentimes topic how to rob that might see a bright light getting into his own team someone's head and. 10 minutes later if he i can them alone break free to make it straight. to cost us.
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just light and break from our rich pulling a goal back nothing was going to stop the mind scotty. held some signal. lights carried on making a mockery of that you marital disciplines his whole belief ryssdal what's the 3 leagues. and the team made history play for them and also made it 5 plus months with the 1st team including his legal history to so full goals away with him down that's what he told a deputy. look. these were the familiar scenes it was ignited when a puck and dortmund's head of kick off against couple. this was a time what a difference 45 minutes to make. there really wasn't much for the domain
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coach to say. seen a couple of clips. and it simply wasn't good enough stats obviously this is i'm a friday nights they don't want players will want to forget past hits on the break in their own sacred stadium my last place piled up on after only 5 minutes. i still remember i left the host absolutely stunned i had no doubts just a hiccup on the way to a comfortable victory except later in the 1st half bend zelinsky sense a brilliant ball over the top of the dome defense but number 3 on goal i guess i mean it was too late things were not boding well ahead of film and big. game against barcelona i made me of that thumping at the hands of buying 2
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weeks earlier i don't know and have been looking forward to put up a lot but just before the break the nightmare starts became an absolute horror show union by the left probably exposed yet again until mr brightside i read email and all to easy to get as much money at the bottom side in the legal wiping the floor with the team supposedly hoping to become champions i suppose this a dream of what's going on. this is what you dream about when you're a kid playing and scoring in stadiums like this one off the cuff and out of almost playing and scoring at will in a must win week fifa. i know what can happen in this job and does a job. but i'm here i'm going to keep on fighting. taken came for
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his team didn't show some bias in the 2nd half and up front at least it was signs that not all hope was lost i one minutes into the restart jaidyn sent show pulled one back to the home side game on. dome and still failed to get into gear looking anything but stable but they still managed to salvage something from the game. i so but so had today with 6 minutes to go. had a store been piled on the pressure center set up skipper marco royce for an injury time equaliser i recently and that's how it's ended have caught great the put up on well police and father and his men not the way to impress your employers ahead of the club's annual general meeting 2 days later. this yahoo santa you still have
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a conference call. other but this is all fine one thing is also clear that the end of the day football is all about results time to get back to winning ways lucio. speaking of results. there's just no safe bet anymore if. you would have foreseen that last place powder blue one would take a point in dortmund told that when this league of 1st time is when you would beat table toppers flat the one thing seems to remain suspicious at least braman failed to win for the match day ever. even in the standings there are plenty of surprises shows the pull ahead of dortmund and freiburg still in a champions league spot. remain 1st and find only. what about down below.
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surprisingly both might stand out there on the up with me but even more remarkable is that when you own the 5 points ahead of their city rivals perhaps or perhaps the most surprising to come from akshay 12 has to do with science mr reliable. we can't even place our trust in him and. reform our state's well robert levy dusky scores in every single league match. but now nothing not even one single goal what is the world coming to. age 31 other polls glory days numbered. surely can't already be over there. will be only be good for assists in the future. will his 16 goals people we see from him for the rest of the season.
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just happen given up all the police. play one game without a goal isn't exactly a drought. thanks for watching time come pick up. cut the a. block .
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homelessness. poverty. point 3000000 people may imagine states are affected. even though many of them have steady jobs. who is making the whole cast's of the american dream the buffeting in the wealthiest country in the moment. d. doubling. the be such
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a bold faced. no wonder spectacular goals. plenty of emotion. passed over again. kick off 90 minutes on d. w. . o. on the on. i'm not laughing at the germans well sometimes i am but i stand up and with the german thinking deep into the german culture. you don't seem to take that as grandma down to you because it's all that bad no time rachel join me for me think i'm going to tell pollsters. they don't want to.
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use you know i mean in your monotonous he. goes over the next scene to call me up on macy and us all up with only about a. vision of getting. that on wood. 'd this you know i mean when you're not in the scene crying you know. sort of a moment in out. what i'm presenting the scene of what i'm with what it took and i said i'm not going to turn on. this you know i mean you're my noticing going you're getting in when you cry i don't want to. mean i'm going to end unanimous. the show could go because as you've said. i should. point out i've only said that i couric and i'm going to be fun to. say i said.
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this is news to live from but a spectacular heist straight from a hollywood movie an early morning smash and grab robber a sea steams break into the royal palace the german city of dresden make off with diamonds and jewelry ok measurable cultural value also on the program.


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