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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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you can maintain today's momentum. you're watching the news from berlin coming up next german soccer action with the bundesliga staging for that you can find more news on our web site d w dot com all followers on twitter at times are great. i'm askin the they were not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to steal anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take
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part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor in other years you want to become a citizen. in 4 migrants your platform for reliable information. back in the bundesliga after 10 years and all smiles football legend gergen clear has been thrown into the deep into the hands of berlin will he sink or swim. first game be the last for. the swiss coach needed to bring their game to berlin and byron munich were facing back at home looking to get one step closer
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to 15 their throng. welcome to the bone as they get here on d w i'm chris harry 10 door men and their buddies in star jaden same show have squashed their beef according to club management and that could be good for both men's title hopes and lucian fivers job security facing to head to berlin a side whose lead by you can klinsmann now was a chance for dortmund to get back on track or could a new coach motivate his side to survive dortmund's beehive of often. full eyes were on one man for this clash yogen klinsmann could have his new coach sprinkle a little of that stock quality on his new charges so often in the limelight top and looked older better for being upstaged on this occasion and sunshine made it one nil off the 15 minutes by a dream stopped for the visitors scoring with their 1st shots of the game oh ok and
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so it continued dortmund in the driving seat kettle all it see just 2 minutes later for oversight doubled their lead by talking has about this time the belgian making it to neil abercrombie it's fair to assume klinsmann had been hoping for a smooth a comeback. ashraf like amy applying the bonus has on making an awkward chunks look easy but have to wouldn't go down without a fight i will rewarded for that determination in the 34th minute by let me agree to having the deficit could a courageous comeback for klinsmann and help them be on the cards today looking back here with the initial shots the czech matilda with a crucial touch the 1st off produced yet more drama when much hummels received a 2nd yellow card on the stroke of half time dortmund down to 10 have to started brightly in the 2nd period marco cruz's teeing up davie said ok to make it to
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a piece by but the celebrations were misplaced would. the goal was ruled out for the slightest of offsides. rouge each with a golden john shortly before the end. but it wasn't to be klinsmann picking up where on tape job it slipped off another loss for the boys in blue. the autumn basie to match the way the scene played today the commitments and the support they gave also their aggressiveness and its terminations was good we have to build on that and that can only be achieved through hard work as my machine i'll bite on woods but not necessarily upwards to sleep to a 5th straight abundantly good defeat. and fall away in the dorm and hit a match right here in berlin we caught up with some fans from both sides here are their thoughts on hanson's new coach and whether or not dortmund needs
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a new one and not one day especially you need someone who is a very impulsive and who is very. you know who show his emotions like kaufman now in liverpool so we need someone like him he's a good guy i think. very good team more motivation. coach ok you can talk. you're going to i absolutely center behind listen for i think is a good trainer and we were sort of lost in the last search championship you can lead us through in. america. not not not germany but the point is no no no no just america. and klinsmann is the good trainer and the good player as well so we can hope for the future here soko trana. fresh off
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a 4 goal performance in the champions league robert 11 dogs he. is arguably the best striker in the world right now but his butt is the goal scoring streak came to an end last match day well byron stuff girl was fully loaded against laver who is it a side who has stars like leon chippy bailey the jamaican sensation has been quiet lately he hasn't hit the back of the net since august could he be a difference maker for laver couzin in munich. by his standards robert levin dusky is having a barren spell one game without a go but if that's bad spare a thought for leon bailey at the end of the line he did he scored once all season that is until you arrived in munich. bailey bursting through to give laver couzin the lead on 10 minutes the 1st goal by him had conceded on the coach can see flick. the seam of once prolific goal scorers was to continue thomas
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miller's deflected strike levelled for bryan normal services you've known only for a minute the hosts back line course out again and the fastest man on the pitch was on hand to capitalize. a classic counter and a smart finish to match from bailey. smart finishes a usually 11 duffy's to maine. today the dummies didn't work the cold trout went on. like by and they've accused and were also defending higher up the pitch surge gnabry selflessly cost to his generosity was undone by a superb sliding tackle by law spend. the visitors clinging on at the break and that set the pattern for the 2nd half with late accusing forced back to print
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deeper they faced a bye and parish keeper lukas shredded skin needing to be on top form the visit. he's had to play the last 10 minutes with 10 men after jonathan towers straight red but still a house with a little help from the woodwork nevin duffy again failing to hit the net. leyva couzin wins he won. 7 duff's the mighty well to take lessons from bailey and his heroic leyva cruisin he makes. time for our mets they wrap up the bulls of life so you get the chance to lead the standings at least for one day when to move anna and company travel to pot aboard the clear underdogs in this mess the promoted side had a draw last time out of their home crowd cause enough said. the rock bottom pad
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a born in desperate need of points and the fans were full of hope before kick off. but the smiles didn't last long. one the alive to see in just the 3rd minute patrick chick with a slick move to score his 1st ever honestly go. and just one minute light a light seeking double daily marcel's sabates with a rock from outside the box. tino vanna made it 3 nil in the 26th minute. and laci were cruising to the top of the table. but they were caught napping on the album a strategy number one back for padded on. was and suddenly the smiles were back. and the belief was back to christopher and we at day she beatty's man and class just unmarked in the box 932 laps it was suddenly feeling
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the heat and they lost their cool but the red bulls hung on for the wind to go top of the bundesliga at least until sunday. in hoffenheim under a camera to put the hosts in the lead again still sealed off with just 6 minutes gone. hoffenheim so early late was cancelled out by a light bulb 0 driven henning's back his 10th goal of the season in the 87th minute i often harm and those who don't share the 4. colona stuck in the relegation battle new coach marcus gets dull has been brought in to turn things around martin schmidt's hausberg a not too far off the bottom themselves. but they were good enough to get an early penalty in the 7th minute. and to give account for cologne's rafael she cos.
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hausberg andre han stepped up a team of horns but the saif. how finale lyta seacoast was in trouble again. and now they give a and the result. then soften the sign fight. he too is getting as much. as laurie need to elect put out in the lead shortly before half time. but killarney picked up a valuable point in their battle against the drop outs but skull keeper in no man's land john cordova kept his cool and snatched a light point for come on one of the final score but one celebrated this like it was a victory. here's
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a look at all the results from asked a 13 so far had to be led to a man with dortmund's way bar munich defeated by laver coups and in their own backyard pot a born in leipsic with the bull's way hoffenheim in dusseldorf share to spoil so to cologne and out for on friday night the way a blues a shelter defeated union berlin to what one sunday clouded by in freiburg clash wolfsburg in bray may do as well and on monday night the game fans just love mites in frankfurt square off in a local derby let's take a look at the table to see what's changed leipzig are on top at least until gladbach play on sunday by air and that if any champions miss out on the chance to move up after their shock defeat don't men who are now only a point behind the defending champions in the bottom half not much movement dusseldorf move up but klinsmann's debut see have to slip into relegation for the 3rd time this season. time for the play of the day the winner of this
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week's play of the day is lars bender with 50 percent of the vote and no focus not a goal this week put a last ditch tackle by bender by looks certain to score and so bender made a superb sliding tackle on eve on parasitism have a look wow amazing that was your play of the day. that's all from us here on the boat as think it will be back on sunday to chop up the match day with expert analysis until then for me and the rest of the team here in berlin stock up on our feet is a. week
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clinton. the baltic sea is always worth a visit. that's why our host nicole foolish sets off. where she embarks on her wintry expedition. making discoveries along the way. a mysterious gold treasure. maritime delicacy and millions prove china. next. 150 coats coming from tokyo new hope for the 2 least 20 no region but we hope that she can get our economy moving i mean key to a difficult time arrived in trentino 8 years ago as a refugee now she owns her own business and is helping to turn this region around integration with good cheese and if you. being in the alps in 60 minutes d.w.
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. was a little south of i don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why folks do this because we can't stay on venezuela. that. closely global news that matters d. w. made for minds.


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